Puzzles a Plenty

As I mentioned in my 2013 article - What does the future hold? - 2014 started with rain, rain, rain and still more rain. Whole areas of this ancient Isle of Albion were submerged; particularly the Somerset Levels, where people experienced the worst floods for decades and which rendered them homeless for months to come. Even as I write, over a year later, some people are still not back in their homes. Animals were lost and crops weren’t sown. It was a desolate rain sodden landscape in which the community rallied as never before. Neighbour helped neighbour, and survival kits and fodder for the animals was sent from far afield. Prince Charles arrived and toured the area in a canoe and set everything in action. Since then the long neglected ditches have been properly dredged as they were in olden times, and certain ditches have now returned to rivers.



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However, despite all this devastation and destruction, nature holds its surprises. In addition to the mysterious series of footprints found in Norfolk thought to be some 900,000 years old; gales stripped sand from a beach at Borth in Ceredigion, West Wales, where the remains of a 6,000-year-old forest were revealed.

We are told of a legend where dwelt the mythical kingdom of Cantre'r Gwaelod, now submerged under the waters of Cardigan Bay. The legend was first mentioned in the Black Book of Carmarthen, the earliest surviving manuscript written in Welsh, created around 1250 A.D. The kingdom was believed to have been flooded when a maiden named Mererid allowed a well in her care to overflow. Who would have thought after all these dramatic natural events that we would experience one of the best summers on record?

The crop circle season started erratically. The overall weather was kind and even though the circles were not as abundant as in some other years, there were several memorable ones and I had some fantastic flights. The doom and gloom merchants were confounded. 

One of the earliest formations appeared on the 6th June in a field east of Gypsy Lane near Winchester, Hampshire. It was completely hidden from the ground. A friend and I hunted endlessly for it on foot without success and it wasn’t until I flew over it that I realised that it could not be seen except from the air as it was concealed at the edge of a hedge. Looking like an open ended string of pearls, it was shown to contain ‘No more War` in Morse Code.


Dead Man’s Curve

The second Hampshire circle followed quickly at Popham, close to the flying school but unnoticed by them! I flew over the circle on a wonderful summer’s evening. The air was still, and the light at that time of day has a wonderfully soft quality. There was no one in the circle as most people seem to congregate in Wiltshire; so Hampshire is relatively quiet and unvisited and the circles remain in good condition for much longer.

Therefore, having obtained special permission, we were able to hover very low about 10 - 15 feet from the ground. There is a height between 15 - 400 feet which is known as the Dead Man’s Curve in which it is not possible to hover safely in a stationary mode. Pilots are very carefully trained and experienced and know exactly what they are doing.



Moving House

To be honest there are few more exciting and exhilarating things than flying and taking pictures over England’s network of fields on a sunny day.

A kaleidoscope of coloured tapestry stretches as far as the eye can see - ranging through every shade of green, from the palest to almost bottle green; golden ripe barley and the occasional brown freshly ploughed field. The circles seemed to know they were not welcome in Wiltshire and so moved to happier and more welcoming counties such as Dorset and Gloucestershire.



The first to arrive in Dorset was one at Hod Hill, one of many in a string of Dorset’s Iron Age hill forts north west of Blandford Forum. It was once the dwelling place of Durotriges, one of the Celtic tribes living in Britain prior to the Roman Invasion. Following close on its heels came another remarkable circle close to Badbury Rings. Nearby are the remains of a temple located immediately west of the fort dating to the Roman era.

Just to the west of Badbury rings this huge formation appeared in barley on the 17th June nestling close to a hedge. (You can just see Badbury Rings in the distance). Badbury Rings is yet another of Dorset’s many Iron Age hill forts. It is one of the few to be covered in trees. It was a hill fort of considerable size as can be seen from the number of folds and terraces. This was an intriguing event called ‘the parachute’ containing a crescent, interlocking triangles, an inner cruciform and a head piece thought to depict the Mayan calendar.




Bygone History and the Big Bang

Lying along the famous Ackling Dyke in Dorset was one of the most elaborate circles. This ancient Roman road runs like a ribbon from south west of Old Sarum, kissing Badbury Rings to Salisbury and Dorchester. Other arteries run all the way to London. The circle was found on the 20th June and caused quite a stir, as not only did it include a star and crescent but the pentagonal star design extended from the ring and bisected the triangles.




As so often happens with crop circles, they lead us into new and extended areas of learning. This is just one of their gifts and fascinations. An expert on Islam tells us that the crescent moon and star symbol actually pre-dates Islam by several thousand years. Most sources agree that these ancient celestial symbols were in use by the peoples of Central Asia and Siberia in their worship of sun, moon, and sky gods. There are also reports that the crescent moon and star were used to represent the Carthaginian goddess Tanit or the Greek goddess Diana.


The city of Byzantium (later known as Constantinople and Istanbul) adopted the crescent moon as its symbol. According to some reports, they chose it in honour of the goddess Diana. Others indicate that it dates back to a battle in which the Romans defeated the Goths on the first day of a lunar month. In any event, the crescent moon was featured on the city's flag even before the birth of Christ.

The early Muslim community did not really have a symbol. During the time of the Prophet Muhammad Islamic armies and caravans flew simple solid-coloured flags (generally black, green, or white) for identification purposes. In later generations, the Muslim leaders continued to use a simple black, white, or green flag - with no markings, writing, or symbolism on it. It wasn't until the Ottoman Empire that the crescent moon and star became affiliated with the Muslim world. When the Turks conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453, they adopted the city's existing flag and symbol. Legend holds that the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman, had a dream in which the crescent moon stretched from one end of the earth to the other. Taking this as a good omen, he chose to keep the crescent and make it the symbol of his dynasty. There is speculation that the five points on the star represent the five pillars of Islam, but this is pure conjecture. The five points were not standard on the Ottoman flags and are still not standard on flags used in the Muslim world today.


015For hundreds of years, the Ottoman Empire ruled over the Muslim world. After centuries of battle with Christian Europe, it is understandable how the symbols of this empire became linked in people's minds with the faith of Islam as a whole. Based on this history, many Muslims reject using the crescent moon as a symbol of Islam. The faith of Islam has historically had no symbol, and many refuse to accept what is essentially an ancient pagan icon. It is certainly not in uniform use among Muslims.

In addition this circle portrayed a Metatron Cube. This is a sacred geometric symbol that was regarded throughout ages by our ancient forebears and civilisations as being the map of creation. It symbolised the Big Bang when God gave birth to an unending, infinite and expanding field of Creation.



A Happy Ending

I am now going to take you with me on a journey to Gloucestershire, the other country chosen as a 2014 nesting place. My favourite circle was to appear on the 8th July near Charlton and despite the farmer refusing admission, it graced the landscape for several weeks. There is also a lovely story associated with this circle. It seems that the young owner farmer was not getting on all that well with this girl friend at the time - that is - until they visited the circle one glorious warm sunny evening and all their differences were resolved! It was a geometrically harmonious formation made up of a tripod of small triangles inside a broken triangle which in turn is surrounded by a broken circle.  Circles can unexpectedly work their magic!



Scientific Research Team

We were approaching mid-summer and the date of my scientific research was looming. The date fixed was the Sunday 20th July. Which circle could we use? There were ones in Dorset Gloucestershire, Sussex and Hampshire but none near Avebury where we would conduct our first control tests. I had nineteen people coming: highly specialised clinical physiologist Paul Gerry from Devon; renowned Asyra technique specialist Hazel Drummond from Nutrihealth coming from Manchester; Jim Lyons from Yorkshire; Parkinson sufferers and others scattered around the country each with individual skills. Clearly they didn’t want to have to drive down to Avebury in the morning and then have to drive extra miles to go into a circle as well as having a long drive home that night.

It seemed as though the Gods were smiling, as on Wednesday 16th July a circle, the most exquisite one of the year, consisting of delicately diminishing spirals, appeared at Forest Farm only a few minutes north of Marlborough. Perfect - that is - until the farmer was frightened off by people who told him that it was already on the Internet and that he would have hundreds of people visiting it.



How I wish that people from overseas could understand our farmers better. It is their land, their livelihood and the last thing they want is to be told that it is on the Internet and that hundreds of people would be coming into their field. This paints a terrifying picture, whereas in reality it is often not nearly as bad if clear directions are shown thereby resulting in minimal damage.


Help! What was I Going to Do?

When I got there the farmer was just leaving, so I rushed after him, jumped on to his tractor and explained my dilemma. He was very understanding and was so interested in my research that he promised to keep the field open until the following day in order to let us conduct the tests. However this was not possible as many of the volunteers and scientists are employed and Sunday was the only day, arranged many months before, that fitted in with everyone’s busy diaries. The circle was harvested out.

Sunday approached and no nearby circles - what on earth was I to do? Cancel the whole day? At the last minute I had an idea. Just because the standing pattern was now missing, surely the 'energy' would still be in the laid crop inside the circle?

Try as I might, I couldn’t reach the farmer and I had dreadful images of taking everyone there with their scientific equipment etc. only to be turned away. Suddenly I remembered that my long-time friend and fellow researcher Christopher Weeks would be passing the farm on this way to Avebury from Surrey. He understands how farmers operate, their needs and problems, and would therefore be the ideal person to ask the farmer if we could use his field.

The following morning we all assembled at the Avebury Study Centre where we conduct our first control tests before repeating them inside the circle and then again repeating them during a second control test outside the circle and some distance away from it. 


When we arrived at the Avebury Study Centre a most extraordinary thing happened. Equipment was set up and tests started and instead of everyone immediately asking which circle we might be using, not a soul mentioned it. I couldn’t believe it! This was something I had been dreading and simply couldn’t understand their silence. At last Christopher Weeks with is lovely daughter Emily arrived. He strolled in casually, looking inscrutable. I greeted him and whispered. “Have you seen the farmer?” “Yes” - a silence. “Well, WHAT DID HE SAY?” Thumbs up!!! My relief knew no bounds!

The Parkinson’s tests this year were ones recommend by a neurologist and especially aimed at this condition. Our guinea pigs were Gill Puttick who has been with me for three years; Tim Challoner (he refuses to take any medication); and essential tremor sufferer Tina Martin. In addition Paul tested three other non-sufferers, Angie Kibble, polymath Jim Lyons and I.

The first test was:

1) Glabellar tap test. This is a primitive reflex where the eyes shut if an individual is tapped lightly between the eyebrows. This reflex may normally be overcome rapidly - i.e. the individual soon fails to blink, usually less than five taps. In a patient with frontal release signs the reflex cannot be overcome, and they continue to blink for as long as the examiner cares to keep tapping. A similar response is seen with late Parkinsonism.


2) Timed dot and cross test.

This entails using a tablet computer in which the programme is installed, and where the person being tested moves their finger as fast and accurately as they can from one dot to the other in a timed period.



3) A vibration sensor designed by the Parkinsonism trust that gives a frequency distribution graph and peak frequency when holding a mobile for a given length of time.


 Tim Challoner wrote “I was diagnosed with Parkinson's just over one year ago, I have been to the Dr's and specialist about the condition but I have chosen not to go onto medication. Instead I take natural mostly Neways products.

“My condition expresses itself in the form of lack of energy, a little shaking, (tremors) and difficulty in sleeping. Also part of my condition expresses itself in lack of facial expression and a little difficulty in enunciating words.

“My body can be rigid at times and moving can be laboured. Despite this I believe my thinking is sharp, and I remain positive and open to any help with my condition.”

After visiting the circle he wrote “Yesterday within the circle, I felt relaxed and at peace, on the way home I was sleepy. I think it is too early to say if there has been a shift for the better. But I do hope there is a circle that has an energy that will make a difference.”

My Hand Stopped Shaking

Tina Martin wrote: “As a bit of background, I have a Familial Essential Tremor. This has been in 3 generations of my family (and maybe more but I do not have that information). My tremor was at a very low level up to 6 years ago when, in a period of stress, it worsened. I am a painter, and teach painting, and since this worsening I now do all my art work with my left (non-dominant) hand, and most tasks also. The tremor is in my right (dominant) hand chiefly, and at a low, occasional, level in my head. “I take a very low dose of a beta-blocker for this, Propranolol - 20mg a day. I am unable of increase this dose, as it affects my blood pressure.

“Experiences in the circle. The major thing I noticed in the circle, was that my right hand (which had been shaking very badly when the initial tests were down) was completely still. Looking at the two hands there was no difference between them. The right hand is never completely still like that, and I commented on it at the time.

“Thinking about it now, I think I would have liked to do a writing test before, within, and out of the circle. It would have been interesting to see if the effect showed in the writing, and maybe how long the effect lasted.”

This hand writing test suggested by Tina is excellent; easy to do and easy to interpret.

What Happened to the Water?

Gill Puttick. “My medication is 2 Symmetrel. Each tablet is 100mg amantadin hydrochloride. 1 Mirapexin either 2.62 or 2.1 this is prolonged - release pramipexole. This drug can make you gamble, over sexed, and many other things. It didn't work for me it only had a good effect. 1 Madopar 100mg/25mg. three times a day. Levodopa + Benserazide.”

My day started with a phone call at 7.20, from Lucy just checking I’m awake. I’d been up since 6.10am. I arrived at Lucy just before 8. A good start to an informative day out.

Hazel set up and did her test. She said my ears and tubes were not happy, I awoke next day with a sore throat. The test also showed I was unbalanced.

Paul Gerry tapped my forehead, had me tapping his tablet and holding his mobile phone.

I had a chat with Tim who also has PD but not on any medication I would have liked a longer to chat. Tim has made up his mind he doesn’t want medication, that’s his choice but he could feel so much better and have a quality of life.


We set off for the circle I will admit to being a bit of a sceptic but this time I saw dowsing rods move in the same place every time. Whilst watching this I took a sip of my water, it was warm. I walk across the circle and took another sip expecting it to be warm only to find it was cold. Now explain that one to me.

Hazel did her test again in the circle only to find I was balanced again, this surprised us both. Paul did his test.”

 Encouraging Results

Paul Gerry’s results were one of the most illustrative of any we have had in the past. They showed clearly the differences between the Parkinson’s and essential tremor volunteers and the non-sufferers.


In particular after the first control tests at Avebury study centre and subsequently both inside the circle and later outside the circle (second control tests) the reduction of tremor by 18% and 15% during the second control tests, is a dramatic revelation. This is most exciting and shows us that we can in future use fresh cut out crop circles for our tests.

Also conducting scientific tests was Hazel Drummond of Nutrihealth, who has generously given her time and energy to this research for many years using the renowned Asyra technique, acclaimed by Professor William Tiller, Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University in the States as being one of the most reliable diagnostic systems available. The Asyra technique covers a broad spectrum of investigation.


Baseline test – This test measures energy states in major organs and systems. This can give an indication of which organs are out of balance and could indicate health problems.

  1. Comprehensive test – Thousands of test items in the computer’s database are tested to show whether one has been affected by viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.
  2. Hormonal imbalance in the endocrine system – 31 hormonal signatures are tested for imbalances.
  3. Neurotransmitters.
  4. Brainwave patterns.

6.Vertibral misalignments.

7.Meridain disturbances.

8.Electrolyte disturbances.

9.Chakra Imbalances – The 7 chakras are tested.

10.Geopathic stress and Harmful Energies - Here we look at Earth fields, electromagnetic stress, mineral deposits, power lines, microwave energies, radioactive exposure, ultraviolet waves and X rays.

Drummond's results mirrored Gerry’s results. There were four people showing quite severe imbalances initially in the Avebury Study control tests. The three Parkinson and Essential tremor sufferers and I. The fact that I showed up so detrimentally illustrated the stress and tension I had been under! However inside the circle our results showed quite marked improvement.

On the other hand, whereas Emily Weeks felt great beforehand, she was the only person to feel really ill inside the circle and this was clearly demonstrated by Drummond’s results.

This turned out to be a pioneering experimental day and one that reaped more unusual results than on many previous occasions. One of the most interesting things about the circle was that none of the participants seemed to notice that the standing pattern had been cut out, perhaps because so many strange effects were being felt and monitored.

There were many dowsers amongst my group who as well as being scientists are in the process of trying to put dowsing on a scientific basis and indeed are close to establishing this.

Long Distant Communication?


Hugo Jenks (looking like a man from outer space) was busy with his programme. “The angle of my electronic L rod is measured by an angle sensor fitted in the rod handle and plotted on the image as a grey shade. The GPS Lat Long position is updated once per second, and so each dot represents one second of measurement at that position.

“When the rod is straight ahead it gives a mid grey dot, when 90 degrees or more right it is white, 90 degrees or more left it is black with shades of grey in between.

“I was simply asking to be shown the strength of the energy at the point where I was walking.

“Ideally I would have made my tracks closer together, but I was aware that there may be limited time. It was quite a large area, to cover it in fine detail would take several hours.

“It is also hard work to maintain focus. For example at about the 3 o'clock position there is a large area of consistent white indicated about 20 metres long and 8 metres wide approx. However you will see a kink in my path, and no indicated energy. My focus went from dowsing to avoiding some people standing there. So the indications in that kink section are to be ignored.



“I have a button on the handle. When pressed the dot is shown as yellow. I use that to draw the outline of physically visible items, such as hedges or standing stones, in this case the perimeter of the circle.

“Note that the indicated GPS position does wander a little. So the yellow outline does not quite meet the point where I started, by about a metre. Not too bad really on this scale, but be aware that consistent measurements of small scales are hard to achieve with the GPS wandering around by +/- a metre or so. Hence some energy lines although straight in reality can appear a bit jagged.

“I do feel we need a scientific approach to dowsing. It does take some leg work to do so.

“The big advantage of my rod is that the indication is continuously variable, like the volume control on a radio. It has the ability to indicate subtle features if repeated on successive tracks. The eye can pick out the feature afterwards even if you did not notice a particularly strong response at the time. Usually those who use flags have to make a decision at the time of dowsing whether to place the flag or not. It is like the on / off button on a radio. You have to listen to it full blast or not at all. Placing the flag also forces you to switch your mental mode from being receptive to being decisive and back. With my system, provided you can maintain focus, you can remain continuously in the receptive mode.”

I was Thrown off the Spot

Whilst inside the circle. I experienced an effect never felt before. Clairvoyant Mona came up to me and told me that she had found a certain spot in the circle on which she could not keep her balance and kept being thrown off. Fascinated, I followed her and after a bit she found the exact spot (no mean achievement in a 200 ft. diameter circle). Was it really happening? I stepped on to it and was immediately rocked backwards a couple of steps. I tried it several times with exactly the same result. What was happening? Was it due to some vortical energy? Maybe we will never knew. If anyone has also experienced this effect, please write and let me know.


Mona described her experience in the circle thus : “I felt at the spot I showed you - it was as if I was in water at the beach where you stand and are rocked back & forth & lose balance where you feel rising and swaying down again - this became more intense after about a minute - I was in a 'meditative' mode. I could see colours in my head - intense violet cerise to red - it felt warm to be in - it felt as if I was within a living organism. I know that in the bright sunshine I saw Paul Craddock's body almost as a silhouette - that was the bright sun /glare with the clear shape of his hat but with this figure this was not the case - it was different.


“I shut my eyes & just followed the 'flow' - I have to say that when I was at the - watery feel end - I did turn to the left & felt there was energy drawing on the other end in a line or should I say a large Block/oblong range. However, walking as I did which was with eyes shut and feeling my way - somewhat random/circular - I ended in the second spot where the energy was so much stronger - intense red & orange pink colours in my head - staying longer it altered to being golden & then pearlescent/rainbow flecks, It was this spot I pointed out to Paul, Tim etc. It seemed to be small circular shape on the ground but that was not my awareness when going there - we only noticed later. Also, that position was in an alignment with the previous spot on the right - and not a spot but a position that kept shifting slightly - for both 'spots'. Though I felt it was like am a long chunk of energy flow within that alignment.

“I can still connect with that amazing energy & I thank you for letting us share this with you and all the wonderful people there - not least all who tested Tim - I know he felt the benefit of the experience too.

The other thing I noticed was how restful and calm it felt in the circle, time seemed to stand still and it was a very relaxing feel.”

Walking through the Mud

On the other hand both Christopher and his daughter Emily had adverse experiences.

Christopher told me that “Entering the field all felt still and calm as did the approach to the circle when within about 10 feet of the circle it felt like pushing through mud or walking through the outer shell of the circle. Once inside to me it felt like being in a void. I was unable to distinguish any particular parts of the circle from another, but when near the edge there definitely felt to be a lot of energy in a way that I have not come across before. While in the circle 2 of my teeth went on edge and it felt as if current was passing between the two of them, this passed when I exited the circle and has not re-occurred since.

As an aside, while in the circle I shut my eyes and let any other information flood in to my head, this is not generally a good move but all that came through was that that field would be better suited to cows! “I was aware of much more energy going on outside the circle than in it.”

I was aware that Emily wasn’t feeling well where she was lying just inside the perimeter so I dowsed for a more beneficial spot. She writes: “When I walked into the circle it felt muted and very sheltered even though the field wasn’t sheltered at all.

“Once we were inside the circle I felt quite dizzy and it felt like my legs weren’t connected to the rest of my body. The left hand side of the circle made me feel nauseous and dizzy when I went in it.

On a certain spot in the circle I disappeared from any dowsing.” (On hearing this Jim Lyons dowsed the area where Emily had entered. There appeared to be a void (torsion field?) at that exact point.)

“When I was leaving the circle, I felt much better than when in the circle, but I could feel certain sections on the outside of the circle where it felt like my nose was being pinched then released on one side.”

Asyra expert Hazel Drummond reported that: “I felt very happy in the circle... very calm and balanced. I felt happy and would have loved to have stayed longer.

Stephen actually admitted to me that he felt a bit nauseous and a bit headachy in the circle which really surprised him as he didn't expect to feel anything. This passed off after leaving the circle though.”

My First Experience

And finally, Angie Kibble who was tested by Gerry alongside Jim Lyons and me, told me that: “It was my first experience of being in a crop circle, I didn't know quite what to expect despite having read several books on the subject over the years. When I am out dowsing on Dartmoor, quite often I am able to pick up energy lines without using dowsing rods as I experience a kind of buzzing sensation in my head, for want of a better description, when I cross them. When I reached the centre of the crop circle on Sunday I was aware of a similar sensation which seemed stronger in certain areas, to the extent that I became quite nauseous and felt the need to move away from what seemed to be the source of the sensation. I lay down on the edge of the crop circle for some minutes, which felt a bit better, and whilst looking up at the sky I was aware of lots of tiny dancing pinpricks of light, which appeared to be multi-coloured. This was very different to the odd " floating" specks you occasionally see going across your eyes when drifting off to sleep, and was rather lovely.

“When you walked me around the crop circle to a different spot I did feel a little better, but it wasn't until we left the circle and walked right away that I felt completely alright again. I noticed that I felt very energized for several hours afterwards, but by the evening I was so

weary I didn't know where to put myself. Being a novice I am not sure if this is a standard reaction!”

So as not to influence the test results until all the tests had been conducted, participants are encouraged to drink only water to avoid dehydration. As we had not eaten since breakfast time our tummies were rumbling, but at last we repaired, as last year, to the charming Honey Street Café, run and owned by a dedicated and hardworking young couple, Joe and Sophie. Lying alongside the canal and close to and beneath the Alton Barnes chalk white horse, it is a perfect place to relax in their wonderfully comfortable wicker arm chairs and enjoy not only the delicious home cooked food but the perfectly landscaped summer garden. Here we discussed our preliminary results and experiences before going our separate ways. My very many thanks to all the participants, in particular to Hazel Drummond and Paul Gerry.

Dowsing to the Rescue

A long standing and venerable friend and scientist/dowser Bob Septon had been unable to join us as he had a number of ailments. He wrote telling me of an extraordinary experiment he had conducted. “I decided to summarise all my defects/problems on a list and see what can be done! I am 86 in a few weeks’ time but NOT yet ready to “bow-out”...

“ I dowsed that I could do something about all this. Chemicals - No Homoeopathic - Yes.

“But I don`t have all them. - ”Yes you do..! You are looking at them...! “ In front of me was a scrap book in which each year I stick in photographs from your Crop Circles Calendar...

“I dowsed which Crop Circle would be appropriate for a specific problem and obtained a list of circles, each one being appropriate for a certain condition.

“I presented all the above to the Dowsing Research Group at a meeting on Saturday 26th April, which created a lot of interest...!

“Jim Lyons said “Do tell Lucy.” So make of this what you will. It is having an effect, some results have worked quicker than others. The European Union are trying to make a rule that only doctors can prescribe Homoeopathic which means that they will not. So do your own by dowsing which one; place a hand over the appropriate photograph and use your pendulum to tell you when one has had enough, it is as simple as that. Check from time to time to see if one has to change the photo for the problem.”


My Migraine Disappeared

On reading this, I resolved to try it out for myself. We know that the circles contain extraordinary geometry and as Pythagoras taught us, numbers are connected to music - thus giving off frequencies even from a photograph or slide.

I am a migraine sufferer and had been enduring terrible headaches for almost two weeks, which my normal medicine and powders were doing nothing to relieve. So when I received Bob Septon’s email I thought - why not give it a try?

Getting out several of my old calendars and sitting comfortably in a chair, I started dowsing image after image - nothing - that is until suddenly my pendulum went wild over the beautifully harmonious 2013 Hackpen formation. Amazed, I got a larger overhead image of the circle and stared at it. Horrors, it was all jagged and sharp and really unpleasant. Could I bear to go on looking? My pendulum never lies to me, so I persevered and got more and more fascinated as the circle started to change shape before my eyes. It evolved into 3D patterns! How long I watched all this happening I really don’t know but suddenly I realised that I no longer had a migraine!


I now keep a photograph of this formation in my bag alongside the powders as a fall back as it is not always possible to find a place to sit and stare at a photograph!

Not long after this experience I was giving a talk at the lovely Glastonbury symposium and as always I finish with a musical slide show of crop circle images from over the years. This is always popular - an emotional release into other wonderful levels of consciousness. I was sent a lovely, heart-warming report by one of the viewers. “Thank you for your wonderful presentation on crop circles at the Glastonbury Symposium, and for taking the time to search for the crop circle that created my episode of intense emotion, which combined feelings of ‘love, release, knowing and meaning.’

“It wasn’t until your presentation on the 27th July (my 51st birthday!) that I realised ‘my past, my present and my future’ ... in other words ‘my purpose’ came to being. The first three crop circles that you showed in your ‘sight and sound’ presentation hit me so powerfully that I wasn’t able to breathe, I had an intense release of emotion ... feelings of ‘love/release/knowing/meaning’... I had palpitations in a point above my heart, which I have now learned is the ‘Thymus Chakra’.”

Wilton Carpets

Interesting woven lay just like dense matting was found in several circles, one example being the event at Welsh Way, Nr Barnsley in Gloucestershire.


Early Wake Up Call

The final crop circle warranting discussion was the remarkable event that appeared at Gussage St Andrew in the field next door to one of the earlier Sixpenny Handley formation. It was also my final flight of the year. I often share helicopter flights with other people. It is a quite fantastic experience and one which stays with them for ever. This time I was accompanied by an old friend whose father was the first person ever to fly over Everest without oxygen.

The flight to Dorset was not going to equal this historic occasion but was enthusiastically enjoyed and a photograph now hangs in a prominent position in his house for all to see and the story of our memorable flight to be told and retold! The other friend was Parkinson sufferer Gill Puttick. Both resolutely indomitable characters, they were unphased when I said that we would be leaving at 6.30am to get to Thruxton to take off at 8am. Getting up at 5am is an easy thing when a great excitement lies ahead.



The thrill of flying in a cloudless blue sky looking at the breath-taking beauty of the countryside as far as the eye can see and its archaeological remains, is hard to adequately express. We reached the circle and only saw a couple of people standing a long way off right at the far edge of the enormous field.


We flew over it at different heights and directions so that each of my passengers were able to get a good view of the event. It was huge and lay majestically in all its splendour. It was remarkable, containing many of the elements of the adjacent Sixpenny Handley formation. This circle consisted of a hexagram and six ‘Caduceus’ like wands surrounding a hexagon with three inner rings. What a beauty!


Calling Outer Space

In November I was invited to speak at a Conference the Institute of Science and Astrophysics in Sofia, Bulgaria. I had not realised until I arrived that the purpose of the conference was to try and establish the existence of Intelligence in deep space and to try and get it accepted as an academic subject in this prestigious Institute. There were six speakers, Dr Roberto Pinotti from Italy; Professor Erling Strand who works at the Østfold University College, Norway; Eamonn Ansbro M.Ast, MPhil, PhD, FRAS. Director of Kingsland Observatory, Ireland; Professor Lachezar Filipov of the Bulgarian academy of Sciences, Space Research and Technology Institute and Head of Astrophysical and Space Dynamics Department; Filip Filipov also from the Institute of Science and Astrophysics, and myself.

You can imagine that I found myself among a somewhat daunting gathering of mainstream scientists, so as a safeguard and not long into my talk I announced that I was NOT a scientist. However on my father's side going back for several generations, they were all brilliant scientists and I DO work with scientists worldwide who are kind enough to take on my 'thinking outside of the box' ideas and translate them into mainstream science of which I have little overall understanding having come in at university level with no foundation knowledge!

My talk consisted of facts and examples of circles that defied any human involvement, my scientific work, and in great detail the extraordinary Chilbolton and Crabwood formations.

That evening, after the talks, there was great jubilation and we all went to a wonderful restaurant as the conference was not only a success but in the follow up made good progress with the scientists from Ireland and Norway being part of the action group to set up a centre at the Institute based on the principles of contemporary science and co-creative science as a functioning unit. The exciting part of the research is that this will pioneer these protocols for the first time with any institute. A huge and memorable achievement. It was an historic visit for me: I was treated with great kindness, and the crop circle subject was regarded with respect.

Bulgaria has an ancient, chequered and complicated history and had long been part of the Ottoman empire until the Berlin Treaty of 1878 when it became an autonomous Principality of Bulgaria. It's capital remained the old city of Veliko including Sofia.

Bulgaria eventually fell under the domination and rule of the Soviet Union and it wasn't till 1st January 2007, 17 years after the fall of Communism that huge celebrations were held both in Bulgaria and Romania to mark their entry into the European Union.

Bulgaria is a mainly an agricultural country with no industry. If you leave the two capitals of Sofia and Bucharest, like Romania there are many rock hewn churches to be found in Bulgaria with wonderfully preserved 13th and 14th century murals.

I walked round the beautifully kept pedestrian area of Sofia, and together with other notable buildings visited the Eastern Orthodox St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a magnificent golden domed edifice that was built between 1904-1912. There was also a splendid Russian Orthodox Church but sadly it was under repair so entry was not allowed, but the golden spires and cupolas were lavishly majestic. St. Alexander Nevsky was a Russian prince and the cathedral was built in honour of the Russian soldiers who died during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 which resulted in the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule.

 The interior of the cathedral is splendidly decorated with various colours of Italian marble, Brazilian onyx and alabaster and is a wondrous sight to behold. The central dome of the cathedral has the Lord's Prayer inscribed around it in thin gold letters.


And so ended a memorable year; despite all the gloomy forecasts, the circles are still with us, even if we have to travel further afield to find them and my research is advancing in a most encouraging manner.

The only sad event was the closure of the Wiltshire Group which has been a pioneering group for many years, bringing information to thousands of people worldwide under the leadership of Francine Blake and her many helpers, and latterly, and in particular, Clare Oatley. Their last conference was held this summer in Marlborough College and I was honoured to be one of the speakers. Despite being tinged with the sadness about the group’s closure, it was a joyful event and was the meeting place of many old friends from all over the world.

The group will be sorely missed but as with everything, time does not stand still and they will be remembered as playing a leading part in the crop circle world.

Indeed, as times change so do faces and I must thank Andy Potter for so gallantly stepping in to manage my web site after the tragic death of Paul Vigay. Andy has become a good friend and has worked tirelessly in somewhat difficult conditions with the Internet supply to this computer regularly failing and giving him endless headaches. He is considering going to help in some of the recent war torn countries so it was with great sadness that he felt the need to move on. I am so grateful for all his help and humour. I wish him well.

Just as I had asked the Universe for help before Andy appeared, so I again asked the Universe for someone to replace Andy. I received many replies from all over the globe but it was one person who stood out above all others. Steve lives in the UK and is a mega web buff, full of enterprise, enthusiasm and AN EXPERT.  This very exciting and as you may have noticed we are redesigning my site and have got a first class and efficient shop up and running. This has been no mean task and I am most grateful to him for his perseverance and a big welcome to him and thanks to the Universe.

As always, I am enormously grateful to the people who have kindly sent me reports over the years. Without your help this research would not be possible and as always I would like to reassure you that everything you tell me is in total confidence unless you give me permission otherwise. Nothing is too small or insignificant and indeed something you deem unimportant may be a piece of the jig-saw puzzle that has been missing to date. So please include everything, such as occurred with Bob Septon and the Glastonbury attendee.   Please keep them coming in as I have the largest data base in the world in this area of research having amassed over 800 reports. They will provide invaluable future information.

As always my grateful thanks to all the farmers who allow visitors on to their land. Unfortunately not everyone understands that the crops are the farmers’ livelihood and that permission should be sought and obtained before going on to their land.