Frolics Amid The Fractals

It is now October, the last mad rush of the summer has passed, the very successful annual Haslemere Lecture evening with Director of the Scientific and Medical Network David Lorimer, as brilliant guest speaker has come and gone; yet the interest remains in the form of photographs, postcards, calendars, cartoons; endless telephone calls from people trying to recapture the magic of the past summers if not on the ground at least on paper.

Flying over the fields and viewing the stupendous formations from 500 -3500 feet, cameras poised, must remain nothing more than a memory for another year. I take 2 cameras with me, one for prints and the other for slides. They are attached to me by straps around my neck which is just as well as sometimes varying degrees of turbulence together with additional wind factor, can easily tear cameras from your grasp. When I have temporarily finished using one camera, I put it on my knees and pick up the other; unless I am very careful the straps become so entwined that within a very brief time they have shortened themselves so considerably that I am in danger of self strangulation!

I fly with two wonderful pilots in whom I have complete and utter trust. I also have a long list of friends queuing to come flying; once they have flown, the magic of swooping over the spectacular works of art in the fields below grips them and they long to repeat the experience.

1996 has been an outstanding year; formations have appeared that even a team of Olympian athletes could not have created; the astounding geometric precision (see photocopy of the Triple Spiral and the series of rotating, spiralling equilateral triangles) and size defy all human skill or endeavour. When entering a field of barley, wheat or oats you are swallowed up by the crop reaching well above the waist, so how would it be possible when standing on the same plane or level as the ground, to create such amazing mathematical masterpieces? I simply do not believe it is feasible.

This is not brilliant deduction, it is plain common sense of which the British people have plenty; the hoards of `croppies` have flocked once more into the countryside to visit or simply view from afar the wondrous beauty of these crop scapes.

It is not only the general populace who have been swept up in the new found interest, my photograph of the Double Helix was printed prominently in The Daily Mail and also Nature magazine; to have it grace the pages of the latter was a major breakthrough in scientific acknowledgement of the existence of the phenomenon.

Another break through indicating how the world of science is currently viewing this phenomenon occurred when I was asked to give a lecture at Christ's College, Cambridge, addressing the Darwin Society. Clearly for Cambridge to take an interest establishes this enigma at the highest academic level. For me it was a signal honour and a wonderful experience, dining first in Formal Hall prior to speaking. The excellent bunch of enquiring undergraduates, seemed totally taken aback, almost stunned by the enormity of the subject; this was a completely new paradigm and required a transformation of thought from their previously held belief that Doug and Dave, the notorious septuagenarians from Southampton who were produced to try and discredit the subject in the golden days of 1991 when the public interest had clearly reached too high a pitch for the authorities to ignore, were responsible. The talk started at 9 in the evening, questions and discussion lasted until midnight such was the interest.

So what of 1996? As always I will have to be selective, choosing the pearls from a selection of lesser jewels.

My research into the Human Effects, animal behaviour, electrical and mechanical failures and luminosites continues apace and for this I am greatly indebted to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to fill in forms and return them to me. As always everything you tell me is in total confidence unless you gave me permission otherwise. Earlier this year there was a belief among some that I would be handing over the reports to a general database; following this, I had many frantic telephone calls from individuals asking me not to release their information. I can assure everyone that this is very private information and I will only release data if you have written a letter actually asking me to do so...otherwise rest assured it is quite safe. I have had reports from 17 men and 48 women, which is more than any other year. Please be brave fellows, your effects are of immense importance. Please keep the reports coming, without your help, this research would not be possible. The most numerous reports are of nausea, disorientation and varying degrees of fatigue ranging from medium to intense. Psychological the benefits remain in the majority ranging from moderate well-being to elation.

Those who have suffered long lasting effects (24 hours or more) remain on the whole beneficially affected.

String of Pearls

Our first pearl of discussion is the wondrous Double Helix. The season had started later than usual due to a long cold winter followed by a long cold spring. One of the first events to appear was an appropriately embryonic formation at Girton, Cambridgeshire depicting the birth of the new season to come. In June we were all holding our breath when, much to the delight of its hosts, Tim and Polly Carson, a formation of wondrous beauty appeared in the now famous East Field, Alton Barnes on the night of the 17 June between the hours of midnight and 4.30 in the morning when a farm worker passed by and saw the shape imprinted in the field of barley.

I visited the formation 2 days later to bury my bottles of water (a report on the scientific research will follow in the next issue). As I approached the field the anticipation grew with every moment; what was it going to be like? How big was it? How complex? Was it going to be pleasing to the eye? All these questions and more race through ones mind as the glorious anticipation grows...then the big moment when the formation appears within ones sight...what a vision! It measured 648 feet and the precision of the finely graded circles, all separated by standing crop took my breath away and left me speechless for several moments. This had no human hallmarks, this was the work of an unknown force or energy, guided by some external consciousness\intelligence.

It was not as many people have remarked, the DNA symbol, for the spacing of the oscillations is 90 degrees not 180 degrees. The circles along the centre line normally taken to be zero, were quite large suggesting that there could be a lot of energy at zero point! Also the three dimensional aspect of the two waves was cunningly brought out by the increasing and decreasing constituent circles.

I met Francine Blake and together we marvelled. But time could not be forgotten for ever and I had my bottles to bury. Out of 89 circles how should I select which ones to use? Francine suggested I use my pendulum and dowse for the correct locations selecting the centre circles as possible hosts. This I did, but on trying to determine which ones my pendulum had chosen, found I was unable to count correctly beyond 5. Time and time again to the amusement of those present, I got to 5 but then jumped forwards or backwards out of sequence.

At last I realised what was happening; the `Inability to Count` syndrome that afflicts so many people when trying to count the stones within stone circles. There have been many reports of people being similarly affected as was I on that summer's day in Alton Barnes. Eventually I did manage to complete my research, but the pull to the right brain was strong and it was difficult to perform complicated tasks that required logical, methodical precision, taking compass readings (often the compass oscillates wildly from side to side) and other relevant measurements.

Who rang the Church bells in the middle of the night?

Shortly afterwards I interviewed 3 people who had had independent experiences of `luminosities` on the night the Double Helix formed. The first one came from a man who had been a total sceptic until that night when he had seen extraordinarily bright lights shining through his window about 11 o' clock on the evening of the 15 June. They behaved in such an unusual manner that he called his wife and together they watched them hypnotised. "I have not stopped shaking since, I am not the same man I was"!

The second report comes from Yuzuru and Akiko Kase, a musician and artist respectively, living at Winterbourne Monkton, who on the same night of the 15 June at about 11 o' cock in the evening felt a strange vibration and also heard a strange sort of buzzing noise. They thought that it was the central heating boiler that was the cause, but soon realised that the noise was coming from outside, the boiler being totally silent minding its own business. At the same time the dog next door started to bark and the sheep in the field also started to baa. Yuzuru and Akiko opened the window and looked out and saw luminous lights in the sky. It was a very dark night, the night of the new moon. They observed a strange luminous flying object, "it had white, blue and red lights and was spinning very fast. It went up and down and sometimes kept its angled position in the sky. Then it started to send a white beam onto the ground a few times, although we couldn't see the ground because of trees. And every time it sent a beam, we saw a yellow or possible golden reflection in the area." They watched until they became tired due to such fierce concentration. Shortly before midnight they heard Church bells ringing from the direction of Avebury. They made enquiries and were told the bells were not ring on Sundays and certainly not at mid-night. They met an old woman in Avebury who had also heard them ringing that night. The bells are not electronically operated, they are worked mechanically. We know that the Electro magnetic field caused by UFO's can cause electrical disturbances but how were the bells mechanically activated on that night of the new moon in June?

There were 3 healing experiences reported to me by people visiting this formation "I felt pleasantly light-headed the whole time, my sinuses cleared. I mentioned this to my companion and a young man overheard me and said his sinuses had dried up too. I thought I would take a picture from this formation looking up at the hill we had just sat on, but when I tried the camera which has an electronic wind-on, I found there was no life in it at all, which was strange because it had been functioning perfectly prior to this moment. It did not come back to life until I was back in the car."

Another man suffering from hay fever, found that whereas he had been "streaming on entering the formation" he dried up during his visit.

Two weeks later I collected all my bottles except for one that had been dug up. The formation was visited by thousands of people by the courtesy of Tim and Polly.

"I thought I was going to be killed".

This elysian setting was marred by the constant over flying of military helicopters who even two weeks after it had formed were still flying regularly. What were they monitoring and why? A sinister event occurred one day as a woman researcher who had parked her car just below Adam's Grave, was videoing the formation. An army helicopter flew over her and as it flew back she videoed it. It flew over a second time very much lower, this alarmed her and again she videoed it as it passed overhead; the third time it returned, this time there could be no possible mistaking its intention, it flew so low she though she was going to be killed and fell off the roof of her car into the road; as she fell her video camera dropped through the open sun roof of the car onto the back seat pointing upwards, thereby getting a close up of the helicopter for a few frames before the camera fell over onto the seat. The helicopter was "bristling with equipment". This is not the first time military helicopters have been engaged in this sort of intimidation, Colin Andrews has a video recording of people being chased away from a formation right to the edge of the field. I would like to put in a plea to the military, "Please review your low flying practises before there is a serious accident;(I believe there was a court case earlier this year when a young man was killed by trying to avoid a low flying plane; the jury decided it was not intentional behaviour by the pilot) clearly what happened at Alton Barnes was no accident, it was quite deliberately intentional.

It was not there 30 minutes before.

Our next visit takes us to Stonehenge, where on the 7 July between the hours of 1730-1815 hours, the incredible `Julia Set` mysteriously appeared. To mathematicians this formation represents a complex computer generated fractal image, to musicians, a base clef, (Jim Lyons tells me that it contains five fold geometry and that the relative size of the adjoining circles equals a semi-tone. I am convinced that these vibrations affect and activate our own energies, even when viewed remotely:) to marine biologists, a cross section of a nautilus and to the medical fraternity, a perfect example of a mammalian skeleton. Is this not one of the intentions of the phenomenon that it is a means of communication to all people no matter who or what our origins, creeds or disciplines? For indeed this phenomenon belongs to no one person alone, to no one group of people alone but to everyone and each and everyone of us have our own pearl of wisdom to donate thereby filling yet another piece of the jig-saw puzzle.

This event is especially noteworthy for other reasons; a pilot flying a light aircraft from Exeter to Thruxton flew over the field opposite Stonehenge at 1750 hours, at which time the field was unmarked. A second pilot flying over the same field some 30 minutes later observed the enormous formation measuring 915.5' X 508' imprinted in the wheat below. A gamekeeper who said it was not there in the morning but was there in the evening confirms this story as did a guard at Stonehenge. There is also evidence I understand from the police that it formed in less that 15 minutes. I am following up this story.

On the 9 July I took 2 friends to visit the formation. They both entered but for some reason I was reluctant to follow. After about 10 minutes I decided I was being wimpish and made my way into the field, but had only walked about half way down the tramlines before I turned and walked back to my car. I have never done this before. Shortly afterwards my two friends returned to the car, both pea green with nausea. We were on our way to a flying assignation...would they ever make it? Within a few moments, as with previous cases of crop circle nausea, they to their amazement were completely back to normal and we all enjoyed a splendid flight over the formation later in the day.

That week-end Chad and Gwen Deetken, Chad's sister, Gisela and nephew Andre came to stay. They had all been into the Julia Set on Friday 12 together with a young Irishman. They had each suffered varying degrees of physical and psychological discomfort. "Nausea and severe fatigue after 10 minutes(in the formation) until 8 p.m. that evening. I had to lie down and slept for 2 hours." "Felt mentally flat,unable to think or remember what I had done minutes before. Felt like I was being radiated." The most extreme report came from the young Irishman Calum, who as this was his first visit to a formation, had entered with an open mind, having no expectations whatsoever. "Felt very similar to feeling of intense ultraviolet radiation or gamma radiation both of which I am familiar with as a molecular biologist working in that field. Experienced initial nausea. (The effect lasted) all day until I went to sleep. Several hours later experienced intense physical well being and mental clarity." Negative rather than beneficial effects are more easily recognised, so it is of particular interest that he remarked on his increased physical and mental well-being, clearly it was of such a marked degree it could not be ignored. He came to lunch with me the following Monday and related his experience in detail. Later that same day we all returned to the formation; Chad and Gwen Deetken, Gisela Calabria, Andre, the Irishman Calum and myself. We were all fearful of suffering ill effects and entered with trepidation. To our amazement not one of us experienced anything untoward; we felt perfectly well both mentally and physically. How could the energies have dissipated within such a short time? I believe this can be explained by the amount of people who visited the formation in between the Friday and Monday when we returned; thousands of people entered;
Is it not possible that they were acting as blotting paper soaking up the energy? One other interesting point; 3 independent dowsing tests, one in Yorkshire, one in the East Midlands and one with a group of Canadians in Wiltshire had extraordinary results. The results from Yorkshire and East Midlands showed an energy field of 43 and 46 yards around the seeds from inside the formation, whereas my Canadian group found them immeasurable!
None of the three groups were aware that other tests were being conducted; this is the greatest detected aura of energy to date and occurred after the first week had passed by which time no negative physical reports were received. It would indicate the seeds retained the initial energy or memory of that energy for much longer.

A harkback to ancient fertility rites?

In addition I have had six independent reports of abnormal or post menopausal menstrual bleeding in women all aged between 48 - 55 after visiting this formation. In a report in 1984 by Ruth Bethall (1) Commissioner for the International Commission of Health Professionals for Human Rights, an independent body based in Geneva, Switzerland, found that in a survey of women peace activists at the U.S.A.F. base in Greenham Common, England, there were several "unusual patterns of illness ranging from severe headaches, drowsiness, menstrual bleeding at normal times or post menopausal, to bouts of temporary paralysis and faulty speech co-ordination. These were exposures to microwave irradiation." This report cannot be regarded as strict scientific evidence that people visiting crop formations are experiencing similar microwave exposure, however I have received reports of all these effects and do not believe they can be dismissed out of hand and indeed I would strongly advise all women who have suffered any abnormal or post menstrual bleeding to go to their doctor and discuss the possibility of a cervical smear and hormone assay. This is a precautionary measure as these effects could possibly indicate some underlying problem.
I must also repeat my previous warnings that IF YOU DO NOT FEEL WELL WHILST IN A CROP FORMATION, COME OUT AND IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR THINKING OF BECOMING PREGNANT DO NOT GO IN. We do not as yet have all the required information, but I am grateful for the medical and scientific help I have received and am particularly indebted to Jim Lyons and Dr Anne Arnold Silk. Much more help is needed in analysing the reports and whereas I am aware that the reports are clearly subjective, subjective evidence is now becoming part of science to-day. Dr Anne Arnold Silk suggests that there may be several factors involved that relate to the production of the sex hormones, oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. She tells us that these are normally formed by the gonads and production is governed by other hormones from the pituitary gland, deep within the brain. As we know the cortex of our brain is affected by and is sensitive to microwave radiation; the pituitary gland can thus be affected by exposure to these MW and radio frequency (RF) fields whose origin may be man made or seismic. Anne goes on to suggest that the reason for using certain sacred areas such as Cerne Abbas Giant, Wilmington Long Man, Uffington White Horse etc, for fertility rites in the olden days could be explained by the "seismic and (natural) static energy that under certain conditions could assist conception". In the Mayan Prophecy (Morris Cotterell) we are told that the sun was worshipped as the god of fertility, suggesting that solar radiation played an intrinsic role in human fertility. This affected the master gland, the pituitary, which as previously discussed, governs the release of hormones. That the sun not the moon, is the ruling factor in determining the production of male and female hormones in the fertility cycle, may come as a surprise. However when we consider that the moon is but a reflection of the sun the picture becomes clearer. However much more work is needed in this area.

This theory could be borne out by a report received from Oregon, USA.

"I have noted in every experience of a crop circle formation, a recurring pattern concerning women and their "monthly cycles". Those who have been present in a formation, and even those who have not actually been in the site but have been effected vicariously via telepathy or some other phenomena, are affected in their menses. Our cycles become synchronised, or magnetised to the time frame of exposure to the glyph. Of course this causes some to be "early" and some to be "late". It also reeks a little female havoc by causing an abnormal variance, i.e. their cycle begins very abruptly and is often much more intense than usual....I have never had this happen to such an extreme degree as this time. My cycle began while IN the formation and it was "earlier" than I had ever experienced in all my years. This was not normal for me.

I will leave the scientific reasons why these variances should occur to the experts in those fields. The dialogue I have maintained with the circles and their makers has been on the symbolic, esoteric level. I can only go by my intuitive sense of what was going on when I experienced my cycle abnormalities. It was as if something were reverberating on a very primal level. I recall verbalising this at the time; that there is something in our genetic or cellular level as women that remembers the ancient ritual in those times when we offered our monthly blood to Mother Earth, I remember feeling as if "she" was drawing something from me, requiring something of me, for what purpose I have no intellectual reference. But it was felt very strongly and it felt like an entirely normal process. Being that this is such a private area of our daily life, and our society is not yet comfortable in open discussion of such, I am sure there are yet many tales to be told of similar experiences."

"In no other way were they like human beings".

A curious story was related to me by Mike Rogers from Hertfordshire. A West Midlands researcher was visiting one of the formations at Nettleden just outside Berkhamstead when he fell into conversation about Roswell with a grey haired woman sitting in the circle. She told him that her husband, an RAF officer, had been attached to Roswell at the time of the UFO incident in 1947. One night he and others were alerted by the security officer, instructed to get into the back of a vehicle and told "don't look when we get there". This he found impossible and when they arrived at the site, observed a craft dug into the ground out of which were taken 3 dead bodies. The bodies were bald, had large eyes,nostril spaces and slit mouths, "apart from that in no other way were they like human beings".

He was sworn to secrecy and told that in exchange for his silence, a Swiss bank account would be opened in his name if he kept his mouth shut.

This he did apart from telling his wife, who said he was a man who never told a lie. When he died in 1987, his wife telephoned the Swiss bank; there was no account in his name; she believes it was closed the day he died.

Just below the Ridgeway.

There were two formations in the field below Liddington Castle, near Swindon, that deserve mention, the Caterpillar Fractal and the Solar\Lunar Eternity symbol. The latter was totally symmetrical and most visitors experienced balanced and harmonious energies, apart from two children and a cat. The children and their parents had never been into a formation before and when they met Paul Vigay in the Caterpillar Fractal, were having a wonderful time and besieged Paul with enthusiastic questions. They left before Paul to visit the Solar\Lunar Eternity symbol. As Paul was making his way to the Solar\Lunar Eternity symbol a short time afterwards, he met the two children hurtling out of the formation both looking very nauseous. One had actually been sick. Had they eaten too much corn or were the energies too powerful?

Luke the Burmese cat often goes for jaunts with his owner in the country side. However on the day I met him, it was his first visit to a crop formation. He was unusually ill at ease and disturbed; his owner in contrast was contented and relaxed.

Another animal report reached regarding a dog who with its owner visited the Silbury Hill flower. "My dog appeared to be affected by the atmosphere and acted strangely. He was pouncing around very excitedly and kept jumping up at me all the while. When I sat down he laid his head and paws across me - he has never done this before. Then he sat back to back with me. He didn't seem to want to leave me to explore by himself".

My final animal story relates to my excellent grey cat Hero, found for me in Prestigne, Wales by John and Raphael Martineau in 1994. During the summer of 1995, I collected several samples from formations I had visited. Amongst them were samples taken from the Avebury Trusloe spiral in which Keith Wakelam and I, together with many other people suffered such adverse effects. Before going to America in the autumn I placed these samples under my dining room table (my dining room has long since ceased to function as such); the door is kept shut; when I returned home, I was busy looking through and sorting out my postcards when I noticed Hero sitting over the barley samples, sucking them avidly. I had to physically remove him. Each time I opened the dining room door he made a bee-line for the samples resuming his sucking. I then noticed that he regularly started to take up position outside the door as though he had some compulsion to enter.

At the same time he became very vicious, actually savaging me on several occasions. This was alarming, quite contrary to his normal behaviour and totally out of character. I asked friends if they were having similar problems with their cats? "No", came the answer. I seriously considered asking the vet if the had had any recent reports of cats turning savage. By March 1996 I suddenly realised that Hero was back to his normal sweet self and that when I opened the dining room door he no longer hurtled in as though the hounds of hell were after him...The samples of barley were still there, slightly the worse for wear. He ignored them.

This summer I gathered more samples for Hero; he has shown not the slightest interest in them, but then none of them were barley.

We know that cats are drawn to high energies, especially high negative energies. I would suggest you that you never sit or lie on the your cat's favourite sleeping spot.

Was Hero affected by the Avebury Trusloe samples and was he receiving a regular `fix` until the energy wore off?

Where the Michael and Mary lines meet

The final masterpiece of the year must go the Triple Spiral that adorned the landscape in late July; it appeared just below Windmill Hill, the sacred mound where the Michael and Mary energy lines meet and cross. This area stretching from Windmill Hill to the main road has seen at least 6 formations in the past 7 years. This one was gigantic, measuring over 1000 feet in diameter and consisting of 194 finely graded circles spiralling symmetrically from the centre in three arms or legs. Jim Lyons reports that this contains 6 fold geometry and the relative size of the adjoining circles consists of one tone on the major musical scale. I have had no negative reports from people visiting this formation to date, however there is another report of `luminosities` told me by Sam Blake, son of John and Francine Blake. Two of his school friends live near the field and one night they were awakened by a light of intense brightness shining through their bedroom window. They got up to investigate and saw an amazing display of objects moving in a strange manner in the sky. Within a few nights the Triple Spiral had appeared.