Noughts and Crosses

Yet again it is time to pull together the scientific evidence resulting from the effects of electromagnetic fields on living matter; the physiological and psychological evidence that has been amassed during the past year.

With over 500 reports on my data base, Anne Silk and I met at the Royal Society of Medicine in London last spring 1997 We went through the reports and I am greatly indebted to Anne for analysing and identifying these into the following separate categories: oral, cranial, occular, auditory, gut, dermal, systemic, cardiac, and mental. Within these categories fall several sub categories. This has been immensely helpful and should make further analysis considerably easier.

I am enormously grateful to the 69 people (43 women, 15 men and 11 unknown) who have kindly sent me reports this past year. Without your help this research would not be possible and as always I would like to reassure you that everything you tell me is in total confidence unless you give me permission otherwise. Nothing is too small or insignificant and indeed something you deem unimportant may be a piece of the jig-saw puzzle that has been missing to date. So please include everything.

Analysis of these reports showed that results fell within the following categories: 2% Oral (taste, tooth pain, unusual thirst), 4% Cranial (headaches) 9% Ocular (vision changes, hallucination?) 5% Auditory, 21% Gut (nausea, diarrhoea etc.), 4% Systemic (dizziness, weak knees, leg pain etc.); 52% fell within the Mental category (thought processes affected, short term memory loss, feelings of panic etc., feelings of evil, terror, feelings of peace, love and light, disorientation, sense of `presence`), 51% had unpleasant physical reactions, whereas twice as many people had beneficial emotional effects as those suffering negative emotional effects. 9% had healing experiences, Long lasting effects of 24 hours or more, were also largely beneficial.

The fact that I receive a greater number of reports telling describing negative physical effects is not surprising for on the whole we are more likely to remark on an ill effect whereas if we feel better or happier than normal it is often attributed to other factors such as the beauty of the formation, the warm sun, a day out, or being in the country with family or friends. It is not until there is an immensely noticeable feeling of well-being that it is remarked upon as being out of the ordinary.

The Shaking Stopped

That we are dealing with low frequency micro wave radiation still appears to be the case. Indicative of such evidence came in a report from a friend of mine, suffering from a condition similar to Parkinson's. She experienced a temporary but wonderful physical respite from he exhausting and continuous shaking after sitting in the centre of the Torus Knot at Alton Priors for 20 minutes. Subsequently she did not shake for 24 hours. The physical relief was enormous during that period (1). Professor Richard Feynman tells us there is an area of utter stillness in the centre; Ann Silk suggests that this corresponds to the isolated standing stem or few stems found in crop-formations and also the calm eye of the storm found in hurricanes and tornadoes and the unmoving twig in the centre of a spinning pool of debris laden water.

Anne also tells me that tests conducted in laboratory conditions have revealed that stimulation, as by external EMF's, of the subthalamic nucleus stops tremor in Parkinsons. 88% of a series so treated showed `great improvement`.(2).

Could the stillness in the centre of the Torus Knot have also been a contributory factor to the remarkable temporary healing?.

The strange behaviour by animals, as shown when two normally happy, docile Labradors attacked each other and a woman inside a formation, can also be ascribed to certain frequencies in the electro magnetic field.(3)

It is increasingly apparent that our physical and emotional behavioural patterns are affected by certain frequencies, of which we are mostly totally unaware. Clearly the effects will vary according not only to the individual but to the intensity of and exposure time to the frequency.

We are all surrounded by auras or electrical fields; the electrical field of the our natural environment is known as the Schaumann resonance, vibrating at frequencies ranging between 8-32 Hz. Evidence of Exceptionally Low Frequencies (ELF) is evidenced by hormonal activity, governed by the pituitary and pineal glands deep within our brains. However the ever increasing use of and exposure to electrical equipment of far higher electrical fields than the natural environment is inevitably causing a disturbing disruption to our well being and much more serious and in depth research is needed in this highly sensitive and topical area. This equipment includes such items as microwave ovens, mobile telephones, computers, the Internet, washing machines, refrigerators, air-conditioners, electric blankets, televisions, hairdryers etc. The results of these effects are playing an integral part in our daily existence; we are in fact bombarded with these higher frequencies everyday of our lives and the consequences of these fields on our central nervous system must be an area of concern.

Mineral and Vitamins

Other areas of my research have continued apace. Some of you may remember the new area of investigation started in 1996 in which my mineral and vitamin levels were tested by Ann Smithells of Biotech Health, Petersfield, to see if there was any physical variation after visiting crop formations over the summer period. To be able to compare the state of my health, it required `before` and `after` season testing. The results from the previous year (1996) revealed a marked and worrying drop in both my mineral and vitamin levels.(4) This was corrected over a period of 4 months as shown when Ann retested me in January 1997. In April 1997 Anne kindly agreed to test me yet again and the results showed that both levels had remained normal since January and I was fit and healthy.

The question was then, should I submit myself to the circles again without taking any precautions? Anne was concerned and advised me against it as the decrease in both minerals and vitamins had been so considerable the previous summer. However if a test is to be scientifically credible, it must be repeatable. Therefore against Anne's advice and my better judgement I decided to submit myself to visiting the circles as previous years.

During the Spring and Summer of 1997 I visited many formations. On the 22 September almost 6 weeks since my final 1997 visit to a formation, Anne tested me once more. Would my vitamin and mineral levels reveal I still fit and healthy or would they show up a story of depletion similar to 1996? That I was unsure of the result indicates that I was not feeling unwell; maybe just a little tired after my hectic summer schedule, nothing more. Again the tests revealed a dramatic drop in mineral and vitamin levels. Anne reports that "Lucy Pringle was tested in this clinic in April 1997. At that time her vitamin and mineral levels were normal.

"She was retested in mid September 1997. On this occasion her magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc mineral levels were below a healthy par and vitamin C and vitamin B5

were also very low. These results can indicate adrenal stress.

"Exhausted adrenals show as fatigue, but can also affect the efficacy of other hormones such as the thyroid and the pancreas. This was beginning to happen with Lucy."

This was not pleasant reading and must clearly be of concern to people who spend long hours in the circles. I was particularly surprised to be depleted in Vitamin C as I take ½ teaspoon of the powdered form every morning which is larger than the recommended daily dose or ¼ or 1/8 of a teaspoon .

Among the formations I visited in 1997 were two that I found turbulent and draining, one in particular. (5).

In order to conduct my water research, I need to visit each formation twice, once to bury the bottles and on the second occasion to retrieve them. By the time I have taken measurements and compass readings in the first instance and maybe spent some considerable time finding the bottles in the second instance, I am in each formation for seldom less than an hour each time. In addition I visit certain formations several times, taking visitors with me. Over the period of the summer this can add up to a considerable amount of `crop circle` hours

I will return in March to be retested by Anne who has most kindly agreed to continue this line of research. However this forthcoming summer I will take precautions and it will be interesting to see if the results next September confirm this.

Pituitary and Pineal Glands

"Exhausted adrenals" and the effects on my pancreas and thyroid, drew my attention once more to the workings of the pituitary gland. Endocrine glands produce hormones which circulate in our blood system, controlling and adjusting certain processes One of the most important endocrine gland is the pituitary, known as the `Master Gland`, a small gland linked to the hypothalamus region of our brain..

This gland produces several hormones which are linked to other glands: amongst these hormones are thyroxine, produced by the thyroid gland; female hormones oestrogen andprogesterone by the ovaries and the male hormone testosterone by the testes. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin which controls the level of glucose in our blood and the adrenal glands just above our kidneys produce adrenaline, the `emergency` hormone.

Drawing together the reports I had received on abnormal and post menopausal bleeding (6) and the results of Ann Smithell's tests, it would indicate that further research is necessary in this area of endocrinology. Another player in this theatre is the pineal gland situated in the centre of our brain and connected to the hypothalamus, part of the limbic system. This gland was thought by Descartes to be `the seat of the soul`. It is also responsible for hormonal behaviour by secreting the hormone melatonin which has a profound influence our sleep patterns and sexual cycles.

I Cannot Concentrate

Many reports continued to arrive describing lack of concentration and altered states of consciousness. These reports are the most numerous and I believe this is due to the pull to the right cortex of the brain that is experienced by most people when entering a genuine formation. This pull makes performing any scientific task extremely difficult, as the concentration level and logical thought needed to accomplish the job is hard to achieve let alone maintain for any length of time. Many is the time that I have had to go back and repeat measurements and readings; and many are the reports I have had from researchers who have simply given in to superior odds and left their analytical work for another day.

Peter Staples and Isabel Maxwell-Cade gallantly came to my aid yet again, bringing with them their Biofeedback and E.S.R machines. They have been one of the very first people who have taken on research in the fields and over a period of 5 years have built up a substantial data base of information regarding the way our brains and autonomic nervous systems react to the genuine formations. I am enormously indebted to them, not only for their work but for providing us with one of the most enjoyable days in the crop circle season.

After the unpleasant results recorded in the Mayan symbol in 1996 (7) , I made sure that I would not subject my volunteers to any formation I had not previously visited and dowsed, especially as Margaret Randall had once more kindly agreed to participate.

What could be more timely and fortunate than the appearance of the wondrous Torus Knot, for not only was it a wonderfully healing formation , but it was owned by Tim and Polly Carson who are always most generous in allowing people not only to visit any formation on their land but who gladly give their permission for research to be conducted.

As usual the day was planned a long time in advance and the volunteers were primed and ready to assemble at a venue to be announced. Thus it was on Sunday 20th July, we all arrived in Alton Barnes. David Carson kindly allowed us to conduct our control readings in his garden overlooked by the Cherhill White Horse. In the report Peter and Isabel tell us

1. Introduction

Following our investigation on the changes in psycho-physical responses experienced by people in crop formations during the last four simmers (1993 to 1996) we joined a group with Lucy Pringle to take more measurements this summer.

The approach adopted was the same; to use portable electronic biomonitoring instruments to monitor Electrical Skin Resistance (ESR), peripheral temperature and electrical brain rhythms via Electroencephalograph (EEG), taking a set of reference measurements away form the crop formation and then taking equivalent measurements in it. We decided this time to take the control measurements outdoors to remove one difference between the control ad crop formation sessions.

The conclusions of a simple experiment of this type should be viewed as "demonstrative" rather than "proof" in strict scientific terms that the crop circles can be an agent in bringing about changes in states of consciousness.

2 Measurements and what they can show

The nature of these measurements and what they can show is summarised in the article "A test on the psycho-physical changes invoked within a crop circle" in The Circular, Vol 4:4, March 1994, pages 13-15, to which the reader is referred.

In summary, measurements of changes and responses in the body are used to appraise the corresponding changes in mental/emotional state. The basis for this correspondence is empirical - derived from many hours of monitoring people and relating their subjective accounts and the observable responses with those taken objectively from the instruments. We attempt to interpret such changes in psycho-physical terminology e.g. "shift from lethargic towards relaxed-and- alert" because these are more accessible than the physical readings from the meter scales. This obviously reflects a model of the important part of the work undertaken by Max Cade in the development of biomonotoring method and is implicit in these studies.

Watching the display of the Mind Mirror EEG for even a short period shows how rapidly and frequently the spectrum of brain wave activity can- and often does- change. The account given below is therefore a brief appraisal of the overall shift ) or absence of such shifts) in the patterns of the subjects listed.

Our interpretation of the EEG patterns reflects a "hierarchy" of states of consciousness ie. where each state has a greater level of awareness ad responsiveness than the one below. Whilst there are appropriate situations for all these states, we are looking for an increase in the level of awareness and in the balancing of the activity of the two sides of the brain. This way of interpreting EEG patterns is described in the book " The Awakened Mind" by C. Maxwell Cade ad Nona Coxhead.

  1. Location

The location was arranged by Lucy, which was at Alton Barnes in Wiltshire. The crop formation is known as the Torus Knot. This site was close to that used for the

measurements in 1994. Our reference measurements were made on the lawn at a house nearby.

It was a warm day. The temperature in the crop formation in the sun went as high as 37 degrees C. this impacted to an extent on the peripheral temperature measurements, since blood temperature is also approx 37 degrees C.

Our subjects were Christopher Weeks, Margaret Randall, a Canadian healer called Louise Olivi and Lucy Pringle. We had measurements from several former sessions for Chris, Margaret and Lucy. All subjects had prior experiences in crop formations.

On this occasion there were a lot of people at the crop site (including a coach party). The interest taken in our experiment proved distracting and we moved from the central part of the formation to the periphery during the first measurements to avoid attention.

  1. Findings

The ESR and temperature are summarised as follows (higher ESR means lower autonomic nervous system activity):

Subject    ESR (left hand)       ESR(right hand)        finger temp (l. hand)
         control / in circle   control / in circle    control / in circle
Margaret   1.5M    65K	        500K     60K           28.5 degs   34.5 degs.
Louise     150K    100K         200K     200K          30 degs     37 degs
Chris      230K    400K         300K     300K          31 degs     34 degs
Lucy       350K    160K         180K     180K          27 degs     35 degs

Margaret showed a very dramatic change in ESR between the control and crop formation measurements. On both hands, the ESR decreased and changed from a fairly fixed reading to a "labile" reading (i.e. Responsive to stimulation). The change was a factor of 23 on the left hand measurement and a factor of 8 on the right hand measurement. This shows a major increase in activity and response in the nervous system. (We have measured Margaret's responses on several occasions and never seen any such phenomenon. When asked, Margaret was unaware of any change.)

Louise, Chris and Lucy all showed an unchanged ESR measurement on the right hand (correlates to left brain hemisphere activity), Louise and Lucy showed a significant decrease in ESR in the crop formation on the left hand, implying an increase in activity in the nervous system (more stimulation) in the right brain hemisphere. Chris showed a significant increase in the ESR on the left hand in the crop formation implying a withdrawal of activity in the right brain hemisphere.

In all cases, the peripheral temperature was higher in the crop formation. This was probably due n part to the outside temperature, which rose as high as 37degrees C in the field. The peripheral temperature readings of Lucy and Margaret were relatively low in the control, so this was a healthy improvement.

Margaret's EEG patterns showed high levels of theta, particularly in the right hemisphere in te control session. On replaying the tape, the transition to the crop formation was immediately apparent: there was more beta activity and an improved balance between the hemispheres. This indicated a greater awareness of the environment and more "active responses" as compared to more introspective awareness in the control. Taken in the context of the ESR and temperature changes, we interpret this as a major shift to a more stimulated and integrated state - like being re-energised.

Louise showed very balanced fifth state alpha/beta/theta EEG patters in te control with substantial delta activity - implying an instinctive ability within a "centred" consciousness. The pattern at the start of the session in the formation did not show this delta- as if Louise was attempting to analyse (the situation) with the intellect. This changed quite abruptly and the pattern changed tot he "mini-egg", which is a transition between fifth state and the creativity state (ref. Max Cade, The Awakened Mind). Louise appeared to be more in control of her brain states in the control but relinquishes this at some point during the measurements in the crop formation - as if she was "receiving" instead of "giving out".

Lucy showed EEG patterns of a more relaxed state of mind than on previous years when we undertook this experiment. There was a tendency to be more in the right brain and the pattern was balanced between the hemispheres. In the crop formation, there was more theta and delta activity a if picking up things but not necessarily into the conscious mind - intuitive rather than analytical.

Chris showed a fifth state EEG pattern in the control measurements, particularly when attention was on something of interest. In the crop formation, the right hemisphere activity was blocked off ad the alpha blocked. The appearance was that Chris did not have empathy with the crop site and was becoming very detached - perhaps as a way of remaining in control. This was also born out by the increase in ESR in the left hand.

5 Conclusions

Whilst Chris became "detached" and unmoved by the crop formation, Margaret shifted radically into a more stimulated and alert state. Louise and Lucy were drawn to varying degrees into a more instinctive frame of mind, with some increase in stimulation in the right brain.

This formation ad a different effect to those we had experienced in previous years. Louise made the comment that "Whatever produced this formation was still around". The effect appeared "feminine" in psychological terms - an energy drawing the subconscious towards an instinctive state o understanding. The effect on Chris was to close off from this and remain detached and fairly centred. The ladies were all drawn to it and appeared to benefit from it.

Isabel made the observation that despite being in the hot sun all afternoon, we were not drained even after the long drive home. We also went through the analysis more easily than on some previous experiments in the crop fields!

Keep the water flowing

The final area of research is perhaps one of the most important and yet in the early days caused initial ridicule from certain bodies. I believe that many scientific discoveries find their genesis in intuition. The `spark` that encourages further research, leading eventually to scientific recognition. That this area of investigation is now being recognised by scientists all over the world should act as encouragement to others in similar positions. Have courage and do not give up if you really believe in what you are doing, until you have exhausted all possibilities.

However over the years it has been difficult to find scientists who are not only brave enough to risk their reputation but who for love alone, can afford the time to analyse these samples. During this period I have amassed a vast collection of bottles which are stacked chronologically in boxes . Bottles buried in and retrieved from the most important formations going back to 1994. Will they still retain a memory of the original `energy`? My gut feeling tells me they will. These boxes share floor space with postcards, mugs, photographs, slides, lecture notes etc., which threatened and then succeeded like Triffids, in completely taking over my dining room!

Who cares? The kitchen is the best place for dinner parties anyway!

As previously mentioned (8) the results had just been received from Jacques Benveniste. These revealed spectacular anomalies in samples buried inside and outside the famous 1996 Triple Spiral at Avebury Trusloe. They also clearly confirmed that electromagnetic fields were affecting living organisms, as found in the results of tests performed by Dr Cyril Smith (9 & 10) and Dr Levengood on other water samples. That we are consistently finding anomalies despite using different techniques, is enormously encouraging.

Dr Levengood tested for levels of bacteria, Dr Cyril Smith for resonances and Dr Jacques Benveniste for changes in the heart beat rate after injecting the potentised water into living cells. In the latter instance Jim Lyons (to whom I am particularly indebted for his wisdom, advice and enthusiastic encouragement) explains that the basic method is as follows: originally this water had had a molecule added but no matter how diluted the water became, even to the point where no trace of the original substance was present, the water injected into the hearts changed the rate of heart beat as opposed to unpotentised water. In effect the frequency of the molecules was still present and was being registered as though it were produced by the molecule itself!

Invisible Patterns?

Early this summer Dr Roger Taylor introduced me to Dr Konstantin Korotkov, a Russian physicist from St Petersburg who wished to test my water samples using the Kirlean technique. This technique has had an unfavourable press in main stream science due to the fact that to date it had not been possible to quantify the results. Konstantin however had overcome this problem, thus making a quantum leap in this field. In early June bottles were retrieved from the Winterbourne Bassett formation and winged their way immediately to St Petersburg. I awaited the results anxiously and at last they came but much to my disappointment revealed nothing of significance. Roger also was disappointed and before returning to St Petersburg to visit Konstantin and others he came to see me. He told me a curious and wonderful story of a serum test that had been conducted using cancer patients and non cancer patients. The serum had been subjected to Kirlian photography. At the ordinary level there was no distinction between the two groups but when the serum had been diluted to 100th the evidence was there for all to see. A marked difference was to be seen between the cancer victims and the non cancer volunteers.

As Roger was telling me this story his face suddenly lit up. "Let us try diluting your water samples to 100th" he suggested "and see what happens!" The results are not back yet and maybe they again will not reveal anything out of the ordinary for this is an embryo science; maybe we will have to experiment further and dilute the samples down to 1000th before we see any marked results? At this stage any original molecules will have disappeared and we will be left with `pure` energy.

Another story Roger told me, referred to the Phantom DNA. In the experiment the DNA pattern was clearly visible but when the DNA was removed the pattern was still present, revealing the `energy` of the recently removed sample. Thus the pattern was shown to be present in quantum space.

This is a most exciting area of investigation.

My bottles of water are also going to be subjected to infrared spectroscopy. Samples have sent from this year and some from previous years. It will be interesting to see if my hunch is correct and that the energy from previous years is still be present.

I am greatly indebted to Roger Taylor and Kostantin Korotkov for continuing with this research. In Russia there is a greater acknowledged scientific interest in `subtle` energies which allows them more flexibility in conducting laboratory tests.

No funds available

Sadly despite Jacques Benveniste's cheering results, the cost of further tests in his laboratory is prohibitive. However Dr Cyril Smith has once more handsomely agreed to blind test some 1997 water samples, using his renowned resonance technique. This will be the third time he has generously consented to play a valuable role in this research; on both previous occasions substantial anomalies have been revealed.


Bottle No Frequencies Measured

081 +50.00 Hz
082 +0.0436 Hz -0.634 Hz +7.66 Hz
083 +0.736 Hz -8.77 Hz +64.2 Hz
084 +50.00 Hz
085 +0.673 Hz -6.34 Hz +59.2 Hz
086 +50.00 Hz

Note: the frequencies indicated with a `+` would be stimulatory and those with a `-` would be depressive in any effect on a biological system.

Cyril Smith remarks "I don't know where you had these water bottles, they were quite stressful. The above measurements list the frequencies that I found. I have extended the technique to lower frequencies, down into the sub-Hertz range and looked at the bottles in this range too. Three bottles seem to be saturated with 50Hz, the power supply frequency. There must have been some ground currents; were they near pylons or cables?"

The results were most interesting and certainly baffling.

Nos. 081 and 082 were the control samples. No 081 was right at the edge of the field by the road ( a considerable distance from the formation, possibly ½ mile +). I buried it in front of a large wild parsley plant.

082 was buried at the perimeter of the next field as you walked towards the formation (still a long way from the formation, possibly ¼ mile)..

No 083 was buried at the perimeter, approx. 2" inside the formation on the NNW side in between the tramlines, (looking at the formation from the road).

No 084 was buried at the perimeter, approx. 2" inside the formation on the NNE side in-between the tramlines of the formation.

No 085 was buried at the perimeter, approx. 2" inside the formation on the SSW side in between the tramlines

No 086 was buried in the centre of the formation.

No 087 was buried at the perimeter, approx. 2" inside the formation on the SSE in between the tramlines. (This bottle was not found).

I spoke to Mrs Andrews, the Post Mistress who runs the little shop at Alton Barnes (she can see the Milk Hill White Horse from her doorway) and she confirms that there are NO power lines or cables anywhere in or close by the field. The closest ones are towards Etchilhampton, a couple of miles away.

Could a report sent me by Freddy Silva, possibly have a bearing on these results?

Freddy relates how last summer around the 10 August, every time he and his companions drove up towards Adam's Grave,(a short distance NNE of the formation) they all quite independently complained of "serious neck pressure, tightness of chest and general contraction of muscles."

The same thing happened to them at the bend in the road in Horton. Freddy got out of the car at Horton (about 2/3 miles WSW of the formation) and dowsed an energy line running through the area extending to Adam's Grave. No prizes for guessing where it would pass! Directly beneath Milk Hill where this formation lay!.

After receiving the results I wrote to Cyril giving him the formation details and the locations of the buried bottles and received this reply:

"The two controls 081, 082 are different in the one is just 50 Hz, the other has that very low frequency in it. This one might find in a person exposed to neurotoxins. Have you become toxic from wandering through crop sprayed fields?

"The 50 Hz could get in by banging a bottle near any electrical apparatus. It could also travel down a geopathic line from an electrical sub-station transformer that was sitting on that line.

"Nos. 083 and 085 are quite similar, the differences are those that might be found in any non-sterile water in which there were similar cells in different stages of growth."

It is interesting to note that there had been cellular activity in water in bottles Nos. 083 and 085 which lay NNW and SSW.

Whereas Nos. 081, 084 and 086 (saturated with 50Hz, the power line frequency) ran from the road through the formation straight to Avebury, missing the White Horse. The lines found by Freddy Silva would cross with this line close to the centre of the formation.

Cyril has asked me to handle a bottle in all the details of my protocol except that I do not bury it and dig it up. Finally to wrap it in foil and send it to him to see if anything is in it.

The results are not back yet as Cyril is extremely busy and indeed I am most indebted to him for his continued interest, time and expertise in my research.His contribution is of the greatest value.

Jim Lyons also suggests that if we discount the samples saturated with 50Hz we are left with samples 082, 083 and 085. It is the comparability between the samples that is of significance. "These show very comparable resonance responses but the corresponding control samples are down by an order of magnitude, i.e. one should multiply them by 10 to bring them into the same range of frequencies". Jim assures me that as the frequencies are within the same octave these results are favourable in these circumstances.

Sample 082 082x10 083 085

Frequency Hz +0.0436 +0.436 +0.736 +0.673
-0.634 -6.34 -8.77 -6.34
+7.66 +76.6 +64.2 +59.2

Jim suggests that we look at the second column. "Ten times the 82 sample, the figures are in broad agreement with the circle samples, in fact the second sample if 85 is exactly the 82x10 figures. These are very good results for this type of exercise. The conclusion is there is a distinct difference between the controls and samples - in fact the energy stored had raised the vibrational frequencies by round an order of magnitude, just the sort of thing I would expect to happen with subtle energy forces."

Conclusions to date

What could be happening to people visiting the circles and should we be concerned ?

Anne Silk suggests that "nausea, sense of presence, drop attacks, disorientation, dyscalculia (lack of concentration), body image change, skin pigmentation, pain where none before, absence of pain in painful conditions, very bad head pains, cardia arrhythmia (abnormality in heart beat rhythm) both bradycardia (slow heartbeat), tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), auditory and visual phenomena, panic attacks, abnormal hunger and diarrhoea, sudden sharp pain in eye, leg, or dental fillings are all accounted for by effects of electromagnetic fields on the body."

I have entered in excess of 100 formations over the past ten years and must report that I have experienced the entire spectrum of effects, from healing and macrocosmic awareness to severe nausea and long term draining of my energies. On a percentage basis however I would estimate that I have suffered negative effects in less than 20 %. Nevertheless I do believe a word of caution is essential. We do not know precisely how Exceptionally Low Frequencies or the Electromagnetic fields are affecting us and until we have a clearer understanding of these effects I would repeat my advice that women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, and to wearers of health devices geared by batteries (such as pacemakers); do not go into crop formations.