Crop Circles: The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times


For the last 10 years Lucy Pringle has taken to the skies in helicopters and small planes to photograph crop circles. Her stunning aerial photographs reveal the geometric beauty of the different forms they take: the mandalas, spirals, pentagrams, double helixes and the fractals of chaos theory, which display a mathematical precision that appears to be beyond the realms of human capability.

To date more than 5,000 such formations have appeared in over 40 countries since the first recorded sighting in the 17th century. They have appeared throughout the world in ice, sand, sunflowers, corn and even tree tops, but it is Britain that they are at their most spectacular and their most frequent.

Alongside her photographs Pringle has conducted scientific research to reveal the strange effects they have on people and animals in their vicinity, penetrating a mystery that continues to baffle scientists around the world. Her research into the electro-magnetic forces emanating from the circles leads us to consider more seriously the theory that they are 'gateways' to parallel dimensions that could reveal potent secrets about the living earth and the consciousness of the universe.

'Lucy Pringle's book will fascinate a great many readers. The breadth of her own experience and research will make even hardened sceptics think again.' – Duff Hart Davies

Published by Thorsens, Harper Collins ISBN 0-7225-3855-3

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