Daydreams & Dragons

Even as I write this article reports are coming in from the many people who kindly either fill in my questionnaires, or send me information by post or email. I am enormously grateful to you all; you are the generators and stimulus of my research and without your wonderful help, any advance would be severely limited.

As always I have to be selective as I am limited in space. Each season could fill a book!

This year, the summer of 1998 had provided us once more with a veritable cornucopian display of wonders in our fields. Only the hardened viewer would have failed to be impressed by not only the sheer size and geometrical precision of some of these formations, but by the incredibly imaginative artistry. Each year we try and envisage in advance what wonders we may be given, but each year we fail miserably to grasp the magnitude and sheer inventiveness of the resulting images that subsequently adorn our landscape .

I have visited over 20 from the ground and covered 67 from the air. I paste the aerial photographs up on boards and even seasoned croppies gasp with wonder at such an amazing congregation of majestic shapes.

How did the incredible season start? The first formation at Weyhill (Clues to the Forthcoming Season. The Circular Issue 31. Lucy Pringle.) was closely followed by a formation measuring in excess of 250 feet diameter and with 33 geometrically perfect scrolls lying with amazing symmetry within the outer ring, and with a striking resemblance to a mosaic in Fishbourne Palace, Chichester. It appeared in oil seed rape on the night of Sunday 3 May, diagonally opposite Silbury Hill, the largest man made mound in Europe in Wiltshire. It also had a strong likeness to the Beltane Wheel which commemorates the Celtic festival of Beltane. This festival was celebrated a few days after the formation appeared. Thirty three is also the number of initiation in sacred geometry. A pilot who flew over the mound the previous evening declared the field completely bare. At 5 am Early on the morning of Monday 4 May this enormous formation was discovered.

A young Scotsman, wishing to video the moon rising over West Kennet Long Barrow close by, positioned himself in field called The Sanctuary, early on the evening of Sunday 3 May. He fell asleep about 3a.m, having heard and seen nothing unusual. He awoke at find the formation deeply etched into the brilliantly yellow flowered crop, oil seed rape in the adjacent field.

A colleague from the Wiltshire Group relates how when she did a radio interview in the formation on Tuesday morning 5 May, for the local station, the tape speeded up so considerably that it appeared to stop. Being accustomed to electrical failures inside formations, she suggested they take the tape machine outside the formation. At a distance of about 50 yards from the formation the tape machine worked perfectly. They repeated this test several times with identical results. The interview was played over the radio without cutting the bizarre sound effects; it sounded like gobbledegook as the tape speeded up. The interviewer who had previously been a sceptic, was so taken aback by these unexplained events, events that she has never experienced before, she is now convinced that this is a genuine phenomenon and wanted everyone to hear the strange recording!

This is not the end of the story. Later in the day, Western Television also visited the formation. They were even more sceptical, pooh-poohing the whole subject and indicating that anyone who believed the formations were other than made-made were either stupid and gullible.

My colleague longed for something strange to occur and wished her very deepest wish that some anomaly would convince them otherwise but as the time wore on and nothing untoward had happened, she was despondent but resigned. That evening the pictures were shown on the local television with brief reporter coverage.

The next morning a member of the television technical crew telephoned to say that the reason the reported coverage had been so short, was because their sound system had been so disrupted that most of the recording was unusable. He simply could not understand this, their sound equipment is of the very highest quality and the most expensive available, designed to cope with any normal situation . It had never failed before!

Two reports indicate yet again the connection between our consciousness and the Universal mind. Unbeknownst to me, Jim Lyons had been recently lecturing in the States, talking about the natural mathematical/physical progression of the phenomenon, and saying that the next development would be `scrolls`. When I described this formation to him as having a `scrolled `effect, I heard an a gigantic gasp the other end of the telephone!.

On the 2nd May three friends went up Silbury Hill to relax and see the sun set. Just before they left, they reconstructed the advice from Barbara Hand Crow's book `The Pleidian Agenda` in order to prepare themselves for the polar shift: you spin round 33 times looking at your thumb.

The next day when they heard about the formation they were amazed that it had 33 segments. "The co-incidence was a bit too heavy to ignore; it felt very good and natural in the circle.`

I visited the formation at the earliest opportunity, on the 8 May and buried my bottles of Volvic water. Just before entering I met an electronics engineer who kindly gave me a replacement battery for my meter measuring electromagnetic fields. We went into the formation together and later he kindly sent me this report.

`I was impressed with the circle, I thought at this point, whoever had done it must be very clever, and have spent some time working out how to do it.

Then I took a walk around it and met another lady. After talking for a while, she said I should face the backs of my hands to the ground and relax.

I had experienced something like this before in Monte Carlo when a lady I was with

placed her palm over mine whilst in a restaurant, our palms touching, (without telling me what she was doing). I was very run down and tired at that time having worked flat out for several days without sleep. Her hand felt like an iron held close to my hand. The `heat` that went up my arm to my spine surprised me, and her apparently. She stopped quickly explaining about Chi.

Anyway I felt a similar feeling in the field, but only via the backs of my hands. It stopped at my elbows. It was also very patchy, not being a uniform sensation all over.

This was most unexpected, as I had entered the crop circle convinced it was man made."

Soil and plant samples were taken and later analysed for nitrate/nitrogen contents. Jim Lyons tells me that the laboratory were initially slightly reluctant to conduct these tests; however the results were of an order they had never previously seen, the nitrate/ nitrogen levels not only being dramatically different to the control l samples , but the results from the soil and plant inside the formation being totally compatible.

They are now convinced that a phenomenon exists and are happy to engage in further analysis.

After a hot, sunny month in May, the weather turned and our summer seemed to have decided to go elsewhere. However the crop formations, far from being discouraged, appeared in even greater numbers than before. Wiltshire seemed to have been the chosen area.. Is there any particular pattern to 1998?

As always the natural progression continued; we are now seeing formations not of five and six geometry, but sevenfold; such as the wondrous East Field at Alton Barnes, the `curved saw` at Danebury, Hampshire and the West Stowell `lace handkerchief`.

The first dragon to appear at Lockeridge on the 24 May was one which yielded much information. Whereas I felt nothing unusual, my ionising radiation meter (report to be continued in the next article) went into full alarm mode at the perimeter. Two seasoned researchers, reported that as they were waiting to go into the formation, an elderly woman was coming out waving her arm. Her friend was asking her if she had been healed. She said that the arm was still painful, but seemed delighted that she could move it at all.

They also reported `shaky legs`. "Very shaky legs and feeling that the formation was so powerful I might have to leave. I asked my friend immediately behind me if she her legs felt normal, and she said she was just about to ask me that, as hers were very shaky too. We then asked the man behind us, who felt quite normal. But two other people, a man and a woman, both said they had heart palpitations. After approximately 10 minutes we seemed to acclimatise to the `energy` ". However "felt so tired afterwards that I went to bed immediately I got home (about 4.30pm) and fell into a deep sleep for over an hour. Was still tired in the evening, but quite normal the following morning." They regularly walk up to seven or eight miles daily.

(A similar fate betook them after visiting the freshly discovered `Queen` at Lockeridge. They were both drained. One of them reported going to bed and falling into a deep sleep immediately on returning home. Even the following morning she was still tired and went back to bed at noon , sleeping until the evening when she awoke, finally completely refreshed.).

An American woman had a mobile phone, she switched it on to see if it would work. It was dead.

Another report tells of 3 people visiting Avebury who had never been into a crop formation. They had had a long drive from Brighton and "we were all beginning to suffer from flagging spirits due to the long drive and lots of walking. We entered the Lockeridge Dragon crop circle and we found ourselves leaping about and laughing euphorically, suddenly filled with energy and sense of well being. The energy was quite tangible and felt very strong. This was on the 27 May."

Once again East Field at Alton Barnes was graced with an immense formation that appeared on the night of 9 July just in time for the Crop Circle Celebration Week-end held at Alton Barnes less than 10 days later. This formation, taking in 1.6 acres of crop was nevertheless greeted with joy by Polly Carson who with her customary generosity granted everyone entry.

The flattened area was dauntingly huge and seemed to stretch endlessly in every direction.

On the night it formed, Karen, an American Croppie was stationed with friends overlooking East Field. She reported helicopters with no lights, flying over the field at about 1 am. She then suddenly fell asleep and did not wake till about 5 am when to her amazement she saw the vast formation stretching below her in the field., Had she been zapped? Another report states that several army helicopters, some with no lights were observed flying over the field and that one helicopter appeared to be chasing a small illuminated object, using powerful tracking spot lights.

Later that day Karen flew over the formation and her camera (EOS 600) refused to work yet on landing it functioned perfectly.

Christopher Bean and his team who were staying in Marlborough from 18-24 July on a CSETI Skywatch, also visited the formation. He is a meticulously well organised person, always writing the time and date that he enters and leaves a formation in his research note book. On this occasion "20 minutes turned out to be exactly 2 hours. This was just incredible." Join the club, Christopher!

Christopher took notes from other formations and also reported " distinct tinny taste as if nose bleeding." "Joy, exhaustion on exit, dizziness on entry, and also remarkable telepathy between 2 of us on the way home." I suspect this is due to stimulation of certain areas of the brain. (continued in next article).

`Luminosities` were also reported by several people doing night watches around Lockeridge. This is an area of particular activity. In 1991 John Holman took memorable photographs of the `Whale` revealing both the horizontal and gravitational `double imaging` distortion of the formation, the people in the formation and the trees in the background.

The Michael `energy` line runs through this area (see Hamish Miller/Peter Broadbent's map). This line is also known as a `dragon` line! In ancient times the legend of the annual slaying of the dragon was a ritual ceremony symbolising the, nourishing and regenerating of Mother Earth by releasing the animal's blood into ground. The dragon is also representative of all serpentine forms, such as the lowly worm, the serpent, the twisting vortex, the DNA. It is an intrinsic building block in nature. It is also thought to symbolise the solar energy in a particular aspect.

The second Lockeridge Dragon appeared at West Woods on the night of the 10th July. During that night that several night watchers reported lightning flashes in this area despite the MET office having of record of lightning in the vicinity.

Shelly Keel, a experienced researcher of long standing visited the formation the morning it appeared. She experienced ` a very bad headache and extreme tiredness, also aches and pains all over`. She felt so terrible she sensibly left the formation quickly. She reported that she ached `from head to toe` for at least 2-3 hours afterwards and that she had not experienced such a violent reaction since the formations of 1990/91.

Stuart Dyke also visited the formation the day that it appeared. He did not meet Shelly but quite independently reported that as he was taking pole shot photographs he experienced a heavy pressure on the back of his neck which developed into a migraine. He also made the observation that he had not had had such a reaction since the days of 1990/91!

Christopher Bean found he experienced "alternative feeling- hard to describe, like our minds "waves" had shifted frequency somewhat."

On the 25th July Rob Speight saw a Ball of Light (BOL) just outside the newly formed `Queen` formation at Lockeridge. "I saw a BOL 30 foot away from me come out of the crop and float over the heads briefly for around 2-3 seconds and the disappear."

One of the most beautiful formations to appear was the `Sting Ray`. This enormously long glyph was found on the morning of 21st July. I was fortunate to fly over it very soon after it formed and marvelled at the intricate fretwork lay of the crop. It was one whose beauty was so stunning I could not stop taking pictures and a whole roll of film was devoted to it alone!

Shelly Keel kindly sent me another report telling me that she and two friends, one of whom had a 2 ½ year old son visited the formation the morning it formed. The little boy had visited several formation previously with no ill effects but the moment his mother put him down on the flattened crop he started to scream and cried so much she had to pick him up. Each time she tried the same thing happened. Shelly initially found that she was unable to draw the shape of the formation in her notebook. "I couldn't get myself together enough to walk and draw the thing till just before we left. I had many goes at it but I just couldn't get it right. After about 1 ½ hours of trying I gave up for a while. When I drew it up just before I left, realised I had been walking the same part over and over again. That was why I was unable to get it right. When I realised what had been happening it all came together quite easily."

Another of her companions suffered from lack of concentration, whilst the other felt both sad and energetic at the same time.

They went off for lunch and when they returned later in the afternoon none of them suffered any ill effects and the small boy was happy to sit on the flattened crop. Many people had visited the formation in the meantime

Had they acted as blotting paper, soaking up the `energy`?

Dr Chet Snow experienced a calming of the solar plexus and "downloading " of the information he had received in the Silbury `Square` close by (this appeared on the 23rd July, exactly the same date as the 1997 `Star of David ` fractal) which he found to be very "out going and energising" to the point of disturbing his solar plexus, "bringing up past emotions."

Ann Selby also visited this formation and lay down with palms on the earth She felt "strong pulsing from each finger tip, strengthening my Reiki attunement." Later that evening she gave healing to Marion Simmons who felt strong vibrations in her hand and shoulder (the area being healed).

Christopher Bean and his team had positioned themselves at Knapp Hill on the night of the 20/21 July and between 10.50pm and 1.30am. They noticed four cloud flashes from their position. Again the MET office confirmed that there was no lightning in the area. The following day after returning from Devises after replenishing their food supplies, they came upon the `Sting Ray`.

Christopher reported "As a side thought, I cannot stress enough the inclemency of the weather as we sat in the clouds ad the clear sky clouded over at approximately 10.30pm ad did not let up (forcing us to vacate shortly after 1.30am). Regardless of how dedicated Team Satan and their contemporaries are, I cannot conceive of anyone enduring the chronic weather to hoax a formation, the tell tale signs that would be left on the stalks by the saturated mud."

This is a good point and was endorsed by the farmer at Privett, Hampshire (see picture). On the 15 June the field of oats was untouched but when he visited it on the 16th, the formation was clearly visible. There had been torrential rain that week and the ground was waterlogged. As the farmer walked down the tramline, he recalled that it was unmarked but as he looked back over his shoulder from whence he came, his footprints were clearly visible, nor was there any mud on the flattened crop when he reached the formation. In his opinion the only method of entry would have been by absailing.

Farmers of necessity are down to earth people with a great understanding of nature. The farmer on whose land the double pentacle fell close to the racing circuit at Silverstone in Northamptonshire was not a happy man and put up a notice saying the crop had been freshly sprayed and that any unauthorised person would be fined £100. However John from Harlow managed to interest the farmer who took him to the formation and told him to go in. As the farmer stood by the edge of the formation, John asked him if he was coming in too? "No" replied he replied "I am to going in there again, every time I have been in I have needed 16 hours of sleep". Sixteen hours of sleep is more than any farmer can afford especially at this time of year! .

The final stories are ones of healing.

A hay fever sufferer visiting a circle for the first time, was nervous of going in to the Beltane wheel as she is allergic to oil seed rape. However she plucked up courage and decided to brave it. She was in the formation for some time and felt her throat getting quite constricted, despite trying not to breathe in the pollen. Her throat was sore when she got home and remained congested for several days. It then cleared and she has not suffered from hay fever since.

A few days later she went into the Silbury `Scorpion` in the adjoining field and as she was walking in it her finger tips felt as if they were being burnt by a cigarette or something similar, i.e. a very hot feeling. She felt very strange and had to come out.

Cherry Needham, is a Reiki master, who was once a Yogi teacher and who has a spinal genetic condition resulting in a twist of her spine, causing inflammation and constant pain. An Australian friend wanted to see crop circles, but Cherry was only interested in visiting a fresh one. She was told of the `Queen` at Lockeridge and as soon as she reached the flattened area she was guided very clearly to a particular area. (This was the small right hand circle in the picture). As she started to walk out if the circle she found she was being pushed back into the small circle by a strong `force`. Obeying this `force` she sat in the circle and simply asked for help. As she did so, she felt an energy coming into her spine and she was `told` to do a twist of her spine. This she did and the energy continued to pour in and the pain disappeared. After sitting in the circle for some time she got up and this time there was no force pushing her back as she walked out.

She is on homeopathic medicine, so it could be responsible for the cure, but Cherry feels the time spent in the small circle was connected the healing and probably was the cause.

She also felt ravenously hungry afterwards. Both Shelly Keel and I and several others have, quite independently experienced pangs of hunger on occasions this summer after visiting certain formations. It is seemingly small and insignificant effects like these that many people unfortunately fail to report, so please include everything. As always it is confidential unless you have given me your permission otherwise. Please keep sending the reports in.

Diana X of Petersfield, an osteoporosis sufferer who was relieved of all pain following a visit to the 1997 `Pastrycutter`, remains free of pain.

Camera and mobile telephone failures are almost too numerous to mention. However anomaly this can be extremely annoying especially when flying and the camera fails just as one has eventually managed to get the formation perfectly within the frame. This has happened to me on many occasions but this particular time when flying over the newly formed three sided scalloped formation containing nested crescents at The Sanctuary was especially irksome. The clouds had momentarily disappeared and I had clear sunlit visibility and perfect positioning. All to no avail, my camera containing slide film, would not focus. Try as I might by putting it onto every conceivable programme, it still refused to focus. Yet another broken camera! In my frustration, I felt like tossing it into the beyond. However good sense prevailed and we set off to photograph another formation using my other camera with print film. On our return I happened to pick up the rogue camera and lo and behold it focused perfectly. The day was saved. I believe this is yet another indication of the vertical energy that extends to an as yet immeasurable height. As we fly over formations it is most unlikely that we would fly over exactly the same spot twice. Clearly the first time when flying over the Sanctuary `Scallops`, I had met this `worm hole` which had temporarily forced my camera to malfunction.

Could these vortical `wormholes`, placed on special nodal energy points on the planetary grid, extend, penetrating our biosphere allowing the `intelligence` to use them as entry points?

In the next article I will be discussing the possible reasons behind these effects and the results of my scientific research this year.