Great News – May 2022

The first crop circle in barley has arrived! It was reported yesterday. Barley is quite my favourite crop. As you walk down the tramline the barley stalks softly caress your legs and if you let the crop run softly through your fingers you will never get cut as you would with the sharper stemmed crop of wheat.

Image Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography © Copyright 2022
Vernham Dene (Hippenscombe Bottom) 2010
Vernham Dene - Hippenscombe Bottom - 2010

This circle lies at the Chute Causeway, in between Vernham Dene and Collingborne Dulcis overlooking Hippenscombe Bottom on the Wiltshire/Hampshire borders.
Its sharp and concise geometry consists of a saw-form motif containing a sun and four planet motif, all contained within an octagon.

It is intriguing to note that the crop circle in which we conducted our scientific tests in 2010 lay in an area known as the Hippenscombe Bottom. Several of us reported diverse and strange effects whilst inside or approaching the circle. The new 2022 crop circle also lies in the vicinity of Hippenscombe Bottom but instead of lying in the amphitheatre below, it overlooks it.

This area is an area of great antiquity. A Roman road running from Winchester to Cirencester runs alongside part of the amphitheatre and is of interest because unlike the legendary theory that most Roman roads run straight, this one, due to the lay of the land, is curved - otherwise the track would have run straight across Hippenscombe Bottom.

We are told that “The steep gradients caused by this alignment would have denied access to heavy wagons, so the road skirted the 'hole' by using nine short straight sections to form an irregular semi-circle. In the event, Chute Causeway is almost level for its entire length.
Occasionally, even the Roman engineers went around an obstacle. Here the road - the Chute Causeway - deviated around the Hippenscombe valley, which falls 70 metres in 550 metres.”

In the middle of the ring lies a saucer barrow and there are two old ponds within the camp itself.
My eldest son is over from Sydney and I cannot tell you the joy of seeing him again after over two years of Covid restrictions. We are trying to catch up, and every day seems to go in a flash.

Regarding my tours - the cut off date for booking for the wonderful and magical private evening entry taking you right up to the stones, is 17th June.

I fear this is a very short letter as so much is happening.

My new ginger cat Henry continues to thrive and is a delight.


Last time I omitted to include Pam Gregory’s insights. Many apologies. Please find her latest below.

With my love and all very best wishes as we each tread our ordained paths.