Biblical Times

Floods, pestilence and fire! Had we returned to biblical times or were we reaping the devastating rewards of our mismanagement of the planet?

There was no doubting that the effects on people whose lives were caught up in these events, were terrible beyond belief. The floods across almost the whole country left people without homes and many of those in the worst hit areas who had mopped up after the first deluge were often flooded out again within weeks, bringing renewed untold misery and despair.

This was a dire reminder that despite all warnings, Councils throughout Britain were recklessly granting permission for houses to be built on known and existing flood plains.

But worse was to come. In February 2001 the first case of the dreaded Foot and Mouth virus was discovered in Northumberland. Before long the disease had spread like an invasive tentacle across the land, striking without warning and leaving farmers, many with herds of irreplaceable stock, facing ruin. Granted they were paid compensation but that was the monetary aspect, nothing could compensate them for the human desolation and the terrible slaughter of their animals. I dread to think of the gigantic karmic debt we owe the animal world. Farms remained eerily silent, even the birds had lost their song; no animals sounds were to be heard and the farmers now had no reason to get up in the morning to continue routines that had been in place since they could ever remember. Everything was still and empty.

The disease still continues in Northumberland as I write this piece.

Many questions need to asked and answered regarding the handing of this whole affair and how we control the importation of meat into this country. An enquiry behind closed doors will not suffice. It seems to me that the `townies` know little about the country and its husbandry.

There were a few counties that escaped the holocaust, Hampshire fortunately being one of them.

Can we think of anything positive behind this terrible human and animal suffering, repercussions of which are still felt today some nine months on? I like to try and think of these shocking events acting as a catharsis. A cleansing if you like. Surely some good must result, even if it means we have only leant some valuable lessons?

So how did it affect the crop circle phenomenon?

Historical Hampshire

Just as the forecast by some, that there would be no more crop circles after the Millennium, had brought temporary doom and gloom to many, the despondency this year 2001 seemed considerably more profound and widespread. Admittedly the spring was cold and awash with residual water after the winter rains making the sowing of crops so difficult that many farmers had to sow the same fields twice, but on the 11 May reports came in of a circle at Meonstoke below the historic Winchester Hill in Hampshire; a simple circular formation in oil seed rape. (photo 1) This formation consisting of perfect geometry adorned the field, resting serenely, a joyous testimony to the presence and reappearance of the phenomenon. Just as the circles historically first graced Hampshire in the early days, it seemed wonderfully appropriate that in these times of doubt and apprehension, that Hampshire should once again herald the first event and once more bring hope to those faint of heart.

My research continued as before with one addition. Over the years many scientists such as Drs Cyril Smith, `Lefty` Levengood and Jacques Benveniste have kindly examined and tested my 25ml bottles of buried water with encouraging results. Resonances, levels of bacteria and change of heart rate have all revealed dramatic anomalies. However there comes a time when these services can no longer be given or expected free.

Therefore the quest was on for a suitable means of inexpensive and accurate testing. Christopher Weeks, long time crop circle researcher and fellow member of UNEX (Unexplained Phenomenon Research Society) came up with a possible remedy.

The procedure involves using Merckoquant Nitrate strips. It is an easy method to obtain a quick quantitative determination of NITRATES.

The test strip contains two reaction zones at one end, which should not be touched. The zone at the very end indicates both NITRATE and NITRITE, while the other zone reacts only to NITRITE. It serves as a warning zone as any pink to red-violet colouration indicates the presence of NITRITE which interferes with the reaction.

The method of testing is to immerse the strips in the liquid for one second so that both the reaction zones are fully wetted.

Remove the strips; shake off the excess liquid and after one minute compare the reaction zones with the colour scale which is shown on the side of the container.

These strips can also be used to test soil, plant sap and on the plant itself.

The measurements are based on parts per million.

It is recommended that distilled water be used.

We conducted the first tests using this method with the following results.
Report on the tests carried out on 3rd April 2001 at 5 Town Lane, Petersfield, using Merck Eurolab nitrate testing strips.
Tests carried out on (plastic) bottles containing Volvic water buried in crop circles and areas in surrounding field (control) sealed with elastoplast and wrapped in aluminium foil:
Test 1. Crop Circle 2000 - six triangles within a circle - opposite Silbury Hill (2 June) (Photo 2)

  • Bottle No. 180 - Control - edge of field 

    Nitrate: 10     Nitrite: 0 

  • Bottle No. 181 - Within circle, at apex pointing towards Silbury Hill 

    Nitrate: 10+     Nitrite: 0 

  • Bottle No. 182 - Within circle, at centre 

    Nitrate: 10+     Nitrite: 0 

  • Bottle No. 183 - Within circle - far centre of perimeter 

    Nitrate: 25     Nitrite: 0+ 

Test 2. Barbury Castle "Flower of Life" (photo 3) formed on 19/20 April 1997 in oilseed- rape.
        Bottles buried on 22 April, retrieved 11 May:

  • Bottle No. 041 - Within circle - at apex of first crescent upon entering: 

    Nitrate: 25+ to -50     Nitrite: + 

  • Bottle No. 043 - Within circle - at apex of crescent towards Wroughton, going from centre in line with inside of tramline: 

    Nitrate: 10+     Nitrite: 0 

  • Bottle No. 044 - Control - patch of green camomile at entrance to field: 

    Nitrate: 10     Nitrite: 0 

  • Bottle No. 045 - Control - under stone by exit under barbed wire fence: 

    Nitrate: -25     Nitrite: 0 

Whereas the control tests conducted from both formations exhibited no Nitrite content, control samples taken from both formations revealed Nitrate contents ranging from 0-10 and in one control sample from the 1997 Tree of Life Barbury Castle, the Nitrate content measured -25.
In every instance the Nitrate reading was higher than the Nitrite.

The highest Nitrate reading (25+ to - 50) came from the bottle buried on the perimeter of the 1997 Barbury Castle formation inches away from location where the anomalous discolouration of stems in the standing crop beyond, were found.

In the control sample taken from the bottle of unburied water both the Nitrate and Nitrite content was 0.

It was recommended that distilled water should be used in future. Volvic water was previously used at the recommendation of Dr Cyril Smith who when testing the water for resonances required water that constantly did not go beyond 4Hz. Volvic water contains 6mg of nitrates per litre. 

Conclusion It is interesting to note that the frequency of Nitrates were not only able to penetrate the plastic bottles, but the water was able to retain this frequency, especially in water buried some 5 years previously. It suggested by Jim Lyons that it is really a vibration problem. The water is storing the imprint of nitrite/nitrates, which the test responds to without any physical molecules being present.
These are preliminary results and if we can reproduce these findings they will be significant and certainly of interest to Dr Jacques Benveniste.

Using distilled water, bottles buried in the Meonstoke and Corhampton, Hampshire, South Harting, West Sussex and Beckhampton, Wiltshire formations showed zero results. Bottles buried in the Chilcomb Down, Hampshire, Milk Hill, Wiltshire (12 August) and the two Chilbolton formations, Hampshire, await testing.

In order to remind our readers of the categories into which effects experienced by people when visiting or are in the vicinity of crop formations fall, the following list may be helpful.


ORAL (taste (metallic), tooth pain, unusual thirst)

CRANIAL (headaches)

OCULAR (vision changes, hallucination)

AUDITORY (Acoustic) hearing voices, music etc

GUT (nausea, diarrhoea, sudden hunger etc.)

SYSTEMIC (dizziness, weak knees, leg pain etc.)

MENTAL (thought processes affected, short-term memory loss, feelings of panic,

terror, evil, peace, love and light, disorientation, sense of a presence)

I have received a wonderful selection of reports this summer. As always I have to be selective due to limited space.

For several weeks the fields in Wiltshire were out of bounds and therefore it was particularly pleasing when a formation appeared in Berwick Basset (photo 4) on land that was infected with Foot and Mouth at the time. A fine of up to £5000 could have been imposed on anyone entering banned land in addition to a large court fine if charged and found guilty. It seems unlikely that anyone would chance this risk let alone the possibility of being lynched by the farming community and other country people. Feelings understandably were running high as farmer's livelihoods were at risk.

Are you sure you have broken your collarbone?

The second formation of 2001 that I visited was the Corhampton event.(photo 5) The farmer and his wife, Richard and Susanne Hall were most gracious hosts and accompanied us with their baby Isaac, into the field. A Japanese healer, Hirokazu Kobayashi over on a brief visit and staying at the Buddhist monastery at Chithurst, had longed to visit and experience a crop formation first hand; he telephoned me and along with my old friends David and Colette Ardagh, we all entered the formation.

It was a perfect morning, the air was clear and fresh and the sun had by now gained strength and warmth. The Halls unfortunately could not stay long, so we proceeded with our examination and I buried my bottles. It seemed a special place and Hirokazu conducted a mediation and healing ceremony. He was a unique person radiating infectious happiness, peace and love. He gave all 3 of us healing and such was our enjoyment we were loath to leave this magical place and return to the normal world.

A short while before our Corhampton visit, Colette Ardagh had broken her collar bone and was still having regular physiotherapy treatment. Whilst in the field I had asked everyone to collect a few stones as markers, without thinking that Colette might have a problem. To her amazement she was able to stretch out her damaged shoulder quite easily. A few day later she attended her physiotherapy appointment; her regular physio was on holiday, so she was seen by a replacement physio who on examining her shoulder looked puzzled and asked Colette if she had really broken her collar bone as the usual bump (there for life) marking where the bone mends was not present! The physio was astonished as she had never seen this effect before.

David Ardagh who suffered from a bad back, also noted a definite subsequent improvement.

"I could not sleep, the energy was so great"

One of the first formations in Wiltshire for which I gained permission to visit, was situated beyond the Gallops at Beckhampton, close to a tumulus containing an ancient standing stone.(photo 6)

I was taking a group of crop circle enthusiasts from London on a crop circle visit and this was the event I had chosen. It was a long walk across the Gallops and I was concerned about an enterprising 80 year old woman who had had her hip replaced some years ago. As we were walking down the slope away from the road, she remarked that it was a pity that it would be uphill going back. On entering the lovely spiral, I suggested as always that people should find `their` spot and for those who could not, I used a pendulum to obtain the answer. The view was magnificent with Silbury Hill in the background, benignly majestic against the skyline. We must have been in the formation for about 40 minutes when I suddenly smelt rain on the air and decided it was time to leave as it was quite a considerable walk back to the coach. I was particularly concerned about the gallant 80 year old but I need not have been as to my amazement she strode out with such pace and vigour that despite being a fast walker, I could not keep up with her! As we got back to the coach the heavens opened violently leading to severe flash flooding. Several people kindly sent me in reports of their experiences that day. It appeared to have had beneficial effects although Krysta Morgan's account was mixed " As soon as I entered the circle, I felt as though something plugged into the back of my head and I felt energised. When I went to sleep that night there was a tingly energy running through my body that lasted all night and it was so strong it kept waking me. It was slightly frightening. I was aware of it all night and it felt as though it was cleansing my body and clearing out old patterns."

Diane McAnulla who suffers from pelvic pain and anaemia reported feeling " a great sense of peace and timelessness and not wanting to leave. My mental worries about my health disappeared during that period. When I got home that evening, my black Labrador was very excited about seeing me - more so than usual. He wanted to be near me and lick my face; this lasted for a good hour or so."

We know that animals are sensitive to unseen energies and it would seem that Judith was carrying some residual crop circle energy sensed by her dog.

Green Concrete

Judith Kreiger from Colorado wrote saying "On entering the circle and walking slowly through it's components, I had a sense of all stress draining away. Eventually I sat cross legged and watched the "eye art" behind my closed lids with a giddy and silly feeling. I had an unusual desire to stay that way for along time."

However all was not well with Judith, for about 10 days later she detected skin lesions "on my left bottom cheek and upper thigh, the parts of me that would have been in closest contact with the crop and the ground. Ultimately there were areas of eruption, some about the size of a 50p piece with 8-10 blisters and one area was a 2" oval with about a dozen blisters, very raised. They did not hurt initially, but after a few days, they burned strongly." Judith treated the blisters with a herbal remedy which relieved the burning enough for her to tolerate. At the date of her writing, some 4 weeks later, she reports that the lesions `are still in evidence, but healing and fading."

Judith suggests that she was allergic to something that had been applied to the crop. This would possibly confirm a report sent to me by someone who had visited the first Milk Hill formation beneath the White Horse (12 July 2001) (photo 7)

Several years ago I decided that modern agriculture was not for me and since that time have strived to allow my farm to once again be a haven for wildlife, by planting trees and wildflower meadows and crops such as linseed as a winter food crop for resident birds and much of the land is under the Stewardship Scheme.
My first impression of the field was how 'clean' it was.....a clean field to a farmer is basically one in which nothing else is alive except the planted crop.
It was very obvious to me that the bird life was absent...skylarks were singing high up but the only other birds were around the margins or on the hillside behind.
The only insects I heard or saw in the crop were a few scavenging black and a couple of transient hoverflies.
The crop was virtually weed-free, a few annual weeds such as Scarlet Pimpernel and Heartsease were struggling at ground level.
The margins had been planted with natives(as per stewardship agreements) but had been topped to prevent flowering and so contamination of the crop.
The tramlines were crisp and well used.
To me the whole field was what I think of as green concrete... (totally lifeless)
I was uncomfortable about going into the crop and received no impressions at all until I had been in the centre for a while and suddenly started to get a familiar taste in my mouth...It was the 'metallic', dry taste I have experienced from using any Glyphosate weedkiller is very distinctive, In my business I do use selective weedkillers (never herbicides).....The taste and the onset of a headache suddenly triggered the memory of your talk and all the physical symptoms (and even psychological ones) you mentioned.
At home today I looked at the contra-indications on the reverse of the 'Gallup'container....(this is one of the least environmentally harmful herbicides.)...briefly it says that exposure can lead to dizziness, nausea, vomiting, blistering of the skin, minor conjunctivitis, tightening of the chest etc etc.
I suspect that the young wheat in that field had already had a potent mix of a whole range of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides sprayed upon it, with a lot more to go.

This worrying and intriguing report could offer possible explanations to both the much-reported `metallic taste` syndrome, and the lesions and rashes suffered by many when sitting in a crop formation.

Lucky Clover Leaf 

On the 29 July scientific tests were conducted in the Beckhampton `Lucky five leaf Clover Leaf``. (photo 8)These will be written up when the results have been analysed and compared. Sufficient to say that the hormone level tests were most impressive and consistent with the unexplained changes in previous years. According to scientist conducting these tests, Ann Smithells, these results could not have taken place without remedial intervention; even the minimum time would have been a week, not just two hours!
I had an interesting report form Peter Hyoguchi telling me that to his amazement, he recognised the formation as representing his family crest. His family are descended from the Samurai.
Sally Ann Mudge a regular visitor to the crop circles reported that during her visit to the formation she experienced dizziness, disorientation, nausea and hyperventilation.
"I have been visiting crop circles for seven years and overall have generally felt calm, happy and on occasions euphoric.
"This was my first unpleasant experience in a crop formation. The moment I stepped into it I felt my head spinning and waves of nausea. I tried to walk into the formation further but found myself stumbling and disorientated. I then found I could not breathe properly and I started to hyperventilate. I felt I had to leave and walked down the tramline. When I was about 5' to 6' away, I calmed down. I stood there for a while composing myself and then started to walk back to the formation in the hope that this time I would be able to enter it and inspect the whole of it. Unfortunately as soon as I entered the perimeter the symptoms started again exactly as before and I had to sadly leave. I am happy to say that the next formation I visited had no ill effects."
Simone Moore had a compulsion to eat the seeds . "Even after I had eaten 2 seeds and thought I might have adverse effects, I was still compelled to eat more."
The Jaw Dropper One of the final wonders of the season appeared on 12 August at Milk Hill on the Wansdyke Ridge of chalkland, the highest vantage point in Wiltshire.(photos 9 & 9a) It measured 878 ft in diameter and consisted of 409 circles. It looked truly awesome from the air covering almost the entire width of the field with the ancient Wiltshire countyside of fields, hamlets and folded hills stretching as far as the eye could see. Farmer, Brian Reads kindly opened the field to the public and hundreds of visitors came in joyful anticipation and left in wonder. On entering from the ground it was bewildering, circles stretched in every direction as far as the horizon, an endless, perplexing sea of circles rippling in the sunlight. People standing on the perimeter were only visible from shoulders upwards, such was the distance from the centre to the edge. I visited it with researcher and author Denni Clarke (Crop Circle Wisdom.) and were both completely disorientated and unable to find the centre. It was not until another visitor remarked that there were 13 circles to each spiral, so that by beginning at the smallest circle on the perimeter and following the spiral round and counting, eventually we saw her waving in the distance and realised she had found the centre! Well done, Galileo!
During this process and journey of discovery, she had all but disappeared, only her head was showing.
It was interesting to note that unlike the 1996 Avebury Trusloe Triple Spiral (photo 10) where all the circles, both large and small had their own wonderful individual lay, the circles in Milk Hill formation were not so intricately formed. However it was intriguing to see that many of the centres of the circles were `off` centre; some also were elongated into ellipses to fit the slope of the field, as though they had been beamed from above. The field was not only undulating but parts were deeply rutted and on examining my aerial picture it was clear that none of the perimeters of the circles/ellipses were even minutely misshapen or distorted.
I visited it several times, examining it carefully. Heather Collins, a long time, observant researcher and three friends visited the formation three days after it appeared. The first time they entered at 1645 hours they experienced nothing unusual during their half hour visit. They returned 1 1/2 hours later at 1915 hrs with a dowsing group led by Paul Barnett. "We remained until light was starting to fade and an `evening chill` was descending. For the last 20/30 minutes I had noticed that my hands and arms were feeling not quite sticky but tacky. I thought it odd but didn't take much notice until we were all leaving, when someone mentioned it and we found that all four of us felt the same. Our hair was also tacky. It took about 10 minutes to walk down the track adjacent to the field (still close to the crop) and by the time we reached the car the sensation was less strong. A further 10 minutes later, all the tackiness had gone, including that on our hair.
"The only rational explanation we could come up with was that there was some sort of reaction between chemicals on the crop, the beginning of the dew, and that we had been using metal dowsing rods, (which also felt tacky)? We have been in the fields at similar conditions, but not experienced anything similar."
Farmer Brian Read reported that the field had last been sprayed on the 2 July, with fungicide.
This is a particularly interesting report, the first of its kind. I wonder if others have had similar experiences? It has been suggested that there could have been a strong static field that might have caused the charge to circulate round the surface of the skin. However it has also been pointed out that it is hard to hold a static charge for such a long time period, also one hair stands on end and there is a feeling of `tension` in the air. None of these effects were observed by Heather Collins and her friends.
Chartered Engineer Rodney Hale, had a similar experience some years ago when visiting the graveyard in the grounds of the ruined Minsden Chapel, near Hichen, Hertfordshire with the local historian George Hine. Quite suddenly he felt as though he was walking through thick cobwebs and was so frightened he called out `What's happening? ` The sensation disappeared as quickly as it had come. Rodney dismisses any natural meteorological or atmospheric explanations and feels it must have been of psychic origin. Whatever the answer, it left a strong impression on him. 

Heather also reported that her dowsing rods felt tacky but----were the dowsing rods really tacky or did they feel tacky due to the tackiness of the hands on contact?

Ann Heckle, one of the four described the feeling of tackiness as similar to standing by the sea and being in contact with the salt air. However as she remarked that effect does not disappear but has to be washed off.
Heather Collins also reported that: "A friend who happened to be in the formation at the same time as us that afternoon, for about an hour, experienced no tackiness, but said she had an unexpected lack of thirst. She usually needs to drink a lot, but despite the walk up the hill, didn't need anything at all while up there." 
This also is a first and quite the opposite to the tremendous thirst felt by many whilst inside a formation, notably experienced by Freddy Silva who after visiting the beautiful 1998 Beckhampton Sting Ray, drank six pints of water without stopping such was his thirst.
I was delighted to hear from long time arthritis sufferer Leslie Clementson who also visited the gigantic Milk Hill formation (0)
"After doing a night watch on Knapp Hill we drove as far as we could and then walked the rest of the way and as before I was in a lot of pain when we reached it. We were meeting friends who had walked up, we wandered around it for a while then stopped in the centre for about 15 minutes. Unlike the Lockeridge formation (1992)., I was unaware of anything happening until we started to walk back to the car only to discover that I could almost keep up with Steve. I haven't been able to do that since Lockeridge. It's a shame it did not help Steve who has a broken toe!"
I received a further report from Leslie dated the 7 September saying " I thought I would let you know that the healing I received in the Milk Hill formation is just starting to subside. It lasted longer than the Lockeridge one. I now look forward to next season to see if any of the new formations can help me again."
Over the years I have had many beneficial reports from arthritis and rheumatism sufferers, unfortunately the effects are mostly short lived apart from Diana Cussons' experience in the 1997 Pastry Cutter. (photo 11) (00) We need to examine the possible reason for these encouraging reactions. We do not know enough about the `cause` of rheumatism or arthritis, but we do know the effect is inflammation. Could the residual effects of the electromagnetic fields present in some formations be acting as anti-inflammitants?

I knew my battery was fully charged

Mechanical and battery failures continue: Valerie Charlton visited the same Milk Hill formation on 26 August when it was two weeks old.
She reported "I have a Canon UC9 Hi8 Camcorder which I have used for the past four years without it ever failing to work. I have two available batteries, one large (Duracell DR12. 6V) which will easily last far a three hours of filming and a smaller one that lasts about half an hour. I charged up the large battery overnight and out it on the camera before leaving Midhurst to drive to Wiltshire at about 11.00am. I did not take the smaller one (Canon battery pack. BP-711. 6V. 1100mAh (Ni-Cd battery) with me knowing I was unlikely to film for more than three hours.
"As I walked up the formation on the track I took out the camera meaning to film the wonderful view of the land dropping away to the right of Milk Hill, thinking it would describe the landscape in which the crop circle had occurred. The camera would not work no matter what I did. I tried taking the battery off the camera several times in case it hadn't engaged properly. The red light on the camera would not function. I was very irritated and disappointed, but, because I knew the battery was fully charged I just thought that my camera must have been damaged, it didn't occur to me at the time that the crop circle might have drained my battery. When I got home I put on the smaller battery and the camera worked perfectly. I then put the bigger battery on charge overnight and in the morning it also worked perfectly. It is now eleven days later and the big battery is still charged and the camera working perfectly. 
"I did try my mobile phone in the circle and got a message saying there was no signal, but that wasn't particularly unusual." 
As a final note to this formation I include a message I received from the CircleMakers, John Lunberg, Rod Dickinson and Will Russell who aptly christened the formation The Jaw Dropper.

"Here's something to ponder,if this formation was man made allowing for time to get into and out of the field under cover of darkness the construction time left should be around four hours. Given that there are over 400 circles some of which span approx.70ft in diameter that would mean that one of those circles would need to be created every 30 seconds and that's not even allowing any time for the surveying,purely flattening, this formation pushes the envelope and that's a MASSIVE understatement... my brain hurts!" 

Whereas I do not approve of many of their activities, I was delighted to receive this email and their commendable acknowledgement that the "Jaw Dropper" was beyond the wit of man.

Tubes of light shining down on the field

There have been a couple of particularly interesting reports from Holland which has hosted 14 events this summer. In August Nancy Talbot was staying with a young man Robert, who over the years has experienced many impressive BOL sightings. Whilst she was there both she and Robert witnessed a crop formation appearing. It was in the early morning hours of August 21, 2001; Nancy was reading in bed at 3:00 AM, when she heard cattle outside her room making noises. A few minutes later, they started again but stopped about 3:15 AM. Nancy noticed her room was brightening like a welder's arc light. An intense column of light was above the field located behind her bedroom. There were two tubes of light about a foot in diameter shinning down on the field. The light went out for a second and the other came down. Nancy jumped out of bed and called Robert. He was also awake and downstairs in the kitchen; he also saw the lights shinning down about 85 feet away.
They rushed outside and there was nothing in the sky or field. Everything was quiet with no sound, and no smells. They walked toward the field and just beyond the fence was a Crop Circle in the string beans. It was a 35 foot ellipse (stretched circle) with a twenty foot long off to one side with a crossbar at the end, forming a 'T' coming off the ellipse. Nancy thought she saw some steam rising from the Crop Circle. The next morning Nancy saw the field from her bedroom window.

It was not there ten minutes ago 

My thanks to experienced Dutch researcher Robert Boerman for this second intriguing report, who on Tuesday 7 August, together with scientist Eltjo Haselhoff and Jan Willem Bobbink, visited the second Stadskanaal formation, the Scorpion (there were three in all).

It was during their visit that a 9th circle was added to the tail of the Scorpion.

After they had taken samples of the crop, Robert went into the 8th circle to take pole shots; it was at this point that he noticed to his amazement that a 9th circle had joined the other eight! About 10 minutes previously Jan Willem had taken samples from the 8th circle (the last circle). A photograph taken at 1537 hrs shows eight circles and another photograph taken at 1749hrs reveals the additional circle. Robert tells us "Eltjo and Jan Willem were walking in the `head` of the formation when I shouted about the new circle. First they didn't know what I was calling about, but when they stood next to me they both believed their eyes. `This is impossible`, were our astonished words, but the new circle was lying at our feet. A circle that was not there 10 minutes go. The new circle had a diameter of 1.40 metres and felt warm.
" And there we stood, completely stupefied- the three of us. Eltjo wanted to shoot some photographs with this digital camera, but the battery was empty. The minute before the battery had power for another 30 minutes but now it was empty."
It was at this point that Robert noticed a pain in his legs and Eltjo felt a pain in his left hand and wrist "and then without any reason I HAD to go out of the field as soon as possible"
Shortly afterwards, journalist Roel Toering tried to take some pictures but his camera battery did not function properly.
As a total contradiction, Robert recalls that he had used his mobile 'phone the previous Friday at which time it registered half full; on leaving the `Scorpion` formation it was fully charged!
Robert dowsed a complex grid system of twenty energy lines, every circle in the tail of the scorpion having 2 lines crossing.
As always I send my most grateful thanks to all the people who have kindly taken the trouble to fill in and send in their completed in questionnaires. Without your help this article would never have been written nor would my research be progressing in the way it is. Nearly all the reports have been sent in by women, so please all those red-blooded males out there; be brave and let me now what is happening to you. As always all reports are confidential unless I am giving permission otherwise.
Richard Parr, a valuable and dedicated researcher visited the South Harting formation with me in July and kindly submitted a report. The Farmer had been very reluctant to allow anyone into the field but eventually agreed so long as we went in very early. So one Sunday morning soon after sunrise we entered the field and made our examinations, buried the bottles and dowsed the formation. There was a interesting grid of energy lines running the length and breadth of the formation. As I reached one point my rods spun round uncontrollably. Richard took my rods and on reaching this point his behaved in a similarly odd manner and he reported a sudden violent headache. He kept shaking head as if to clear it and remarked he felt disorientated and nauseous. We left soon afterwards and as we neared my home, he suddenly announced his headache had cleared. On reaching my house, we discussed the formation and tested the bottles of water of water. Zero result. Richard also offered to fill in one of my forms and as I was reading it afterwards, I noticed that he had completely omitted to mention his violent headache. He then said he still felt disorientated but insisted on driving home as he had another engagement. I was glad to hear that he had arrived safely. 
A report just in tells of circles in the desert in Yemen, `miraculous circles that could not be erased by the wind`.
As we battle with the uncertainties of life after the terrorist atrocities in the US and elsewhere in the world, I pray that just as the crop formations act as joyous catalysts to further knowledge and understanding, so may these terrible disasters be seen as opportunities to act as the forerunners to a greater understanding of all nations and religions resulting eventually in universal harmony, tolerance, compassion and a greater good. 
0. Pringle, Lucy. Crop Circles, the Greatest Mystery of Modern Times. Thorsons. London 1999. Chapter 3, p 31-32. 
00. Pringle, Lucy. Crop Circles, the Greatest Mystery of Modern Times. Thorsons. London 1999. Chapter 3, p 32-33.