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2016 Calendar. The only calendar with photographs of 2015 crop circles. You will find that you will never want to throw it away! Lucy sends calendars all over the world and deals with orders swiftly.

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2016 Crop Circle Calendar by Lucy Pringle. This A4 calendar contains the major crop circles of 2015. It has a secure ring binding and is a very high quality product.

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9 Responses

  1. Your 2016 calendar arrived today! It is wonderful!!!! Beautiful photography and filled with special memories for us…… S.S.
    (added by SG from email to LP)

  2. The calendar arrived this morning, in perfect condition despite the rain. It is as absorbing as ever. M.L.
    (added by SG from email to LP)

  3. Just wanted to message you and congratulate you on your wonderful calendars:!! (I was hoping to get more involved into Crop circle research, please let me know if there’s anything I can help you with:)! Antonio Cacciatore
    (added by SG from email to LP)

  4. Dear Lucy,
    Aditional 4 please !
    Thanks for the first 3 – excellent as ever
    All best wishes
    (added by SG from email to LP)

  5. The calendars have now arrived and I’m happy to say they are as good as ever; they will all be going to appreciative homes.
    (added by SG from email to LP)

  6. Hi Lucy – calendar received yesterday – as good as ever -thanks.
    Best wishes
    (added by SG from email to LP)

  7. Thanks, again, for all of your prompt responses.
    Also, permit me to say how beautiful and inspiring your crop circle calendars are.
    (added by SG from email to LP)

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