Are you Awake? ~ 2002

It is now April 2002 and almost two years has gone by since I last wrote up my scientific findings. My research, investigating the effects of electromagnetic fields on living matter continues apace. These findings are based primarily on three areas of research gathered from effects experienced personally and those submitted by other people. Tests are conducted inside and outside crop circle formations. The first of these experiments consists of analysis of water buried inside formations as compared with control samples buried outside and away from the formation; secondly investigation into changes occurring in our brain wave patterns and levels of consciousness; recorded responses from the left and right hemispheres and the autonomic nervous system of volunteers, and thirdly the measuring and recording of changes in hormone levels.

As always I am greatly indebted to all those wonderful people who have taken the time and trouble to complete and return my questionnaires. Your help is invaluable; you are the prime source of information that enables me to progress with these investigations and

without your help the exciting progress we are making in these various fields of research would not be possible.

In 2000 I received a large number of reports but in 2001 due to the widespread Foot and Mouth epidemic, fewer people visited the circles from both here and abroad, thereby significantly reducing the number of submitted reports.

My original database, constructed at great length by publisher and geometer John Martineau, was a Paradox programme which unfortunately had several drawbacks. Almost as soon as it was installed it became obsolete but worse still, I was unable to print our any of the reports I entered. Several computer experts over the years tried in vain and without success to overcome this drawback. In addition they were unable to download or back up the programme. It was researcher Debbie Pardoe who eventually succeeded in downloading the programme; it then took her 48 hours before she was able to translate the programme into a language her computer understood. Debbie achieved this in 1997 and the downloaded material took me up to report L263.

In February 2000 my computer crashed terminally and all my data was irretrievably lost.

You can imagine my despair after years of dedicated work. Thankfully all was not lost as I still had the hard copies safely guarded.

Astrophysicist Jazz Rasool has gallantly come to the rescue and is in the process of constructing a programme, which hopefully will allow us to conduct proper analysis of the various effects submitted. However unfortunately it is another Paradox programme which I, like others, find painful to use. Filling in data is a time consuming affair and it will be many months before all the reports are reinstalled.

Before continuing with this report I would like to remind you of the various categories of reported effects:


ORAL (taste (metallic), tooth pain, unusual thirst)

CRANIAL (headaches)

OCULAR (vision changes, hallucination)


GUT (nausea, diarrhoea, sudden hunger etc.)

SYSTEMIC (dizziness, weak knees, leg pain etc.)

MENTAL (thought processes affected, short-term memory loss, feelings of panic,

terror. evil, peace, love and light, disorientation, sense of a presence)

As I have mentioned previously, the number of negative physical reports are marginally greater than the positive reports; whereas the psychological effects are largely beneficial. I believe the reason for this is that on the whole, people do NOT expect to feel ill when visiting a crop circle; the excitement of the occasion, the scenery, the general atmosphere would normally make the visitors feel well or better, therefore if they do suffer any ill effects they record them and send them to me, whereas if they feel well, it goes un-noticed unless a dramatic event such as healing takes place.

One of the most common effects over the years has been a feeling of euphoria; of being uplifted into other realms of consciousness and the ability to access other dimensions. This is a wonderful experience and very moreish in nature. Having experienced these effects personally from the very early days, I was intrigued to know what was happening to people's brains during these events and whether any measurable changes were taking place?

Clearly the effects of electromagnetic fields are affecting certain areas of our brains with sometimes dramatic results. The most memorable involved of a friend of mine who suffers from Parkinson's Syndrome. It is a most debilitating and punishing condition, the sufferer shaking continuously many times a second. Having exhausted the avenues of orthodox medicine, Mary decided to give crop circles a try. On my recommendation, she and friend sat in the centre of the spectacular Torus Knot (photo 1) that appeared at Alton Priors in 1996. They remained there for 20 minutes and for the following 24 hours, Mary did not shake once. You can imagine the fantastic physical relief she experienced. Unfortunately after 24 hours the shaking returned. However if we could measure the frequencies experienced by Mary during her visit to the crop circle that affected the area of her brain that controlled the shaking, we might have a cure for Parkinson's. This is a huge statement to make and surely one that deserves further attention? The answer is, unfortunately, we do not have the funding to pursue a field of investigation that must be of universal importance to the many Parkinson's sufferers and the medical fraternity as a whole.

Therefore it was in 1993 that I approached Isobel Maxwell-Cade, (widow of biofeedback pioneer, Maxwell Cade who wrote the definite book on the subject "The Awakened Mind" ) and Peter Staples. Last summer was the ninth year of conducting these tests and over that period a splendid database has been built up. I have written up these results annually apart from the last two years of 2000 and 2001, which I now present.

Eighth Test on the

Psycho-Physical Changes

Invoked within a Crop Circle

Report of Measurement

from Eversleigh, Nr. Pewsey,

Wiltshire, 23.7.2000

Peter Staples and Isabel Maxwell Cade

1. Introduction

Following our investigations on the changes in psycho-physical responses experienced by people in crop formations during the last seven summers (1993 to 1999) we joined with Lucy Pringle and fellow researchers and enthusiasts to take more measurements this summer. This time we also had Anne Smithells from the Biotech Health and Nutrition Centre who also measured each of the subjects.

The approach we adopted was to use portable electronic biomonitoring instruments to monitor Electrical Skin Resistance (ESR), peripheral temperature and electrical brain rhythms via Electro-encephalograph (EEG), taking sets of reference measurements within the crop formation and in the same field but away from the formation.

The conclusions of a simple experiment of this type should be viewed as "demonstrative" rather than "proof" in strict scientific terms that the crop circles can be an agent in bringing about changes in states of consciousness.

2. Measurements and what they can show

The nature of these measurements and what they can show is summarised in the article "A test on the psycho-physical changes invoked within a crop circle" in The Circular, Vol4:4, March 1994, pages 13 to 15, to which the reader is referred.

In summary, measurements of changes and responses in the body are used to appraise the corresponding changes in mental/emotional state. The basis for this correspondence is empirical - derived from many hours of monitoring people and relating their subjective accounts and the observable responses with those taken objectively from the instruments. We attempt to interpret such changes in psycho-physical terminology eg. "shift from lethargic towards relaxed-and-alert" because these are more accessible than the physical readings from the meter scales. This obviously reflects a model of the psycho-physical responses with an objective consistency, and this was an important part of the work undertaken by Max Cade in the development of biomonitoring method and is implicit in these studies.

Watching the display of the Mind Mirror EEG for even a short period shows how rapidly and frequently the spectrum of brain wave activity can - and often does - change. The account given below is therefore a brief appraisal of the overall shift (or absence of such shifts) in the patterns of the subjects listed.

Our interpretation of the EEG patterns reflects a "hierarchy" of states of consciousness ie. where each state has a greater level of awareness and responsiveness than the one below. Whilst there are appropriate situations for all these states, we are looking for an increase in the level of awareness and in the balancing of the activity of the two sides of the brain. This way of interpreting EEG patterns is described in the book "The Awakened Mind" by C. Maxwell Cade and Nona Coxhead.

One of Max's states is delta on its own, which corresponds to deep (dreamless) sleep but we also see this pattern in wakefulness when accessing preconscious impressions or searching, for example searching memory or when dowsing. When delta is present with beta, but with little of the intermediary frequencies (particularly alpha), Max termed this "alpha blocking".. The beta represents the externalising eg. putting thoughts into terms for communicating to others, but without alpha, this function is blocked from the source of the its subconscious origins reflected in the delta activity. Alpha acts as a bridge for the transmission of impressions form the subconscious to the conscious functions.

"Fifth state", with balanced left/right alpha, beta and theta is often found in peak experience and in creative experience and the state provides the potential for the intuitive and empathetic attunement. When present with warm hands and a free moving hand ESR, this is a stress free state where energy flows freely and you are less likely to experience the effects of stress or feel drained.

3. Location

The location was arranged by Lucy and was at Milton House Farm,(photo 2) near Eversleigh, which is near Pewsey in Wiltshire. The crop formation was known as the Celtic Cross. The aerial photograph shows the shape. Our reference measurements were made on the track between the field with the formation and the next field, a couple of hundred yards away. The control measurements were made in the morning and those in the formation in the afternoon. On this occasion there were not many other people in the field.

It was a mild but overcast day with a breeze. The temperature was in the low twenties Centigrade.

Our subjects were Christopher Weeks, Jim Lyons, Simeon Hein and Val Southorn. findings

The ESR and temperature are summarised as follows (higher ESR means lower autonomic nervous system activity):

Subject ESR (left hand) ESR (right hand)
control in formation control in formation
Jim 450K 500K 600K 500K
Val 450K 300K 350K 300K
Simeon 50K 90K 55K 90K
Chris 800K 800K 700K 800K
Subject finger temp. (left hand) finger temp. (right hand)
control in formation control in formation
Jim 31 degs 32 degs 29 degs 30 degs
Val 22.5 degs 28 degs 22.5 degs 24.5 degs
Simeon 30 degs 27 degs 30 degs 27 degs
Chris 24 degs. 24 degs 24.5 degs 24.5 degs

In the control, Jim showed three typical brain rhythm patterns - one being the "state five" pattern, another the alpha-blocking pattern and the other all activity closed down apart from a little delta. In the formation, Jim showed only the second of these but in the control, the activity was more left hemisphere oriented and in the formation more right hemisphere oriented. The ESR and temperature measurement showed a fairly fixed state of the autonomic nervous system in both cases, with high ESR with limited movement.

The interpretation is that within the formation, Jim was in a more introspective state with less actively relating impressions below consciousness, more feeling (right brain) than cognitive.

Val showed very strong and fairly stable "state 5" brainwave patterns in the control but showed continuous alpha blocking in the formation often with delta but no theta. We interpreted this as "dazed" - as if she were cutting off from an experience proceeding at a deep level of consciousness (delta). In replaying the recordings, it was hard to accept that this was the same person. Val's hands were warmer in the formation, showing that she was comfortable with the situation even though "dissociated" from the cognitive experience.

Simeon showed mostly alpha blocking brain states both in the control and in the formation ie. with beta and delta and some theta but little alpha. He also showed a pattern which was mostly just delta when in the formation, eg. mainly preconscious activity. Simeon's ESR was generally low, typically 50K to 90K which shows continuous activity towards the "flight or fight" response. This is again a sign of dissociation of mental functions from the body.

We have monitored Chris over several years and his brain patterns appeared more stable and with more alpha than in previous years in the control. In the formation, Chris's brain rhythms were very asymmetric eg. with beta and alpha on the left hemisphere and none on the right and theta and delta on the right and little on the left hemisphere. We interpreted this as Chris not being in touch with an introspective experience taking place mostly in the right brain hemisphere below the level of awareness.

5. Conclusions The interpretation of these measurements, particularly the change in the brain rhythms of all our subjects between the control and the crop formation had us somewhat perplexed. We have not come across a comparable situation in the crop formation studies taken with Lucy over the previous seven years.

Some of the subjects were displaying very balanced and creative rhythms characteristic of "state 5" ie. "associated mind and body" and relaxed and aware. When they were in the formation, they showed a dissociated state where they were aware of what was going on around them (externally) but unaware of powerful pre-conscious activity which was clearly shown on the Mind Mirror in the right brain theta and delta waves.

It was as if something was not allowing them to consciously connect to this experience - shown by the continuous alpha blocking. When we asked our subjects what they were thinking about, none of them reported anything special - rather like when you wake you can't recall the dreams of the past night - only these subjects were awake at the time !

This rather struck a chord with the old adage of psychic investigators of the Victorian era finding their plates fogged on each attempt to capture a phenomenon on photograph !

Ninth Test on the

Psycho-Physical Changes

Invoked within a Crop Circle

Report of Measurement

from Beckhampton,

Wiltshire, 29.7.2001


The location was arranged by Lucy and was at a farm off the main road at Beckhampton in Wiltshire. The crop formation was known as the Beckhampton Clover Leaf. (photo 3) The aerial photograph shows the shape. Our reference measurements were made in a barn near the field with the formation. The control measurements were made in the morning and those in the formation in the afternoon. On this occasion there were not many other people in the field.

It was a hot sunny day with little breeze. The temperature in the barn (in shade) was 31degrees and in the crop formation between 35 and 38 degrees Centigrade.

Our subjects were Christopher Weeks, Clare Ridgeway, Lucy Pringle and Val Southorn.

1. Findings

The ESR and temperature are summarised as follows (higher ESR means lower autonomic nervous system activity):

Subject ESR (left hand) ESR (right hand)
control in formation control in formation
Chris 300K 400K 250K 250K
Clare 300K 250K 200K 250K
Lucy 250K 200K 400K 250K
Val 150K 180K 200K 150K
Subject finger temp. (left hand) finger temp. (right hand)
control in formation control in formation
Chris 36.5 degs 37.5 degs 36 degs 38 degs
Clare 36 degs 38 degs 36 degs 38 degs
Lucy 32 degs 37.5 degs 33 degs 38 degs
Val 37 degs. 36.5 degs 38 degs 36.5 degs

We found that Chris showed three characteristic EEG patterns. When in the barn (control), his patterns were left brain dominant - a theta/alpha pattern with surges of beta and delta which manifested when he had his attention on something interesting and a second pattern with much less alpha and theta and more delta when his mind was "idling". In the crop formation, he showed a third pattern which was like the second but more predominantly right brain. This pattern represents a more passive state - less "in control" than the left hemisphere dominant states in the control. It was as though he was in some kind of a dream or reverie state and not consciously connected with the process.

Clare showed mainly "alpha-blocking" patterns both in the barn with beta and delta and in the crop formation. There was more beta on the left hemisphere in the control and generally more theta in the formation - like in dream imaging.

Lucy showed strong balanced alpha/beta/theta patterns in the control with a tendency to "cut-off" or "idle" when the attention was inactive. In the formation, the pattern was much more closed down, typically with little activity other than theta and delta and a little beta, more like "trance" than "analysing".

For Chris, Clare and Lucy, the control measurements were taken in the barn before lunch and the measurements in the crop formation after lunch. Because we were not initially going to monitor Val, we took the control measurements in the barn after taking measurements in the formation.

Val showed very strong and fairly stable "state 5" brainwave patterns in the control but showed continuous alpha blocking in the formation often with delta but no theta. This is very similar to the measurements taken the year before. We were surprised at the liveliness of the responses in the control compared with those in the formation even though they were taken only a few minutes apart.

5. Conclusions The previous year, we had some difficulty finding an interpretation of the readings (Celtic Cross formation at Eversleigh) - the subjects showed a dissociated state with right brain delta and beta but little evidence that they were much aware of the mental process shown by the delta activity. We saw much the same with this formation - the subjects showing this dissociated state and without awareness of insights or other impressions. Isabel was interested to know whether the subjects experienced any insights during the next few days which might have arisen from these impressions.

( I did not experience any unusual insights, nor to my knowledge did Christopher Weeks. Lucy)

The temperature in the field was at or above normal blood temperature, so unfortunately this did not give information about peripheral circulation (related to the limbic brain activity). The ESR reading showed the two sides of the brain slightly more in balance in the formation than in the control for all subjects.

We wondered whether we were simply seeing a "mid-afternoon nap" as they sat for us in the hot sun in the period after lunch - but fortunately, we took the control measurements for Val shortly after those in the formation and she too showed different, more "active" responses after leaving the field.

Whilst we have used the analogy of a nap, the subjects obviously did not perceive their state in this way - they were awake and looking around and conversing in a quite normal way. The characteristic difference between the states in the formation and in the control was not obvious from the appearance or conversations with the subjects, nor were they aware of any great difference. These deductions have been made purely from comparison of the measurements, which was done several weeks after making the recordings.

The general shift towards warm hands, balanced left and right ESR, calming of the beta and alpha activity and shift from left hemisphere brain activity to right hemisphere activity are typical of an effective relaxation session and we could understand why sitting for a period in this could be beneficial to the health and general well-being of the subjects.

Alpha acts as a bridge for transmission of impressions from the subconscious and the conscious functions; when Alpha is not present the communication between the two levels of consciousness no longer exists.

I certainly cannot recall feeling any different inside the Beckhampton formation to when I was tested outside the formation. I believe I was aware of all that was going on around me and of the questions that were being put to me.

My most grateful thanks to both Peter Staples and Isobel Maxwell-Cade for their continued generosity in conducting these annual tests. Electro-encephalographs capable of operating in the fields has only become possible with the advance of technology. Peter Staples and Isabel Maxwell Cade carry their equipment into locations which are only accessible on foot.

The Magic of Water.

Over the years many eminent scientists such as Drs Cyril Smith, `Lefty` Levengood and Jacques Benveniste have kindly examined and tested my 25ml bottles of buried water with encouraging results. Resonances, levels of bacteria and change of heart rate have all revealed dramatic anomalies. However there comes a time when these services can no longer be given or expected free.

Therefore the quest was on for a suitable means of inexpensive and accurate testing. Christopher Weeks, long time crop circle researcher and fellow member of UNEX (Unexplained Phenomenon Research Society) came up with a possible remedy.

The procedure involves using Merckoquant Nitrate strips. It is an easy method to obtain a quick quantitative determination of NITRATES.

The test strip contains two reaction zones at one end, which should not be touched. The zone at the very end indicates both NITRATE and NITRITE, while the other zone reacts only to NITRITE. It serves as a warning zone as any pink to red-violet colouration indicates the presence of NITRITE that interferes with the reaction.

The method of testing is to immerse the strips in the liquid for one second so that both the reaction zones are fully wetted.

Remove the strips; shake off the excess liquid and after one minute compare the reaction zones with the colour scale that is shown on the side of the container.

These strips can also be used to test soil, plant sap and on the plant itself.

The measurements are based on parts per million.

It is recommended that distilled water be used.

We conducted the first tests using this method with the following results.

Report on the tests carried out on 3rd April 2001 at 5 Town Lane, Petersfield, using Merck Eurolab nitrate testing strips.

Tests carried out on (plastic) bottles containing Volvic water buried in crop circles and areas in surrounding field (control) sealed with elastoplast and wrapped in aluminium foil:

Test 1. Crop Circle 2000 - six triangles within a circle - opposite Silbury Hill (2 June) (Photo 4)

· Bottle No. 180 - Control - edge of field

Nitrate: 10

Nitrite: 0

· Bottle No. 181 - Within circle, at apex pointing towards Silbury Hill

Nitrate: 10+

Nitrite: 0

· Bottle No. 182 - Within circle, at centre

Nitrate: 10+

Nitrite: 0

· Bottle No. 183 - Within circle - far centre of perimeter

Nitrate: 25

Nitrite: 0+

Test 2. Barbury Castle "Flower of Life" (photo 5) formed on 19/20 April 1997 in oilseed- rape.

Bottles buried on 22 April, retrieved 11 May:

· Bottle No. 041 - Within circle - at apex of first crescent upon entering:

Nitrate: 25+ to -50

Nitrite: +

· Bottle No. 043 - Within circle - at apex of crescent towards Wroughton, going from centre in line with inside of tramline:

Nitrate: 10+

Nitrite: 0

· Bottle No. 044 - Control - patch of green camomile at entrance to field:

Nitrate: 10

Nitrite: 0

· Bottle No. 045 - Control - under stone by exit under barbed wire fence:

Nitrate: -25

Nitrite: 0

Whereas the control tests conducted from both formations exhibited no Nitrite content, control samples taken from both formations revealed Nitrate contents ranging from 0-10 and in one control sample from the 1997 Tree of Life Barbury Castle, the Nitrate content measured -25.

In every instance the Nitrate reading was higher than the Nitrite.

The highest Nitrate reading (25+ to - 50) came from the bottle buried on the perimeter of the 1997 Barbury Castle formation inches away from location where the anomalous discolouration of stems in the standing crop beyond, were found.

In the control sample taken from the bottle of unburied water both the Nitrate and Nitrite content was 0.

It was recommended that distilled water should be used in 2001. Volvic water was previously used at the recommendation of Dr Cyril Smith who when testing the water for resonances required water that constantly did not go beyond 4Hz. Volvic water contains 6mg of nitrates per litre.


It is interesting to note that the frequency of Nitrates was not only able to penetrate the plastic bottles, but the water was able to retain this frequency, especially in water buried some 5 years previously. It suggested by Jim Lyons that it is really a vibration problem. The water is storing the imprint of nitrite/nitrates, which the test responds to without any physical molecules being present.

These are preliminary results and if we can reproduce these findings they will be significant and certainly of interest to Dr Jacques Benveniste.

In 2001,using distilled water, bottles buried in the Meonstoke, (photo 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11, 12) Corhampton and Chilcomb Down formations in Hampshire, South Harting, West Sussex, Beckhampton `Lucky Clover Leaf` and Milk Hill (12 August) in Wiltshire have all shown zero results, and bottles from the two Chilbolton formations, Hampshire, await testing.

Since writing this report, Dr Andrew King suggested that the reason for my zero results might be due to the fact that I was using distilled water. This, despite still being chemically H2O, is `dead` water. There is no life to it, it is no longer energetic.

I believe he has a very good point and will return to using Volvic water this summer, making allowance for the 6 mg/litre content of nitrates that exist in this water when conducting the analysis.

Water and its bizarre properties and behaviour, is an area of research that is gaining more and more importance universally as experiments show a clear response to a variety of subtle and not so subtle external energies.

Happy Hormones

My third area of research and possibly one of the most important is, the measured changes we are finding in hormone levels when inside a crop formation as against levels shown whenoutside the formation.

Anne Smithells of Biotech kindly joined the team of researchers several years ago when she undertook to measure my vitamin and mineral levels prior to and after the crop circle season with some worrying results.

Tests involving changes in hormone levels came about as a result of reports originating from women who had visited the 1997 Julia Set opposite Stonehenge (photo13) and who reported abnormal and post menopausal bleeding. The more I mentioned these results, the more came in until it became apparent that this disruption in the menstrual circle was considerably more than a rare occurrence. Clearly the hormones were being stimulated in an as yet undetermined manner. (Insert hormone producers diagram).


Pituitary and Pineal glands

Tests on hormone levels revealed an unexplained degree of disturbance in the endocrine system. This could be the result of electromagnetic forces created by natural sources.

"Exhausted adrenals" and the effects on my pancreas and thyroid drew my attention once more to the workings of the pituitary gland. Endocrine glands produce hormones which circulate in our blood system, controlling and adjusting certain processes. One of the most important endocrine gland is the pituitary, known as the `Master Gland`, a small gland linked to the hypothalamus region of our brain.

This gland produces several hormones which are linked to other glands: amongst these hormones are thyroxine, produced by the thyroid gland; female hormones oestrogen andprogesterone by the ovaries and the male hormone testosterone by the testes. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin which controls the level of glucose in our blood and the adrenal glands just above our kidneys produce adrenaline, the `emergency` hormone.

The procedure used by Ann Smithells of Biotech Health, Petersfield is as follows.

Best System

In the 1950'2 Dr Reinhold Voll, a German bio-physicist, discovered a way to measure energy levels of bio points.

The Best system is a screening device used to detect, identify and treat health problems. Food intolerances, allergies, migraine, hormone imbalances, hyperactivity, skin problems etc.

The patient holds an electrode in one hand, whilst a galvanometer is pressed against an acupuncture point on a finger on the other hand.

This technique measures skin resistance, picking up electrical energy.

Before each tests begins, a balanced reading of 50 is obtained by pressing the probe (galvanometer) against acupressure points on the patient's finger until one is found that constantly gives a reading of 50 (equivalent to 100,000 ohms). Only then does the test begin.

How do we know we are measuring a particular substance?

We know that every substance has an EM field (food, vitamin, mineral, parasite or virus), containing its own particular energy pattern or electronic signature. Jim Clark, who developed the Best system, managed to isolate these individual patterns, record these EM signatures and encode them into the Best system, which currently over holds 30,000 Electronic signatures.

So if we are testing for thyroid levels for example, the electronic signature of thyroid will be carried by the probe to the acupressure point on the patient's finger. The probe sends a very small electronic signal (5 volts @ 30 micro amps). The body's reaction is translated into numerical form and recorded by the system.

The normal scale of reading is broadly between 48 - 56.

Professor William Tiller, (Dept of Material Science & Engineering) at Stanford University and others have examined this system and see great potential in terms of future diagnostic medicine.

For the past two years Ann Smithells has been able to take a portable machine into the fields to conduct in situ tests.

Again advances in technology make it possible to use this equipment on location.

The measurements taken by Ann Smithells were taken back to Petersfield for analysis. They showed that out of the six subjects rested before going into the crop circle four had hormonal imbalances. When the six were measured in the circle all the imbalances were corrected. Ann reported that such significant changes would not normally have taken place in less than a week unless therapeutic treatment (homeopathy, herbs or very large doses of vitamins) had taken place, certainly not within a period of a few hours.

Research immunologist Dr Roger Taylor, conducted tests using a new Kirlian photography programme, recommended by a colleague in St Petersburg. Eight members of the group had Kirlian records taken of the fingers and thumbs of each hand.

Dr Taylor measured the changes in area, spectral width, form and noise of the Kirlian records. All except four people showed change, some of it major, in all the chosen parameters and each of the four only showed no change in one.

Unfortunately the battery ran out and the Kirlian machine needed to be plugged into an outlet in the barn. Therefore it was not possible to take the machine into the field resulting in a time lapse of approximately four hours between the tests.

"Taking the measurements so far apart in time was not ideal," said Dr Taylor. "The Russians, who have done most work in the field of Kirlian records, consider that changes of ten per cent would be significant so they would view some of the changes that we saw, ranging up to 40 per cent, as very significant indeed."

After being in the circle for about two hours everyone returned to the original site where the Kirlian photography experiment was repeated.

One important question remains---how long do these effects last? Due to lack of funding we are unable to conduct clinical tests over an extended period of time to establish the duration of these preliminary findings.

However an interesting sequel to these tests at Beckhampton took place exactly a week later when Doreen Jenkinson took a group of volunteers into the same Beckhampton formation. Doreen Jenkinson, a student studying with Harry Oldfield kindly got in touch with me and showed me her results.

The Oldfield procedure is not unlike the Best technique; in one hand the patient holds an electrode attached to the machine that is set to a particular frequency or reading whilst a sound level meter (scanner) is passed over the charka points in the body. Prior to starting the test a zero reading has to be established; the normal range being between -10-0-+6. Other settings need to be correctly adjusted, such as the ECG readings, which range from A-D. A sensitive probe is pressed against the ear lobe or foreman and a reading is taken.

The results revealed that all five volunteers showed a marked depletion of their base charkas, one person registering -9. However 15 minutes after leaving the formation, all the volunteers were back to normal levels, only to drop once more when entering the Shaw Place formation near Lockeridge.

I am grateful to Doreen Jenkinson; these results are of great interest and Harry Oldfield and Doreen Jenkinson will be joining the research team to make further investigations this summer.


Academic Jim Lyons in a brief summary writes:

Beckhampton Formation July 2001

Summary of Findings

The Formation was one of two located off the main A4 road close to the Beckhampton Roundabout. The second one was believed to have been made under commission for the HTL TV team during the night. The research team was composed of varied skill bases with three main areas of investigation. The first was the traditional analytical techniques involving the formation's geometry, alignment with the earth energy patterns and energy distribution in the crop grains. The second were the physiological measurements on individuals of the their brain patterns and body states as measured by acupuncture techniques. These methods have been used on previous occasions. The final technique was somewhat exploratory in this scenario though well tried elsewhere. It involved Kirlian responses on the fingers. All the physiological tests are employed to assess the effects of the Formation Subtle Energy Fields on the human body. This approach complements the work undertaken on crop seed analysis.

Earth Energy Analysis

The formation geometry involved was not novel or particularly complex in the light of the patterns of some recent formations. It was nevertheless representative of several shapes seen in earlier seasons. Regarding its location and orientation relative to the main energy lines, a key finding was that the centre line of the triple of main energy lines of the formation crossed precisely through its centre. In addition the westwards orientated line was perfectly aligned with the centre of Silbury Hill. There were also well-defined Spiders Web Patterns characteristic of geophysical formations. In terms of energy storage in the crop itself, the aura associated with the formation varied in a very well defined manner across the formation. On an absolute scale, this was an extremely highly energised formation.

Human Effects

The main emphasis was on the use of the measurement of hormones on six subjects. Control tests were undertaken prior to entering the formation. It was found that four of the six had detectable hormonal imbalance. The key finding was that all imbalances were corrected after exposure to the formation energy. This was far from a usual happening since, in general, specific corrections of a homeopathic nature are normally needed to correct such imbalances.

The tests on the use of Kirlian photography were somewhat experimental with no particular expectations in mind. Despite technical difficulties with the equipment which consisted of a detector plate plugged into a lap top computer. Results however indicated significant changes in the aura patterns of fingerprints. Advice form the Russian team developing this technique suggested that the results were significant, despite the results being taken at an interval of several hours.

Overall Conclusions

The results obtained in this formation confirmed those taken in earlier years. Consistency is appearing when geophysical formations are involved. The techniques currently being used are indicative of the results of subtle energy field interaction with living matter. There still remains a lack in a definitive technology to directly measure the effect of fields. Interest in Near Infra Red Techniques as a possible way to consistently measure the effects on grain is considered worth pursuing. The ability to assess hormonal changes in humans is proving extremely useful as a way of assessing how these energies interact with living matter. Further research is needed to define the mechanics by which this occurs. Overall, the programme of using multiple techniques to analyse formations is well worth pursuing, particularly as new assessment techniques are introduced as they are identified and utilised.

So what does all this add up to?

I believe that we are exploring vital areas of research of far reaching importance for which funding is urgently needed.