Light for the Future – November 2020

This has been a time of great sorrows and desolation for those who have lost special and very much treasured family members, friends or colleagues; for others a time of personal growth; as we find that many ‘things’ or issues have come to the surface and have had to be faced. A time of great challenges when we have found support from unexpected sources, giving us greater strength to go forward with a new and previously and completely different energy. An unusual energy that has never touched us before. It is as though we have been permitted to hold a torch to pierce the darkness; a torch that may help us to tread our paths with certain knowledge; one that will show us the way towards the Light running like a golden thread through the confusion outside. The Solstice will soon be here and it seems to me that it will bring with it a new, positive and vibrant energy, bringing with it great hope, a new energy and hope for the future coming to our aid like the cavalry, bearing banners of Light as it comes charging over the brow of the hill to the rescue.

The term 'solstice' derives from the Latin word 'solstitium', meaning 'Sun standing still'. On this day the Sun seems to stand still at the Tropic of Capricorn and then reverses its direction as it reaches its southernmost position as seen from the Earth.

This is a time when everything lies dormant in the silent earth, it is a sacred time of rest and reflection before the awakening and the slow build up toward brighter days. Just as we need to sleep at night so the Earth needs a period of rest and regeneration as it too lies sleeping peacefully, ready to awaken as the days get longer and the Sun rises higher in the sky.

It is easy to feel downcast at this time of year but if we manage to look at it as a time of new growth to come then we can have a great feeling of hope.

Even though we continue to live our lives - some hectic, some less so - the energy of winter is that of going within. It's the fruitful darkness, a time of new beginnings for the future and of inner growth, out of which new inspirations, purpose and insight can emerge.

In many religions worldwide this is one of the most magical times of year as we approach the Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Celebrated all over the world, this is the moment when the rhythm of the earth changes and the heartbeat of Gaia, the mother Goddess, takes on a new charge of energy. We are told that she is a goddess who, by all accounts, inhabits the planet, offering life and nourishment to all her children. In the ancient civilizations, she was revered as mother, nurturer and giver of life. And in Greek Mythology she represented the Earth, birthing all forms of landscape, plant and creature. Though her creation was majestic, her solitude was great. She longed for love and created the sky with whom she mated, igniting a creative force which birthed countless offspring: Time and the Fates, the Muses and the oceans, to name a few. She’s considered the primeval mother of whom all gods - and life itself - descended. As the mother figure she represents the Divine Feminine.

And in the Christian Faith it links us to the Birth of Christ; in the Muslim tradition Jesus was born in March or September but was not considered to be the son of God, The Hindus celebrate Pancha Ganapati, a five-day holiday beginning on December 21st to celebrate the elephant-headed lord of culture and new beginnings.

Buddhists recognise the similarities between their religion and Christianity and so celebrate by giving gifts and hanging decorations - a time of giving.

I hope you enjoy this video showing wonderful sparking little metal trees. To me they symbolise a bright future as they gently unfold and turn into things of wonder. Maybe we are at that point now, as the future unfolds and we start walking towards a much better future, gaining insight of ourselves, our fellow beings and the world around us as we tread our individual paths.

On a more mundane level, as Christmas approaches, it can also be a time of stress as people prepare to get everything ready. Also a time of great loneliness for many whose lives are not as blessed as others and who cannot wait for life to get back to normal. Trying to feel happy and jolly when everyone else seems happy must exaggerate their sense of being ‘left out’ and unloved. So this time of giving not only in material ways but in care and understanding and the awareness that there are other ways of helping.

I am one of the really lucky ones. Over the years I have spent Christmas with my beloved sister, and if my sons can travel we all congregate at my home.

Having sung carols on the village green outside the local pub on Christmas Eve, several friends join us for dinner. We continue our parents (and probably our grandparent’s) traditions, and I believe my two sons do too!

Early on Christmas morning we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child at St James at Stedham, a tiny, ancient little church. I hope we will be able to do so this year. As you enter, you can immediately feel a sense of antiquity, peace and permanence.

The few records that remain indicate that the original church was built in 1040. The only part remaining from that period being the base of the tower, the upper section being dated 1677. There is evidence that a much earlier church stood here. The large Yew tree in the churchyard has been dated as around 2500 years old and a stone coffin, complete with stone lid, to the right of the church porch, is pre Saxon.

It is mentioned in the Domesday Book, and then it probably consisted of chancel, axial tower, and nave. The chancel was probably lengthened in the 13th century and a west porch added in the 17th. The tower was rebuilt in 1673 and in 1850 the chancel, nave, and porch were pulled down and the rest of the present church built, being consecrated in January 1851.

Later we will connect with my two sons on Skype or Facetime. They are both so far away in Australia - 12 hours ahead - and Thailand - 7 hours ahead - and like so many other families we are unable to be together. I am a most untechnical person and in fact get extremely annoyed with all its complications - however being able to keep in regular touch with them and their families is an untold blessing, so I have to retract my moaning!

A jigsaw puzzle is always at the ready. A real time waster but such fun as everyone can join in and contribute. I find that I can get totally absorbed trying to find just that one tiny illusive little piece which looks so easy to find but in reality, isn’t.

The two videos below show creative works that are mysteriously different, the workings of which must have taken the human sculptor far longer to create than finding a missing jigsaw puzzle piece. They show an incredible and breathtaking artistry. Works of genius in their own surprising and inimitable way.

At the recent Charleston Festival, Sir David Attenborough delivered a lecture entitled Beauty and the Beasts, in which he tackled the intriguing question of whether some animals can justifiably be described as artistic. Are we really the only creatures on Earth capable of delighting in beauty?
Can Animals be Artists? Read more

Thousands of sheets of paper make up these mesmerizing sculptures by Chinese artist Li Hongbo. These were shown at the artist's amazing paper sculpture exhibit at Klein Sun Gallery in New York in 2014.

So many of you have been wonderfully generous at helping to keep me going with my most important research and to stay up in the air in order to capture the pearls of beauty that grace our landscape. I thank you all enormously. Please continue to help by buying my lovely crop circle calendar 2021. At the start of the pandemic, I doubted if I would get any new images for this year’s calendar but lo and behold I did, and so many people have written telling me how much they are enjoying it. The cover image is the circle at Stanton St Bernard, which contains illusionary cubes and a hidden six-pointed star, a hexagon. I believe that it is the only crop circle calendar to date showing images from this summer. I also have other lovely goods but the crop circle jigsaw puzzles (apart from the little ones that make excellent stocking fillers) are unavailable until sometime in the New Year as the factory has not been taking any special orders until new machinery is installed. They assure me they will resume soon. The White Horse, and Druids Knot jigsaw (the most challenging of all), are still in stock.

My 2021 Crop Circle Calendar containing photographs of 2020 circles, will make a wonderful Christmas gift, but please also look at the other fantastic gifts in my shop...

I will make a special reduction for my latest exciting book to last from the 24th November - 15th December: I will cost £17.50 for this period.

A pendulum made from the blue stones from Presili mountains in Wales, identical to the famous blue stones found at Stonehenge. They carry a unique energetic quality. Secondly, a lovely faceted crystal pendulum. Both are on chains with circular rings at the end to prevent them flying out of your hands if the energy is too strong (this happened to me once!)

Calendars back to 2001

As I mentioned in my last letter, this autumn the trees have displayed an abundance of colours, more wonderful and vibrant then I can ever remember. The leaves are nearly all down now and the bare trees look fantastic, their skeletal form displaying a different beauty in their fundamental and basic outline, standing bravely against all the buffeting wind and rain.

The goldfinches and their friends and relations are back at my feeders taking turns with the various tits. What a joy it is to watch them from my kitchen window. Photographs in my next letter.

I wish you a most blessed, Winter Solstice, Christmas and great hope for 2021.

With my love and best wishes,



Keeping Our Spirits Up – October 2020

You must be wondering why you haven’t heard from me for so long - the answer is that I seem to have been rather overwhelmed with events that demanded my full attention. I send you my great apologies. I am now back again.

I do so hope you will enjoy the calendar. It shows all the memorable circles from this year 2020. The cover image is the circle at Stanton St Bernard, which contains illusionary cubes and a hidden six-pointed star, a hexagon.
The proceeds go towards funding my expensive flying and research, so please support me if you can.

When our lockdown descended, I wondered if we would see any crop circles this year, or perhaps the phenomenon would have transferred to more favourable countries. Such was my despair that I doubted that I might not get a calendar out at all for the first time in 22 years. I then decided that if the worst happened I would make one showing the 12 most stunning events over the years. Little did I know that the 2020 season would be so eventful.

Producing a calendar is an exacting proposition. It starts with selecting which of the new circle season pictures to include as the main picture. That is usually the easiest part. Then there are all the small side images to introduce, that - sometimes rather obscurely - interact with the large image. They relate to sacred places, flora and fauna. This is the hardest part, as many wonderful images have to be discarded as they just don’t ‘fit’ the bill. It can involve trying out up to 100 images. These are often hard copy prints, sometimes dating back several years, which I keep labelled in folders. They are then all laid out on my sitting room floor, maybe for several days, whilst I juggle with them. Next comes the data/information regarding each and every photograph in the calendar, plus inserting the sayings and the graphs. I usually manage to get it to the printers by the first week in September. They then send me proofs which always need `tweaking`. Finally, when I am happy that all is good, I give it the OK and the images are put on to photographic plates and printed. Finally the ring binding is added in order that the calendar will not fall to pieces by the end of the year. My task is not finished until all hard copy images are returned to their correct folders - I still haven’t succeeded yet for this new calendar - whew!!!

My next demanding event was putting together a new talk to a small gathering. Only 16 people were allowed to attend. I am not one of those people who feel carefree giving a talk. I worry terribly for several weeks beforehand and keep adding or deleting slides so the talk flows as smoothly as possible. I love researching, and each year new information appears. I love that, but it all takes time. When I finally start speaking my nerves disappear and I forget about myself and I get wrapped up in trying to impart a little of the information (sometimes hidden) buried in this incredible phenomenon.

I am told that if one did not suffer from nerves then it would not turn out as well - but how I wish I didn’t !!!

Contrary to my fears, this year we have had one of the most marvellous summers. Some really remarkable circles have graced our fields, some providing us with intelligent information such as the one at Potterne, Wiltshire on the 29th of May, just at the height of the pandemic. According to a retired American Professor Jerry Kroth, this formation gave us an accurate pathology of the virus, plus new and little known information that was already incorporated in the vaccine being worked on and developed by the Oxford University team of scientists. This is revealed in the so-called ‘blob’ at the end of the formation. Sp8 or Spike protein 8, which is thought to have the same immunological properties as it did in SARS.

© Stonehenge Dronescapes

Maybe the phenomenon prefers less people around - who knows the reason. Certainly the farmers did not get so anxious, though two formations were cut out almost as soon as they appeared.

We owe a great deal to the expertise of the drone pilots who recorded the formations in the early days before anyone was allowed to fly. Nick Bull (of Stonehenge Dronescapes) very kindly allowed me to put his wonderful images on my website.

The final formation I photographed was the lovely one at Woolstone Hill, lying below and between the ancient Uffington White Horse and the equally old long barrow at Waylands Smithy. They both run along the same ridge of hills, the Ridgeway. The Ridgeway meanders from Avebury and runs like a ribbon through Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire finally ending at Ivinghoe Beacon on the Ashridge estate in Hertfordshire. I attended a boarding school close to the Ivinghoe Beacon and I well remember going for walks along The Ridgeway without any knowledge of the special path I was treading.

In between, I had taken two tours which were some of the happiest. Not just because of the lovely people who joined me and the fact that we were allowed to visit three fantastic circles, but also because after being cooped up for so long, we were free to walk in this magical and sacred countryside. A heady and thrilling experience. There was an optional extra included after each tour. For the first, the very special private evening visit to Stonehenge and for the second tour the optional extra of flying over the circles we had visited plus the ancient Avebury stone complex, which left all those who flew with smiles from ear to ear

I have had so many enquiries. I can now give you the dates for my 2021 crop circle tours. The first, on Thursday 29th July, includes the optional extra of a wonderful private evening entry Stonehenge.

The second tour, on Tuesday 3rd August, has the optional extra of a magical flight over the crop circles and sacred sites.

All information is on my website.

Thinking the season was over and finished, I geared myself up to start my 2021 calendar but was amazed when two late circles appeared in September, both near Devizes. The first at Chirton Bottom, near Urchfont, Wiltshire on the 5th September, at the fringe of the inaccessible Salisbury Military zone.

The second and final one, a rather beautiful sinuously twisted ribbon at Roundway, near Devizes, Wiltshire on the 16th September, brought the UK total to 27 and the overall total to 37 worldwide. The rest appeared in France (3) Poland (2) Hungary, Russia (2) Germany and elsewhere.

Now is the time of changing seasons, when people can find it challenging as the days grow shorter and colder. It is also the time when nature needs a rest and before doing so gives us a most glorious display of heavenly colours as the trees turn into a blaze of glory - a stunning display of different hues, as earlier correctly foretold by the Meteorologists. The main ones are the acers, which are the first to show off their magnificent array of bright reds; followed by the yellow glow of the beech; then the wonderful deep gold of the stately oaks - to name a few. The more modest ones also join in to complete a perfect tapestry of radiance.

Winkworth Arboretum, near Godalming, Surrey

I visited the famous gardens, the Winkworth Arboretum with a friend, and we were so completely bewitched by the beauty all around us that we failed to notice which walk we had taken. It seemed we had taken the very longest of the walks, which took us about two and a half hours. Winkworth Arboretum consists of the most beautifully laid out features, with little winding paths ascending and descending over a gradient of over 500 feet. Due to the recent rain it was not easy walking. We started by going downhill over lots of little steps with wooden slats at the top of each one. We did quite a bit of slithering as we went. I did one splendid one on my bottom! One of the best ways of speeding downhill! What goes down must go up and going up we chose the easier route. It had fewer and more shallow steps to navigate. Even so it was quite a pull, but worth it as we were surrounded by such beauty in all directions. We will go again in the Spring.

Nature has the gift of healing and it is during this year that many of us have found ourselves seeing things that we had never noticed before. The birdsong has seemed more beautiful than ever and even the tiniest flower, more important and special. The sky has been bluer. Everything has appeared to stand out in a way it had not done before, even the clouds took on a sharper and more vivid aspect. As someone said ‘there is a difference between looking and seeing.’

As autumn takes us into winter, the days, despite the cold, will slowly get longer and lighter again, but in the meantime it is easy to start feeling ‘flat’. Christmas is not always an easy or happy celebration for everyone. I like to think that we are able to bring some happiness, comfort and cheer to all those who find it a difficult time. We all have good days and bad days, that is fine, but for those whose bad days last longer we must try and bring light into their lives.

I used to ‘channel’ and still find I do so unconsciously at times. Not long ago, I was sitting relaxing and found myself looking down on the earth. The picture zoomed in until I found myself looking at a small town and its surroundings. It was quite dark, maybe eventide. The darkness was one that seemed to herald the dawn. In some way a cleansing and new beginning, a way of moving forward. There was nothing frightening about it - it was the darkness before the dawn, letting us know that the darkness is not here forever, it will pass, just as morning light follows night.

It is time to break through the barrier of fear and illusion and let the light of the soul express itself in every aspect of daily life. Each one of us is light in varying degrees and this shines through every thought, word and deed.

In reality everything is spirit, but over a long period of time the human mind has separated spirit and matter, and therefore materialism has ruled the world. People are now being forced to keep life simple and each one of us has the power to fill it with love, light, peace and healing if we so desire. It is up to us.

We are all one. One Divine Consciousness. We are tiny individual sparks of that whole.
With my love and best wishes



Harvesting In Full Swing – August 2020

Another whole month has gone by since I last wrote to you, a month full of wonderful activity. We have been blessed with some beautiful weather and beautiful crop circle events. Both my tours went ahead as planned and we were fortunate and blessed in being able to visit circles in the morning and then another in the afternoon. It is some years since we have been able to do this as circles have become scarcer and sometimes appear on land belonging to farmers who are not happy to allow people to visit.

This summer we visited two circles at Etchilhampton, near Devizes in Wiltshire in the morning. They were about half a mile apart so we were able to reach both by walking along the same track. It was quite a steep uphill slope from where we had parked our cars. It was a glorious day and we all carefully kept our distances from each other; so easy to do outside. Both days the weather was perfect; no rain and not too hot.

I was delighted that we had three children; Alex 10, Guy 11 and Julia 12. Children are particularly open minded. Guy was at the age of longing to know everything about everything; he has a wonderfully enquiring and intelligent mind and is an avid reader, so I was able to suggest a few authors who might stimulate him further. I remember being just as inquisitive about everything at the same age. I have to say, I still find that I am still searching for answers to so many questions and think I will forever continue this lust for knowledge and information. I am going to share a few reports kindly sent to me afterwards.

Lucy and Guy Geddes in Etchilhampton 1
Etchilhampton 1
Etchilhampton 2

Juliet Geddes kindly sent me the report below, and this image of the exquisite centre of Etchilhampton 2

  • Guy experiences a pain across his chest whenever he goes into a crop circle, more or less where the energy of the circle starts, or close to the perimeter of it. This happened for him again in these 3 circles. He experienced this same chest pressure in them all (but it was by far the strongest in Hackpen). He describes this pressure as feeling like both his siblings are sitting on his chest.
  • Etchilhampton 1: Guy felt huge warmth in his heart area, once inside the perimeter.
  • Etchilhampton 2: He felt pain on one side of his head, at the back on the top left.
  • Hackpen: pain again in his head, but this time at the back and much lower down, by the alta major chakra. Also colours seen – orange and blue.
  • My own experience is that I tend to feel very mildly dizzy in crop circles, and very slightly nauseous. It is not overwhelming in any way so I'm fine to stay in them. In fact I also feel very calm and peaceful in them too, especially the Etchilhampton circles.'

Danielle Locke also sent me her report
'In Etchilhampton no 2 Alex saw turtles and sea with lots of coral. He said he felt like he was in water. He said he also saw land and had decided he was being given a message to save the planet. He felt sleepy and calm.'

Tatiana told me that both she and her daughter experienced the same acid/metallic taste that I and many other people have also experienced inside crop circles. It is so pervasive; one is unable to get rid of it until it suddenly disappears as soon as one leaves the circle. This could possibly indicate a sudden drop in blood sugar level and draining of energy as demonstrated by a lady after a talk and said “...I have got that taste now and I am not in a circle!” She was a diet maintained diabetic and knew that as soon as her protein ketones were breaking down, she got that taste in her mouth. Could this be what is happening to people when they visit certain formations? This is exciting yet frustrating due to our research constraints.

Sarah wrote:
“Hi Lucy,
Thank you for a wonderful day and evening it was simply one of the best experiences l have ever had !
Also a beautiful group of people we all got on tremendously.

My accounts...
Crop circle one - Etchilhampton.
The energy l felt while sitting in this peaceful circle was loving and nurturing. The energy swirled around my body in a clockwise direction. As I sat with my eyes closed, after a while l could sense a beautiful pale turquoise light flowing from above and into my crown chakra. The frequency I always hear as my ears changed into a musical note. Dolphins and Whales came to mind. They are originally from Sirius B, of which I have past life connections. From this l determine that the circle is a message in the form of healing every from this star system.

Crop circle 2… I have no recall at the moment, sorry !!'


We had a delicious lunch at the Honey Street café which I can strongly recommend as their menu is large and varied and the service is first class. Happy smiling faces all round. We sat outside keeping our distances. A café is too humble a name for such an excellent venue. Close by, you will also find the wonderful Crop Circle Exhibition, the brain child of Monique Klinkenberg. This is well worth a visit but sadly we were pressed for time as still had the special Hackpen Hill circle to visit before our final excitement of the day - our private evening entry visit to Stonehenge.


Sarah continues:
“Wow this circle really was an experience!
As we were approaching the circle a tall guy wearing dark blue robes stood waiting. I sensed he would be bringing us some musical accompaniment, which proved to be correct.
The sun was shining beautifully and what struck me initially was the colour of the crop… had a etheric / golden / sparkling glow that started immediately below the head of corn and continued downwards for several inches… the appearance of a golden band of light (see photo attached below)
It was visible with or without the sun shining!

The geometry was simply stunning too, the outside made up of ten pentacles (stars) and in the middle a large Pentagon containing a ten pointed star.

I spent a while walking around in the direction of the lay of the crop as Lucy advised we do.
It felt like there were different healing 'rooms' in the middle of each star.
Initially I chose my spot, and after sitting down, I was guided to lie down. The sensation was incredibly strong as the back of my head touched the ground. I could see myself flying over fields and crops darting here and watching patterns forming. Then I began to feel dizzy and a bit nauseous (like travel sickness / vertigo) so l slowly sat up and gathered myself.

I then walked to another spot and sat down, and then lay down. The energy here was also strong but my whole body felt supported and it was like lying on memory foam while having an energy healing session… wonderful! I then went and sat near the chap we saw earlier in the robes and enjoyed him playing crystal Tibetan bowls and finally he blew a conch shell! It was absolutely superb and added to the magical energy of the circle.

I was very sad to leave, l am sure if one was to spend time in the middle of each 'star' a different energy and experience would be encountered!

Thank you Lucy for your knowledge and patience with us all. I will be back next year all going well. Have a fabulous time next week with your tour.

Best wishes
Sarah xxx'"

Danielle Locke’s report:

'In the Hackpen hill, Alex sat in one of the small circle sections, all of sudden he felt everything go quiet, everyone disappeared. Then he thought he could see a man with a fire. Alex was mesmerised by this circle and we sat for quite a long time being quiet. I felt surges of energy in this one and felt cocooned in the circles. I felt really positive and happy, it was lovely to hear the sound healing going on in the centre of the crop circle. We felt mesmerised by that as well. This was our favourite circle.

Alex was peaceful for days after our trip, he loved it and it seemed to settle a few things for him. He liked hearing the members of the group chat about things.'

The circle was situated on the famous 5000 year old Ridgeway that stretches from Avebury in Wiltshire to the Chiltons in Hertfordshire, and reaching the end of its journey at Ivinghoe Beacon, near Tring. Below lies the Hackpen chalk White Horse. Thought to have its origin in 1883 to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Victoria it stands proud on the edge of the Marlborough Downs overlooking the countryside below.

Hackpen Hill is a magical place and has long been associated with the faery folk and legend has it that on certain nights of the year, the top of the hill rises up. Wonderful music is heard and those who venture in to join in the song, the wine and the dance may never be seen again, or if they do reappear it is said they are never the same again after their time with the inhabitants of the hill.

That whole area was also a stronghold of the Knights Templar.

We then all drove to Stonehenge for the final excitement of the day. Sadly due to the Coronavirus, the fantastic exhibition and café were closed. The loos were open!!

We all wore masks in the coach taking us to the stones. From the air they look tiny but - wow, standing beneath them they are majestically huge. Despite having been visiting so very many times they always manage to weave their magic over me. I have witnessed people having so many extraordinarily wonderful experiences, so often because they feel they 'Have come home.'


However Guy’s experience was quite different to any before.

“As Guy approached the stones he felt like he was carrying a huge oak beam across his shoulders. Pain and stiffness radiated out from this, to his neck, down the top part of his spine, and to his elbows. He had to stand back from the stones as he felt the energy so strongly and it was too much up close. The pain included a stiff feeling, like he wanted to stretch up with his arms to relieve aches and pains, but this didn’t help. The stiff feeling remained, until he left the stones. However, he really loved being in there!

He also saw shapes across the sky at Stonehenge. He describes these as being like single lines connected by two dots on the ends. The lines were either straight or wavy. He was unsure what they meant, but felt like they had somehow been burned or etched to leave their mark into slightly orange wood.”

Crop Circle Tour 2
This again was a happy day. We followed the same procedure as the first one, except people could fly over the circles in the evening after the tour.

Amelda came with me last year when sadly we were not able to visit any circles and so I took them on a tour of the many sacred places such as Silbury Hill, Waden Hill, the magnificent stone complex Avebury, and the most ancient of all, the West Kennet Long Barrow.

All have their own special energy and history. However she was so sad that she had not managed to experience a crop circle and wrote:

'Thank you for taking us on yet another unforgettable experience in Crop Circle Tours! I have been interested in Crop Circles for some 20 years and having the experience of actually walking through them has expanded my Consciousness and Vibration to a Higher Level and for this, I am so very grateful to you. And Flying over the Circle Formations was the ultimate Joy!

Our Scientific Research Day was held on the 16 August. It is difficult if not impossible to try and judge what the weather will be from year to year and hence when the circles will be harvested. The only one available was the enormous one at Patney Bridge, near Devizes, measuring some 540 feet diameter overall.

Sadly for the very first time I was unable to attend, as a few days before I had been stung and ended up in hospital having suffered a severe reaction, the effects of which lasted for over a week. Advanced Physiologist Paul Gerry from the Devon and Exeter Hospital kindly led the research.

He was performing basic physiological measurements in a circle. That is pulse rate, pO2 (amount of oxygen in blood) and blood pressure.

Those present included Parkinson sufferer and first-timer for our Research Day, Jackie Wilson-Rose and Essential Tremor sufferer Linda Daubney who has kindly volunteered for many years.

I will write up the results in my annual article.

The circle has been likened to a hydrocarbon natural compound 2,4/iso dimethy/3 isoppropylpentane used to fight viruses.

We have been blessed with so many wonderful events this year, one of the most beautiful being the one at Woolstone, Oxfordshire, close to the famous and most ancient of all our chalk white horses, the enormous and spectacular Uffington White Horse.

English Heritage tells us:

‘The Iron Age hillfort known as Uffington Castle occupies the summit of Whitehorse Hill. It consists of a large enclosure, measuring about 722 feet (220 m) by 522 feet (160 m), surrounded by a wide chalkstone bank or inner rampart about 39 feet (12 m) wide and 8 feet (2.5 m) high, and formerly lined with sarsen (sandstone) stones.

Around this is a grass-covered ditch about 9.5 feet (3 m) deep and a further, smaller bank forming an outer rampart. A causeway, flanked by the out-turned ends of the inner rampart, provides an entrance to the site from the west. This would have been closed by a gate.

Postholes and pits revealed during archaeological excavations serve as evidence of structures built within the enclosure during the hillfort’s occupation, while pottery and coins have been found in burial chambers close by.

The Iron Age buildings are likely to have been large round huts, each housing an extended family group. In the Middle Ages the land within the enclosure was ploughed and earthworks mark the ridge and furrow pattern of cultivation.

Large Iron Age hillforts are rare. Most are located on the high chalklands of the southern counties of England, and Uffington Castle is regarded as an outstanding example.'

The White Horse

© Lucy Pringle

Situated 557 feet (170 m) to the north-east of the hillfort – and visible from a distance of several miles – is the striking chalk-cut figure of a horse.

The White Horse, which measures 364 feet (111 m) from the tip of its tail to its ear, has been dated to the later Bronze Age or Iron Age, between 1740 and 210 BC. It may have been a territorial marker or a fertility symbol – its function is not certain. Once every seven years from at least 1677 until the late 18th century a midsummer ‘scouring festival’ was held, during which local people cleaned the chalk outline of the horse and enjoyed a celebratory feast within the hillfort.

The shape of the horse has changed over the centuries. The present outline may be only a part of the original. Aerial photography shows that a larger, more conventional shape of a horse lies beneath. The loss of shape has been caused by slippage of the top soil and by repeated recutting. The head currently has a prominent ‘eye’, and tusk-like ‘beak’ at its mouth.

Dragon Hill

Local legend associates the horse with St George and the Dragon, hence the name of nearby Dragon Hill. This is a round mound, about 32.9 feet (10 m) high with a flattened top, likely to have been formed by glacial erosion.
Also close by is the ancient Long Barrow at Wayland's Smithy about a mile from the Uffington White Horse.

I tried taking a picture from the air but it is mainly hidden by trees. I have visited it on several occasions. It is not easy to find.

We are told that: ‘Wayland's Smithy is a chambered long barrow located near the village of Ashbury in the south-eastern English county of Oxfordshire. Probably constructed in the thirty-sixth century BC, during Britain's Early Neolithic period, today it survives in a partially reconstructed state.

Archaeologists have established that the monument was built by pastoralist communities shortly after the introduction of agriculture to Britain from continental Europe. Although representing part of an architectural tradition of long barrow building that was widespread across Neolithic Europe, Wayland's Smithy belongs to a localised regional variant of barrows produced in the south-west of Britain, now known as the Severn-Cotswold group. Of these, it is in one of the best surviving conditions.

The later mound was 185 feet (56 m) long and 43 feet (13 m) wide at the south end. Its present appearance is the result of restoration following excavations undertaken by Stuart Piggott and Richard Atkinson in 1962-63. They demonstrated that the site had been built in two different phases, a timber-chambered oval barrow built around 3590 and 3550 BC and a later stone-chambered long barrow in around 3460 to 3400 BC.

Wayland's Smithy is along the same hill as the Uffington White Horse and Uffington Castle, while it is also close to The Ridgeway, an ancient road running along the Berkshire Downs. In the early middle ages, the site became associated with the mythological figure Wayland the Smith, from which it gained its name. Since the late 20th century it has been used as a ritual site by various modern Pagan groups. Now under the guardianship of the English Heritage, it is open without charge to visitors all year round.’

Following on from my quest to find the farmer to whom the Bishop's Sutton formation belonged, I never succeeded but Martin Herdman and Libby Barrett visited it and Libby kindly sent me this lovely report.


"As usual I felt a little light headed and off balance as I entered the circle.
It was a most beautiful circle with a hexagon in the middle and leaves around the hexagon.
I did what I usually do and waited for a sign. I began to walk around the outside of the of the circle first, towards the flattened wheat inside..
When I reached the centre of the circle I stood too ground and attune myself.
As I began to ground, the soles of my feet became very hot and almost fluid like.
It didn’t take long before I had grounded and attuned.
With my eyes closed I enjoyed the energy within the circle.
Then I felt a slight discomfort and pain on either side of my back just above my kidneys.
I then visioned what I initially thought was a Phoenix landing close by with large wings coming out from its back. Hopping and flying low over the crop circle.
I then realised it was an angel and I had become this angel.
I had grown wings from the two places I felt discomfort from in my back.
I began to fly low over the circle as if I had become one with the angel.
As if the angel was proud of the circle and wanted the show me around.
Once this ended I had a wonderful feeling.
The energy in the circle was very calm and relaxing. I did not want to leave.
Martin went off to take the dogs for a walk and I lay down in the centre of the circle in the pouring rain.
Calm and peaceful I lay in the wet rain enjoying the energy.
As I became more relaxed I began to see hundreds of tiny little silvery white lights just above the wheat. Moving around – darting back and forth. Moving in different directions and speed.
Attracted to the crop circle they moved around in the air.
I know I was seeing nature beings from another dimension.
I had a message – “looking and seeing are two different things”.
Have these nature beings been here all along. Have we just not taken the time to see them.
I have much gratitude in my heart for my experience that day in the crop circle.”

I plan to continue to give my 2020 talk on Saturday 17th October at The Petersfield Community Centre starting promptly at 7.30 (19:30 hrs). Unfortunately in order to conform to the Covid safety distancing regulations, I can only have very few people; in fact not more than 15. If you are local to me and would like to come, please email or telephone me (0170 263454) as entrance will be selling tickets only. It has turned out to be one of the most fascinating years we have ever had and has surpassed all expectations.

I am also in the process of putting together my new calendar 2021. It will be ready by the beginning of October. I am happy to take orders now.


Blue Sky Days – July 2020

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be up in the air once more; the feeling of the gentle air on my face and glory of looking all around at our most beautiful countryside; little hidden villages; hamlets; iron age hill forts, white horses etched into the side of hills; church spires, farms and more mundanely swimming pools! Instead of concrete, acres of the most glorious kaleidoscope of fields as the crops are starting to ripen in all different hues of gold. A truly exhilarating and breathtakingly wonderful experience that no matter how many times I have flown, it still gives me that feeling of joy and wonder every single time; my heart seems to sing a special song of thankfulness just for being alive.

When flying around the circle, a whole lot of things come into play; first and foremost checking that your cameras are fully charged and that you have installed the card. When that is done, your lenses are clean and the settings are correct, you will be ready. Firstly you need to judge the size of the circle and fly around to find the exact angle when suddenly the circle below starts to shimmer like a pearl. Taking different overhead pictures, some directly overhead, some angled, some distance with the surrounding countryside as a backdrop, some close, some zoomed in, just to mention a few.

I wondered if I might be out of practise but luckily all was well. However I am never really satisfied and think the pictures taken by other photographers are often better than mine - good in a way, as it makes me try harder all the time.

I am going to send you a selection of my efforts this year to date. Some circles were quite old when I photographed them.

This is a link to a most remarkable video, shot by a friend, which I can strongly recommend.

Next week, I will be taking my first tour round the circles and ending with the memorable private evening entry to Stonehenge. Fingers crossed for good weather.

I still have a very few places left for my 6th of August tour with the optional extra of a magnificent flight over the circles after the tour. If you would like to book and join me, please hurry.

Wow, what should happen but just as I had finished this letter but yet another circle appeared, this time at Bishop’s Sutton, near Alresford in Hampshire, not too far from where I live. I must try and trace the farmer to try and obtain permission to enter.  It was a most glorious evening, the colours, soft, gentle and deep - what an excitement.

With my love and best wishes,


All or Nothing – June 2020

At last, I have the great pleasure of sending you some great crop circle news! Since the 26th of May four new circles have appeared as though they were trying to make up for lost time. However until the Covid-19 epidemic has been brought under control, it has been thought advisable not to give out the exact location of the circles. Hopefully these conditions may soon be relaxed depending on the reduction in numbers of people affected. I know this may come as a great disappointment to many, especially to everyone living abroad.

The first one to show its face was a simple single circle.

Saterna, Emilia, Romagna, Italy. 8th May 2020. c. 60t (18m) (crop unknown). Single circle. copyright ©

There was some considerable time gap between the next one.

Reported 26th May 2020. Unknown location in southern UK.  Crop unknown. c.90ft diameter. (27.5m) copyright © Clandestineuk

Here I would again like to mention Col. Tom Moore. The humble centurion who, without seeking any publicity, set out to walk and complete 100 laps of his garden in order to raise £1000 on behalf of the National Health Service, without knowing what a worldwide sensation he would become.  Not content with £1000 he continued to walk and at present his heroic effort has raised a staggering £33 million and it is still growing daily, such has been his inspiration to us all. At a time of heart-breaking tragedies and great suffering, Tom Moore gives us the focal point of hope, determination and resolution we so badly needed. 

We have all witnessed the unbelievable response from retired medics, nurses and indeed all frontline workers in all walks of life and professions, past or present, some of whom have willingly made the ultimate sacrifice in giving their lives to help others. They are all heroes in their own wonderful way. 

Going from being Captain Tom Moore he has now risen in the ranks to become Colonel Moore and will soon become a Knight of the Realm. What a worthy tribute to this unassuming man.  Never has there been a more worthy or steadfast Knight.  

Captain Tom Moore and HRH Queen Elizabeth II
Captain Tom Moore and HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Following fast on its heels was this stunning circle.  As always the circles are open to personal interpretation.

Wiltshire, Reported 28th May 2020. Barley. c:120 feet (35.6m) overall. By kind permission of Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography copyright © 2020
Wiltshire, Reported 28th May 2020. Barley. c:120 feet (35.6m) overall.
By kind permission of Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography copyright © 2020

Wiltshire, Reported 28th May 2020. Barley. c:120 feet (35.6m) overall. By kind permission of Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography copyright © 2020

Wiltshire. 30th May 2020. Barley. c.90 feet (27.5m) By kind permission of © Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography copyright © 2020

As I write, hot off the press, this Yin Yang circle arrived, again in Wiltshire.  In Chinese philosophy, the Yin Yang concept symbolises balance, in bringing together harmonising and uniting two opposing forces so that they become complimentary, interdependent and interconnected. 

Wiltshire. 30th May 2020. Barley. c.90 feet (27.5m) By kind permission of © Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography copyright © 2020
Wiltshire. 30th May 2020. Barley. c.90 feet (27.5m) By kind permission of © Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography copyright © 2020
Wiltshire. 30th May 2020. Barley. c.90 feet (27.5m) By kind permission of © Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography copyright © 2020

Indeed as we move forward I hope that this symbol may symbolise and encourage us all to walk together in a renewed endeavour of treating our fellow men - and the natural world, to which we are guests - with love and gentle kindness. Aware of our failings and of how we may try and overcome them. 

Yet another circle just in time before this article reaches you—what a blessing it is too.

Dorset. 1st June 2020. Barley, c.130 feet (39.5m) A complex series of concentric circles divided into multiple radial 'checker board' portions. By kind permision of STONEHENGE DRONESCAPES PHOTOGRAPHY COPYRIGHT 2020
By kind permission of Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography copyright © 2020
Dorset. 1st June 2020. Barley, c.130 feet (39.5m)
A complex series of concentric circles divided into multiple radial 'checkerboard' portions
Dorset. 1st June 2020. Barley, c.130 feet (39.5m) A complex series of concentric circles divided into multiple radial 'checker board' portions. By kind permision of STONEHENGE DRONESCAPES PHOTOGRAPHY COPYRIGHT 2020
By kind permission of Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography copyright © 2020

The farmer has also made it quite clear that he does not want people to visit his field. Furthermore, he has insisted there is no public right of way to visit the Crop Circle. 

Please check my web site for the latest circles.
I would like to finish with another inspiring message from my friend:

"The Eternal World

Life is ever changing around us even when we think that it is all rather static and uninspiring. However, we have certainly witnessed dramatic changes in the last few months that have caused great confusion and fear.

Human beings cling to the known and to a collective element that will support their mental, physical and spiritual systems. If any of these areas are disturbed they feel like ships without rudders and not easily able to rely on themselves.

Scientists have introduced us to the realm of Quantum Physics, nothing new but still an area of which many know little. It introduces the concept of how we are all surrounded by the field of consciousness. This field is alive with potential, ever waiting for us to make manifest our dreams.

The answer is to enter the state of consciousness without any preconceived ideas or patterns from the past. There can be no limitations of thought or doubts and fears. It is like stepping into an expanse of light that enfolds us with love, peace, healing and certainty.

It is an amazing opportunity to re-create the world in which we wish to live. It is a reflection of what it is like when we pass to the spirit world. We are not in that level of frequency in this vibration which is why we are unable to watch life unfold.

The Native American Indians had their storytellers and dream weavers and with their help we can do the same. I know that those beings in the spirit world try to protect us, as they try to draw close to us when we allow them. We need the support from spirit to see us through this strange time and help us to build a new heaven and a new earth.

In The Tempest Shakespeare gave Prospero the lines, ‘We are such stuff as dreams are made of and our little life is rounded with a sleep’.  It is time to awaken from sleep and - as never before - to become aware of who we really are; the tools we possess; and how we can use them in the true light of consciousness.

Let us walk into the field that surrounds every human being and everything in existence, and be creators. We are all part of eternity, so let us make the eternal dream the reality for the next stage of life"

Before long, I hope to be up in the air once more and be able to bring you my pictures, helped by your wonderful and uplifting generosity. I hope they will gladden your heart with their beauty.


Post Haste – May 2020

For those of you who might have been following the fortunes of the fledgling blue tits, I am writing a very short letter post haste to tell you that they will be flying within days such has been their rapid progress and transformation, these may well be the last images I will be able to send you. You will notice how the shape of their beaks is changing and because the little birds are so much larger, the parent birds can now easily detect their beaks for feeding. Very many thanks to the clever photographer for supplying us with these marvellous images. To have seen such a wonderful display of pictures showing their progress from egg to adulthood has been a rare and special privilege.

Not forgetting crop circles - to the best of my knowledge only one may have been reported to date and that was possibly a single simple one in Italy (as yet still to be confirmed). I remain convinced that several lie undiscovered in our fields and until we regain some of our freedom and are allowed to take to the air once more - may remain so - as the general relaxing of the most stringent rules are being very slowly relaxed. As long as there is no upsurge in virus infections, I am hopeful that this day may not be too far ahead.

As previously mentioned, I am definitely planning to take my tours: one in late July and the second in August.

The hedgerows are burgeoning with flowers, wild foxgloves, stitchwort, ragged robin, buttercups and Queen Anne’s Lace. An ancient countryman once told me that it was not wise to plant out my runner beans until Queen Anne’s Lace was in bloom. Beloved by bees, wasps and ladybirds, it is a most invasive plant, so beware. We are told that: ‘The plant is said to have obtained its common name from a legend that tells of Queen Anne of England pricking her finger with a drop of blood subsequently landing on the white lace (similar looking to the flower) she was sewing. Queen Anne's lace is also frequently called wild carrot (Daucus Carota), and it is just that.’ Contrary to common belief, Queen’s Anne’s lace is not poisonous and was used for medicinal purposes such as when brewed into a tea; it was in demand as a diuretic to prevent and eliminate kidney stones, and to rid individuals of worms. ‘Its seeds have been used over the centuries as a contraceptive and physicians prescribed it as an abortifacient, a sort of “morning after” pill.’

Once again my most enormous thanks to all who have already generously donated so wonderfully towards my expenses.

I am overjoyed.

My love and best wishes

Looking Forwards April 2020


As we live through these strange unsettling times, we find our thoughts taking us down surprising and different avenues of reflection. Those of us who are not working on the main line of general emergencies (all those people involved are doing a really outstandingly fine job caring for everyone who has need of their services) have more time and as such new notions come scurrying into our heads leading on from one idea to the next. As these thoughts rush though our minds with mercurial speed, sometimes we are able to catch one and develop the theme as with a piece of music. We who are in self-isolation are having this time to reconsider who we really are and what helpful roles we may be able to play at this time of world-wide and national need.

I do believe that many of us find this isolation difficult and so if we can get in touch with friends by telephone or other social media this can give a valuable lift to our days.

I find that I have so much to do that it is easy to let my mind flutter like a butterfly from one thing to the next without achieving anything. At the moment I am tackling my filing cabinet that has remained untouched and neglected for over 20 years, thus the thought of doing anything about it was becoming increasingly more and more less likely. Now I have no more excuses and in order not to make it into a manageable project, I have allotted myself a folder to go through each day. I have now finished the entire top drawer and the sense of achievement is fantastic!! I am not giving up—I am resolved that I will not be led astray.

Friends have been sending me the most marvellous jokes and other attachments which in turn I pass on to others. How lucky we are that it is this time of year - the days are getting longer and lighter and the weather is getting warmer - just imagine how gloomy it would be if it were the other way round and winter was setting with short, cold days. I know that I am a born optimist and for this I am eternally grateful, but I do understand it is not the same for everybody, and for those who are not so fortunate, this is when they need uplifting the most.

I am sending you two links, sent to me by friends, that I feel you will enjoy:
This song is from Italy's most famous band in the 70's. They have donated the copyrights to Bergamo Hospital. Every click on the video means a gift, because YouTube pays the owner of those copyrights per click. In Bergamo hospital, 800 people died yesterday alone. So share this video as much as possible. Grazie!

The second one - Jinjing The Penguin - Swims 5000 Miles Every Year To Visit The Man Who Saved Him
This is a story about Jinjing the South American Magellanic Penguin, that swims 5,000 miles each year to be reunited with the man who saved his life. The rescued Penguin was saved by João Pereira de Souza, a 73 year old part-time fisherman, who lives in an island village just outside Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Joao found the tiny ...

New Times

In this strange new time, I find myself looking more and more towards the beauty of the natural world and all it is trying to tell us and give us. Professor James Lovelock who was a friend of one of my cousins, taught us about the Gaia concept, (he named the idea after Gaia, the primordial goddess who personified the Earth in Greek Mythology).

He tells us how the Earth is a living, breathing organism and how we should revere, treasure and care for her, like any other living being.

I have always left a wild spot in my garden where I find all sorts of treasures and just recently I found two so-called ‘weeds’.

The etymology of ‘honesty’ is interesting and I read that ‘The Latin name lunaria means "moon-shaped" and refers to the shape and appearance of the seedpods. The common name "honesty" arose in the 16th century, and may also relate to the translucence of the seedpods.’

It is interesting to think about the guilt of dishonesty leading, eventually, to truth. The next time you see an Honesty, try to contemplate whether or not you’ve been living your most honest life, and pursue it with renewed vigour!`


My next find was borage. We read that ‘Its flowers and leaves, as well as the oil from its seeds are used as medicine. Borage seed oil is used for skin disorders including eczema (atopic dermatitis), red, itchy rash on the scalp (seborrheic dermatitis), and a type of skin condition called neurodermatitis.

Pliny the Elder and Dioscorides say that borage was the 'Nepenthe' mentioned in Homer, which caused forgetfulness when mixed with wine.[18]

Francis Bacon thought that borage had ' excellent spirit to repress the fuliginous vapour of dusky melancholie.'  John Gerard's Herball mentions an old verse concerning the plant: "Ego Borago, Gaudia semper ago (I, Borage, bring always joys)". He states that 'Those of our time do use the flowers in salads to exhilarate and make the mind glad. There be also many things made of these used everywhere for the comfort of the heart, for the driving away of sorrow and increasing the joy of the mind. The leaves and flowers of Borage put into wine make men and women glad and merry and drive away all sadness, dullness and melancholy, as Dioscorides and Pliny affirm. Syrup made of the flowers of Borage comfort the heart, purge melancholy and quiet the frantic and lunatic person. The leaves eaten raw engender good blood, especially in those that have been lately sick.'


Last but not least, an abundance of primroses in my bank joyously announcing their arrival.

They also represent new life, rebirth and new beginnings - so symbolic of the new beginnings we will find when all this is past and behind us and we are moving forward once more with new and invigorated feelings for humanity and the natural world. But even as I write, new beginnings are all around not just with the flowers but with the birds. Friends have got a bluetits nesting box with a camera rigged up inside and I am going to show pictures of the nest (you may think it is a bit untidy but it is work in progress) and will try and keep you up to date as the eggs, fledglings and finally the little birds all ready to embark on their new adventure of life and independence.

Blue Tits nesting box
Blue Tits nesting box

Breathing Space

Whereas many people are suffering and may continue to suffer quite dreadfully economically and many small and treasured businesses may be forced to close down, the upside, and there always is an upside to any darkness, is the reduction in pollution, planes grounded, factories closed down, majority of cars off the road, restaurants and hundreds of other facilities no longer in operation giving the planet a breathing space to restore itself.

This is a time to appreciate our friends and nature - a general overall opening of our emotions and our eyes as we see the beauty of our gardens in a different way and watch the resurgence of wildlife right down to the smallest little beetle or insect scurrying around going about its daily life unaware of the epidemic surrounding us but also appreciate of their quality of life changing for the better as the footfall of human beings diminishes from their world.

Air quality improvements have been seen in nations around the world from Italy to China, as much transport and industry has ground to a halt.

One small example that I read in the paper today being the increase in the number of puffins arriving on Skokholm Island off the Welsh coast where they have reached the highest April count since 1953 due to the lack of pollution in the Irish sea.
Our planet is being given a Breathing Space.

I would like to thank Therese Harper Blackwell who sent me this wonderfully uplifting poem with her message.

New World

As I sit and listen to the song of the trees
They give me their strength and valuable keys
To solutions of problems and everyday strife
While the flowers share insights on their view of Life
Birds sing to me in their ancient tongue
“There will be Peace when It is done”
All is well with the Ancient Plan
This grand and glorious evolution of man
When time has dissolved the spell that we’re under
The only thing left will be magical wonder
So each day think of all that can be
Think, “what if” and you might see
The World I see of Beauty and Grace
Rainbow rivers and Queen Anne’s Lace
Shimmering beings who radiate Light
With powers of healing and prophetic sight
Come with me - let your fears abate--
Together we’ll let our thoughts create
That wondrous World right here on Earth
And then there will be an explosion -- a Birth
Of knowledge and wisdom like never before
It’s all around us -- just open the door
To this magical place where no one mourns
Where the children play with their Unicorns!
Where nature spirits are no longer shy
Where little children no longer cry
A World with integrity and no more lies
No longer distorted through opaque eyes
Where Hearts are filled with joy and Light
IMAGINE --it’s all within our Sight!
Man’s thought and Heart recreates The Plan
Just as the Creator’s Thought created man.

Therese Harper Blackwell c.1994

In the End — Love is all there is.
Hang in everyone

Pink Moon

Other events are happening at this moment , we have recently had a Pink Moon. It was the Algonquin North Americans who named it. A super moon occurs when a full moon happens on the same night the moon reaches perigee or the closest point to Earth in its orbit. ... Though the moon is called a ‘pink moon’, its colour won't be any different than normal. It will be golden orange when low in the sky, and brighten to white as it rises.

Pink Moon
Pink Moon

Pink is the colour associated with new life, represented in often light pink buds waiting for the slow and steady warmth of the sun to turn them green through photosynthesis. The Pink Moon ushers in the energetic theme of rebirth, occurring in all forms of life.

Also at this time, those of you who are interested in and knowledgeable about astrology will have been looking into and reading about the effects of the planetary connection at the full moon between Saturn and Aquarius and I am sending you another link that might prove helpful in relation to what is happening at the moment and which our ancient forefathers would most certainly have known about.

The moon also represents powerful feminine energy. It signifies wisdom, intuition, birth, death, reincarnation, and a spiritual connection. Moon cycles are similar to the cycle of a seed: the seed grows into a flower, then blooms, and then dies. ... The moon also represents our deepest personal needs.

Being at its closest to Earth there is strong gravitational pull on the planet and events such as volcanic activity, effects on the tides and other major earth events are taking place.

Different Energy?

Maybe we are seeing a readjustment of the planet - I see a more compassionate, kind and thoughtful world emerging in which we value and appreciate our fellow beings and our wonderful natural world surrounding us.

Whereas the world may never be the same again can we use this time to expand our thoughts towards not just ourselves but our fellow human beings? Not all of us are able to leave our home and help in active ways but maybe there are other ways in which it is possible to contribute? I am thrilled with all the wonderful videos that people have sent me and which I have been able to forward, some hilarious, some poignant.

I am sure that I am not alone in sensing a new, different and powerful energy surging through many of us at this time almost as though this is an energy that will not be silenced by the terrible events we are witnessing. I sense it as I speak to people via social media; they are using this time with positivity and resolve. We sense this vibrant energy all around us as we witness the extraordinarily wonderful compassionate and selfless work by all the emergency services, so often regardless of their own safety. This is an inspirational time in our lives, this giving of ourselves in any way we possibly can. The help being given to those in total lockdown. Just as Light banishes the darkness so the Light radiating from these people is prevailing. It is as though this is a time of Transition in Consciousness.

Time of Reflection and for Finishing off things you have started!

(Please don’t take the below literally!)
Heard a Dr. on TV saying in this time of Coronavirus staying at home we should focus on inner peace. To achieve this we should always finish things we start and we all could use more calm in our lives. I looked through my house to find things I'd started and hadn't finished, so I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of aliumum srciptuns, an a box of chocletz. Yu haf no idr how feckin fablus I feel rite now. Sned this to all who need inner piss. An telum u luvum. And two hash yer wands, stafe day avrybobby!!!

So much of our normal lives is spent rushing around and now maybe this is time we should treasure, a time of reflection about our ‘other’ life? It is a time of Opportunities.

A time for clearing our - clearing our not just our minds but if possible, physically clear out our clutter! I am in the process of going through my filing cabinet untouched for 20 years or more and becoming increasingly daunting as the years went by and the files got fuller and fuller and the folders were more closely jammed together - now what happens - no more excuses, I am tackling one folder a day. I have found that setting myself tasks that are manageable is the best way to go about this thereby there is considerably more chance that they will be tackled.

Maybe we can appreciate this time as hopefully it may never happen again in our lifetime, and put it to good use one way or another.

A time of getting to know and appreciate the great kindness around us; the willingness of people who go out of their way to give to others in a manner that maybe they would have previously felt to be intrusive but is now so very much appreciated by many.
This is a challenging time and I am sure we will all try to meet this challenge head-on with the best of our endeavours.

I would like to conclude with another lovely message sent to us all by my special and much loved friend.

Living in the Light
As we are experiencing a different way of life at the moment, we are being asked to look at ourselves with new eyes.

We, in human form, have always held the tools within ourselves to change energy and attract the conditions we need. Firstly, we have to understand that we are in fact, energy bodies. We are not the solid structure that we believe ourselves to be. This whole world is an energy world vibrating at many different frequencies which is why we can observe the numerous forms, colours and sounds that surround us.

With this in mind, we can use our powerful minds to infuse our own being and the world around us with the greatest intensity of light that we can imagine. This is no wishful thinking, it is a reality. This is how we heal ourselves and the world. When we truly FEEL this radiance of light we open the heart centre and transmit love, peace and harmony. It is a very powerful way of protection.

We are never alone. We came into this world from a vibrant world that is only invisible due to the different vibration from which it operates. That world consists of many different levels of existence where every being dwells that has passed from the earth. They are still connected to us through love and service. They long to see us well and happy. Therefore as soon as our thoughts reach out to a higher power, light or love we receive the help, healing and guidance. We can never die. We are pure energy which merely transforms.

The earth itself is going through transformation and as we are here at this time, which is no accident, we can play our part in radiating the most powerful light imaginable. Even one or two people working like this makes a difference. Let us see the darkness quickly passing through. It is a wakeup call to appreciate life, to give thanks for everything around us and to bless it. We are not helpless and hopeless. We just have to keep the mind in control and not allow any negative thought to register. As soon as a fearful idea enters we have to change it immediately into something beautiful. The more this becomes our normal way of thinking and reacting we will build a new world.

With my love and best wishes and I am keeping my fingers, toes and eyes (if you can) that my tours will go ahead.


Better Times Will Come – March 2020

No matter how bleak things may be at the moment worldwide, Spring is with us reminding us that new life is all around us. I went for a glorious walk earlier this week with a friend, and her rescue dog Billy from Cyprus. (This photograph was taken last year when the bluebells were out). The sun was shining and the birds were singing and you would never know that there were dreadful things happening elsewhere in the world. We also found wood anemones poking their shy and gentle white heads through the leaves, announcing their declaration of joy.

Wood Anemone
Wood Anemone

My clematis  armandii originally native to China and Burma, given to me by my sister, is also in full and glorious bloom and the birds are still feeding in preparation of raising their new families.

Clematis armandii
Clematis Armandii
Blue Tit
Blue Tit

On a slightly different note, it seems that quite a lot of people are not travelling!

Flying Solo!

In these worrying times, I thought I would include a message from a very special long-time friend. I realise it may not resonate with everyone, in which case please disregard it.

A Ray of Light
The world is being challenged at this moment by a wave of darkness that can either bring us up higher in the scheme of life or drag us down.

Sometimes humanity needs a wake up call. It is easy to be ignorant or unaware of who we actually are until something comes along to shake us out of our comfort zone.

This is the moment to truly understand how we were formed. Every single atom in the universe has been created by Divine Energy and we all have an individual consciousness and have been given the power to use it magnificently. Unfortunately, through ignorance and lack of spiritual awareness we join forces with the lower vibrations that surround us in this world. Consequently we feel disempowered and weakened by these conditions.

However our God given mind holds all the tools we need to feel empowered and healed. We are literally beings of light radiating this in some degree of frequency all the time. The greater the light the more it attracts a greater power and in that higher frequency the darkness is absorbed.

Now is the time to fill our bodies with the most powerful light imaginable. It is the only food we require to sustain and transform. We live in so many vibrations all at once which is why we feel strong one moment and weak the next, but once we have learned to harness this light and really feel its radiation we can infuse every cell of the body and also transmit it to others physically and mentally.

As soon as a negative word or thought is registered, immediately try and change it into something strong and beautiful. Fear is a negative force affecting every atom and cell of our bodies and banishing fear and transforming it into Light is truly instrumental in winning the battle.  We have to be diligent at all times. This is how we heal ourselves and the world. We are not useless, we are in control of how we think. It is our choice to be weak or strong so let us join the army of light that operates in the spirit world and become a force with which to be reckoned.  Let us feel empowered by positive thoughts and actions. For many this is a time when we can suddenly feel ourselves having a new purpose, in a way we never realised we were capable of having before: radiating the light and trying to be a source of strength and inspiration to all who come to us and the positive thoughts we send out to the Universe as a whole.

With my love and best wishes,

Downland Magic – February 2020

North Marden Countryside
North Marden Countryside

A very, very Happy Belated New Year. As I mentioned in my previous email, I have a great feeling of optimism as we start this new decade; a feeling of a new and positive energy entering our the planet. An energy that is there for us to take on board and tap into whilst recognising that things do not necessarily happen overnight and that there still exists great unrest and disturbances in many places.

My son, Sloane who lives in Sydney has been over here on holiday which has been great. We spent a very happy Christmas with my sister in one of the tucked away West Sussex villages. The church at Sidlesham to which we went early on Christmas morning was of Saxon origin, very small and dating back to around 1200.

One of things Sloane and I often do is to visit the little Shepherd’s churches. We normally do it in summer, so this time we thought we would visit them in winter and just see how they looked and ‘felt’. As expected, the Magic - a different Magic - blended with energy also of a changed type greeted us; just as beneficial as the summer Magic. They are special places and our favourite is Up Marden in West Sussex. It is one of the Octagon Parish Churches. As you would expect from the title, they consist of eight uniquely beautiful churches, many of them several hundred years old, seven of which are still open for public worship.

The Octagon Parish is situated at the western end of Sussex between Chichester and Petersfield and within the South Downs National Park.

This rural community consists largely of farmland and is made up of the villages and hamlets of Compton, Forestside, Up Marden, West Marden, North Marden, East Marden, Racton, Stansted, Stoughton and Walderton. The Octagon contains eight.

In mediaeval times, an octagon was considered to be halfway between a circle (God) and a square (earth). It was the place where heaven and earth came into contact. That is why pulpits and fonts are often octagonal in shape.

Most of these villages are hundreds of years old, tucked away deep inside the countryside and sometimes under the folds of hills and surrounded by verdant pasture land. And as you stand or sit (depending on the weather) an image enters one’s mind of shepherds in their Sunday best smocks wending their way to these special places to speak to God. Or maybe at other times just for a moment of peace away from the hardships of daily life.

As you approach Up Marden’s St Michaels, you can immediately ‘feel’ exactly when you have entered its energy field. An energy field of such love, peace and calm that one is loath to leave and return to the mundane problems of the outside world. Simon Jenkins wrote:

Up Marden in Summer
Up Marden in Summer

You can go to Iona or Jarrow, to Cornwall or the Welsh Marches, and you will not find a more moving witness to early Christianity than here in the uplands of West Sussex.
These churches are little more than hermitages, cells of piety amid poverty. Centuries of patronage passed them by without alteration or embellishment. Most are described as Saxon-Norman. I would call them English Early Christian. They are first cousins to the pagan wood shrines whose sites they probably occupy.

The Spirits of Downsmen past and present may haunt Up Marden. They may gasp up the hill, tramp through the wicket gate and kneel exhausted before their God. But more than the spirits seem to fill this clearing. More than dryads flit from tree to tree. The Downland churches have a stronger magic. The unbeliever departs them all ill at ease.

As you may have gathered, I have a passion for little and ancient churches, for their energy and for their modesty; for their stark appearance and lack of ornamentation. Their starkness belies their strength, as they stand strong and proud, welcoming the stranger with open arms within their protective walls; a welcome abundantly rich in contrast to their humble appearance.

Winter Feasts
During the cold winter weather it is a joy watching the birds congregate round the bird feeders in my garden. This winter we have had a particularly rich variety of birds; the most numerous visitors are the Great Tits, Cole Tits and Blue Tits and a family of long tailed tits. We have a pair of pale pink breasted Nuthatches, a pair of bullfinches, the female looking quite dowdy in comparison to her brightly pink breasted mate, We have a pair of pale pink breasted Nuthatches, a family of five goldfinches, plus ground loving birds such as robins and hedges sparrows (dunnocks). In addition some unwelcome visitors such as grey squirrels who have voracious appetites and frighten away the smaller birds and who have to be discouraged.

Goldfinches (taken by Sloane, were of necessity taken from some distance away and in the rain)
Goldfinches (taken by Sloane, were of necessity taken from some distance away and in the rain)
Grey Squirrel. Photo ~ Sloane Pringle
Grey Squirrel. Photo ~ Sloane Pringle

Countryside and other Visits
On our visit to the little churches we went through some beautiful countryside and the sun and the world was shining for us.

North Marden Countryside
North Marden Countryside

Back from our winter rambles, I am going to give the dates of my summer tours as I have had so many enquiries already. The first tour with the optional extra of the magical private evening entry to Stonehenge (taking us right to the very stones themselves allowing us to absorb their energies). This tour is always extremely popular as indeed is the second tour on the 6th August with an optional extra of flying over ancient and sacred places such as Silbury Hill, also the important Avebury stone complex and hopefully over crop circles. You will find more information on my website (Steve please could you give the link). I also take private tours by special arrangement. I am keeping everything crossed for a really good summer and hope to see you.

I still have a few 2020 calendars left; they seem to have been going extra quickly this year.

With my love and best wishes,