Swings and Roundabouts

Another summer has come to an end. A summer that passed like flash of lightening, the gloriously hot, sunny weather bringing the formations to an unusually abrupt and early end. In the south the harvesters completed the majority of their work by the beginning of August, a good two weeks sooner than usual. The fields are now bare once more apart from the occasional imprint of once majestic shapes which have captured our hearts and stimulated our minds during the preceding months.

What has been happening in the fields to people, animals and mechanical equipment during those glorious halcyon days? The reports are still coming in thick and fast; to date I have received almost 40, 17 of which are from men. Not quite such a good record as last year, but very many thanks to all of you who have taken the trouble to fill in and send me your wonderful experiences. Please keep it up and please remember that nothing is too small or insignificant. I find that many people tend to ignore their five senses. Taste, smell, touch, feeling and hearing. You never know when one small effect may be a crucial piece in the jig-saw puzzle. As always I want to reassure you that everything you write to me is in total confidence unless you give me permission otherwise; some reports are very personal and private and this is respected at all times.

Each year certain formations are remarkable for a number of reasons; this summer I rate five formations as having been outstanding. This is a larger number than most years, even if I find one that has that special ineffable quality to it, I am happy. I will tell you about them, but only 3 in detail.

The first on my list was the seven ringed spiral in barley at Avebury Trusloe. This is the field where in 1991 two formations appeared, again in barley, one facing North\South, the other East\West. It was in the North\South formation that had formed on 9 June, that Diana Clift and I found a ring so narrow, less than the width of Diana's hand, that would have gone unnoticed had it not crossed a tramline. It measured 2" and extended 10`4" into the standing crop. The surrounding area of barley was completely undamaged. It was one of those magical experiences that have imprinted themselves forever on the hard disc of my memory bank. (Diagram by Peter Baillie enclosed).

The spiral that graced the field this year was wonderfully beautiful to the eye, yet at my talk in Haslemere this September, some people found themselves unable to look at the slide, they felt physically ill. They were intrigued to hear the following story.

Friend and colleague Keith Wakelam, retired electronics engineer and author of many books, including, Discovering Eternity, came with me to Wiltshire to help bury the small brown bottles of water used in my researc for possible homeopathic qualities. (Scientific results regarding water samples and E.E.G and E.S.R results in next article). It was a glorious early summer's day in June. We parked in the lane adjacent to the field and with the farmer's permission entered the field and made our way towards the formation. Little did we know what lay before us! We entered the spiral and then our problems began; we had the greatest difficulty finding our way to the centre, why should that be? Succeeding at last, I buried a bottle and Keith took his rods and walked along south tramline to the perimeter and back. Going out and coming back the rods performed in a way he had never previously experienced; they pointed straight at him and he felt very uncomfortable as though he was "being drained of his essential life force". 
I then took his rods and walked down and back along the same tramline. My rods also behaved in a novel way (to be repeated in certain other formations during the season), the rod in my left hand pointing towards the lane and the right hand rod spinning violently first clockwise, stopping and reversing its direction. It continued to do this until I came back to the centre. Keith remarked that I looked like some sort of mini helicopter about to take off! My compass, when placed in the centre, had oscillated wildly for some considerable time, but eventually it came to rest. I then stood in the centre whilst Keith walked around the first spiral; every 45 degrees his rods changed polarity. It seemed to indicate that there was some sort of dynamo effect; alternating negative\positive energy, such as the ancients introduced when building their complex stone structures in bygone days, thereby generating their own energy source.

By the time Keith returned to the centre, I was feeling very ill with the onset of a migraine (I am a migraine sufferer but now only get them when under extreme stress and that certainly was not the case that beautiful sunny summer's morning). I started to feel sick and dizzy and experienced flashing lights ...how on earth was I going to collect plant samples for the BLT team, 30 feet outside the circle to the east and west, samples on the east and west perimeters of the spiral AND bury my remaining bottles? Keith volunteered to stand in the centre and direct me to the exact points in the field. I seemed to feel marginally better when outside the formation and also managed to bury the bottles before returning to the centre. There I found Keith in a dreadful state. He also is an occasional migraine sufferer, but like me only gets it when under stressful conditions. He was experiencing flashing rainbow lights, his peripheral vision had gone and he was feeling most unwell. We crawled out of the formation, somehow managing to bury several control water bottle samples as we made our slow and halting way back to the car, where we sat like two heaps, unable to think or talk.

After a while Keith felt well enough to drive, he reversed the car and came back onto the main A40 Calne\Beckhampton road. It was not for a few minutes that I realised that something was amiss...I tapped Keith on the shoulder, "do you realise you are driving on the wrong side of the road", I said! We stopped for lunch at Stones restaurant in Avebury before attempting our familiar journey home. That was not so easy either, twice we got lost on the way back having taken the wrong turning. It was clear that we had lost all coherent thought and we thoroughly disorientated. Keith recovered after about 24 hours; I did not feel back to normal for several days.

Did I ever manage to find the bottles? With considerable trepidation, I returned to the field 10 days later with Malcolm Stewart and was amazed to find them without difficulty and neither of us suffered any adverse physical effects.

I had previously believed that in most formations the strongest energy was to found at the perimeter, but for both Keith and me to suffer such dire effects in the centre, forced me to rethink my previous hypothesis. It seemed that the centre was the most powerful point, a black hole of very low pressure (cyclonic). It was therefore with considerable interest that I learned that the ADAS report stated that the level of a particular element was unexplainably higher in the centre!

I also checked the records Hamish Miller had kindly sent me some years ago and found that the Michael energy line runs directly along the lane where our car was parked and the direction in which my left dowsing rod pointed, whereas the Mary line runs parallel from the Beckhampton roundabout both lines meeting and crossing at Windmill Hill directly north of the formation. Was it coincidence that the formation appeared at the new moon when energy lines are often more active?

The second formation of particular note was the Telegraph Hill `Clutch Plate`, clearly and majestically visible from the road. This appeared on the night of the 11\12 June. I had driven past the field at 20.00 hours on the evening of the 11th and the field had been bare. I obtained permission for the Hampshire research team to go into the formation at 05.30 on the 13th. On the evening of the 12th, I informed Shelly Keel (BLT) and told her I would give her a ring after I had been into the formation. It was beautiful, a quintuplet of quintuplets resting serenely in gently waving barley. The morning dawned and I forced myself out of bed. Am I mad I asked myself? (Many would say yes!) We met at the Cheesefort Head car park and made our way down the lanes and into the formation. What a beauty, enhanced by the magical and unearthly quality of the morning, when the animals and birds have no fear of you and treat you as one of them. At that moment we were all part of the same eco-structure.

We completed our particular areas of research and then drove down the road to take pictures from another angle taking advantage of the wondrous morning light. I took 1 picture using my Pentax ME Super ( Kodak Ektachrome Elite. ASA 100), but then the battery (1.3V) failed. This not the first time my cameras have failed whilst inside or shortly after being inside a formation. I drove home and telephoned Shelly Keel recommending the formation as worthy of further research. She then told me a strange story. "On the 12 June, we arrived at the field at 21.05 and stood by the gate outside the field. It was a little to dark to take photos without a flash but I thought I would try anyway (I knew the battery in my camera was flat, it had been for some time). I took some standing on the ground and then thought I might get a better shot from on top of the gate. As I got near the top I leaned a bit too far forward and my camera (round my neck) swung out over the edge of the field. I thought I had better get down before I fell down, so back on the ground I stared to take photos again and flash worked. I looked at the battery indicator at the top of my camera and it registered a full battery". I have spoken to Shelly since then and at the date of writing (October) the battery (6V) is still fully charged.

Later that morning I met Malcolm Stewart and we went to my local photographic shop where my batteries were certified dead. I bought replacements but retained my old ones after hearing Shelly's story. The bottles duly collected from Avebury Trusloe spiral, I drove to Thruxton where I met Steve Alexander for a flight over the fields. We were both very tired having been up since about 4 that morning, so said little. Casually Steve turned to me and said "I must tell you something strange"; It seems that when we entered the Telegraph Hill formation that morning, Steve had laid his second camera (Nikon FM 5 Volt, using FUJI Super G. ASA 200) on the ground whilst he assembled his pole and took several shots of the formation.
When he had finished he collected the Nikon that had been lying on the ground and walked up the tramline at the top of the formation. The light meter glowed dimly a few times and faded completely. The battery was dead. As Steve told me this tale a familiar shiver went down my spine...(It is this sort of evidence each year that tells me that something beyond our human knowledge and experience is occurring). This was the third camera failure within 24 hours and all connected with the same formation. Fortunately Steve had not thrown out his old batteries and I suggested he should retain and test them. Returning home exhausted later that evening, I resolved that if I did nothing else before tumbling into bed, I must test my `dead` batteries. I put them back in my cameras and lo and behold they were as strong as if they were new. I have used them ever since! Steve rang me the following day to tell me that his defunct batteries has also come back to life!

The following day Paul Vigay went into the formation with his camera, mobile telephone and electrostatic voltmeter. His camera battery (6V) and mobile telephone failed and his electrostatic voltmeter behaved in a most curious manner.
Paul's batteries did not recover but both he and I independently returned to the formation some 5\6 days later with the same equipment. This time it was not affected in any way.

This clearly raises possible health problems for those people who have health equipment requiring batteries and I would strongly advise people thus equipped, to exercise extreme caution when entering certain crop formations.

During this period a woman entered the formation and was sitting quietly when she heard a crackling noise in the crop that seemed to be getting louder as it approached her. A couple joined her and the noise stopped abruptly. Her husband returned with their 2 labradors, who the moment they entered the formation attacked each other and then the unknown couple. The dogs seemed very frightened and kept pressing themselves against their owners as if in need of comfort and reassurance. They were taken out of the formation and immediately returned to their normal friendly selves, wagging their tails happily and jumping about in a carefree manner.

What frequencies were temporarily present that could have affected electrical equipment and so disturbed normally friendly, placid animals? We do know that at certain frequencies, animals in laboratory conditions have attacked the nearest living creature.

It is reported that a luminous object in the sky over the formation was recorded independently by Julian Sherwood on camera film on the early afternoon of Tuesday 27 June and by an unknown person on video. Neither saw the object when taking the picture, but it was visible when the film was later developed\viewed. For them both to have obtained the object would seem to indicate that a. it was the same object. b. they were both there at the same time but unaware of the other's presence due to standing in different places. Nancy Talbot who has been researching luminous objects in the States, is very interested in this report and feels that if the person using the video camera were known and could be contacted, it would be possible to establish much valuable information regarding this experience by performing a triangulation of where each person was standing at the time.

The third formation was the wondrous Litchfield `Caduceus`. This enormous circular formation with a radius of some 80 feet lay in the field next to the busy A34. Its size was such that the gigantic tankers and other massive vehicle that passed by, resembled Dinky toys. It appeared during the night of 6\7 July and was not welcomed by the farmer who was unable to keep people away, it being so clearly visible and accessible from the road. However he kindly allowed the BLT team and me in to conduct our research 3 days later. The ground was very hard due to the drought and I was delighted to have Shelly Keel and her daughter Sharon with me to lend a hand with the digging. However Sharon never reached the centre, feeling increasingly dizzy and disorientated as she approached the middle and having to return to the car. Shelly started to help and then suddenly she had disappeared also. I looked around and there she was looking pea green some way away. I suggested that she should leave the formation as quickly as she could, whereupon, similar to my experiences in previous years, the moment she stepped outside, she recovered immediately. However she would not return to the centre and sat quietly close to the perimeter. I was therefore delighted when a man and his black Labrador joined me. The man was filled with the special overwhelming delight, joy and enthusiasm reserved for people on their first visit to a crop formation. He gladly helped me but after a few minutes also had to leave very reluctantly as his Labrador was so disturbed.

Unlike Sharon who felt ill for several days, Shelly had no lasting effects, even the acid\metallic taste in her mouth wore off quickly.

Eleven days later, author and journalist Duff Hart-Davis came with me on our yearly jaunt into the circles. Duff like me is an open minded sceptic (derived from Phyrrus, who resolved not to take another's word as fact, but to make judgements according to his own personal experience). Duff writes an excellent and humorous article in the Saturday edition of the Independent. Duff, Gordon Keel and I entered the Caduceus in search of the previously buried bottles. It was a bakingly hot day and Duff using my little book full of essential information, directed us rather like a Major General, to various points in the formation where we dug and like magic, found the bottles.

Duff later got in touch with me to tell that on leaving the field he has suddenly started scratching and found that he had developed a nasty and `unexplainable rash` on his chest. Could it be prickly heat, I suggested. "No". Could it be due to an allergy to corn? "No, I am constantly in corn fields". Every type of cream and foul smelling urgent was applied without success to the offending rash, until eventually after a very uncomfortable 2 weeks it went as mysteriously as it came. Another convert!

I have observed that many of the formations this year have lain on an East\West access and when dowsed, have found that in the majority of cases the energy line on which they lie, divides at the centre of the formation with a radius of about 8 feet either side and meets again at the same distance.

Every year I find that the circles have a certain unique quality special to that year. The quality this year has been of a vortical nature. This in itself has its own particular energy, more powerful than other years and the human effects seem to have demonstrated this in their intensity. The most common adverse effects have been nausea, headaches, sore throats, dizziness, tiredness, disorientation and the strange acid\metallic taste. After giving a talk at Andover this summer, someone came up to me and said "I have got that taste now and I am not in a crop circle"! She then went on to say that she was a diet maintained diabetic and that as soon as her protein key tones were breaking down, she got this taste indicating that she must replenish her protein level. This is exciting as it gives me something on which to hang further research. Could this be what is happening to people when they visit certain formations. Is their blood sugar level dropping dramatically and if so why this sudden draining and loss of energy?
One of the positive affects has been healing. One woman who had recently had a hip operation found that by simply looking at a formation from nearby, she was able to walk a distance that the previous day had been quite beyond her capability and was beyond the laws of probability. Many people have remarked on a new outer clarity of vision as though the scenery is made up of sharply defined `cut-outs`. A new inner clearness of vision is also often reported. Loss of time and altered state of reality are other regular effects. There have also been many reports of invigoration, peace, calm, and euphoria. These results confirm previous findings suggesting that whereas the physical effects tend to be negative (57.5%), the psychological effects are overwhelmingly positive (65.5%). Considering that the reports sent in can only represent a minute percentage of what is really happening in the fields, I believe that this simply illustrates the fact that the effects are far more numerous than are commonly understood.

There were 2 outstandingly harmonious formations this year that deserve special mention. The first to show its beautiful face was the glorious ringed formation resembling the back of a shell, close to the sacred site at Cissbury Hill, West Sussex. As these chalk hills are comprised of powdered shells maybe this is more fitting than meets the eye at first glance. Not only was it of a rare beauty to behold but it had that same unquantifiable and wondrous quality inside. It felt as though it was a place radiating total harmony. A haven of peace and joy in this tumultuous world.

The second wonder of harmony were the nested crescents at East Meon. This classically beautiful, circular formation measuring approximately 120 feet lay undisturbed behind Hen Woods for several weeks. So isolated was the spot that although it was spotted several times from the air, it remained deliciously illusive. Inside the formation were 3 arcs, swinging round at angles of 180 degrees in perfect symmetry. The enfolding arcs seemed to many to represent encircling arms of love. Some interpreted it as the child in the centre, encompassed by the protecting arms of the mother, father and God.

Is there a message for us this year? The symbology and meaning is intrinsically personal. Each and every one of us will find their own interpretation. To me the pattern for 1995 was set by the Nested Dragons, the final formation of 1994, which appeared near Avebury Trusloe. It comprised of an outer ring with all the action taking place inside. This seemed to illustrate the theme for 1995, for at least 75% of all the formations have been guided by that principle.

THE ANSWER LIES WITHIN. Have you not at times sought an answer to your problems by finding that deep well of peace within our being?