Messages in the Field

In and out of Lockdown

You must have been wondering what had happened to my article about the 2020 happenings? To be totally honest with you, I have only just realised that I have not done very much about it. I am now going to give you a summary.

As we have all experienced, it was a year of ups and downs, masking the fact that there have been some seriously wonderful people coming to light quite unexpectedly, plus some mind-blowingly interesting and important events in the fields. It has been a time of great challenges and I remember feeling an unusual energy that had never touched me before. It was as though we had been permitted to hold a torch to pierce the darkness; a torch that might help us to tread our paths with certain knowledge; one that would show us the way towards the Light running like a golden thread through the confusion outside. 

And so the long winter of Covid lockdowns - and great sorrow for many people who lost their loved ones - came and went as we progressed into Spring. No matter how bleak things were worldwide, with Spring arriving, we were reminded that new life was blossoming and thriving all around us.

No article for 2020 would be complete without mentioning a most remarkable man who seemed to come from nowhere but who gave us all the hope and inspiration we so sadly needed at that moment and which will remain with many of us for perpetuity. Here I would like to mention Col. Tom Moore. The humble centurion who, without seeking any publicity, set out to walk and complete 100 laps of his garden in order to raise £1000 on behalf of the National Health Service, without knowing what a worldwide sensation he would become. Not content with £1000 he continued to walk and his heroic effort has raised a staggering £33 million and it was still growing daily, such was his inspiration to us all. At a time of heart-breaking tragedies and great suffering Tom Moore gave us the focal point of hope, determination and resolution we so badly needed. 

We all witnessed the unbelievable response from retired medics, nurses and indeed all frontline workers in all walks of life and professions, past or present, some of who willingly made the ultimate sacrifice in giving their lives to help others. They were all heroes in their own wonderful way. 

Going from being Captain Tom Moore he then rose in the ranks to become Colonel Moore and soon became a Knight of the Realm. What a worthy tribute to this unassuming man. Never has there been a more worthy or steadfast knight. 

Contrary to my fears, this year we had one of the most marvellous summers. Some really remarkable circles graced our fields, some providing us with intelligent information such as the one at Potterne, Wiltshire on the 29th of May, just at the height of the pandemic. According to a retired American Professor Jerry Kroth, this formation gave us an accurate pathology of the virus, plus new and little known information that was already incorporated in the vaccine being worked on and developed by the Oxford University team of scientists. This is revealed in the so-called ‘blob’ at the end of the formation the Sp8 or Spike protein 8, which is thought to have the same immunological properties as it did in SARS.

Professor. Jerry Kroth Ph.D was so fascinated by this circle and his interpretation is so intriguing, I adding his paper here:


Hard on the heels of the Potterne event, the following beautiful circle was found.

By kind permission of Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography copyright © 2020 Six Penny Handley, Dorset. 1st June 2020. Barley, c.130 feet (39.5m)
A complex series of concentric circles divided into multiple radial 'checkerboard' portions

By kind permission of Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography copyright © 2020

The farmer made it quite clear that he does not want people to visit his field. Furthermore, he has insisted there is no public right of way to visit the Crop Circle. 

A friend of mine send me this beautiful and inspiring:

"The Eternal World

Life is ever changing around us even when we think that it is all rather static and uninspiring. However, we have certainly witnessed dramatic changes in the last few months that have caused great confusion and fear.

“Human beings cling to the known and to a collective element that will support their mental, physical and spiritual systems. If any of these areas are disturbed they feel like ships without rudders and not easily able to rely on themselves.

Scientists have introduced us to the realm of Quantum Physics, nothing new but still an area of which many know little. It introduces the concept of how we are all surrounded by the field of consciousness. This field is alive with potential, ever waiting for us to make manifest our dreams.

The answer is to enter the state of consciousness without any preconceived ideas or patterns from the past. There can be no limitations of thought or doubts and fears. It is like stepping into an expanse of light that enfolds us with love, peace, healing and certainty.

It is an amazing opportunity to re-create the world in which we wish to live. It is a reflection of what it is like when we pass to the spirit world. We are not at that level of frequency in this vibration which is why we are unable to watch life unfold.

The Native American Indians had their storytellers and dream weavers and with their help we can do the same. I know that those beings in the spirit world try to protect us, as they try to draw close to us when we allow them. We need the support from spirit to see us through this strange time and help us to build a new heaven and a new earth.

In The Tempest Shakespeare gave Prospero the lines, ‘We are such stuff as dreams are made of and our little life is rounded with a sleep’. It is time to awaken from sleep and - as never before - to become aware of who we really are; the tools we possess; and how we can use them in the true light of consciousness.

Let us walk into the field that surrounds every human being and everything in existence, and be creators. We are all part of eternity, so let us make the eternal dream the reality for the next stage of life"

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to be up in the air once more; the feeling of the gentle air on my face and the glory of looking all around at our most beautiful countryside; little hidden villages; hamlets; iron age hill forts, white horses etched into the side of hills; church spires, farms and more mundanely swimming pools! Instead of concrete, acres of the most glorious kaleidoscope of fields as the crops are starting to ripen in all different hues of gold. A truly exhilarating and breathtakingly wonderful experience that no matter how many times I have flown, it still gives me that feeling of joy and wonder every single time; my heart seems to sing a special song of thankfulness just for being alive.

When flying around the circle, a whole lot of things come into play; first and foremost checking that your cameras are fully charged and that you have installed the card. When that is done, and that your lenses are clean and the settings are correct, you will be ready. Firstly you need to judge the size of the circle and fly around to find the exact angle when suddenly the circle below starts to shimmer like a pearl. Taking different overhead pictures, some directly overhead, some angled, some from a distance with the surrounding countryside as a backdrop, some close, some zoomed in, just to mention a few.

I wondered if I might be out of practise but luckily all was well. However, I am never really satisfied and think the pictures taken by other photographers are often better than mine - good in a way, as it makes me try harder all the time.

I am sending you a selection of my efforts this year to date. Some circles were quite old when I photographed them.

We were blessed with some beautiful weather and beautiful crop circle events. Both my tours went ahead as planned and we were fortunate and blessed in being able to visit circles in the morning and then another in the afternoon. It has been some years since we have been able to do this as circles have become scarcer and sometimes appear on land belonging to farmers who are not happy to allow people to visit.

This summer we visited two circles at Etchilhampton, near Devizes in Wiltshire in the morning. They were about half a mile apart so we were able to reach both by walking along the same track. It was quite a steep uphill slope from where we had parked our cars. It was a glorious day and we all carefully kept our distances from each other; so easy to do outside. Both days the weather was perfect; no rain and not too hot.

I was delighted that we had three children; Alex 10, Guy 11 and Julia 12. Children are particularly open minded. Guy was at the age of longing to know everything about everything; he has a wonderfully enquiring and intelligent mind and is an avid reader, so I was able to suggest a few authors who might stimulate him further. I remember being just as inquisitive about everything at the same age. I have to say, I still find that I am still searching for answers to so many questions and think I will forever continue this lust for knowledge and information. I am going to share a few reports kindly sent to me afterwards.

Lucy and Guy Geddes in Etchilhampton 1

Etchilhampton 1

Etchilhampton 2

Juliet Geddes kindly sent me the report below, and this image of the exquisite centre of Etchilhampton 2

  • Guy experiences a pain across his chest whenever he goes into a crop circle, more or less where the energy of the circle starts, or close to the perimeter of it. This happened for him again in these 3 circles. He experienced this same chest pressure in them all (but it was by far the strongest in Hackpen). He describes this pressure as feeling like both his siblings are sitting on his chest.
  • Etchilhampton 1: Guy felt huge warmth in his heart area, once inside the perimeter.
  • Etchilhampton 2: He felt pain on one side of his head, at the back on the top left.
  • Hackpen: pain again in his head, but this time at the back and much lower down, by the alta major chakra. Also colours seen – orange and blue.
  • My own experience is that I tend to feel very mildly dizzy in crop circles, and very slightly nauseous. It is not overwhelming in any way so I'm fine to stay in them. In fact I also feel very calm and peaceful in them too, especially the Etchilhampton circles.'

Danielle Locke also sent me her report
'In Etchilhampton no 2 Alex saw turtles and sea with lots of coral. He said he felt like he was in water. He said he also saw land and had decided he was being given a message to save the planet. He felt sleepy and calm.'

Tatiana told me that both she and her daughter experienced the same acid/metallic taste that I and many other people have also experienced inside crop circles. It is so pervasive; one is unable to get rid of it until it suddenly disappears as soon as one leaves the circle. This could possibly indicate a sudden drop in blood sugar level and draining of energy as demonstrated by a lady after a talk and said “...I have got that taste now and I am not in a circle!” She was a diet maintained diabetic and knew that as soon as her protein ketones were breaking down, she got that taste in her mouth. Could this be what is happening to people when they visit certain formations? This is exciting yet frustrating due to our research constraints.

Sarah wrote:
“Hi Lucy,
Thank you for a wonderful day and evening. It was simply one of the best experiences l have ever had !
Also a beautiful group of people we all got on tremendously.

My accounts...
Crop circle one - Etchilhampton.
The energy l felt while sitting in this peaceful circle was loving and nurturing. The energy swirled around my body in a clockwise direction. As I sat with my eyes closed, after a while l could sense a beautiful pale turquoise light flowing from above and into my crown chakra. The frequency I always hear as my ears changed into a musical note. Dolphins and Whales came to mind. They are originally from Sirius B, of which I have past life connections. From this l determine that the circle is a message in the form of healing every from this star system.

Crop circle 2… I have no recall at the moment, sorry !!'


We had a delicious lunch at the Honey Street café which I can strongly recommend as their menu is large and varied and the service is first class. Happy smiling faces all round. We sat outside keeping our distances. A café is too humble a name for such an excellent venue. Close by, you will also find the wonderful Crop Circle Exhibition, the brain child of Monique Klinkenberg. This is well worth a visit but sadly we were pressed for time as we still had the special Hackpen Hill circle to visit before our final excitement of the day - our private evening entry visit to Stonehenge.


Sarah continues:
“Wow this circle really was an experience!
As we were approaching the circle a tall guy wearing dark blue robes stood waiting. I sensed he would be bringing us some musical accompaniment, which proved to be correct.
The sun was shining beautifully and what struck me initially was the colour of the crop… had a etheric / golden / sparkling glow that started immediately below the head of corn and continued downwards for several inches… the appearance of a golden band of light (see photo attached below)
It was visible with or without the sun shining!

The geometry was simply stunning too, the outside made up of ten pentacles (stars) and in the middle a large Pentagon containing a ten pointed star.

I spent a while walking around in the direction of the lay of the crop as Lucy advised we do.
It felt like there were different healing 'rooms' in the middle of each star.
Initially I chose my spot, and after sitting down, I was guided to lie down. The sensation was incredibly strong as the back of my head touched the ground. I could see myself flying over fields and crops darting here and watching patterns forming. Then I began to feel dizzy and a bit nauseous (like travel sickness / vertigo) so l slowly sat up and gathered myself.

I then walked to another spot and sat down, and then lay down. The energy here was also strong but my whole body felt supported and it was like lying on memory foam while having an energy healing session… wonderful! I then went and sat near the chap we saw earlier in the robes and enjoyed him playing crystal Tibetan bowls and finally he blew a conch shell! It was absolutely superb and added to the magical energy of the circle.

I was very sad to leave, l am sure if one was to spend time in the middle of each 'star' a different energy and experience would be encountered!

Thank you Lucy for your knowledge and patience with us all. I will be back next year all going well. Have a fabulous time next week with your tour.

Best wishes
Sarah xxx'"

Danielle Locke’s report:

'In the Hackpen hill, Alex sat in one of the small circle sections, all of sudden he felt everything go quiet, everyone disappeared. Then he thought he could see a man with a fire. Alex was mesmerised by this circle and we sat for quite a long time being quiet. I felt surges of energy in this one and felt cocooned in the circles. I felt really positive and happy, it was lovely to hear the sound healing going on in the centre of the crop circle. We felt mesmerised by that as well. This was our favourite circle.

Alex was peaceful for days after our trip, he loved it and it seemed to settle a few things for him. He liked hearing the members of the group chat about things.'

The circle was situated on the famous 5000 year old Ridgeway that stretches from Avebury in Wiltshire to the Chiltons in Hertfordshire, and reaching the end of its journey at Ivinghoe Beacon, near Tring. Below lies the Hackpen chalk White Horse. Thought to have its origin in 1883 to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Victoria it stands proud on the edge of the Marlborough Downs overlooking the countryside below.

Hackpen Hill is a magical place and has long been associated with the faery folk. Legend has it that on certain nights of the year, the top of the hill rises up. Wonderful music is heard and those who venture in to join in the song, the wine and the dance may never be seen again, or if they do reappear it is said they are never the same again after their time with the inhabitants of the hill.

That whole area was also a stronghold of the Knights Templar.

We then all drove to Stonehenge for the final excitement of the day. Sadly due to the Coronavirus, the fantastic exhibition and café were closed. The loos were open!!

We all wore masks in the coach taking us to the stones. From the air they look tiny but - wow - standing beneath them they are majestically huge. Despite having been visiting so very many times they always manage to weave their magic over me. I have witnessed people having so many extraordinarily wonderful experiences, so often because they feel they 'Have come home.'

However Guy’s experience was quite different to any before.

“As Guy approached the stones he felt like he was carrying a huge oak beam across his shoulders. Pain and stiffness radiated out from this, to his neck, down the top part of his spine, and to his elbows. He had to stand back from the stones as he felt the energy so strongly and it was too much up close. The pain included a stiff feeling, like he wanted to stretch up with his arms to relieve aches and pains, but this didn’t help. The stiff feeling remained, until he left the stones. However, he really loved being in there!

He also saw shapes across the sky at Stonehenge. He describes these as being like single lines connected by two dots on the ends. The lines were either straight or wavy. He was unsure what they meant, but felt like they had somehow been burned or etched to leave their mark into slightly orange wood.”

Crop Circle Tour 2
This again was a happy day. We followed the same procedure as the first one, except people could fly over the circles in the evening after the tour.

Amelda came with me last year when sadly we were not able to visit any circles and so I took them on a tour of the many sacred places such as Silbury Hill, Waden Hill, the magnificent stone complex Avebury, and the most ancient of all, the West Kennet Long Barrow.

All have their own special energy and history. However she was so sad that she had not managed to experience a crop circle and wrote:

'Thank you for taking us on yet another unforgettable experience in Crop Circle Tours! I have been interested in Crop Circles for some 20 years and having the experience of actually walking through them has expanded my Consciousness and Vibration to a Higher Level and for this, I am so very grateful to you. And Flying over the Circle Formations was the ultimate Joy!

Our Scientific Research Day was held on the 16th August. It is difficult if not impossible to try and judge what the weather will be from year to year and hence when the circles will be harvested. The only one available was the enormous one at Patney Bridge, near Devizes, measuring some 540 feet diameter overall.

Sadly for the very first time I was unable to attend, as a few days before I had been stung and ended up in hospital having suffered a severe reaction, the effects of which lasted for over a week. Advanced Physiologist Paul Gerry from the Devon and Exeter Hospital kindly led the research.

He was performing basic physiological measurements in a circle. That is pulse rate, pO2 (amount of oxygen in blood) and blood pressure.

Those present included Parkinson sufferer and first-timer for our Research Day, Jackie Wilson-Rose and Essential Tremor sufferer Linda Daubney who has kindly volunteered for many years.

The circle has been likened to a hydrocarbon natural compound 2,4/iso dimethyl/3 isopropylpentane used to fight viruses.

Results from Paul Gerry

The graphs I sent to you are unfortunately not showing any concrete evidence of significant changes related to the person's position related to the crop circle. 

If you can see any changes that aren’t explained by exercise then please do point them out and use them in your talk. 

At least the graphs will produce some discussion points. 

We looked at blood pressure because PD can impair the body's natural reflex mechanism that causes automatic adjustments of your blood pressure when you change position, exercise, eat, or are out in warm or cold weather. Also, anti- Parkinson's medications (and many other drugs) can lower blood pressure. 

Also low oxygen Researchers found that PD patients with orthostatic diastolic hypotension, which might lead to episodes of cerebral hypoxia (low oxygen levels), also present increased levels of VEGF and PlGF when compared to PD patients without this pathology. 


A patient with PD can have slow heart rate called bradycardia, its opposite tachycardia, and very often orthostatic hypotension referring to drops in blood pressure, which can result in falls.

We were blessed with so many wonderful events this year, one of the most beautiful being the one at Woolstone, Oxfordshire, close to the famous and most ancient of all our chalk white horses, the enormous and spectacular Uffington White Horse.

English Heritage tells us:

‘The Iron Age hillfort known as Uffington Castle occupies the summit of Whitehorse Hill. It consists of a large enclosure, measuring about 722 feet (220 m) by 522 feet (160 m), surrounded by a wide chalkstone bank or inner rampart about 39 feet (12 m) wide and 8 feet (2.5 m) high, and formerly lined with sarsen (sandstone) stones.

Around this is a grass-covered ditch about 9.5 feet (3m) deep and a further, smaller bank forming an outer rampart. A causeway, flanked by the out-turned ends of the inner rampart, provides an entrance to the site from the west. This would have been closed by a gate.

Postholes and pits revealed during archaeological excavations serve as evidence of structures built within the enclosure during the hillfort’s occupation, while pottery and coins have been found in burial chambers close by.

The Iron Age buildings are likely to have been large round huts, each housing an extended family group. In the Middle Ages the land within the enclosure was ploughed and earthworks mark the ridge and furrow pattern of cultivation.

Large Iron Age hillforts are rare. Most are located on the high chalklands of the southern counties of England, and Uffington Castle is regarded as an outstanding example.'

The White Horse

© Lucy Pringle

Situated 557 feet (170 m) to the north-east of the hillfort – and visible from a distance of several miles – is the striking chalk-cut figure of a horse.

The White Horse, which measures 364 feet (111 m) from the tip of its tail to its ear, has been dated to the later Bronze Age or Iron Age, between 1740 and 210 BC. It may have been a territorial marker or a fertility symbol – its function is not certain. Once every seven years from at least 1677 until the late 18th century a midsummer ‘scouring festival’ was held, during which local people cleaned the chalk outline of the horse and enjoyed a celebratory feast within the hillfort.

The shape of the horse has changed over the centuries. The present outline may be only a part of the original. Aerial photography shows that a larger, more conventional shape of a horse lies beneath. The loss of shape has been caused by slippage of the top soil and by repeated recutting. The head currently has a prominent ‘eye’, and tusk-like ‘beak’ at its mouth.

Dragon Hill

Local legend associates the horse with St George and the Dragon, hence the name of nearby Dragon Hill. This is a round mound, about 32.9 feet (10 m) high with a flattened top, likely to have been formed by glacial erosion.
Also close by is the ancient Long Barrow at Wayland's Smithy about a mile from the Uffington White Horse.

I tried taking a picture from the air but it is mainly hidden by trees. I have visited it on several occasions. It is not easy to find.

We are told that: ‘Wayland's Smithy is a chambered long barrow located near the village of Ashbury in the south-eastern English county of Oxfordshire. Probably constructed in the thirty-sixth century BC, during Britain's Early Neolithic period, today it survives in a partially reconstructed state.

Archaeologists have established that the monument was built by pastoralist communities shortly after the introduction of agriculture to Britain from continental Europe. Although representing part of an architectural tradition of long barrow building that was widespread across Neolithic Europe, Wayland's Smithy belongs to a localised regional variant of barrows produced in the south-west of Britain, now known as the Severn-Cotswold group. Of these, it is in one of the best surviving conditions.

The later mound was 185 feet (56m) long and 43 feet (13m) wide at the south end. Its present appearance is the result of restoration following excavations undertaken by Stuart Piggott and Richard Atkinson in 1962-63. They demonstrated that the site had been built in two different phases, a timber-chambered oval barrow built around 3590 and 3550 BC and a later stone-chambered long barrow in around 3460 to 3400 BC.

Wayland's Smithy is along the same hill as the Uffington White Horse and Uffington Castle, while it is also close to The Ridgeway, an ancient road running along the Berkshire Downs. In the early middle ages, the site became associated with the mythological figure Wayland the Smith, from which it gained its name. Since the late 20th century it has been used as a ritual site by various modern Pagan groups. Now under the guardianship of the English Heritage, it is open without charge to visitors all year round.’

Following on from my quest to find the farmer to whom the Bishop's Sutton formation belonged, I never succeeded, but Martin Herdman and Libby Barrett visited it and Libby kindly sent me this lovely report.

"As usual I felt a little light headed and off balance as I entered the circle.
It was a most beautiful circle with a hexagon in the middle and leaves around the hexagon.
I did what I usually do and waited for a sign. I began to walk around the outside of the circle first, towards the flattened wheat inside..
When I reached the centre of the circle I stood too ground and attuned myself.
As I began to ground, the soles of my feet became very hot and almost fluid like.
It didn’t take long before I had grounded and attuned.
With my eyes closed I enjoyed the energy within the circle.
Then I felt a slight discomfort and pain on either side of my back just above my kidneys.
I then visioned what I initially thought was a Phoenix landing close by with large wings coming out from its back. Hopping and flying low over the crop circle.
I then realised it was an angel and I had become this angel.
I had grown wings from the two places I felt discomfort from in my back.
I began to fly low over the circle as if I had become one with the angel.
As if the angel was proud of the circle and wanted to show me around.
Once this ended I had a wonderful feeling.
The energy in the circle was very calm and relaxing. I did not want to leave.
Martin went off to take the dogs for a walk and I lay down in the centre of the circle in the pouring rain.
Calm and peaceful, I lay in the wet rain enjoying the energy.
As I became more relaxed I began to see hundreds of tiny little silvery white lights just above the wheat. Moving around – darting back and forth. Moving in different directions and speed.
Attracted to the crop circle they moved around in the air.
I know I was seeing nature beings from another dimension.
I had a message – “looking and seeing are two different things”.
Have these nature beings been here all along. Have we just not taken the time to see them.
I have much gratitude in my heart for my experience that day in the crop circle.”

Despite all the turmoil and sorrow that Covid has wrought the circles with their beauty, serenity and – have given us a message of hope - hope, to take with us as we go forward into the New Year 2021.