Spring has Officially Arrived! – April 2019

When I wake up in the mornings and as I go about my day, there is something different afoot. It is that intangible feeling of Spring. Spring is here. Spring is everywhere I look, in the hedges with pale green leaves bursting forth, along the sides of the roads and even the moss on my lawn (if it can still be called a lawn after last summer’s drought - I console myself by saying it has to get worse before it gets better as we struggle to get rid of the ever invasive moss and the brown bare patches)

I went of a stroll and met a lovely old man in a wheelchair, he had a look of serene rapture and with his flowing white hair and beautifully wrinkled face he resembled Father Time. We chatted and both agreed that we were overwhelmed by the beauty of nature all around us. He directed me to a place where there were banks of primroses with pale lilac coloured violets poking their heads through shyly. I even found a wild strawberry plant in full bloom! The blackthorn is also in full flower and close-up the beauty of the flowers is just wonderful. It is as though the whole countryside has come alive again, joyous, exultant and rearing to go. That magical surge of Energy as the throb of the earth echoes beneath ones feet. The heartbeat of Gaia.

The bird song has changed and the more one listens the greater number of birds you can distinguish. Some sing more exuberantly than others like the blackbird brimming over with joy with his multi varied repertoire and the minute little wren who has a voice the volume of a bird twenty times its size. The dawn chorus will soon be with us and I hope you enjoy the one below

It is hard to believe that amidst all this natural wonderland of beauty, that the human race can be making such a dreadful hash of things. Living in the UK, my thoughts immediately go the unparalleled confusion and mess of Brexit. I look around and feel quite shamefaced at utter chaos in our once respected Parliament. Have we all gone mad, I ask myself and how will one ever respect another politician ever again?? Having said that we are more fortunate than many with the terrible catastrophes happening in Africa and the Middle East and elsewhere. There is that wonderful heart-jerking song 'When will we ever learn?'

However, having had my moan, I am encouraged beyond words at the way people are waking up at long last to the litter we manage to leave behind us. People of all ages from toddlers helped by their parents to  grannies and grandfathers collecting bulging sack load by sack load of rubbish. Also scouring our rivers to dig up the waste of many years from sofas to fridges. What a marvellous thing and for this we must thank David Attenborough, who along with others, has been a leading and visionary leading light showing us what is happening to our beautiful planet and how we can do something about it. Hip, hip hooray!

Will we have an early crop circle, I wonder? As I drove along the country lanes, I found a field of canola (oil seed rape) coming into bloom. This is always the first crop to open its arms to the phenomenon.

My tours are booking up well, with several regulars re-joining me every year. It is a wonderful day, full of the joys of going into a crop circle, being with like-minded people and just generally being out in the open visiting ancient sites in the sacred landscape if time allows. Then there are the optional extras: one day we as will have a special evening entry visit to Stonehenge, seeing the sun set over the stones and standing right up by the giant megaliths absorbing their energy (the tickets are like gold dust to obtain); and then for the other day there is an optional extra of a flight over the circles. This also is an amazing experience as you will see the circles we have visited on the ground, this time from the air; also fly over such ancient sites as Amesbury Stone Complex and Silbury etc...

The new book that scientist Jim Lyons and I have written is now at the printers and will be in the shops this summer. Ii is being published in the US and I understand that whereas it will be in the shops in early June in the U,S sadly it will not be the shops in UK until 25 July in the UK. However, I will have copies for sale from early June onward. It is a WONDERFUL book, taking the subject to a much needed and wholly new level of understanding!

The Energies of Crop Circles Lucy Pringle

I have reduced the 2019 crop circle calendar to £8.00. I have sold more copies this year than ever before and only have a few left so please hurry if you would like to have a copy.

I am sure many of you are dowsers and I would like to recommend Maria Wheatley. She is a professional master dowser, has written many books, and takes tours and courses. http://theaveburyexperience.co.uk/sacred-site-tours-and-dowsing-workshops/dowsing-workshops/
Maybe the next time I write it will be to tell you about a crop circle. Who knows??

My love and all best wishes,