Solstice Magic – December 2019

One of the most magical times of year is fast approaching - the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Celebrated all over the world, this is the moment when the rhythm of the earth changes and the heartbeat of Gaia, the mother Goddess takes on a new charge of energy. We are told that she is a goddess who, by all accounts, inhabits the planet, offering life and nourishment to all her children. In the ancient civilizations, she was revered as mother, nurturer and giver of life. And in Greek Mythology she represented the Earth, birthing all forms of landscape, plant and creature. Though her creation was majestic, her solitude was great. She longed for love and created the sky with whom she mated, igniting a creative force which birthed countless offspring: Time and the Fates, the Muses and the oceans, to name a few. She’s considered the primeval mother of whom all gods - and life itself - descended. As the mother figure she represents the Divine Feminine.

And in the Christian Faith it links us to the Birth of Christ; in the Muslim tradition Jesus was born in March or September but was not considered to be the son of God. The Hindus celebrate Pancha Ganapati, a five-day holiday beginning on December 21st to celebrate the elephant-headed lord of culture and new beginnings.
Buddhists recognise the similarities between their religion and Christianity and so celebrate by giving gifts and hanging decorations - a time of giving.

My belief is that there is a Supreme Being, who no matter by what name we choose to honour, is universal to all religions and as such conflict should not exist and would have no place between the different religions.

It often seems to me that in my early childhood, there was always snow at Christmas which meant going out was quite a palaver; layers and layers of clothes, including leggings, scarves, woolly hat and of course woolly gloves sometimes with special animals on them. So bundled up that it was hard to move as fast as one would wish!

To this day our Christmas is traditional and my sons love this, and so it is passed down from generation to generation with slight modifications and adjustments to a more modern world. Means of communication being one of them and through sadly my younger son and his family will be at their home in Thailand, we can still reach each other with Skype, Facetime etc. What joy!

With all the merriment and family happiness, this is also a time to remember that this is not the same for everyone, in fact it can be quite the reverse and can have the opposite effect of emphasising loneliness and hardship. People who are homeless and others suffering with family problems.

One year a friend and I resolved to spend Christmas helping in a soup kitchen in London - sadly it didn’t happen but I am very aware of the problems and desperation of homelessness as there was a time in my own life when I was also homeless -----
One of the joys of Christmas is singing carols and the little village in which I live has an annual carol service round a huge and ancient chestnut tree. People come from far and wide and we all sing lustily and wish each other seasonal greetings with mince pies and mulled wine to follow.

This has not been the best of years for everyone but I now have a feeling of great positivity as we enter the new decade of 2020. Just as the winter solstice brings a new and invigorating energy so I feel in my bones that 2020 will also bring this about.

I have had many enquiries about my tours and when they will be taking place. I always take two official tours, one at the end of July and one in early August. Sadly last year we didn’t have many circles that we were allowed to visit so instead I took a tour round the sacred sites around and in Avebury, an area where you feel you are walking in the footsteps of your ancient ancestors. The whole area is throbbing with energy and the sites are not placed randomly but strategically within this landscape linking them together in a wonderfully mysterious and unique way.

However, for the second tour the farmer very kindly opened his field and so we were able to enter the wonderful Clear Hill formation. We were all happy to make a small donation. The weaving around the edge was spectacular. It was a bakingly hot day but we were so astonished at the lay of the fallen crop and absorbing the energies that we spent some considerable time in the circle (hard to remember as I write this with my central heating turned on!).

Lucy Pringle Clay Hill Formation Lucy Pringle Clay Hill Formation

The first of my Crop Circle tours will be on Tuesday 28th July, with an optional extra of the wonderful private entry evening visit to Stonehenge when we are allowed right up to the stones.

The second tour with the special, and much loved, optional extra of a flight over the circles and surrounding sacred sites, is on Thursday 6th August. For both tours, you will experience the wonder of the circles in a happy, friendly and relaxed way. However, if there are no circles we are permitted to enter we will go on a wonderful and exciting tour of the sacred sites and experience the different energies. I also take private tours.

Lucy Pringle View over Avebury

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Also my other items make wonderful and unique gifts. I wish you all a wonderful Happy and peaceful Christmas and an especially fulfilling and fruitful New Year 2020.

With my love and best wishes,

Christmas is Coming! – November 2019

This is a pre Christmas email, as Christmas often seems to come upon us before we are ready and have not really got around to thinking about everything and all that it involves. One of the things that I often find the most difficult and illusive is trying to think of just the right present that is going to suit that special person. I have many unusual gift ideas which I do hope might just solve that dilemma. I will make a special reduction for my new and exciting book to last from the 15th November - 15th December: I am reducing it to £17.50 for that period.

My 2020 Crop Circle Calendar containing photographs of 2019 circles, is now available and it will make a wonderful Christmas gift, but please also look at the other fantastic gifts in my shop... which has two new items; a pendulum made from the blue stones from Presili mountains in Wales, identical to the famous blue stones found at Stonehenge. They carry a unique energetic quality.

Secondly, a lovely faceted crystal pendulum. Both are on chains with circular rings at the end to prevent them flying out of your hands if the energy is too strong (this happened to me once!)

My latest calendar

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Calendars back to 2001

...and more With my love and best wishes,


A Flourishing Finish – September 2019

After what seemed quite a sluggish summer, the circles came to life with a final flourish.

When last I wrote we had got a far as the lovely Clear Wood circle.

After that, the rush was on, as the fields were being harvested even throughout the night after rain prior to being put in a dryer.

The circles then seemed to realise that they were running out of time and couldn’t wait to appear. Just when we thought everything was over, a beautiful crop circle arrived at Etchilhampton. Every year since I can ever remember one of the very last to arrive is always at Etchilhampton where the farmers are friendly and welcoming. This was no exception and farmer Edwards kindly agreed to open his field. (He told me that during the war the Germans had dropped two bombs in that same field. I believe this was their custom if they had not used them all, to drop them randomly in the countryside to get rid of them before returning home.) By then most of the people from overseas had left, so us islanders were the lucky ones. In addition, the weather was perfect, warm and balmy.

I took two friends to visit this circle and for most of the time we had it for ourselves. It was Libby’s first ever visit to a crop circle and she was entranced and overwhelmed by the peace inside the formation and the beauty of the surrounding countryside. It seems as though hands of welcome were reaching out to enfolding us in their arms into the sanctity of the circle.

“Last night I slept like a baby. Something I haven’t done for probably 19 years since my third child was born.

“I felt totally comatosed.

“But in a beautiful calm way.

I slept for 11 hours without moving; I was surprised as I usually fidget a lot."

“I am a nurse and work with older people who live with Parkinson’s and other dementia type conditions.
I can really see how the energy from a crop circle could benefit some of these conditions immensely.
All in all I felt and still do a real sense of calm and peace.”

I had neglected to bring my umbrella for shade so resorted to putting my gillet over my head and received this email from Martin some days later!

“There has been a very strange sighting in a crop circle in Devises last weekend Lucy. I’ve attached the photograph for you to see if you can fathom it.

A spokesman for the government says that it’s baffling them completely however they will continue their investigations of this unexplained phenomenon.”

After we had been in the circle for a while, a lovely family joined us who lived locally. They had two charming little daughters and one of them was fascinated by my camera and posed most beautifully. A budding film star!

We then had lunch before driving to keep our helicopter flight. As we were passing a field at Stanton St. Bernard we noticed cars parked and people walking up into the field. I had heard rumours that there might be a circle there but had not received confirmation. We reached the airfield; Libby never having flown in a helicopter before was distinctly nervous. We took off piloted by Candia, the first time I had flown with a woman. She was first class and deputy head of the flying school, and within a few minutes Libby was enjoying herself enormously - what a day for her; her first visit go the crop circle and her first ride in a helicopter! We took off into the glorious sunlight, overjoyed as always to seeing glorious countryside stretching out beneath us below. Sprawling towns and cities are not such welcome viewing. We reached the Wiltshire range of hills and spotted a chalk white horse, it was the Cherhill white horse so we continued gliding round the magnificent sweep of the ancient undulating Wansdyke hills to Stanton St. Bernard where we found the circle we suspected was there, and took pictures.

After our flight Martin and Libby drove back to the Stanton St. Bernard circle to visit it from the ground. Libby tells us:

“Indeed it was a truly magical experience.
And I got so much benefit from the energy in the circles.
At the last crop circle as we were leaving around 8 pm a heavily pregnant lady came into the circle on her own and lay down in the dusk.
At the time I thought it slightly odd.
Now I know why she did it. What an amazing thing to do for you and your baby.
The whole experience has totally changed my view on life and how energy plays such a big part of everything.
So much more than meets the eye."

After flying over Stanton St. Bernard lying obliquely below the Alton Barnes chalk white horse we flew on to Etchilhampton to fly over the wondrously beautiful circle. To see a circle from the air in which you have been inside on foot just a few hours before is a truly magical experience.

On returning to the airfield Candia pointed out a small church perched on a rocky Iron Age hill fort prominence. Despite it being over a mile away and hazy to boot, I thought I would try and have a shot at taking a photograph. To my complete amazement when I zoomed in it turned out to really look like a church and not just a distant blob!

Candia kindly sent me the link. Called St Bartholomew’s Church, Chosen Hill, Churchdown, it has an ancient history. Standing at 580 feet on a bed of primarily hard marl rock consisting of limestone and ironstone and dating back to the Neolithic age, its first known existence as a single cell building is thought to have been around 1250 when the local people were granted permission to hold a fair on the hill. There are also many wells close by and it is thought that the Church could lie on an energy line. (I would love to visit it and find out.) Legend has it that local maidens used to consult the waters whispering their romantic hopes.

Over subsequent centuries, the hill was considered important, and was visited annually by William I; continuing to play a prominent part in history. During the Reformation, St. Bartholomew’s suffered as many churches did, and the resident Bishop, Hooper was burned at the stake. On another occasion during the reign of Charles I, when parts of the country rose up against the king, Chosen Hill became a Royalist stronghold only to be eventually defeated by the Parliamentary forces.
Once a place of pilgrimage, the church gradually fell into disrepair until the middle of the 20th C when enough money was found, together with donations, to restore it and install electricity.

This Church and ancient Hill Fort undoubtedly have a story to tell and are definitely on my list to visit.

And so with that joyous day, the season came to an end with one final circle at Preston Candover in Hampshire.

©Nick Bull

Maybe we have not received so many circles this year but the magic persists.

Hopefully my 2020 calendar will be ready the first week of October so please place your orders as my 2019 calendar sold so fast.

2020 Crop Circle Calendar

Also my book continues to be popular and an article is coming out in the next Physic News plus the front cover!!!

My annual talk in Petersfield is on Saturday 19th October when I will also be signing books.

I do hope you have all had a good and happy summer.

With my love and best wishes,


Harvest Time – August 2019

This is going to be a bumper harvest year for the farmers with a wonderful mixture of sun and rain at just the right times to allow the crops flourish.

However, this has been a most extraordinary summer with virtually no circles compared to other years. Several have appeared in Hampshire where they made their comeback in the early 70s, 80s and 90s. They have predominantly appeared close to ancient sites such as Iron Age Hill Forts. Such sacred places have always attracted the circles, being located on the energy lines crossover points.

I am attaching two circles that have arrived in Hampshire since last writing.

A ‘cube’ Near Tichborne, Hampshire 16th July 2019
A ‘cube’ Near Tichborne, Hampshire 16th July 2019


Baron Stacy, Hampshire. 28th July 2019
Barton Stacy, Hampshire. 28th July 2019


A ‘cube’ Near Tichborne, Hampshire 16th July 2019
A ‘cube’ Near Tichborne, Hampshire 16th July 2019


Baron Stacy, Hampshire. 28th July 2019
Baron Stacy, Hampshire. 28th July 2019


Baron Stacy, Hampshire. 28th July 2019
Baron Stacy, Hampshire. 28th July 2019

Another problem has been that apart from two circles, entry has not been allowed. Here I think we need to understand that the crops lie on private land and are the farmers’ livelihood, no matter how annoying it may be to us. Sadly some people go in regardless with the result that if the farmer sees them, he will cut the circle out. As you can imagine, this situation has created a problem with my tours for the first time in over 20 years therefore I was not surprised to receive a few cancellations. However, many people have never visited special areas of sacred sites in Wiltshire and I took two lovely tours which were much enjoyed by everyone. All these places are situated uniquely in this ancient landscape and as we walked this venerable soil we were treading the footsteps of our forefathers.

We started by going up Waden Hill from whence we could see Silbury Hill below us; also a fantastically panoramic view revealed itself of that part of sacred Wiltshire. It was a gentle climb and worth every drop of our energy. Wild flowers abounded and the peace was amazing.

Silbury Hill
Silbury Hill

We then walked to the remarkable stone complex of Avebury, very close by. We wandered among the magnificent stones and I taught many people how to dowse. We could have stayed much longer but we were already late for our lunch booking at a local pub. Whilst we were at Avebury, we discussed how important it was to give energy back to the stones. Many have been depleted by people unwittingly draining and taking their energy. They are receivers and transmitters but some have little original energy left and need us to replenish it. You can do this by focusing your energy of Love using your rods as a focussing agent or simply directing your healing love from your third eye located in between your eyes.

Avebury is a most uniquely special stone complex; the only inhabited one in the world and as the antiquarian 17th century historian William Stukley wrote ‘If Stonehenge is a Church, Avebury is a Cathedral.’.

A member of my group, Stephan Gaude very kindly sent me the two images below. If you zoom into the first Avebury image, at the top right there is a small unidentified circular silver object. Whereas the mark at the top on the second image of West Kennet Avenue* is most likely a bumble bee or some flying insect.
* The avenue leading to Avebury often known as the Avebury Avenue or just The Avenue.


After lunch we visited the exceptionally fine crop circle exhibition at Honeystreet. You may be interested to know that, just as when you are inside a circle and absorbing the vibrations, so images also emit vibrations, and I have many reports of people having been thus affected.

Finally, we made our way up the hill to West Kennet Long Barrow, one of the very oldest in the UK dating back to 5000 years BC*. This is a very special place. It was sealed in 4000 BC and not reopened and all its rubble removed until the middle of the 19th century. Artefacts such as elaborately designed pottery, knives and flakes of flint, animal bones - and many skulls most of which showed signs of severe injuries - were found and carefully recorded by Dr John Thurnham who was medical assistant at the Devizes Asylum.
* I can thoroughly recommend Peter Knight’s book West Kennet Long Barrow, Landscape. Shamans and the Cosmos.

This was a wonderfully memorable day and we ended up with a private evening entry into the Stonehenge circle where we watched the sun set behind the giant sandstone megaliths, weathered harder than granite.


Before my next tour, I attended the Glastonbury symposium, the oldest continuous conference including crop circles dating back to 1991. Despite being tiring loading all ones goods, unloading them with wonderful help from kind people at Glastonbury and standing behind ones tables for three days, it is always a joy to see so many familiar faces coming back every year, wanting to buy my calendars and other exciting crop circle goods.

My new book was great favourite selling extremely well and my right hand became quite tired with signing! Anyone wanting to buy if from my website will have a signed copy unless they prefer otherwise. Please check it out on my website.

The Energies of Crop Circles by Lucy Pringle
The Energies of Crop Circles by Lucy Pringle

My Annual Scientific Research Day was held on the 17th of July and I will write a report in my Annual article when I have all the results in.

The second tour was held on the 1st August and fearing the worst I wrote to everyone a week beforehand to warn them that there were no accessible crop circles. However, the Gods were with us and a circle with most interesting lay appeared, and after eight hours researching and telephoning around to find the farmer and get his permission to go in, I was informed that entry was permitted. Wow, success at last. HOW MARVELLOUS!

It seemed a long way to drive from our meeting point at Silbury Hill, but it was worth every moment just to get inside and joy was had by all.

Clear Wood, near Cley Hill, near Warminster, Wiltshire
Clear Wood, near Cley Hill, near Warminster, Wiltshire

Clear Wood, near Cley Hill, near Warminster, Wiltshire
Clear Wood, near Cley Hill, near Warminster, Wiltshire

Clear Wood, near Cley Hill, near Warminster, Wiltshire
Clear Wood, near Cley Hill, near Warminster, Wiltshire

My next adventure was getting up at 3.40 am on Sunday in order to meet a charming American family in order to go into Stonehenge for our private early morning entry visit. This was the final stage to their world tour before heading home and included their two super children Oakley 13 and Lillian 11.

There was a most stunningly glorious sunrise as I was driving there, which unfortunately faded before we entered the stones - despite the early hour being up with the larks we were all wide awake and eager to see the magnificent megaliths; they were very special. Next we drove to the Clear Wood circle; only one other person was in the circle so early; she joined us and again it was very special being the first time the family had ever been inside a crop circle. I can remember the joy, elation and excitement of visiting my first ever crop circles, somehow it is gives one a special feeling and is like nothing one has never experienced before.

Despite the terrible weather forecast of torrential rain and winds over the next few days, I feel that we are still in for a momentous end to the season.

My love and all best wishes


Where have all the circles gone? – July 2019

In thirty years this has been the most extraordinary summer I have known. The lack of circles has been pronounced, almost to the point of non-existence. Indeed they have appeared, mainly in Hampshire, my stamping ground, where the rash of circles started to emerge in the early 1980’s. At first, mostly simple, single circles gradually appeared, evolving not only in complexity but in location - and a few poor ones made by notorious Doug and Dave - with Wiltshire becoming the main hub of activity over the years.

I wonder how we view this phenomenon? Personally, I believe there is a consciousness - maybe linking the human mind to this crop circle Consciousness - a Cosmic, Universal Consciousness. As interest grew so the number of circles increased, just as the complexity, symbolism and geometry became more apparent. The more they were welcomed, the number seemed to increase rising to a crescendo of circles in 1998 when I recall photographing over 60 circles - a truly bumper year. In subsequent years the number I recorded was in the 50’s and 40’s, gradually declining to the 30’s and decreasing each year since.

What is the reason for this decline? As the rise in the number of circles so the number of visitors increased, becoming a worldwide phenomenon but - at the same time, over enthusiastic visitors were not always aware that it was private land and the crops are the farmer’s livelihood. And so the majority of farmers gradually decided that they needed to protect their fields; another factor was the hoaxing element; groups appeared in greater number testing their skills without any thought for the poor farmers who were starting to feel beleaguered. However, this decline did not deter the phenomenon as many mind-blowing events have graced our land regardless. Could the Press, including some big press names, also be held responsible for this decline as they regularly featured the hoaxers in their press releases? (A scientific paper I once sent up was ignored by all)

How do we know which is a genuine circle? That becomes a matter of experience in knowing how to discern the tell-tale signs and what to look for, BUT you need to be one of the very first people in the circle in order to conduct a physical examination before the crop is trampled and evidence unwittingly destroyed. Getting into a circle to scrutinise it early is almost impossible now, so I rely on the results of my scientific research and the glaringly obvious extraordinary geometry of such unimaginable complexity, perfection and accuracy that is it has to be any beyond human involvement.

I am going to show you the circles that have appeared in Hampshire and one in Wiltshire since I last wrote:

Littleton, Hampshire 3 June 2019. I entered the field with a musician friend with the farmer’s permission. It was a glorious early summer’s day.

I found the exquisite little poppies poking their heads up through the barley.

Littleton, Hampshire 3 June 2019.

Owslebury, near Winchester, Hampshire. 11th June 2019 July 2019

I walked all the way round the hill fort a couple of years ago. The view was immense. Built in the 6th century BC the fort was in use for almost 500 years.

We are told that ‘...with the permission of the site's owner, Hampshire County Council, archaeological excavations began in 1969 and continued until 1988. Over the twenty seasons archaeologists spent examining the site, they looked at the defences and the gateway, and excavated 57% of the interior, where the remains of wattle and timber houses were discovered. It was the lengthiest investigation of any hill fort in western Europe.

30th June 2019 Danebury Iron Age Hill Fort, Danely, Nr Stockbridge, Hampshire

The hill fort was surrounded by poppies. I read that ‘Yarnbury Castle is located in an area of unimproved grassland on the upper chalk north of the Wylye Valley, and on the edge of Salisbury Plain, which is the largest remaining area of calcareous grassland in north-west Europe. The local area supports a rich and diverse grassland flora, which led to it being declared a biological Site of special scientific Interest in 1951.’ Dating to some 100 years BC the main earthworks showed signs of habitation over the ages with evidence of wooden structures, bones, pottery. Celtic and later Roman coins.

4th July 2019 Yarnbury Castle opposite the Iron Age Hill Fort, Nr Steeple Langford, Wiltshire

Farley Mount, near Winchester, Hampshire. 8th July 2019

The most exquisite one of all to date was found in Büren an der Aare, near Bern, Switzerland.

Büren an der Aare, near Bern, Switzerland. Reported 1st July 2019. © Wyder Fabienne

A fortnight ago I took four charming and interesting Australians on a tour. They did not mind that there were no crop circles; they wanted to visit places of power, especially sites where many crop circles had appeared over the years. Our first stop was Hackpen where legend tells us that at certain times of the year, the hill opens up and wonderful music is heard. Small people invite you to enter and join the fun and when you come out the next morning you are never quite the same again.

There are three copses that grace the skyline at Hackpen. We walked all along the path to the field where many wondrous circles have been found and on the way back to the car we entered the first copse. We felt it was enchanted and magical and we spent some considerable time among the trees. Next, I drove us to Barbury Castle where again many circles have appeared including the amazing Pi to the power of nine formation in 2008. Barbury Castle is a massive Iron Age Hill Fort and in the past it has taken me a morning to walk around. Our last stop before lunch was East Field, the field where more than 100 circles have appeared over the years.

We had lunch at the excellent Honey Street Café before visiting the exceptionally fine crop circle exhibition in the same location. It has been brilliantly and expertly put together by Monique Klinkenberg from Holland and takes you through much of the history of the phenomenon supported by super photographs and drawings. Our final visit was to the wonderful ancient Neolithic West Kennett Long Barrow which like so many of the sacred places in that area is full of history as it lies in the landscape of our forefathers. The group had brought their singing bowls; bowls of pure crystal. We held a ceremony in the special spot where the acoustics are of quite unusual quality. It was such a wonderful finale to a remarkable day.

It seems as though we are more than half way through the crop circle season already, maybe they will come all in a rash.

Both my tours are fully booked and all we need are a few circles!!

However, we are lucky to have already been blessed and I remain an essential optimist.

If you would like to know more about this miraculous, teasing and mercurial phenomenon please have a look at my book and I will be very happy to sign it for you.

With my love and all best wishes,


Stonehenge Evening ~ New Crop Circle! – June 2019


Long Wood, Nr Littleton, Hampshire. 3rd June 2019 100 feet (30.5m) overall. Barley.
Long Wood, Nr Littleton, Hampshire. 3rd June 2019 100 feet (30.5m) overall. Barley.

Bookings for the optional extra of the wonderful Private Evening Entry to Stonehenge on the 23rd July will close by the 20th June so please book as soon as possible if you would like to join me. Standing close up to the giant megaliths and absorbing their special energies is something you do not want to miss.

I am excited to report that we have one more circle. It lies north west of Winchester in Hampshire, quite close to where I live. The three entwined circles represent the Holy Trinity in Christian symbolism.

The pictures below were beautifully captured by Nick Bull.

Long Wood, Nr Littleton, Hampshire. 3rd June 2019 100 feet (30.5m) overall. Barley.
Long Wood, Nr Littleton, Hampshire. 3rd June 2019 100 feet (30.5m) overall. Barley.

Last year, I seem to remember the season started slowly and then suddenly it all happened, and we had some really wonderful events; most notably the very special one at Hackpen, which turned out to be my favourite of the year. The energies were exceptional, so peaceful and welcoming. I visited it as often as I could and remember losing all sense of time when I was inside.

My new book The Energies of Crop Circles, co-authored with James Lyons is available.

Crop Circle Tours
Please remember to book your places on my tours

With love and all best wishes,

Exciting Times – April 2019

After what seems like years of work, my next book The Energies of Crop Circles - The Science and Power of a Mysterious Intelligence - is coming out and I will have it in stock on the 30th May 2019. Yippee!!! It is published by Inner Traditions in the US and is well-presented and lavishly filled with colour plates. You can buy it in my shop and it will be posted as soon as it arrives.

The Energies of Crop Circles Lucy Pringle
The Energies of Crop Circles

Even though writing has always been an essential part of my being, ever since I can first remember, it essentially is a lonely yet fascinating experience requiring much exhilarating research but also strict discipline. As a result, it may seem to be a selfish occupation, and so I would like to thank my many friends and family, whom I may have neglected, for their patience and understanding. I asked James (Jim) Lyons, my long-time friend and colleague, if he would contribute his wisdom. He gladly agreed and so the fate of the book was sealed. Jim is co-author and his contribution has been invaluable.

Actor, theatre director, and playwright, Mark Rylance wrote a most flattering review which I can’t resist putting up!

“To fly with Lucy Pringle over a crop circle formation, or walk carefully among the miraculously woven wheat, is up there with standing next to Spielberg during filming; she is an expert. These formations in our fields are the most enigmatic mystery of our day, and yet millions, who have never visited one, write them off with spoon-fed explanations. I have followed the phenomenon since the late eighties, visiting well over a dozen first-hand, once as the first visitor. No one has ever convinced me they were all created by the human hand. Lucy’s exploration of the energy within the formations and its effect on our bodies is a particularly fascinating aspect of these beautiful messages in our fields. This is a book that will take you down many new and unexpected paths. A combination of compelling science and stories of extraordinary events recorded over a period of thirty years, this book lifts the crop circle phenomenon to previously unexplored levels of investigation, enhanced by Lucy’s wonderful photography. A must-read for all travellers of the known and unknown.”

So far no crop circles have arrived but it is still early days as the oil seed rape (canola) is in full bloom bringing the landscape to life with its glowing brilliant yellow. Yellow is the colour of spring and spring is here in abundance.

Magical Wood
There is a magical wood close to where I live where the birds singing all day long. The great tits, the nuthatch, the various warblers, the blackbirds, robins and many others all joining together in a full symphony of orchestral song. As we were walking down shaded paths, we were surrounded by bluebells, delicate wood anemones and a few shy violets trying to hide their faces. This is an unspoilt and treasured bit of England, hidden away except to those who know of its existence.

A pair of shoes abandoned and blending into the colour of the stone wall caught my eye!
A pair of shoes abandoned and blending into the colour of the stone wall caught my eye!

Scientific Research Volunteers
As many of you may be aware, I regularly organise an annual scientific research day. Our current focus is researching the temporary relief experienced by Parkinson’s sufferers when visiting a genuine crop circle. Working with advanced clinical Physiologist Paul Gerry from the Devon and Exeter Hospital, Hazel Drummond from Nutrihealth and other scientists, we have conducted various tests relating to this condition. Paul Gerry has been working in the NHS where, for over 45 years measuring various aspects of the nervous system from brainwaves relating to epilepsy, to eye movements, and tremor in Parkinson’s disease and similar. As well as the accepted science of the body Paul Gerry is fascinated by the claims of altered consciousness related to the alternative views in complimentary therapy - especially dowsing. Rather than debunking the claims he believes that it is important to personally see and record the possible physiological changes. He has therefore recorded many of these physiological aspects of people whilst meditating, spiritual healing and channelling. It was through this network of non-medical and non scientific friends that Paul Gerry and I met, followed by setting up experiments which are evidence-based to compare the brain and bodies reaction to being in a crop circle, focusing mainly on the symptoms and signs of Parkinson’s disease. He tries to be impartial towards the view of others as to any benefits of the “energy” of crop circles so as not to bias his findings.

Last year Paul Gerry measured eye movement (the Electro-oculogram) before, inside and then outside of a crop circle to see if the type of irregular eye movements that are characteristic of Parkinson’s diminishes when the subject is in the circle.

Paul is the only person with Neurophysiology qualifications and experience performing such research.

Each year we take in new aspects of investigation, opening up other possibilities. In recent years, we have been focusing on brain activity levels with regard to Parkinson's disease with some potentially encouraging results.

Over the years various Parkinson sufferers have volunteered to be tested with interesting results. If you are a Parkinson’s sufferer or know of someone else who might be interested in joining this research, do please get in touch. We meet at a venue (usually in Avebury, Wiltshire) to conduct the first tests; we then proceed to the selected crop circle and repeat the tests. Finally we conduct a second control test some way from the circle. All three tests are identical and can then be examined and analysed. Please visit where you will find more information on the work we are and have been conducting.

Crop Circle Tours
Please remember to book your places on my tours as they are filling up and the thrill of being inside a crop circle is unlike any other. Also the private entry evening visit is one of the most memorable experiences possible; standing right up close to the stones and being in the field of energy taking you back to ancient days of long ago.

The Energies of Crop Circles - Lucy Pringle
The Energies of Crop Circles - Lucy Pringle

Spring has Officially Arrived! – April 2019

When I wake up in the mornings and as I go about my day, there is something different afoot. It is that intangible feeling of Spring. Spring is here. Spring is everywhere I look, in the hedges with pale green leaves bursting forth, along the sides of the roads and even the moss on my lawn (if it can still be called a lawn after last summer’s drought - I console myself by saying it has to get worse before it gets better as we struggle to get rid of the ever invasive moss and the brown bare patches)

I went of a stroll and met a lovely old man in a wheelchair, he had a look of serene rapture and with his flowing white hair and beautifully wrinkled face he resembled Father Time. We chatted and both agreed that we were overwhelmed by the beauty of nature all around us. He directed me to a place where there were banks of primroses with pale lilac coloured violets poking their heads through shyly. I even found a wild strawberry plant in full bloom! The blackthorn is also in full flower and close-up the beauty of the flowers is just wonderful. It is as though the whole countryside has come alive again, joyous, exultant and rearing to go. That magical surge of Energy as the throb of the earth echoes beneath ones feet. The heartbeat of Gaia.

The bird song has changed and the more one listens the greater number of birds you can distinguish. Some sing more exuberantly than others like the blackbird brimming over with joy with his multi varied repertoire and the minute little wren who has a voice the volume of a bird twenty times its size. The dawn chorus will soon be with us and I hope you enjoy the one below

It is hard to believe that amidst all this natural wonderland of beauty, that the human race can be making such a dreadful hash of things. Living in the UK, my thoughts immediately go the unparalleled confusion and mess of Brexit. I look around and feel quite shamefaced at utter chaos in our once respected Parliament. Have we all gone mad, I ask myself and how will one ever respect another politician ever again?? Having said that we are more fortunate than many with the terrible catastrophes happening in Africa and the Middle East and elsewhere. There is that wonderful heart-jerking song 'When will we ever learn?'

However, having had my moan, I am encouraged beyond words at the way people are waking up at long last to the litter we manage to leave behind us. People of all ages from toddlers helped by their parents to  grannies and grandfathers collecting bulging sack load by sack load of rubbish. Also scouring our rivers to dig up the waste of many years from sofas to fridges. What a marvellous thing and for this we must thank David Attenborough, who along with others, has been a leading and visionary leading light showing us what is happening to our beautiful planet and how we can do something about it. Hip, hip hooray!

Will we have an early crop circle, I wonder? As I drove along the country lanes, I found a field of canola (oil seed rape) coming into bloom. This is always the first crop to open its arms to the phenomenon.

My tours are booking up well, with several regulars re-joining me every year. It is a wonderful day, full of the joys of going into a crop circle, being with like-minded people and just generally being out in the open visiting ancient sites in the sacred landscape if time allows. Then there are the optional extras: one day we as will have a special evening entry visit to Stonehenge, seeing the sun set over the stones and standing right up by the giant megaliths absorbing their energy (the tickets are like gold dust to obtain); and then for the other day there is an optional extra of a flight over the circles. This also is an amazing experience as you will see the circles we have visited on the ground, this time from the air; also fly over such ancient sites as Amesbury Stone Complex and Silbury etc...

The new book that scientist Jim Lyons and I have written is now at the printers and will be in the shops this summer. Ii is being published in the US and I understand that whereas it will be in the shops in early June in the U,S sadly it will not be the shops in UK until 25 July in the UK. However, I will have copies for sale from early June onward. It is a WONDERFUL book, taking the subject to a much needed and wholly new level of understanding!

The Energies of Crop Circles Lucy Pringle

I have reduced the 2019 crop circle calendar to £8.00. I have sold more copies this year than ever before and only have a few left so please hurry if you would like to have a copy.

I am sure many of you are dowsers and I would like to recommend Maria Wheatley. She is a professional master dowser, has written many books, and takes tours and courses.
Maybe the next time I write it will be to tell you about a crop circle. Who knows??

My love and all best wishes,