Twists and Turns ~ 2005

The first crop circle of 2005 had just appeared as I retuned from staying with friends for the Badminton Horse Three Day Event,. A glorious six petal flower shape clearly imprinted in the vivid yellow oil seed rape beneath Golden Ball Hill, east of Alton Priors on the first of May. Several people visited this event, including David Caton and Robert Hulse. The fragile, hollow, unbroken stalks were twisted and turned in such a manner that when David and Robert tried to replicate the event, the stems snapped at the base.

" In the middle of May, we searched out a suitable field with crop with reasonably thick stems and in flower. As we only intended to lay down about two or three square yards of crop, the farmer gave his permission and was not at all interested in looking on. He was of the opinion that all the crop circles were made by pranksters and was amused by our intended exercise! I have had in my possession a 'genuine', yard wide stomping board which was confiscated from a team of hoaxers when they were chased out of a field at Cherhill in 2002 being caught in the process of faking a formation there. This implement has been in my garden shed in Stockport, out of harms way ever since. Until a few weeks ago, I had never tried planking down any sort of crop plants.

Robert expertly filmed the 'exercise' as I firstly slowly bent down a single half-inch thick stem. Just as I found back in 1997, it fractured at about 45 degrees. I then proceeded to push down, or more accurately, attempted to push down the crop as I tried to move half a pace forward. I was surprised by the pressure required to do this. The resistance of the plants and side shoots made it very difficult and eventually the whole lot gave way. It went down with a massive crunch, the board sliding down the stems in the process, causing numerous scrape marks down the stems, splintering and crushing. The flowers were also destroyed and mashed down amongst the broken stems and side shoots! I attempted to take a further step forward to advance a yard wide path. Similar result. In fact the result was total devastation!! We decided there was little point in proceeding with the exercise. Written or verbal descriptions cannot satisfactorily describe the plant destruction by the stomping board. One really needs to view Robert's video recording to appreciate the resultant mess!!

I was now totally convinced that all oil seed rape formations are 'genuine'. Robert was a little more cautious, stating that maybe, a field with soft young immature OSR stems could be laid down well before the flowering stage? He may well be right but I am not aware of any formations being reported at this stage of growth? The only sure way to settle this question I guess, is for us to carry out another 'planking' test next year, in a crop at this early stage of growth!

There will continue to be uncertainties and doubts about the provenance of cereal crop formations. The manmade formations are getting more and more impressive each year but for me there is no doubt about the oil seed rape ones, provided of course, there is a detailed examination of the plants at ground level!"

I cannot be quite so categorical in my assessment that `all oil seed rape (canola) formations are genuine` as I have investigated some with badly snapped and bruised stems which clearly have been man made. As for the others where there is no breakage, I would agree with the above statement.

An huge formation arrived at Furze Hill, Beckhampton on the 5 June, stretching all most the whole length of the field. It resembled two intertwined serpents.

The serpent has often had a bad press in the west, due to the little understood allegory of the Garden of Eden. The serpent is the true principle of wisdom for it tempts man to the knowledge of himself. It can therefore be seen a portraying both good and evil, allowing us this knowledge and realisation.

There is a legend that in the beginning of the world winged serpents reined upon the earth.

Electricity was commonly symbolised by the serpent because of its motion. Electricity passing between the poles of a spark gap is a serpent in motion. Force projected through atmosphere was called The Great Snake. As symbol of universal force, the serpent was emblematic of both good and evil.

The serpent with its tail in its mouth was seen as a symbol of eternity, for in this position the body of the reptile has neither beginning nor end. The head and tail represent the positive and negative poles of the cosmic life circuit.

It has long been viewed as the emblem of immortality. It is the symbol of reincarnation, or metempsychosis, because it sheds its skin, reappearing in a new body.

Two friends and long time crop circle investigators kindly sent me this report about the `serpent` formation.

"Was walking in the Avebury area on Sunday, and spotted the huge new formation at about 2pm, on the way home.  Looked at it through binoculars from the large layby on the A4, and thought we could see a smaller formation in the same field, close to the tree, but unfortunately it was obscured by the tree. (there was only one formation. .L.P.)

This all seemed fairly normal (for that area at this time of year!) but later there was an anomalous occurrence with my mobile.  I had taken it with me, but it was switched off all day.  However, when I got home I found it had switched itself on.  It had received a text message which it wouldn't allow me to access.  (It has since let me have the message). It had also switched off its ringer (which takes several stages if done in a normal way).  Meanwhile, I had an email waiting for me from a friend who had received 6 calls from my mobile, all of which made strange bleeps and squeaks.  These calls were made a bit less than an hour after I had been looking at the formation, and by the time I was nearly home, 30 miles away.  (All this had happened with no intervention from anyone, as the mobile was tucked in my backpack in the car).  The nearest the mobile got to the formation was the Beckhampton/Devizes road.  But the mobile had been with me further up the Mary line at Windmill Hill during the morning.  In fact we spent about half an hour dowsing it for band-width, and were also checking it - the line - with a Geiger counter and a device which records ultrasound.  (The Geiger counter gave a lot of bleeps, but the friend who it belongs to, said it does this anywhere, and there weren't enough to be significant.)

The mobile going haywire could be a coincidence BUT something like this has happened  several years ago when I was on Knap Hill on the first morning after a new formation hadappeared over at South Field. My mobile then (again switched off)started making strange noises, and when I picked it up, it was ringing the same person who it rang yesterday.  I don't have any numbers in the address book in the phone, so it just picked up a number previously rung 

Apart from these two occasions my mobile (the same one) has behaved quite normally.  Could still be a coincidence, but thought I don't really think so."

This sounds like RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) which can do all manner of strange things to electronic equipment and batteries.

Another interesting report from the same source:

"On Tuesday night (21st), we were driving along the road from Lockeridge to Alton Barnes about 10.15 in the evening.  It was almost dark, but with some light from the moon.  I noticed two lights coming obliquely towards us, ahead and slightly to the right.  I slowed down, knowing it was a rather narrow road.  Kept driving, but the lights never arrived.

"Then it dawned on us that the lights were single, so couldn't be cars, but possibly bike lights.  But they had no beams.  And as we drove on, realised that they couldn't have been on the road at all, as they were to the right of where the road went (I had assumed wide bends in the road, but there weren't any) and heading towards the left of us.  And then they just disappeared.  Kept looking for roads or tracks they could have gone up, but there weren't any in the right place.  Of course we then wondered if they had been BOLs.  They were moving very smoothly, one behind the other, at a constant distance, probably 10 feet-ish  - very hard to judge this, and also the distance ahead of us in the dark.

"The next evening, looked at the Connector and saw a new formation had appeared that night at Boreham Down.  Checked the map, and that is exactly where we had seen the lights, last having seen them heading towards Boreham Down, but vanishing at what appeared to be road level. So we are as sure as we can be that they were BOLs. 

"No peculiar behaviour by the mobile this time!"

Had the swallows arrived? By the 12 June to confirm their arrival, a formation depicting 3 swallows appeared in the field next to the dolman at Clatford Bottom, nr Marlborough. A French Buddhist visited the formation and reported that
"I lay in I lay in the middle of it for about 50 minutes and the middle of it for about 50 minutes and experienced various effects. Firstly my breathing became very slow and I became deeply relaxed. I counted about 8-10 seconds between the outbreath and the inbreath. After sometime I noticed that there were colours appearing in my vision (eyes closed); firstly red and yellow then turquoise, varying if I moved my eyes up and down. A couple of other people had arrived so I spoke to them for a while and left just after they did. I then went to the Dolmen, and then walked about four miles to Avebury. It was a hot sunny day. On the way to Avebury I walked for sometime alongside fields full of large rocks laying down, known as Sarsen stones. They don appear to be quarried, being quite rough. I felt that I could feel some kind of warm energy radiating from the stones, though they perhaps could have been warmed by the sun. When I reached Avebury I sat for a while in front of one of the large standing stones and ate my lunch.
I noticed that I was feeling slightly euphoric and very peaceful."

Seeing various colours internally could be termed as Chromatism, hallucinatory perception of coloured images which affect the eddy currents in the brain (neurological sign of brain energies). Pulsed signals however sourced (visual, acoustic, RF etc in very, very low frequency wavelengths) can trigger Variant Migraines, no headache but other strange symptoms. The person is `seeing` bright primary colours apparently in field of view, red, yellow and turquoise. If projected into the surrounding environment some will interpret the vision as the Virgin Mary (turquoise) or spirits etc.

C.Lewis (Crop Circle Connector) tells us that the "SWALLOW : Also known as the 'sale' bird according to Danish folklore, the swallow received its name by trying to relieve the sufferings of Christ while on the Cross by crying 'Svale, svale' which figuratively translates as 'Cheer up, cheer up!'. In Scotland  it was believed that the swallow had the blood of the Devil in its veins. The sight of this bird indicates that summer is on the way but watch to see if the bird flies low as this will signal that rain is on the way. If this bird builds a nest on the roof of your home, it is thought to be lucky and to be protective against fire, lightning and storms. Misfortune will follow if it suddenly abandons the nest. The swallow that flies into your home will bring considerable good fortune according to English folklore. Should a woman tread on the eggs it is believed that she will become barren according to an old German belief. A French belief tells that should one land on your shoulder then death is present. An almost universal belief held by farmers is said that to kill a swallow will result in the milk yield being poor, whilst if you disturb the nest then the harvest will be a poor one. It is traditionally seen as a sign of misfortune to see a group of swallows fighting amongst themselves. It was believed that the swallow carried two precious stones within their bodies: a red one to cure insanity, and a black one thought to bring good luck. The swallow like the wren is credited with bringing fire to humankind, but both suffered as a result, hence the red feathers." 

Felicity Jones kindly sent me reports of effects experienced whilst visiting three formations.

The first, with Escher's Penrose triangle in the centre was vandalised the morning it appeared by the farmer using his mowing machine, (and who then proceeded to put out an honestly box ). Many people visited this formation over the course of the summer despite its damage. Felicity told me that
"Last Thursday, 21st July, we went on the coach to visit three formations:
Avebury triangular one which was originally reported on 16th July.
We arrived at around 11.30am ish. Weather hot and sunny with a slight breeze.  In the formation about 45 minutes.
We sat in one of the clear sectors (just outside the triangular centre) -photo enclosed taken from where we sat - no anomalies alas, and I had the strong urge we should eat lunch in that particular spot.  Very apt, considering we had triangular multigrain rolls (bought from the Truckle of Cheese in Glastonbury) and were sitting amongst the raw materials.  Had a
sense of the circle of life and this was symbolised in our lunch.  Whilst sitting there, enjoying the food and the view of the stones of Avebury, a wood pigeon flew across the field from an easterly direction.  Just outside the formation it seemed to almost hit a wall, making it veer suddenly, around the formation, to the north (it didn't overfly it at all) and then it continued to fly to the west after its detour.  The formation seemed to have a lot of energy, which may have appeared to discourage the bird overflying those.  However, where the farmer had damaged it, the energies are non-existent.  Had gone in to the formation with a headache, which seemed to clear for a few hours.  Possibly as a result of eating lunch?"

There was a previous report from Canada of geese avoiding flying over a formation that lay in their natural flight path and regrouping again on the other side when clear of the circle. Birds have magnatite in their brains and react to magnetic fields.

Her second experience came from the complex octagon formation based on cubes and squares in East Field. (The Octagon ©Nick Kollerstom 3rd July 2005, Alton Barnes)

"East Field square one, which was originally reported on 3rd July.
We arrived around 2pm ish.  Weather hot and sunny with a breeze.  In the formation about 30 minutes.  We sat down (with difficulty as the crop was not so flat as the other one, as it had started to recover) and this time, I had the urge to drink water.  Afterwards, whilst I was walking around the formation, a small brown butterfly landed on my left hand, and then flew off amongst the crop.  It seemed quite happy to be there, as were we.
On the way to and from the formation (we had parked in the lay by at the bottom end of the field), I had the distinct impression of being followed.
I could hear the crop swishing within the tramlines quite a few feet behind me, but when I turned to look, there was no-one there.  It was quite disconcerting.
Energies of the formation not as strong as those at Avebury, but still quite nice.  Peter said that there didn't seem to be any within the central square of the formation, but were quite
 strong in the four surrounding smaller ones."

The hunger Felicity experienced in the Avebury formation and the thirst in the above formation could indicate an eddy current in the brain kick starting the hypothalamus?

The Hypothalamus is a very important part of fore brain which lies below the thalamus and forms the lower ventricle and its floor.

Its integrity is essential to life, for it is concerned with the vegatitive functions.

It plays a major part in regulating the temperature of ten body, the body weight and appetitive, sexual behaviour and rhythms, blood pressure and fluid balance and can even be said to be the physical seat of the emotions.

Regarding the feeling of being followed, this is just one of many similar reports over the years. The feeling of a `presence` has occurred repeatedly since the early days of crop circles.

Her final report came from the second East Field formation which consisted of a long, linear stream of circles decreasing in size. This is the formation in which we also conducted our 2005 scientific tests.

"East Field the series of circles reported on 18th July.
We arrived at around 2.50.  Weather hot and sunny with a breeze.  In the formation about twenty minutes.  Had the urge to lie down in this one.  No impulses to eat or drink in one, though.  Had several small flies/gnats buzzing above me as I lay in the circle, looking up at the clouds in the sky.  Didn't dowse this one, just enjoyed being in it.  No sense of being
followed this time."

The Octagon ©Nick Kollerstrom 3rd July 2005, Alton Barnes

Two large concentric squares of flattened wheat had a one-eighth rotation between them. Within these, two more squares, likewise concentric, have half of their area. The corners touch the sides. Therefore, there is a _2 scale factor, so that the areas of those within are half those without.

Inside the main square, a progression takes place, where the little squares of flattened wheat in the corners double in length as they move towards the centre. Because their dimensions double, their areas increase as the square: one, four, sixteen. Thus, mathematically speaking, the purpose of this formation, is to contrast the square and square roots of two.

It is interesting to note that Felicity was bothered by gnats, as they like to fly within high energy columns which can be emitted vertically from the ground over geophysical faults etc. Cats also love them but dogs hate them!

A delightful bouncy castle graced a sloping field at Monkton Down in early July. Its 3 D effect created such a fantastic illusion it was hard to believe that in reality the idea of trampolining merrily in the field would remain an unrealised dream.

There is one field which over the years has been graced with numerous formations but reports from these formations have produced more accounts of ill effects that anywhere else in the UK. The following report from this year is just one of many.

"The formation at Avebury Trusloe, Beckhampton was first reported on 23rd of June. 

As for the after effects resulting from the Avebury formation my partner and myself felt elated, almost overjoyed. But that changed for myself after spending about half an hour in the formation. Whilst in the circle also present were the team from the crop circle connector Stuart Dike was the only member of the team I recognised, and a couple from Holland, Patrick and Lutti. The couple from Holland were dowsing and I asked to try as I've never experienced them before. I found the dowsing incredible, and it felt like a surge of energy coming from the ground up my legs and into my stomach. This was amazing at first but then I felt a real sense of foreboding, and couldn't bring myself to stay in the formation. I felt much better after leaving the formation but still had a bad feeling about the experience for a few hours.

On the way home I found it hard to concentrate on the road, and veered into the oncoming lane several times. When my partner and myself arrived home we both felt drained and both fell asleep for several hours, that evening my partner discovered her slight bleed."

All the above symptoms have been reported time and time again from this location

and I personally experienced them in 1991after visiting a spiral formation with author Keith Wakelam. After crawling out of the formation with severe migraines, we were both oblivious to the fact that he then proceeded to drive on the wrong side of the road for several minutes. What is the cause of these ill effects? The Michael and Mary energy lines are vigorously active in this area, meeting at crossing at nearby Windmill Hill, Avebury, Silbury Hill and the Sanctuary and I believe the resulting release of the electromagnetic fields from these faults could be held responsible together with the residual activity of the crop circle. A powerful combination!

Despite visiting several formations in 2005, I was thankfully spared any ill feelings apart from a visit to the Aldbourne formation. I had been taking a party of crop circle visitors around several of the latest formations. This was to be our final visit. I had hardly been in this formation for more than a few minutes when I suddenly felt extremely nauseous, my head ached, my heart started thumping and I was short of breath. As I reached the perimeter I found one of the party standing in a tramline outside the formation. When I asked her why she was not with the rest of the party she responded " I felt like you look now!"

In a continued attempt to try and rationalise and explain why these strange anomalies are occurring to living systems and inanimate objects, we conducted our yearly series of scientific tests. David Hues once more gave us his permission to use one of his barns as a base for our control tests on the brain (Isobel Maxwell-Cade and Peter Staples) and endocrine system activity (Dan Mountfield, Biotech Health, Petersfield). Unfortunately the tests using an advanced Kirlian photography technique (Dr Roger Taylor) measuring the changes in area, spectral width, form and noise of the Kirlian records, that show the well being or otherwise of an individual by displaying the person's electromagnetic field, did not take place this year.

Dan reported that "Only one person, Barbara Clauson presented with any real interesting pre and post results, but due to the fact that a thyroid tablet (whether pharmaceutical or herbal) was taken with lunch it is difficult to say whether the change in her thyroid status was due to the crop circle or the medication, thus the significance of these findings must remain
inconclusive, if not quite interesting however.

It is normal for hormone levels to fluctuate in the day, especially after lunch, but the more people we test, the bigger the picture we can build up."

The formation showing a line of circles increasing in size with some have small grapeshot on either side, was the second formation of 2005 to be located in East Field

Jim Lyons is a professional engineer, specialising in electronics. After a career in the aerospace industry where he was one time Chief Engineer responsible for the development of the Harrier Jump Jet, he is now in the academic world at York University. He sent me this report:

"The basic seven circles form a geometric series in terms of their diameters. The series ratio of around 0.9 is indicative of the often occurring 0.891 ratio of the diatonic scale. This is found in many earth energy patterns totally independent of Crop Circles.  The formation data is summarised in the Table and provides information on the Spiders Web patterns (rings & quadrants) as well as underground water streams.  The chart summarises the auras of seed samples. The data is entirely consistent. The largest circle at its centre has around 23 times the energy density of the control level in the field. As one samples at greater radii - half circle radius and just inside the perimeter, the energy density falls away in the usual fashion. This is true for all circles where measurements were attainable (only 6 circles worth measuring). The point to note is the difference between the `just in` and `just out` figures. These samples were taken literally just inches apart. The dramatic drop as one went out of the formation was indeed very indicative of its overall formation energy density.  The normal aura control value is around 3 feet but this generally increases throughout the season to around 3.5 -4 feet.

Peter Staples and Isabel Maxwell Cade kindly sent me the following report for the Twelfth Test on the Psycho-Physical Changes Invoked within a Crop Circle report of Measurement from East Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire, 31.7.2005
1. Introduction

Following our investigations on the changes in psycho-physical responses experienced by people in crop formations over the years 1993 to 2004, we joined with Lucy Pringle and fellow researchers and enthusiasts to take more measurements this summer.

The approach we adopted was to use portable electronic biomonitoring instruments to monitor Electrical Skin Resistance (ESR), peripheral temperature and electrical brain rhythms via Electro-encephalograph (EEG), taking sets of reference measurements within the crop formation and in the same field but away from the formation.

The conclusions of a simple experiment of this type should be viewed as "demonstrative" rather than "proof" in strict scientific terms that the crop circles can be an agent in bringing about changes in states of consciousness.

2. Measurements and what they can show

The nature of these measurements and what they can show is summarised in the article "A test on the psycho-physical changes invoked within a crop circle" in The Circular, Vol 4:4, March 1994, pages 13 to 15, to which the reader is referred.

In summary, measurements of changes and responses in the body are used to appraise the corresponding changes in mental/emotional state. The basis for this correspondence is empirical - derived from many hours of monitoring people and relating their subjective accounts and the observable responses with those taken objectively from the instruments. We attempt to interpret such changes in psycho-physical terminology eg. "shift from lethargic towards relaxed-and-alert" because these are more accessible than the physical readings from the meter scales. This obviously reflects a model of the psycho-physical responses with an objective consistency, and this was an important part of the work undertaken by Max Cade in the development of biomonitoring method and is implicit in these studies.

Watching the display of the Mind Mirror EEG for even a short period shows how rapidly and frequently the spectrum of brain wave activity can - and often does - change. The account given below is therefore a brief appraisal of the overall shift (or absence of such shifts) in the patterns of the subjects listed.

Our interpretation of the EEG patterns reflects a "hierarchy" of states of consciousness ie. where each state has a greater level of awareness and responsiveness than the one below. Whilst there are appropriate situations for all these states, we are looking for an increase in the level of awareness and in the balancing of the activity of the two sides of the brain. This way of interpreting EEG patterns is described in the book "The Awakened Mind" by C. Maxwell Cade and Nona Coxhead.

One of Max's states is delta on its own, which corresponds to deep (dreamless) sleep but we also see this pattern in wakefulness when accessing preconscious impressions or searching, for example searching memory or when dowsing. When delta is present with beta, but with little of the intermediary frequencies (particularly alpha), Max termed this "alpha blocking". The beta represents the externalising eg. putting thoughts into terms for communicating to others, but without alpha, this function is blocked from the source of its subconscious origins reflected in the delta activity. Alpha acts as a bridge for the transmission of impressions from the subconscious to the conscious functions.

"Fifth state", with balanced left/right alpha, beta and theta is often found in peak experience and in creative experience and the state provides the potential for the intuitive and empathetic attunement. When present with warm hands and a free moving hand ESR, this is a stress free state where energy flows freely and you are less likely to experience the effects of stress or feel drained.

3. Location

The location was arranged by Lucy. The controls were made in a barn at a farm at Beckhampton in Wiltshire and the formation was in the field of another farm, at East Field, Alton Priors. The crop was wheat. The aerial photograph shows the shape and the formation had the (general) name "East Field 2". The control measurements were made in the morning and those in the formation in the afternoon. There was a lot of rain until early afternoon but the earth was dry in most places in the field. There were a few other people in the field at the time.

It was a moderate day with a lot of cloud . The temperature in the barn was 19 degrees in the crop formation around 22 degrees Centigrade with little direct sun.

Our subjects were Roger Taylor, Barbara Clauson, William Betts, Chris Weeks and Dan Mountfield.

4. Findings

The ESR and finger temperatures are summarised as follows (higher ESR means lower autonomic nervous system activity):

Subject ESR (left hand) ESR (right hand)
control in formation control in formation
Roger 550K 800K 600K 1M
Barbara 1M 900K 1M 1M
William 1M 600K 300K 200K
Chris 800K 1M 900K 700K
Dan 250K 160K 160K 120K
Subject finger temp. (left hand) finger temp. (right hand)
control in formation control in formation
Roger 24o 25o 24o 25o
Barbara 23.5o 24o 23.5 o 24.5o
William 26o 27o 30.5o 26o
Chris 21.5o 30o 21.5o 31.5o
Dan 25.5o 29o 26.5o 28.5o

Roger's EEG pattern in the control was symmetric across the two hemispheres, with low levels of activity across the spectrum except alpha activity when the eyes were closed. Within the crop formation the pattern showed some alpha, but mainly "alpha blocking" and little activity at any frequency. The state could be described as "introspective". Roger's peripheral temperature was about the same in the control and in the formation. The ESR was slightly higher in the formation, which reflected a lower level of autonomic nervous system activity. Overall there was not a great deal of difference between the control and the formation sessions.

Barbara's EEG pattern in the control showed "alpha blocking", with beta and delta prominent in both hemispheres. Within the formation, the right hemisphere often "closed down", with virtually no activity. The low delta activity element present in the control session was not present. We interpreted this as a holding back or blocking of expression. The peripheral temperature and ESR activity were similar in the control and in the formation.

William's EEG pattern also showed "alpha blocking" in the control. Some alpha activity appeared with eyes closed. Within the formation, the EEG patterns were much more dynamic with some alpha and theta, mainly symmetric across the two hemispheres. William's ESR readings showed more activity within the formation and the left hand was warmer than in the control, although not the right hand. Overall the measurements in the formation showed a more lively state.

Chris showed lively EEG patterns with alpha, beta, theta and delta, with the beta mainly "rounded" ie. not excessive. In the formation, the EEG activity was subdued with the right hemisphere "closing down" to almost no activity from time to time. The EEG patterns when Chris was talking were more like those in the control. Chris had high skin resistance in both the control and in the formation. His peripheral temperature was much higher in the formation - indicating a more centred state.

Dan's EEG pattern in the control showed mainly "alpha blocking" with occasional bursts of alpha activity. In the formation, the EEG pattern was much livelier with beta, alpha, theta and some delta activity with some "state 5" but a lot of changing of the patterns. Dan's peripheral temperature was about the same in the control and the formation. His ESR showed a little more activity in the formation.

5. Conclusions

We noticed that nearly all the EEG patterns we saw on the Mind Mirror generally lacked stability - for all the subjects the patterns changed around a lot, both in the control and in the crop formation. In most cases the peripheral temperatures were quite low - typically 12oC below central body temperature - and the ESR high, suggesting to us an "enervating" environment - for example - the cooler, wetter weather impacting on the energy of the subjects. We would have expected to find higher hand temperatures in these circumstances at this time of year.

For Barbara and Chris, the session in the formation showed almost a closedown of EEG activity on occasions, particularly in the right brain hemisphere. This is not a pattern we have experienced on sessions in crop formations in other years. This would reflect the absence of "non-verbal", feeling, "whole picture" type of awareness.

The measurements from Roger were fairly similar in the control and in the formation and could be described as "subdued" - perhaps a little more relaxed within the crop formation.

In interpreting the measurements, we distinguish between a "lethargic", "switched off" state and a relaxed and dynamic, expressive state. The measurements on this occasion showed the former in most cases and we felt this was the most significant aspect, both in the control and in the formation, as described above. However, in contrast, William and Dan both had livelier EEG and autonomic nervous system activity in the formation.

We had a dilemma when searching for a phrase which characterised the impact of the crop formation on the experiences of our subjects and we felt we needed more subjects to achieve this. In summary, the impact of the formation was to sustain or decrease the level of neural activity or give more of a "high" depending on the subject.

It seems the "East Field 2" formation will remain a mystery to us !"

Control measurements in the barn

above: Isabel wiring up Roger with Barbara and Jim Lyons in background

below: Peter and Isabel with William on Mind Mirror

Measurements in the East Field formation

above: Peter, Roger, Lucy, Barbara with Amanda and Dan hormone testing

below: Peter, Isabel and Barbara

As we all know strange events often happen in the vicinity of crop circles, but some events not even related to the circles at all are illustrated in the two following reports. There seems to be a universal melting pot of unexplained happenings.

"The strangest and most chilling thing I have ever seen was the body of a hedgehog which appeared to have been completely drained of body fluids - as if it had been freeze dried. I grew up in the country so have seen lots of dead wildlife, but never have I seen anything like this. It was on the path into the formation at Avebury Trusloe June/July 1991. There appeared to be no external injuries, but it looked almost flat. The friend who was with me at the time was used to picking up road kill for a friend of his who is a taxidermist, but he had seen nothing similar. I would have taken it away abut my friend was adamant that that it was not going in his car! I wonder if anyone else has reported similar finds?"

Indeed in Canada, porcupines were reported to have been found inside a formation in a similar `microwaved` state.

The second report came from someone who has never even visited a crop circle:

"I am 40 years old, British, and I am an English teacher.  At the moment I am teaching at Chongqing University in China.

The reason why I found your articles so interesting is because in the year 2000 I went camping in the Mexican desert to a place called La Zona del Silencio.  NASA have their base there because it is a UFO base and they are investigating the magnetic fields related to UFO's.  My partner was with me during the trip, he only had a sense of not moving whilst we were travelling on the coach.  While we were travelling back to the village I entered a different dimension and while I was in that dimension I happened to take some photos of some peculiar mountains.  When I got my photos back there are 2 very clear UFO's on the photos but they had not been visible to the human eye. Until my experience passing through this dimension I never really had any knowledge or thought about time travel and worm holes, but just as I started to realise that something was 'amiss' all my thoughts were focused on worm holes and Einstein's theory about time travel through these holes.  I hope you believe me and understand because I need to explain this to somebody who is studying this phenomena and who appreciates this knowledge. Your investigation with regards to human physical and mental changes resemble what I went through in La Zona. 

I lost 3 hours of time, (my watch went back three hours and I had an extreme sense of panic and a deep sense of confusion with time.  When we came back home 48 hours later, I then sensed the change of coming back into this 'reality'. My partner and I had the same feeling of euphoria when we came back to this reality - it was a mixture of complete peace and happiness, (something that we have never experienced since, unfortunately). I remember distinctly that I was due my menstruation, but I was 4 weeks late, something which frightened me because I am never (or have never been) late in my life.

Since my experience I have had a constant interest in the human conscience and how the we are capable of travelling through time and reaching a higher realm.  Whatever message 'they' are giving us, it is for us to learn and I really would like to spend my free time, (in 3 years) developing my knowledge in this area because it is important and it is time that we learned more than society allows us to know. "

My final story is a happy one that may or may not be as a result of a crop circle visit. Jennifer Denning, a water colour artist, who kindly sent me this report is firmly of the opinion that her cure is as a result of her visit to the Mayan Calendar formation that appeared on the crest of the slope opposite Silbury Hill in August 2004.

"The week before I had been given a picture taken from a newspaper of an enormous crop formation...which could not been seen from the road, but only after you had climbed up for about a quarter of a mile, to the crest of a large field. And there it was!! What a marvelous awe-inspiring image, which for my son and myself has proved to be both a revelation and vibration raising experience - and I believe was the start of the experiences to come later.

There was a downside to our visit to this formation. We both experienced headaches on the way home, and felt extremely tired. I fell asleep easily, but was awoken at with terrible pains down the left side of my body. It felt as if my body was contorted with cramp, and the pain in my left thigh drew my leg backwards and upwards quite violently and then spread downwards to my left foot and upwards into the groin and hip area. The pain was intense and continuous, and nothing I did helped to alleviate it. I could not move from the bed, and then a rigor set in, my teeth were chattering, and I shook uncontrollably for about ten minutes. Just as my husband was about to dial 999, it stopped - as suddenly as light switch being turned off. The next day I felt totally drained, exhausted, and nauseous, but not bruised in any way as one usually does from cramp.

I called my son Jonathan about and he told me that he had experienced a bad night also, with lots of joint pains, but fortunately not so severe, and that both the children were fine.

"One of the most amazing things after this experience was the wonderful feeling of wellbeing and contentment that gradually spread through my being, and the ensuing happiness, which is still with me.

The most amazing is that I have also experienced a spontaneous healing of the eye problem that I had been suffering from. Macular degeneration had been diagnosed after I started having vision problems in late 2003. Vision from my right eye was difficult, as I had distorted vision with all straight lines appearing wavy. This made reading difficult, and I was told on my last visit to the specialist in the autumn that it was progressive and would I probably need an operation. I was offered an operation at the Heath Hospital in Cardiff, which could take place before Christmas. After considering the verdict something made me ask if I could delay this and make another decision in January 2005 when I had my next appointment. This was agreed to reluctantly by the eye specialist, with instructions that if my sight worsened I was to come back to the hospital immediately.

However, one morning in early October I looked out the bedroom window thinking what a lovely day it was, and then suddenly realised that my eyesight was normal!!- no wavy lines! What a wonderful gift.

"(February 2005: Since writing this I have seen my eye specialist at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, and he could see for himself the improvement in my vision. He said that he was surprised and that medically 'I was a great rarity'. Proof if more were needed that something happened that day in Wiltshire).

Further Note: June 2005 Had an eye test at my usual optician's and she told me that my reading vision has also improved.

In July 2005 I again attended the Crop Circle Symposium, which is when I spoke to you Lucy and showed you the photos of the beautiful orbs that have been appearing in my photos, and also spoke about the healing of my eye problem..

You asked me to contact you after seeing the eye specialist in September, hence this letter. I have my

appointment letter if you wish to see it.

September 2005: Have seen an eye specialist again at the RGH and once again he could not account for the improvement in my sight. The next appointment will now be in eight months time, which he said is just to monitor the situation. My sight is still fine, and everyday I am aware of the wonderful gift that I have been given.

I hope my experience will prove useful to you in your research, I do strongly believe that the energy held in these formations can be transformational."

Research by The Mayo foundation explains the condition as follows:

"Age-related macular degeneration is a chronic eye disease that occurs when tissue in the macula, the part of your retina that's responsible for central vision, deteriorates. The retina is the layer of tissue on the inside back wall of your eyeball. Degeneration of the macula causes blurred central vision or a blind spot in the centre of your visual field.

"The first sign of macular degeneration may be a need for more light when you do close-up work. Fine newsprint may become harder to read and street signs more difficult to recognize. Eventually you may notice that when you're looking at a grid, some of the straight lines appear distorted or crooked. Gray or blank spots may mask the centre of your visual field. The condition usually develops gradually, but may sometimes progress rapidly, leading to severe vision loss in one or both eyes.

"Macular degeneration affects your central vision, but not your peripheral vision; thus it doesn't cause total blindness. Still, the loss of clear central vision -- critical for reading, driving, recognizing people's faces and doing detail work -- greatly affects your quality of life. In most cases, the damage caused by macular degeneration can't be reversed, but early detection may help reduce the extent of vision loss.

"The condition tends to develop as you get older, hence the "age-related" part of its name. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of severe vision loss in people age 60 and older. More than 1.6 million American adults have the advanced form of age-related macular degeneration.

Signs and symptoms
Macular degeneration usually develops gradually and painlessly. The signs and symptoms of the disease may vary, depending on which of the two types of macular degeneration you have.

"With wet macular degeneration, the following symptoms may appear, and they may progress rapidly:

  • Visual distortions, such as straight lines appearing wavy or crooked, a doorway or street sign that seems out of whack, or objects appearing smaller or farther away than they should
  • Decrease in or loss of central vision
  • Central blurry spot

"In either form of macular degeneration, your vision may falter in one eye while the other remains fine for years. You may not notice any or much change because your good eye compensates for the weak one. Your vision and lifestyle begin to be dramatically affected when this condition develops in both eyes.

Macular Degeneration

"The macula is at the back of your eye in the centre of your retina. You need a healthy macula for normal central vision acuity. The macula is made up of densely packed light-sensitive cells called cones and rods. These cells, particularly the cones, are essential for central vision. The cones are responsible for colour vision, and the rods enable you to see shades of grey. The choroid is an underlying layer of blood vessels that nourishes the cones and rods of the retina. A layer of tissue forming the outermost surface of the retina is called the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE). The RPE is a critical passageway for nutrients from the choroid to the retina and helps remove waste products from the retina to the choroid.

Wet macular degeneration. The wet form accounts for about 15 percent of all cases, but it's responsible for most of the severe vision loss that people with macular degeneration experience. Wet macular degeneration develops when new blood vessels grow from the choroid underneath the macular portion of the retina. These new vessels are called choroidal neovascularizations (CNVs). These vessels leak fluid or blood, which is why it's called wet macular degeneration. This causes your central vision to blur. Eyes with the wet form of macular degeneration almost always show signs of the dry form, that is, drusen and mottled pigmentation of the retina. In addition, what should be straight lines in your sight become wavy or crooked, and blank spots

With the wet form of macular degeneration, sight loss is usually rapid and severe, resulting in legal blindness, defined as 20/200 vision or worse. This means that what someone with normal vision can see from 200 feet, a person with 20/200 vision can see only from 20 feet.

Jennifer's orthalmic specialist diagnosed her condition as the `wet` type with epiretinal membrane detachment, right macular. It was unilateral.

Soon after hearing Jennifer's story I was due for my by-annual eye check up. My oculist was intrigued to hear of Jennifer's case; she had never heard of such a recovery and hopes that Jennifer's specialist, when he feels sure of her complete and lasting recovery, will write up her case in one of the leading medical journals.

Was Jennifer's recovered eyesight due to her visit to the Mayan Calendar formation that day in August 2004? That is something we will never know. The important fact is that she has got her sight back. A precious gift indeed.

As always I would like to thank the scientists who generously give me and my research their time and energy (particularly Jim Lyons who has also drawn up the diagrams), to the farmers who allow us onto their land to carry out this research, to my web manager Paul Vigay and most of all to those of you who have filled in my questionnaires; without your help my research would not be able to expand and continue.