Dreams, Disappearances and Magic Carpets

In February 1999, Dr Serena Roney-Dougal, one of only about 20 people in Britain to hold a PhD in Parapsychology, gave an excellent talk to the Petersfield based UNEX (Unexplained Phenomenon Research Society) in which (among many other fascinating topics,) she described the power of the mind and our ability to influence our dreams.

After the talk I suggested to the UNEX committee members that we should all focus on the subject of crop circles before going to bed that night in an attempt to dream about a forthcoming event that would appear in the fields this summer.

That night before going to sleep, I clearly imprinted the subject of crop circle formations on my mind. I also made a mental affirmation that I would remember and record my dream.

I dreamt of a straight line of overlapping circles. I retained the memory of this dream on waking but was bitterly disappointed with my effort as a straight line formation seemed most unlikely; most of the formations over recent years having been of an increasingly complex circular nature.

However despite my reluctance to accept this dream, I telephoned the Secretary of UNEX, describing the formation, saying I felt it was not correct, but that I would try and access the dream again the following night and request further clarification or amendment.

I was not able to access the dream and the memory of it faded until...Monday 3 May I actually flew over my dream! Imagine my excitement, a new, unreported formation, and there it was, this magnificent event, like a string of pearls, lying in the yellow oil seed rape field below me, stretched out over a distance in excess of 600 feet. (photo)

Clearly I had not needed to access the dream again, it was already correct.

Another interesting point; despite the efforts of all the other committee members, I was the only one to remember dreaming that night. Were the others all tuning into my dream state, transferring their energies to me through the Collective Unconscious?

This was a very important symbolic formation indicating the forthcoming eclipse in August and whereas it was not describing this event exactly, the annulus at the end was correct. There often seems to be an approximation of the technically correct item and if you take away the annulus, the remainder of the formation shows the progression of the eclipse precisely. However the formation in its entirety is teasing in its contradictory quality.

(photo of Over Wallop formation + Stonehenge photo).

Better than Magic Mushrooms?

Serena Roney-Dougal suggested that every night the pineal gland starts working at about 7pm; it makes melatonin and shortly afterwards we start to feel sleepy. The pineal gland also makes pinoline, the equivalent to the chemical found Iawaska vine. Pinoline interacts with another neuro-chemical in the brain called Serotonin. We all have this class one drug in our brains!

About 2 hours after going to sleep we will dream, it is now thought that the pinoline made by the pineal gland interacting with the Serotonin takes us into a state of consciousness that we call the dream state which in turn is the Shamanic or psychic state.

The Pineal gland is sensitive to light even at very low levels. If the pineal gland is denied sunlight to regulate itself it becomes attuned to the moon. It is extremely sensitive to the moon

We dream 4 times a night during an 8-hour sleep period. 3-4 am is the time when most people die, when most babies are born and when we can best meditate or dream, connecting with spirit and other worlds.

Dreaming has many aspects to it, there are the deep psychotherapy dreams where experiences can be relived (possibly from childhood), the psychic dreams where you dream the future, the lucid dreams in which the event is so vivid you wake up in the dream and that state of still living in the dream may continue all day. This is the first step to an out of Body experience, where the consciousness separates form the body. This state is very powerful it is possible for people to physically affect matter. There is some evidence from new research that under certain circumstances the brain and body can emit energies such that objects can be moved - the poltergeist effect. The Russian Kulagina was filmed moving small objects by the power of her mind - her heartbeat reportedly rocketed to very high levels.

The dream state is where many people consider they do their healing best at night. The next step is to try and control this lucid dreaming and then you can consciously control what you want to do with the dream. It is all a matter of practise, training the mind. A Shaman has normally had a 20-25 year training and usually a Shaman has experienced a traumatic event such as we know as a psychotic breakdown in his late teens or early twenties. They are considered to be gifted people who can more easily walk between the worlds.

They are trained to use visualisation techniques, remote viewing etc. Our western minds are untrained; our mind controls us instead of us controlling the mind. Like learning to have no thoughts at all! Music has been used to induce certain altered states. Drums beats, rhythmic pounding and flickering lights are also known to affect brainwaves

How does the pineal gland recognise light? It has a pathway leading from eye-retina-retinal neurons-hypothalamus-superior cervical ganglion-pineal via sympathetic fibres. By this pathway the Pineal secretes Melatonin and controls sleep.

In the old days the pineal gland was thought to be vestigial like the appendix.

Morning Star.

It seems I was not the only one having strange dreams/visions; indeed this is more commonplace than is generally realised.

American, Dr Patricia Hill has been fascinated by the crop formations for several years and has had many strange experiences. `As you know I have had several strange happenings with the circles this year, including, for the second time, drawing the circles before they occurred. Last year (1998) I was obsessed with trying to draw 7 pointed stars just prior to leaving for England. (Danebury Hill seven pointed event and the East Field Handkerchief). This year it began with drawing my company logo, a triangular form with a circle intersecting the lower plane. I began to visualise it as a three dimensional form so that the triangle became a pyramid and the circle a ball, then made it double, feeling that somehow this `completed` it. (see diagrams) I must add that this logo was given to me in a vision in 1987 when I was on death's doorstep, along with the name `Morning Star`, both of which I have taken to represent my company, `Morningstar Productions`. I was further told in this vision that the Morning Star would lead not only me, but others, `through the night`.

The morning I arrived I was told about the new formation that had appeared behind the Barge Inn the night before`.


Earlier than ever

Thus the season started as ever in a blaze of yellow as the oil seed flower erupted into bloom playing host to the first crop formations of 1999, the first being reported on the 4th April in the field next to the Eclipse at Over Wallop. This is the earliest event ever recorded in the fields.

1999 has provided us with a wondrous collection of shapes, sizes and symbols and as always I have to be selective. Reports keep coming in and I am greatly indebted to all the kind people who take the time and trouble to complete my questionnaires. Without your help and the help of scientists from all over the world, my research would not progress. I am particularly indebted to Christopher Bean who has kept a meticulous record of his visits and the resultant effects. He has provided me with a great deal of valuable material, also Dr Patricia Hill who has kindly sent me an impressive inventory of her experiences whilst in England this summer.

The following list shows the categories of effects reported after analysis. These are identified into the following separate categories: oral, cranial, ocular, auditory, gut, dermal, systemic, cardiac, and mental. Within these categories fall several sub categories.

Analysis of these reports to date show that results fall within the following categories:

Oral (metallic taste, tooth pain, unusual thirst). 2%
Cranial (headaches) 4%
Ocular (vision changes, hallucination) 9%
Auditory, acoustic. 5%
Gut (nausea, diarrhoea, sudden hunger etc.). 21%
Systemic (dizziness, weak knees, leg pain etc.); 4%
Mental (thought processes affected, short term memory loss, feelings of panic, evil, terror, feelings of peace, love and light, disorientation, sense of `presence`). 52%
Healing experiences. 9%

Long lasting effects of 24 hours or more, were largely beneficial.

Over 50 new reports have been received from this summer's events to date and more will follow.

The fact that I receive a greater number of reports describing negative physical effects is not surprising for on the whole we are more likely to remark on an ill effect whereas if we feel better or happier than normal it is often attributed to other factors such as the beauty of the formation, the warm sun, a day out, or being in the country with family or friends. It is not until there is an immensely noticeable feeling of well-being that it is remarked upon as being out of the ordinary.

How do I decide which areas need scientific research applied. As our resources are so limited due to the fact that we are self funded, I wait until I receive several independent reports all reporting the same effects.

I than approach the leading scientists in each particular field.

My first area of research came as a result of several reports describing physical symptoms that initially worsened yet subsequently over a period of a few days improved dramatically.(see shoulder pain eposide.p?). Another story tells us of a ME sufferer, who condition grew dramatically worse for 24 hours after visiting a crop formation, yet improved conspicuously thereafter and indeed continued to improve for a year.

This led me to believe that we were witnessing the results of homeopathic qualities in certain formations. Homeopathy works by releasing and bringing to the surface negative energies and if you feel worse after a treatment it is very likely that the treatment is correct. Homeopathy boosts our immune systems.

The question was, how was I going to set up acceptable scientific tests to prove this theory?

I hit upon the idea of burying water. Burying water in 20ml bottles, for if anything was going to act as a detector in the fields surely it would be water?

As mentioned on page xiv, it has long been known that water, in the form of intergranular acquifers, lies under chalk land, the area in which the majority of crop formations appear.

Steve Page, an independent researcher, has recently produced a comprehensive geological study (diagram) showing that the overall percentage of crop formations appear on chalk land.

He found that an impressive 93% of all British formations appeared under such conditions. (diagrams)

Water has an emotive quality. It is the very essence of our being. Our bodies consist of 66% water and the planet 75%.

Water reacts unlike other liquids, it responds to external pressure and temperature.

We know that unlike other liquids, water expands rather than contracts, when it freezes; it floats (becomes less dense) when frozen; it takes more electricity to boil a pint of water than any other liquid. Robert Matthews (Daily Telegraph) reveals other strange properties, `At the heart of these breakthroughs is the famous ability of water to dissolve virtually anything. This reflects the keenness of water molecules to bind to other chemicals via the electrical charges on their atoms. But water molecules also interact with each other, briefly forming bigger, more complex structures.`

Matthews considers that these larger structures are the key to the strange behaviour and properties of water. However much work still needs to be done to gain a full understanding and at present water is almost as much an enigma as the crop circle phenomenon.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. 20 ml brown glass OR plastic bottles are used.(These are readily available from Boots.)
  2. The bottles are all filled with water from the same source. Dr Cyril Smith recommends Volvic water due to its consistency, also it contains no frequencies above 4 Htz.
  3. The bottles are then sealed with sticking plaster and initialled at the join.
  4. One bottle is placed in the centre of the formation.
  5. One bottle is placed on the perimeter of the formation (in very complex formations more bottles may be placed inside the formation). I dowse the formations and find that the `energy` increases as I walk from the centre to the perimeter. The velocities at times are incredibly strong and over the past four years the chain on my pendulum has snapped twice (my jeweller now solders the chains onto the crystal). As the chain now cannot break, the crystal itself has fractured!
  6. At least two bottles are placed at varying distances outside the formation (these are the control samples).
  7. The bottles both inside and outside are all buried at an approximate depth of 2 1/2 inches.
  8. At each event, the bottles are all buried at the same time and collected and all removed simultaneously before leaving the field.
  9. In order not to contaminate the control water samples with the energies from inside the formation, it is advised that the control bottles should be buried first and collected last.
  10. The bottles are then clearly labelled with numbers and/or letters. I also mark the labels with:
    1. The Ordinance Survey Reference number. (This is recommended as on several occasions more than one formation has appeared not only in the same area but in the same field).
    2. Any identification numbers or letters you choose, i.e.; AZ or UT etc.
    3. (1) The date the formation appeared
      (2) The date the bottles are buried and retreived.

    (The duration times between placing and retrieving vary according to the length of time spent in the field). I try to get into the formations as soon after they form as possible, but that requires establishing good relations with the farmers.

  11. The information is carefully entered into a notebook.
  12. As the bottles are retrieved make sure that;
    they do not bang against each other.
    that they do not get succussed,
    that you wrap them separately in tin foil.
  13. At the end of the season, the samples are given to an outside person, who has not been with me at the time of placing the bottles inside and outside the formations. They either remove or paste over my labels in such a way that I am unable to identify the bottles.

A suggested record is kept in a note book as follows:

Numbered sample. Replaced label
SU431001 (1) E
SU431001 (2) Z
SU431001 (3) X
SU431001 (4) L and so on

By now the identity of the samples should be completely hidden.


  1. A good stout trowel
  2. Labelled bottles. (Scientific Experiment. Please do not disturb.)
  3. Notebook and pen.
  4. Labels
  5. Compass
  6. Measuring tape.
  7. Dowsing tool.
  8. Tinfoil.
  9. A roll of plaster tape.
  10. Container for bottles.
  11. Scissors.

You can prepare quite a lot in advance.

NB. The first bottles are buried outside the formation (controls) and then the remainder are buried inside the formation. Apart from the control samples the bottles are retrieved in the same order in which they were buried; i.e. the first bottle to be buried would be the first to be dug up.

It is estimated that the bottles would be under the ground for not less than 10 minutes. It is now thought that this is sufficient time for the water to have absorbed any energies present in the soil.


Based on Dr Justa Smith's belief that water treated by a healer when measured revealed changes in the activity of the enzyme trypsin, relative to untreated water, encouraged me to think that this might be an area worth pursuing. (The influence of Enzyme Growth by the `Laying on of Hands, in The Dimensions of Healing: A symposium (Los Altos: The Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine, 1972), and B.Grad, "The Biological Effects of the `laying on of Hands' on Animals and Plants: implications for Biology" in parapsychology: Its Relation to Physics, Biology, and psychiatry, ed. G. Schneidler (McTucken, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1967)).

I enlisted the help of Dr Cyril Smith, (Electromagnetic Man. Health and Hazard in the Environment. W.Cyril Smith. Simon Best. Pub: Dent.1989). He blind tested the water samples, also two seed heads. The preliminary results were promising and whereas there is no one to one correlation of the figures if you look at the overall pattern of Water samples 1 & 2 and seed 2, you will see a measurable difference between them and Control sample (tap water) and Seed 1 (control). The final figures in water samples 1 & 2 and Seed 2 all show very similar final figures, 59Mhz, 58Mhz and 57Mhz. This showed that the water took on the same resonances as the seed and retained this resonance, thereby confirming Dr Jacques Benveniste‘s theory that water has a memory.

The two bottles 1 & 2 had been placed in formations compared to the control sample. Seed head B which came from inside a formation had very similar frequencies to the exposed bottles. This was not the case with seed head A, the control. All subsequent tests have shown similar results.

The following well developed radiesthesia technique devised by Dr Cyril Smith was used:

Detection of resonances.

For the subjective detection of resonances in water (and homeopathic potencies), the toroid or solenoid (coil) and the tube containing the water need to be orientated North-South This orientation to avoid interference from vector potential of the geomagnetic field which is in the East-West direction. The hands of the experimenter need to be on the North-South axis, one on each side of the water being measured. One hand holds a pendulum which gives a positive indication when a resonance is reached as the other hand tunes the oscillator feeding the toroid or solenoid. The resonant frequency of the pendulum matches a natural 2 Hz resonance in the autonomic nervous system (30).

The oscillator frequency is slowly increased from a starting value of near 1Hz through the kilohertz (kHz) range to a megahertz (MHz). At particular frequencies, the pendulum oscillation amplitude increases (stimulation) indicating a modulation of the investigator's response by the resonance characteristic of the sample. At other frequencies the dowsing response diminishes significantly (depression) and\or changes its direction indicating an absorption effect which in a medical context is usually an allergy response.

The results obtained by Dr Cyril Smith are as follows:
> Stimulating frequency: < Depression frequency
Control Sample (tap water) : > 1.1 MHz

Water sample 1: >9.5Hz, <17.Hz >160Hz, <9Khz,>80Khz, <960Khz, >3.6Mhz, <13.2Mhz, >59Mhz

Water sample 2: >5.5Hz, <14Hz, >140Hz, <900Hz, >6Khz, <95Khz, >350Khz, <1.36Mhz, >5.4Mhz, <15Mhz, <58M

Seed 1: <80Hz, <14Khz, >130Khz, 640Khz, >5.8Mhz

Seed 2: >7Hz, <18Hz, >50Hz, <130Hz, >650Hz, <3Khz, >16.5Khz, <120Khz, >230Khz, <440Khz, >1.26Mhz, <12.4Mhz, >57Mhz

I therefore got in touch with Dr Jacques Benveniste who also kindly agreed to test water samples.


Four samples of water from the crop fields were tested. The water was contained in 20 ml bottles, two of which came from inside formations and two were control samples. The formations tested were the Mayan Symbol at East Oakley and the Triple Spiral below Windmill Hill.

These tests were carried out blind, using the well known classical Langendorff method using Krebs-Henseleit buffer. This method tests the effects of potentised water on living tissue, the target in this case being the hearts of suitably immunised guinea pigs. Jim Lyons, a professional engineer specialising in electronics and aeronautics helped analyse these results suggesting that this is a method of identifying directly the effects of the presence of subtle energies on living tissue. Heart rate is usually an indicator of the level of energy present. This technique appears to measure percentage variation between a control sample of water flow and a potentised one".

In these tests there is a 10% variation. Most controls are below 6%, so between 6 & 10%, Dr Benveniste suggests "that something may be happening and we repeat the measures."

Bottle No 018 was the control sample buried in the same field but furthest from the Mayan Symbol formation.

Bottle 022 was buried in a shaft jutting off from the Mayan Symbol.

Bottle No 030 was the control sample buried in the same field but furthest from the Triple Spiral.

Bottle No 034 was buried in the centre of the centre circle of the Triple Spiral.

The results were as follows:

Bottle 018 022 030 034
4.1 2.7 17.1 11.3

So taking 6% as the threshold percentage, you will now see that whereas both samples from inside and outside the Mayan Symbol were below 6%, both samples from inside and outside the Triple Spiral were above 6%. The sample inside the centre circle showing increases of 51.3% and 136% over the control sample.

According to Jacques "sample 034 is clearly positive and sample 030 very positive."

Jim Lyons comments that "Although these represent a very small experimental sample, the fact that there is very good compatibility between results based on well proven experimental protocols is very comforting. This has been shown

Dr Levengood, Nobel prize winning biophysicist from the States who has dedicated many years research into analysing plants and soil taken from inside and outside crop formations and whose findings have confirmed the general belief that we are dealing with an ionised vortical plasma which when it hits the ground will discharge in the region of hundreds of thousands of volts for a nanosecond, causing the plants to soften at the base and bend over. The force then continues to break down the molecular structure inside the stalk escaping through expulsion cavities when the force becomes to great. (Slides x 2).

Dr Levengood became interested in my water experiment and tested samples for bacteria. Preliminary results showed a substantially increased level of bacteria from bottles buried inside the formations as opposed to control samples buried outside.

Two of the most dramatic 1999 formations were to appear on the same night, 12th June, in the famous East Field at Alton Barnes. The Serpent stretching 390 feet in length was dwarfed by the gigantic pictogram measuring an awe-inspiring 1024 feet from top to toe. The latter could be described as a collective inventory of all the formations that have appeared over the years since the late 1980's. Strangely despite its breathtaking size and complexity, few reports of strange effects have been received. The Serpent appeared to many to be the more powerful of the two and it was here that Christopher Bean experienced the 'myopic effect' for the first time this year. (It had occurred last year when visiting Bishop's Canning Eye of Horus and the Lockeridge `Hydra`). He describes it thus 'It occurs when looking at yellow/green stalks in a large area of flattened crop, the peripheral vision 'zones out' and you get a 'glare' in our central vision It usually lasts the duration of the visit to the formation. He also reports that after his visit to the pictogram and Serpent `I was so clumsy for the next 2 days, ripping my knees and feet open around the house, covering myself in bruises.'

Bad headaches were also reported by people visiting the Serpent formation.

Lewis Jones tells me that he experienced `Very bad headache, right side of head then both. It remained until I left the field. Then it subsided`. (photos x2)


The Hackpen Masterpiece

The masterpiece of the year was soon to appear beneath the chalk White horse at Hackpen, the magical area in-between Marlborough and Swindon so beloved by the Knights Templar. . It was found on Sunday morning, the 4th July. James Hussey the farmer told me that when the field had been sprayed the previous afternoon; there was no trace of the formation. Bordering the east edge of the field is a house with a commanding view of the field. The owners keep easily disturbed guinea fowl who make a terrible screaming noise if startled in any way. They were silent all that night and indeed the owners said there was nothing in the field at 2330 hrs when taking their dogs for a walk. It was a clear moon-lit night. (photo)

The following morning the `spiral` measuring over 300 feet in diameter was found. The complexity of this design is breathtaking and Nigel Tomsett and Debbie Pardoe, experts at drawing up formations to scale (silhouette drawings by Nigel Tomsett and Debbie Pardoe are in my book `Crop Circles, The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times`), struggled with this one for over two month. They almost gave up saying it was the most difficult one they had ever come across, even surpassing the famous 1997 Triple Spiral at Avebury Trusloe.

The precision with which the wide crescents starting at the centre narrowed at the waist and then expanded again before diminishing to a thin arc at the perimeter was astounding. Each crescent tapered to a single standing plant at the apex and each thin arc was the width of my two feet when placed tightly side by side (less than 7 inches) (photo)

Many hundreds of people visited this formation in the weeks before it was harvested in late August but it retained its form unusually well, the apexes remaining undamaged and the narrow arcs still retaining of their narrow dimensions.. When a formation is thought to be man made, it is interesting how casually and roughly it is treated by the visitors, but those that appear to be beyond the wit of man possess an inherent quality that demands and receives respect as when entering you feel you have crossed the threshold into a sacred place, the `Cathedral effect`. Both these extremes of behaviour would appear to occur unconsciously.


Clean Sweep

Christopher and his friend Linda visited the formation on the 11 July and after leaving Christopher discovered that the three bank and credit cards he had brought with him into the formation, no longer worked. They had been wiped clean. This would indicate the presence of an oscillating electromagnetic field or, according to Rodney Hale, even a simple DC field (direct current) would achieve this result, which is why we should not place our credit cards neat fridge magnets.


Accessing other dimensions

I found this formation irresistible and visited it four times. Maybe I was bewitched by the faery folk who according to legend, live beneath Hackpen Hill, and who at certain times of year invite unsuspecting visitors to share their music and revelry?

I took several people with me on all my visits and the wonder and amazement on their faces on entering the formation was a joy to witness. We also conducted the EEG and ESR tests in this formation. Isobel Maxwell-Cade and Peter Staples once more kindly gave their time and expertise to measuring the changes in the levels of consciousness and the behaviour of our autonomic system ((this regulates parts of our body that are not under our conscious control such as heart beat, intestines, the movement of the pupils of our eyes, the chemistry of our blood etc). Christopher Weeks was one of the guinea pigs and I stood in for researcher Shelley Keel who was laid low at the last minute.. We conducted tests inside the formation, then control tests at the edge of the field. We had lunch at Stones, Avebury before doing further control tests at Rockley Manor with kind permission of the owners Richard and Fiona North. Christopher Weeks had to leave early so I led the way in my car with Peter and Isobel following. At the Rockley signpost we turned off and in front of me I saw a long curving driveway leading to a lovely white Georgian house; being uncertain if this was Rockley Manor, I continued down the lane with the stone wall on my right until coming to a side entrance with two stone posts. As there were no other houses about, clearly this was Rockley Manor. I got out of my car and walked back to Peter and Isobel who had drawn up behind me and said I was going to turn round and go back and drive down the front entrance. They said they would follow me. I backed my car into a small lane in front of Peter and Isobel. I then changed my mind and decided to drive in via the side entrance. Consequently I drove right across and in front of Peter and Isobel‘s car and expected them to follow.

When I reached the house Fiona‘s charming mother, Lili Millais came out to greet me. `I am so sorry I have come in the wrong way, I meant to drive down the front entrance at the top of the lane`, I said. Lili looked at me strangely and said `But this is the front entrance, there has not been a front entrance at the top of the lane for years and years and years!`.

Where were Peter and Isobel? At last they arrived hot and bothered. `Where on earth did you go Lucy, you completely disappeared?`

I could not possibly have disappeared as I had been right in front of both Peter and Isobel all the time I had been in the lane. Also there were two of them, both scientists with rational, logical brains so it seems unlikely they should be victims of over active imaginations or self-delusion. So what is the answer? Where had I gone? Just as I had regressed in time when seeing the front drive, maybe my disappearance could be explained by my entry into another earlier time and place? This apparent lapse of time and space has happened to me on several occasions and seems quite normal at the time. Also on this occasion I could see Peter and Isobel at all times until turning into the side entrance when they were hidden from my view by the wall. Maybe I had inadvertently resonated to the same frequency as the events of that time and had thus entered another time dimension taking my car with me? Rather like Doctor Who and the Tardis!

When I asked Peter and Isabel for their version of the event, Isabel said "You simply disappeared, you were there one moment and gone the next. We drove back down the lane expecting to find you at any moment. We searched everywhere."

So how does one come back to the present time? On all occasions it appears to happen quite naturally when I find myself speaking to people who are in the present, their voices and presence snap the cord and it is only during the ensuing discussions that any happening out of the ordinary is revealed to have taken place.


Levels of Consciousness

Peter Staples's report is as follows:


Following our investigations on the changes in psycho-physical responses experienced by people in crop formations during the last six summers (1993-1998) we joined Lucy Pringle and Chris Weeks to take more measurements this summer 1999.

The approach adopted was the same; to use portable electronic biomonitoring instruments to monitor Electrical Skin Resistance (ESR), peripheral temperature and electrical brain rhythms via Electro-encephalograph (EEG), taking a set of reference measurements outdoors away from the crop formation and then taking equivalent measurements in it. The conclusions of a simple experiment of this type should be viewed as 'demonstrative' rather than 'proof' in strict scientific terms that crop circles can be an agent bringing about changes in states of consciousness.

Measurements and what they can show

In summary, measurements of changes and responses in the body are used to appraise the corresponding changes in mental/emotional state. The basis for this correspondence is empirical - derived from many hours of monitoring people and relating their subjective accounts and the observable responses with those taken objectively from the instruments. We attempt to interpret such changes in psycho-physical terminology e.g. 'shift from lethargic towards relaxed-and-alert' because these are more accessible than the physical readings from the meter scales. This obviously reflects a model of the psycho-physical responses with an objective consistency, and this was an important part of the work undertaken by Max Cade in the development of biomonitoring method and is implicit in these studies. Watching the display of the Mind Mirror EEG for even a short period shows how rapidly and frequently the spectrum of the brain wave activity can-and often does-change. The account given below is therefore a brief appraisal of the overall shift (or absence of such shifts) in the patterns of the subjects listed. Our interpretation of the EEG patterns reflects a "hierarchy! Of states of consciousness i.e. where each state has a greater level of awareness and responsiveness than the one below. Whilst there are appropriate situations for all these states, we are looking for an increase in the level of awareness and in the balancing of the two sides of the brain. This way of interpreting EEG patterns is described in the book 'The awakened Mind' by C.Maxwell Cade and Nona Coxhead.


The location was arranged by Lucy and was near Avebury in Wiltshire. The crop formation was known as the Hackpen spiral. The aerial photograph shows the shape. Our reference measurements were made in the same field but away from the formation and on the verandah of a large house nearby. The measurements in the field were made in the morning and those at the house in the afternoon. On this occasion there were not many people in the field.

It was a hot day: the temperature in the crop formation in the sun was between 30 and 37 degrees Centigrade.

Our subjects were Christopher Weeks and Lucy Pringle. We had measurements from several former sessions for Chris and Lucy.


The ESR and temperature are summarised as follows (higher ESR means lower automonic nervous system activity):

Subject ESR (left hand) ESR (right hand)
In circle in field at house in circle in field at house
Lucy 160K 160K 100K 200K 180K 115K
Chris 160K 180K 200K 220K

Subject finger temp.(left hand) finger temp(right hand)
In circle in field at house in circle in field at house
Lucy 34.5 degs 32 degs 31.5 degs 33.5 degs 35 degs 34 degs
Chris 37 degs 34 degs 33.5 degs 35 degs

We found that the brain rhythms and ESR measurements for Lucy were very similar in the crop formation and at the edge of the field away from the formation. In both cases, the readings were unlike those taken in previous years — this time showing the ”fifth• state with the left/right hemisphere in balance and alpha, beta, theta and delta present. This state which will allow more insight to problems, for example where the alpha activity assists the process of putting substance to impressions and leads to greater creativity.

Lucy‘s ESR measurements were more balanced between the left and right side and the ”normal to relaxed• range (100K to 250K). The hands were warm. Taken with the brain rhythms, this is characteristic of a ”connected• state, with the body and emotions in balance and expressing the activity of the mind. Max called this ”the Awakened Mind• — showing balance of mind and body and a state for self-healing.

Later, on the terrace of the house, Lucy‘s brain rhythms showed more ”alpha-blocking• ie. Beta and delta without the intermediate alpha activity and also the hand ESR had gone down to around 100K. This showed a less ”centred• state — the mind ”not in touch with the quiet centre•

Chris showed fairly similar measurements in the crop formation and at the edge of the crop field. Unfortunately, Chris had to go before we took the measurements at the house.

Chris‘s brain patterns showed a lot of transitory changes, with flashes of the alpha/beta/theta ”state 5• pattern but also alpha-blocking and left hemisphere dominant activity.



This time, we took measurements in the formation and in the field away from the formation as a possible control. In practise, these did not appear to be very different. A possible conclusion is that being in the formation had an effect which was still showing when we took the measurements away from the formation. The time gap here was only a few minutes.

This would be worth investigating further, for example taking a control in the field both before and after going into the formation.

The Hackpen Spiral appeared to have a great effect on Lucy, and these measurements showed a higher state of consciousness than we had witnessed in Lucy on any previous occasion.

The effect on Chris was less dramatic — we felt this formation had not really ”moved• him — but we felt that we were missing a fair control measurement to use as a comparison


Dying of Thirst

The following report falls into the category of Oral effects. Researcher Freddy Silva sent me an interesting report about his visit to the 1998 Beckhampton Five Pointed Star formation (12th August).

About half a mile before reaching the formation ` I felt pressure on my chest. In the formation felt pressure near my pineal gland, also disorientation and massive dehydration.`.

In addition he had a severe headache. On leaving the formation he drank 6 pints of water within the next hour. The extreme thirst lasted for 12 hours.


Dash to the Dentist

Another dramatic oral effect was reported by Dr Patricia Hill, who suffers from long standing toxicity since experiencing serious food poisoning in 1984, resulting in autoimmunity, neurological and organ damage and sensitivity. She has several gold crowns, one titanium implant and one amalgam filling. She tells me `I have a strong and peculiar reaction on electrical and electronic devices. Sometimes I have `reversed the polarity of such devices, causing them to malfunction or even melt down. I set off alarms, open garage doors, blow up lights, etc and have been studied because of it`. A high risk colleague!

Her story continues `When friends arrived 2nd August 1999, I took them to all the crop circles, (starting with Devil‘s Den) and one of those people, Michelle Rose and I developed a strange pain in our teeth when we went into the Devil‘s Den formation.. She was so miserable that she was ready to `charter the Concorde` to go home! Whilst visiting the next formation at Cherhill, (photo) blood started gushing from my gums. We both used clove oil, etc to no avail, and she decided to go to a dentist and have a root canal, while I decided to wait until I got home. Due to the pain, neither of us could chew, so we had to eat soft foods.

`My pain developed into a large abscess between two teeth- a gold crown and another crown, above which is a titanium implant that has broken, exposing the inner core. I had horrible pain going up into my head on the left side, into the back of my head, down my neck, under my chin, into my shoulders and to my heart. I used my detox homeopathic on the large swelling and it ruptured, filling my mouth with horrible yellow pus streaked with white. I also used Rescue Remedy, which seemed to help, but I was worried about septicaemia, so I went to a doctor and asked for erythromycin. When I got home I went to my homeopath who was delighted to hear that I had `detoxed` my liver! He pointed out that the place where the abscess had been was a liver point, and all of the places where I had felt extreme pain were also liver points which had been the cause of my migraine headaches on that side. My gum and tooth are now fine with no root canal surgery! My headache is also gone!

Since going home, Patricia reports that she is suffering from `extreme fatigue and very frequent `hot flushes` and night sweats. `I went through the menopause a few years ago and thought all of this was over!`.

This last report brings us onto the research I have been conducting into the effects of electromagnetic fields on our endocrine system. This genesis of research was due to the many reports I received of abnormal and post-menopausal bleeding after women had visited the remarkable `Julia` set` formation (915.5 x 503 feet) that had appeared during day light hours opposite Stonehenge on 7 July 1996. Since that time more and more reports have come flooding in.

Di Brown is a healer and can pick up the `energy` when visiting a formation. She relates how after visiting the beautiful Cherhill formation resting below the chalk white horse on the 12th day of her menstrual cycle, she felt `a very strong energy in this particular formation that felt good.

She felt no ill effects before, during or after her visit.

Di continues `On the 18th day of my menstrual cycle, I started to menstruate and had a rather heavy period lasting 3 days. I do not normally have a heavy period and also it was unusual that I suffered none of the normal P.M.T. (Pre Menstrual Tension) before I started to menstruate. No grouchiness, no stomach cramps, no lower back pain and no clumsiness. I usually get these about a week before. I did however have all these symptoms as I finished menstruating. This would have been the correct time for it to happen. I have a very regular 24/26-day cycle on alternative months and was very surprised to start my cycle on day 18. I ought to mention that I was sterilised 10 years ago and have no children. My cycle is now back to normal with the physical and psychological symptoms happening at the usual times.

The same anomalies happened to Di about 2 years ago after visiting several formations.

She plans to visit more formations next year and we will await results!


Hampshire Happenings

Whereas Wiltshire has been graced with the majority of formations, Hampshire has not been ignored. Visitors are not so plentiful in Hampshire and therefore the formations retain their `energy` and form far longer. Ann Smithells of Biotech Health who for several years has been testing my mineral and vitamin levels before the start of the crop circle season in March and again in September when the season is over, kindly conducted similar tests this year again this year. In 1996 and 1997 tests showed I had become severely depleted. The question was, should I submit myself to the circles again without taking any precautions? Anne was concerned and advised me against it as the decrease in both minerals and vitamins had been so considerable the previous summer. However if a test is to be scientifically credible, it must be repeatable. Therefore against Anne‘s advice and my better judgement I decided to submit myself to visiting the circles as previous years.

During the Spring and Summer of 1997 I visited many formations. On the 22 September almost 6 weeks since my final 1997 visit to a formation, Anne tested me once more. Would my vitamin and mineral levels reveal I still fit and healthy or would they show up a story of depletion similar to 1996? That I was unsure of the result indicates that I was not feeling unwell; maybe just a little tired after my hectic summer schedule, nothing more. Again the tests revealed a dramatic drop in mineral and vitamin levels. Anne reports that ”Lucy Pringle was tested in this clinic in April 1997. At that time her vitamin and mineral levels were normal.

”She was retested in mid September 1997. On this occasion her magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc mineral levels were below a healthy par and vitamin C and vitamin B5 were also very low. These results can indicate adrenal stress.

”Exhausted adrenals show as fatigue, but can also affect the efficacy of other hormones such as the thyroid and the pancreas. This was beginning to happen with Lucy.•

This was not pleasant reading and must clearly be of concern to people who spend long hours in the circles. Following these results I observed Anne‘s advice in 1998 and took the precautions recommended; my levels remained steady and within the normal range. Once again in April 1999 Anne tested me before and after the crop circle season and still taking precautions, my readings are normal.


A harkback to ancient fertility rites?

On page 45 readers may recall the research into the behaviour of hormone levels and how preliminary results showed a dramatic increase in melatonin and thyroid levels.

The genesis for the research came from six independent reports of abnormal or post menopausal menstrual bleeding in women all aged between 48 - 55 after visiting the 1996 Julia Set formation opposite Stonehenge. Since then I have discussed this aspect at all my lectures and more and more reports continue to come in. Clearly far from these being a few isolated cases they form the nucleus of a wide spread effect. In a report in 1984 by Ruth Bethall (1) Commissioner for the International Commission of Health Professionals for Human Rights, an independent body based in Geneva, Switzerland, found that in a survey of women peace activists at the U.S.A.F. base in Greenham Common, England, there were several "unusual patterns of illness ranging from severe headaches, drowsiness, menstrual bleeding at normal times or post menopausal, to bouts of temporary paralysis and faulty speech co-ordination. These were exposures to microwave irradiation." This report cannot be regarded as strict scientific evidence that people visiting crop formations are experiencing similar microwave exposure, however I have received reports of all these effects and do not believe they can be dismissed out of hand and indeed I would strongly advise all women who have suffered any abnormal or post menstrual bleeding to go to their doctor and discuss the possibility of a cervical smear and hormone assay.
This is a precautionary measure as these effects could possibly indicate some underlying problem. We do not as yet have all the required information and whereas I am aware that the reports are clearly subjective, subjective evidence is now becoming part of science to-day. We know there may be several factors involved that relate to the production of the sex hormones, oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. These are normally formed by the gonads and production is governed by other hormones from the pituitary gland, deep within the brain. As we know the cortex of our brain is affected by and is sensitive to microwave radiation; the pituitary gland can thus be affected by exposure to these micro wave (MW) and radio frequency (RF) fields whose origin may be man made or seismic. A possible reason for using certain sacred areas such as Cerne Abbas Giant, Wilmington Long Man, Uffington White Horse etc, for fertility rites in the olden days could be explained by the "seismic and (natural) static energy that under certain conditions could assist conception". In the Mayan Prophecy (Morris Cotterell) we are told that the sun was worshipped as the god of fertility, suggesting that solar radiation played an intrinsic role in human fertility. This affected the master gland, the pituitary, which as previously discussed, governs the release of hormones. That the sun not the moon, is the ruling factor in determining the production of male and female hormones in the fertility cycle, may come as a surprise. However when we consider that the moon is but a reflection of the sun the picture becomes clearer. However much more work is needed in this area.

This theory could be borne out by a report received from Oregon, USA.

"I have noted in every experience of a crop circle formation, a recurring pattern concerning women and their "monthly cycles". Those who have been present in a formation, and even those who have not actually been in the site but have been effected vicariously via telepathy or some other phenomena, are affected in their menses. Our cycles become synchronised, or magnetised to the time frame of exposure to the glyph. Of course this causes some to be "early" and some to be "late". It also reeks a little female havoc by causing an abnormal variance, ie. their cycle begins very abruptly and is often much more intense than usual....I have never had this happen to such an extreme degree as this time. My cycle began while IN the formation and it was "earlier" than I had ever experienced in all my years. This was not normal for me.

I will leave the scientific reasons why these variances should occur to the experts in those fields. The dialogue I have maintained with the circles and their makers has been on the symbolic, esoteric level. I can only go by my intuitive sense of what was going on when I experienced my cycle abnormalities. It was as if something were reverberating on a very primal level.
I recall verbalising this at the time; that there is something in our genetic or cellular level as women that remembers the ancient ritual in those times when we offered our monthly blood to Mother Earth, I remember feeling as if "she" was drawing something from me, requiring something of me, for what purpose I have no intellectual reference. But it was felt very strongly and it felt like an entirely normal process. Being that this is such a private area of our daily life, and our society is not yet comfortable in open discussion of such, I am sure there are yet many tales to be told of similar experiences."

Anne Smithells once more volunteered to continue this line of research. In order to organise these tests whilst the formation is still fresh I need to act quickly. As soon as a new formation is reported close to Petersfield I get in touch with the kindly farmer to obtain permission to carry out the tests; I then ring Biotech Health in the morning as soon as they are open and if possible they fit in 2 appointments that same day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon before and after the visit to the crop formation.

The next step is to find volunteers who can give up their day immediately. I have a list of likely people who live no further than 30 minutes drive from Petersfield. Often there are only minutes to spare in finding someone before the first Biotech appointment is due. John Sayer, Editor of the Cereologist has been an answer to my prayers and has managed to take part in the three tests carried out this summer.

The procedure for the Listen Technique tests used by Anne is as follows. The technique measures skin resistance picking up electrical energy.

The patient holds an electrode in one hand, whilst a galvanometer is pressed against an acupuncture point on a finger on the other hand.

The numerical reading is taken from this acupuncture centre. The normal scale is broadly between 48-58.

The first test was carried out on the 5th July below the Windmill opposite Butser Hill. I had observed markings in the field early that morning and was able to gather volunteers together, obtain permission from the farmer and set up the tests with Ann in record time. After the first tests were completed we entered the field but as we got deeper into the crop we were disappointed to see structured wind damage instead of a formation. What should we do, should we turn back and cancel the tests or continue? Over the years a niggling thought has been lying for the most part moderately quietly at the back of my mind, only rearing its head from time to time. In several reports Dr Levengood revealed that he found the same if not an increased degree of anomalies in certain structured wind damage crop as he found in crop taken from genuine formations. How could this be? With this in mind I decided to continue with the tests to try and establish or reject these findings. (photo of Levengood)

In the afternoon the second tests were conducted and the readings showed surprising results in the areas of thyroid and adrenaline levels. John Sayer‘s thyroid reading had dropped by a staggering 34%. Both the adrenaline levels in John and Jan Start, the other volunteer showed small differences.

On all occasions I take my 2 meters into each formation, one designed to measure electromagnetic fields in microtesla (0-19.99mT) and ELF (extremely Low Frequency) in volts per metre (0-999Vm). The second meter, a Gem Radalert, measures ionising radiation. Neither meter has revealed any anomalies this summer despite visits to a many formations.

As to be expected, the electrostatic meter is extremely sensitive and will show wildly increased measurements when walking along due simply to the friction of air passing over the sensor. Therefore to get a true reading the meter has to be placed on the ground or the holder has to stop and stand still and allow the reading to settle. In the Windmill wind damage formation it registered 001-002Vm is reported at ground level, 012Vm one metre above the ground and 075Vm (normal reading 001-002Vm).when held still at a height of 2 metres. However there were overhead pylons and these will undoubtedly have been the cause of this high reading

Unlike last year (1) no anomalies were recorded on the Gem Radalert ionising radiation meter.

Two other tests were performed in the Meonstoke and Henwood formations and on both occasions the thyroid and adrenals were mainly affected, the levels either increased or decreased. It is of particular interest that the thyroid should be so noticeably affected as unlike the adrenals it does not normally react quickly to situations due to their flight and fight mechanism. Any substantial alteration in the hormone levels occurring in the short space of time before and after entry to the formations reveals that these hormones are clearly being affected by the electromagnetic fields. (photos x2)


Measurements recorded on the Listen Instrument

John Sayer
Visit 1 Windmill Hill Visit 2 Meonstoke Visit3 Henwood
Thyroid [ [T3 -2 T3 +2 T3 +3
[ T4 +1 T4 +1 T4 +3
[TRF -2 TRF +1 TRF +4
[T2 +2 T2 +5 T2 -2
[TSH -17 TSH -3 TSH +2

Adrenal [Epinephrine -3 Epinephrine +2 Epinephrine same
[Hydrocortisone -3 HCS -1 HCS +1

Jan Start Windmill Hill Christine Arnold Henwood John Barker Meonstoke
Thyroid [ T3 -1 T3 -1 T3 same
[ T4 +1 T4 -3 T4 same
[TRF same TRF -2 TRF same
[T2 +1 T2 +1 T2 +1
[TSH -1 TSH +2 TSH +1
Adrenal [Epinephrine same Epinephrine -2 Epinephrine +4
[Hydrocortisone -1 HCS -2 HCS -3

Susan Barker Meonstoke
Thyroid [ T3 +1
[ T4 same
[TRF -1
[T2 +1
[TSH same
Adrenal [Epinephrine +1
[Hydrocortisone same HCS —2

In the final test conducted on John Sayer and Christina Arnold after visiting the Henwood formation, it was found that their Cholecystokinin levels had altered. This is so unusual as to require mention. It is a pancreatic exocrine hormone, which is responsible for secretion of enzymes and electrolytes in the duodenum. It stimulates the gall bladder to release bile into the duodenum.

These results confirm last years findings that our endocrine system is being influenced by electromagnetic fields or residual effects found in the flattened crop and/or soil. Clearly more research is needed and I am indebted to Ann Smithells for help in testing volunteers so promptly and efficiently and conducting this valuable investigation to date.

So how do we differentiate between the three conditions, genuine, certain wind damage and man-made?

The answer may lie thus.

1. In the genuine formations we have scientific proof that there is a noticeable difference in the nitrate/nitrogen contents of seeds take from genuine formations compared to the control seeds taking from outside the formation.

This is likely to be the residual effect of the electrical, vortical `force` measuring in the region of hundreds of thousands of volts for a nanosecond as it hits in ground. This results in microwave activity which softens the base of the plants, allowing them to fall over but not break. The electrical discharge then travels up the interior of the stems and, when the force becomes too great, escapes through `expulsion cavities` in the stem joints (leaf nodes). This is similar to the effect of putting a jacket potato in a microwave oven without first pricking it: the potato will explode. These `expulsion cavities in the joints are clearly visible. (photos x 2)

2. Tests on hormone levels reveal an unexplained degree of disturbance in the endocrine system. These could be the result of the electromagnetic fields created by natural forces.

3. There is a consciousness present in everything around us, the `Gaia` consciousness as James Lovelock calls it; in genuine formations due to their very size and complexity there is evidence of an additional intelligence, intent and focussing. This element takes us beyond the scope of everyday science in to areas as yet little understood or explored. This unexplained area of mystery is possibly why we are still engaged in investigating this phenomenon?

In certain wind damaged structures all the above criteria are present apart from any evidence of an additional intelligence, intent and focusing.

In the man-made formations there is evidence of intelligence, intent and focussing but no evidence of the natural changes brought about by the forces of Nature as revealed in scientific tests.


Happiness in Hampshire

As in previous years the psychological reports have been largely beneficial.

Accounts such as `the formation seemed alive and I felt really, really strong and self confident whereas since last October (98) I have been feeling low and insecure. I ran around like an idiot and despite all the energy flying around, I felt still, peaceful and focussed`.

In particular Artist Dorothy Colles who lives close to me in Petersfield had a remaining ambition in life; to visit a crop formation!.. However there were certain difficulties as recently she has suffered from Macular Degeneration, an eye condition whereby her sight is severely and increasingly limited. She is 82 and also suffers from arthritis. She is possessed of a penetratingly clear mind and during the war worked in Photographic Intelligence in the Middle East.

The formation needed to be close to Petersfield, freshly formed and within easy walking distance from the car.

The first formation we visited was the lovely Warnford `knot`. The farmer was enormously helpful and relaxed about its appearance on his land and told us that the damage caused to his crop would not be more than £25 at the most. We entered the formation on a sunny day in July. Dorothy and I walked slowly round the formation examining the general lay but as so often happens, the desire to sit quietly and meditate was overwhelming. Dorothy immediately knew exactly where she wanted to sit. `You will have to pull me up later` she announced. I went to an area close by and sank into a deep meditation. After what seemed like a short time (but was in fact 30 minutes) Dorothy‘s head suddenly appeared over the top of the standing crop. No help had been needed, there she was, standing upright, having shot up like a cork out of a bottle!

Dorothy recounts her visit thus `This was the first formation I had ever been inŒ.first impression was of an affectionate amused sense of ”welcome• from the image to me. I was struck with wonder. There was a feeling of Presence-wholly benign. When I laid down on the laid corn an uprush of security and assurance that was amazing and as I stroked the horizontal layering it felt as responsive as a family animal, a pony, a labrador or whatever- it was familiar not strange.

I got up without the usual arthritic creaks and effort without even noticing and left the beautiful quadruple rings with regret. Would have liked all day there with them and that all-encompassing friendliness. There was no sense of time.

I am 82 and have collected several impediments along the way but none of this seemed relevant while we were there. Afterwards the energy bubbled up in everyday life. When I go to bed I deliberately re-live the moment of walking in and lying down and that initial delight before I sleep- it‘s a bedtime blessingŒŒ

Dorothy‘s second visit was to the clearly imprinted `nautical` formation that appeared hidden behind Henwood in between East and West Meon. The setting was magical, no house or building to be seen among the gently rolling hills where once our Neolithic ancestors must have scraped a meagre living. It was like a private `secret garden`

Dorothy describes her visit `It hadn‘t been disturbed — we might even have been the first in. `There was a brilliant sharpness to the images. The exquisitely laid cornstalks were all bouncy and the clockwise flow was like a quick stream. There was a sense of ongoing movement. It had not the motherly ambience of the Warnford rings; it was full of uprush as though the energy could not wait. It felt young in a way I can‘t explain, as though it couldn‘t wait to express itself in vitality; not paying attention to us like Warnford, but just allowing us to be a part of this surge of energy.'

As in the Warnford rings, Dorothy sat on the ground for some time and again needed no assistance when standing up.

The memory of the circles continues to live with her. Unfortunately her sight has not improved but the resultant energy and joy has made her problems more easy to bear.

I often see Diana X of Petersfield, the osteoporosis sufferer who still remains free of pain following her visit to the `Pastrycutter` formation at Teaglease Down, East Meon in 1997.

The sense of a `presence` continues to be reported and Felicity Jones related how `I felt as though we were being followed and watched` when visiting the Allington Cube.


Wiltshire Wonderland

Hampshire was not alone in generating joyous happenings, After a visit to the Roundway `Rain-drop  formation Felicity also reported `I felt ecstatic. Tingling in hands and feet. Re-energised`.

Similar experiences were reported by Patricia Hill and Barbara Lamb after visiting the glorious Wiltshire Roundway Raindrop (photo) the morning after it had formed. Patricia recounts `As we were walking down the tramline towards it, I was `hit` by an energy field that almost knocked me down. As we entered the circle, I heard and felt buzzing and popping sensations and the crop was warm and spongy. I burst I into tears, and felt that I was `losing it`! The sensation was exhilarating once I got used to it — a tingling that would build up almost to orgasmic proportions and a sensation of static electricity on my skin that was only relieved if I left the ground!! I had to jump up frequently as we walked towards the centre, where the energy changed. I dowsed and found it to be moving in the opposite direction from the circle. I felt peaceful, blissful and close to God, so I sat for a long time and meditated, joining with others who came and chanted, prayed and sang. I cannot tell you how uplifted I felt there.

`At one point I lay down on the ground to see where the sound was being generated, and I could hear a sound from the wheat itself- a sort of sporadic `snap, crackle and pop`, as contrasted with the buzz of the power lines and was surprised that I could tolerate it, because generally I cannot. I normally get a migraine and am nauseated or have diarrhoea near such a powerful electrical force.`


Mechanical failures.

As mentioned earlier, I have had no anomalous readings from my two meters despite visiting several formations within 12-24 hours of their forming. However reports of electrical and mechanical failures have abounded this summer. The beautiful formation near the ancient burial site at Devil‘s Den, Clatford producing the largest number. The anomalies became so regular and commonplace one man on recounting the story of his battery failure said `And I was stupid enough to put my equipment on the ground inside the formation. I should have known better!`

The wondrous Hackpen Hill spiral was also responsible not only for wiping bank and credit cards but for the camera belonging to American friends of Roger Taylor‘s.

Roger sent this report `We were in a crop circle on Hackpen Hill, 1st August, with some American friends. Their camera would not focus properly, so that they were unable to take any pictures. On taking it to the shop, it turned out the battery (which had been almost new) was flat. After getting a new battery, they were able to take pictures in other crop circles, but there was still a residual problem with the auto-focus`

Roger has a very sensitive and advanced programme using computerised Kirlianography, which sends a high voltage discharge from the finger to the electrode. He refused to take it into any crop formations for fear of costly electrical disturbance to the programme.

In the three segmented formation at Liddington Castle a brand new camcorder with 2 new batteries had complete battery failure within 2 minutes.

Paul Vigay experienced a strange happening with his mobile telephone in the Cherhill formation `We (Cathy and I) visited it around 11am on the Sunday morning after it had formed the previous day, 16th July, (photo) and I was trying to draw a diagram on the computer (A Psion 5MX palm top computer) which was working perfectly. I was then having difficulty trying to work out what it looked like so I thought I'd log onto the internet to examine the aerial photo. I've an Eriksson SH888 Mobile Phone with internal infrared modem (ie. you don't need a lead to plug into the computer, you just put the computer next to the infrared sensor and the two can talk to each other in a similar way to a TV remote control etc).

`Anyway, the mobile phone was working fine - I phoned Freddy Silva and you and the computer was working fine - ie. no dead batteries etc.

`However, for some reason it wouldn't communicate with the phone properly. It kept coming up with a 'bad link' error. I've never had this ever since I've had the phone or computer (and I've used it for checking emails etc whenever I go away). Therefore I suspected something wrong with the link, but that's infra-red so it's not like a lead or anything had worked loose or broken. There is nothing to go wrong with infra-red - unless there is something interfering with the signal. I put the two right next to each other and shielded from the sun (which does emit infra-red) so that it wouldn't get interference from anywhere. It still wouldn't work. Paul reported that it worked perfectly before and after visiting the formation.

The final story comes from Patricia Hill . 'Late on the evening of 18th July Barbara Lamb and I went to the Barge Pub looking for someone. It was just closing and the only person in the pub was a very strange little man, who seemed to be drunk. He also did not seem to know how to smoke the cigarette that was hanging from the corner of his mouth; it had a long ash and he was squinting from the smoke. He came over close to me and my first impulse was to walk away, but I said to myself, "listen to him, he has something to offer".
He proceeded to compliment me profusely, telling me how "glamorous" and "pretty" he thought I was, and I again fought the urge to walk away. He then said he was totally objective because he was "gay", and he was not trying to pick me up! He started talking about a place called "Devil's Den" and pulled out a well worn map to point out where it was, insisting that Barbara and I must go there. He said he thought it was the most important historical spot in England and that it was somehow terribly important for us to go there the next morning. He even made us promise that we would go. As we left, he again said "you are very pretty!"

We left the Barge shaking our heads and laughing at his strangeness. Barbara said he had shown her some strange drawings when I had walked into the other room. We jokingly said that maybe he was an alien! (Or maybe he was one of the faery folk who had wandered from the nearby Hackpen Hill to seek briefly the company of mortals? 'The next morning we went out to look at crop circles and in the afternoon met a mutual friend in the Cherhill Formation who told us that Colin Andrews had discovered "The Holy Grail" of all crop circles that morning at Devil's Den! We went there the following morning and spent at least two hours in the formation.
I had brought my Sony digital video camera and taped extensively, using special effects At one point I laid my camera on the ground in the centre of one of the small circles and immediately remembered Ron Russell telling me how he had done the same one time and had damaged his camera. I snatched it up, but too late; my 8-hour $150 battery was dead, and I could not recharge it fully. It read strangely on my equipment; `full` on the camera, but `3 hours` on the charger, no matter how long I left it to charge. I have two batteries and the other one, which was left in the room, was normal

`This also happened to the batteries on the same type of camera owned by the woman with whom I had travelled last year, who had a `nervous breakdown` and was acting very strangely as we were going around visiting the crop circles. she had to go home early as a result`.

During her visit to the Devil's Den `Star` formation Patricia reported that `I seemed more clear mentally (but worse physically) and was able to understand for the first time, the complicated digital effects of my TV camera, which I had used to photograph the crop circle. (I have had the camera 7 months). It seemed most intense if I sat in the centre swirl of the pattern. I almost felt as if I was being instructed.`

After being in the formation `The battery ($150 lithium ion rechargeable) in my camera would not charge fully and caused strange readings on the meter. This has continued. It is inconsistent, registering fully charged but having the wrong amount of time on it. The readings on the camera and charger are different when they should be the same.

Decreased mental clarity is also frequently reported. Christopher Bean was particularly taken with the Windmill Hill `Square`. `I could not get the formation out of my mind until I'd got back to Bournemouth and had drawn it on maths paper. It took me three attempts to get what is in fact a rather simple formation, onto the paper properly. I had counted each circle in the formation and drawn it into my note book in real-time as I walked the lengths. I found that there was a rhythm between my counting each successive circle aloud and the steps I was taking. Between circles 12 and 13 on each side, I had to walk 2-3 steps before 13 and continuing on to 24 (the amount of circles along the flanks). From this I knew there was a gap of standing crop halfway down each side which the aerial shots have illustrated.

`I could recite or recall the formation easily but this didn't stop me making countless errors when drawing it at home. I kept wanting 12 circles per side instead of 24. A full day later I realised what I was doing wrong and finally managed to draw it correctly.

Sitting on a magic carpet

This formation was also known as the `Magic Carpet` and Marion Simmonds, Secretary of UNEX (Unexplained Phenomenon Society) experienced some `magical ` moments.

`I went into one of the small circles which had not been trampled by previous visitors and felt a strong urge to call my male companion into it as well.

We held hands in the circle and concentrated. I suddenly knew what he was thinking, and knew what the problem was. We stayed in the circle for about 5 minutes, and upon leaving I asked him to tell me what he had been thinking. At first he refused, but then conceded, and it was exactly what I had thought. Afterwards I felt I was able to help with his fears`.

Experienced researcher Shelly Keel also suffered difficulties when visiting the Hackpen Spiral with Colin Andrews, within a week of its appearance. `The noise in my right ear got very loud the closer I got to the centre. I was trying to write down how I was feeling but I could not get my mind to work with my hand so there was a lot of scribbling out along with unprintable language. Where the noise in my right ear was so loud I was shouting to Colin Andrews who I was with at the time, telling him what was happening. He was having similar problems.

`By moving towards the edge of the formation it seemed to get quieter the close I got to the edge.

Shelly also reported that she experienced the `metallic/acid taste in my mouth. This also happened the first time I visited the circle, that was the day after it was found `(4 July 1999). This time she did not suffer from any audio problems.

Shelly has no metal, amalgam or gold fillings in her mouth.

I have experienced this effect on several occasions and only ever in crop formations never anywhere else. It is invasive and cloying and I cannot get rid of it by any physical means. Researcher Debbie Bensted has also often experienced this or a similar taste and to her it is the litmus test of a genuine formation.

After discussing this effect at the Conference in Andover in 1995, a woman came up to me `I have got that taste in my mouth now and I am not in a crop formation.` It turned out she was a diet maintained diabetic and that as soon as her ketones were breaking down, she got this taste indicating that she must replenish her protein level.

I believe this taste could be reflecting a drop in our blood sugar level, indicating a variation in our insulin output, which in turn is controlled by the pancreas, part of our endocrine system.

What is that noise?

Over the years there have been many reports of strange trilling and chirping noises being heard in crop formations or their vicinity. We know that when human beings are exposed to pulsed microwave radiation, they hear audible sounds. These can seem to appear from near the head or within the head. These sounds have been described as clicking, buzzing or trilling. Does that sound familiar?

Two interesting, independent reports were sent to me by seasoned researchers Heather Collins and Felicity Jones

When visiting the Beckhampton Knot that had appeared on 28th July, Felicity tells me she felt very tired and sleepy which lasted for the duration of her visit. Whilst inside the formation she was drawn to the centre and `felt a pulsating energy, like a slow heart beat`. After her visit she `kept seeing glimpses of white lights in the house. She is accustomed to seeing them over her television.

Heather Collins reported that she along with 5 other females, visited the Cherhill formation 2/3 days after it had formed. `After we had been in the formation 25/20 minutes, Ann said she thought she had heard the crop circle "chirrup". We started walking slowly round together, and after a couple of minutes we both heard it. Not quite like the sound we'd heard on tapes, but more of a liquid sound, like a bubble coming out of mud but more high pitched. Quite a short one and just once, then silence. I then called to the others to sit down and listen. After another minute or two Ann and I heard the sound again, coming from an area of flattened crop between us and Yvonne, who was in the same `segment`. She also heard a sound at the same time, but said it was on the other side of her, as if the formation had emitted the pulse in different places at the same time.
When she heard it, she said she'd heard it a few minutes before, but assumed it was a bird. The other 3, in another patch of flattened crop heard nothing, but thought they'd been talking at the vital moment! About 10 minutes later as Kate was alone, she heard the sound, but said if she hadn't been told to listen, she wouldn't have realised what it was. The other two didn't hear it. I heard it 4 or 5 times at one/two minute intervals.

Could these sounds be the result of exposure to pulsed microwave radiation?

We know that people placed in these conditions hear sounds that appear to emanate from close to or within the head (microwave-induced auditory effect). These sounds range from clicks, buzzes or chirps.

Rattling Ribs

As reported in `Daydreams and Dragons`, The Circular, Issue 33, page 20, extreme and unexpected hunger pangs have been experienced by several people, myself included. In my case this was most unusual as I am not a big eater and quite often go comfortably without food from a light breakfast until a late lunch maybe around 4 p.m. Last year we had just finished a good lunch at the normal time, before visiting the Butser Hill formation to conduct hormone tests. The acute hunger experienced was therefore most surprising and out of the ordinary.

Ann Heckle visited the Roundway `Rain Drop` soon after it had formed and reports `After I‘d been in the crop formation for about 20 minutes I became aware that I was feeling very shaky (especially my legs) and I was incredibly hungry. I nearly tore open my sandwich box on the spot. The feeling lasted for the remainder of the day.

Ann goes on to say that `What I felt was happening was that I had been in a stressful situation for many months, which I had partially suppressed in order to be able to carry on with life. This situation had been 99% resolved the previous evening on the telephone.

`I wonder whether the cop circle had activated a sort of clearing out of the built up tension, as I then felt exhausted and slept immediately on my return home in the early afternoon`.

Ann‘s experience is interesting as we all know that when we are suffering from internal stress we are more vulnerable to external situations. However living such high-speed lives we are all exposed to a certain degree of stress and we have to try and learn how best to cope.

Escher cubes

An extraordinary formation christened the `Escher` Cube appeared on the 24th June in wheat at Allington in Wiltshire. Such was the 3-D effect from the air, I had to visit it in order to convince myself that it really was 2-D after all!

Christopher Bean visited the formation suffering from a bad headache ``Woke up that morning with a tense headache, after 20 minutes in the formation my headache had gone`.

M.C. ESCHER was a Dutch artist (1898-1972). A graphic designer of immense ability. He denied any mathematical knowledge or ability despite using Platonic solids and displaying an astonishing mathematical brain in his designs.

He was an illusionist and teaches us to look at things in a different and unconventional way.


So what can we say about the `1999 season? The formations as numerous as ever, displayed a richness and variety of shapes greater than previously witnessed. Also for the most part we were blessed with friendly farmers who have been gracious and helpful allowing research to take place and careful visitors to enter. I would like to extend my thanks to all those with whom I have been in contact, for their co-operation and hospitality. It seems to me that by charging a small fee the farmer keeps control of his crop by indicating the entry point and visitors are only to glad to pay the fee and have the opportunity of entering and enjoying the formations.

However there was one notable exception. On the morning of the 8th August, a formation appeared in a sloping field at Bishop‘s Cannings, Wiltshire, which had hosted the 1994 Scorpion. The new event was discovered at 6.30am and by 9.30am on the same morning, the farmer had harvested a narrow strip of the field, this strip containing the `Basket`. By sheer good fortune Ulrich Kox, a dedicated German researcher, happened to be flying over this field at 8.30am and was able to record this amazingly beautiful woven formation. It was unlike anything ever seen before, the stems of the plants intricately interlaced together in between circles with standing perimeters. The second masterpiece of the year.

How far have we got with our research and how conclusive are the scientific results? As we are only too well aware, everything in science moves slowly as in order to satisfy mainstream science tests need to be repeatable. The fact that this may take years is little understood by the media who unless they have instant answers seek to undermine and trivialise the phenomenon.

The tests conducted in previous years on the water buried in 20 ml bottles compared with control samples have all shown remarkable anomalies using varying techniques. Dr Cyril Smith applied his resonance technique, Dr Jacques Benveniste injected potentised water into living cells and Dr Levengood tested for bacteria The good will and time of these kind people must inevitably come to an end eventually and I am still looking for a laboratory that has the facility to conduct further tests in this area. Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful to date as no funding is available. However the above mentioned preliminary results indicate that this research is worthy of continued interest.

Testing for changes in hormone levels is an exciting field .and has a potential capability of producing the repeatable and definitive results needed. My thanks to Anne Smithells and her team for their unstinting help and enthusiasm.

The E.S.R and E.E.G tests conducted by Isobel Maxwell-Cade and Peter Staples over a continuous period of seven years, have all shown marked differences in the our of our levels of consciousness and behaviour of our autonomic nervous system when analysed against the results taken from control tests outside, (apart from the 1998 tests when unknown to the participants, the tests were performed inside the BBC man made formation)

So where do we go from here?

As new technological material becomes available, it is now possible to obtain portable lap top computers with advanced systems and programmes taking us forward to the next step, allowing us to measure, observe and monitor both the EEG, ESR and hormone levels simultaneously in situ and be able to analyse and compare the results. This will lead to a more comprehensive and definitive study of how electromagnetic fields are affecting living systems and has potentially exciting possibilities, leading us to a greater and more coherent understanding of the relationship and communication between the mind and body.

That similar physical and psychological effects as discussed in this book also occur in stone circles and labyrinths will be pursued and discussed in a later book.

My thanks to all the members of the scientific fraternity who have been generous in giving their time and advise. In particular Anne Silk, Jim Lyons, Roger Taylor, Rodney Hale, Anne Smithells, Isobel Maxwell-Cade, Peter Staples and many others. But most of all I am indebted to all of you who have gallantly taking the time and trouble to complete and return the reports of your experiences in the fields or in the vicinity of the formations. Without your help this research would not progress. Please keep up the good work and rest assured that all that you tell me is in confidence unless you have given permission otherwise.

We are dealing with an unconventional phenomenon and maybe Escher is pointing us towards a new approach and raising of our understanding of the subject. Maybe we need to explore the way we look at things from different/new angles. Should we be looking for unfamiliar and unusual explanations? Should we change our ways of exploration and examination? It seems flexibility and agility in our thinking is required.

1. Paralysis by Microwave. Richard M, Neal, Jr.,M.D. Mufon UFO Journal No 283 November 1991