Crop Circle Research

Where is our research leading us?

Whereas we have no definite answer to this enigma as yet, there is increasing scientific evidence that when the 'force' hits the target there is a huge electrical discharge measuring hundreds of thousands of volts per metre lasting a nanosecond, which in the case of crops, softens the plants at the base allowing them to fall: this 'force' then travelling upwards breaks down the molecular structure of the stems. When the 'force'is too great it escaped through expulsion cavities in the nodes along the stems. The effect is similar to a baked potato exploding in a microwave oven when the force is excessive. It has also been found repeatedly that the seeds collected from inside a formation generate faster and need less water than those gathered outside the formation.

From my findings to date it would appear that research should be based in the infra, microwave area of the electromagnetic spectrum and the latest results showing measured changes in the human hormone levels indicate that the endocrine system and the pineal gland are being affected whilst tests on brain activity have consistently shown Alpha blocking whilst inside a formation.

Recent research in NIR (Near Infra Red) revealed a marked increase in the protein in grain taken from inside a crop formation compared to control samples from outside.

In addition, due to potentially important findings, the focus of my research will now be directed towards establishing a possible link between with Parkinson’s disease.

More work is needed to establish the line tween these subtle energies and living systems.

Over 800 personal repots have been amassed from people, describing the effects of electromagnetic fields on living matter, i.e.: humans and animals, also the malfunction of electrical and mechanical instruments, after visiting crop circles or being in their vicinity.

Whatever the answer, it is evident we are entering new and previously unexplored areas of research and learning due to these enigmatic and beautiful creations in our landscape. It is also evident that there is a progression taking us into advanced areas of physics, mathematics and medicine.