Symbol of Love

As I write there is snow to the east, north, and south - even in London - and in the North East and Midlands of the UK there are floods - but where I live in a small, ancient village in Hampshire we have a wonderfully benign climate, though at the moment, despite having the central heating on, it is freezing cold and I am wearing four layers of clothing! This is what the land needs, sharp frosts to regulate the crops and kill off the unwanted bugs, and in about eight weeks’ time the clocks will go forward for Summer Time. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

One of the first excitements of 2015 was the discovery of hidden archaeological remains at Durrington Walls about 2 miles from Stonehenge. The Stonehenge Hidden Landscape project has transformed how archaeologists view the ancient site, which covers over 4 square miles of Wiltshire’s Salisbury Plain. The main monument stands at the heart of a landscape rich with burial grounds, pits and chapels. Last year, at Durrington Walls, 90 monoliths were found buried under three feet of earth. The whole site was about five times larger than Stonehenge.

Though none of the stones were excavated, it was calculated that some stones would have stood up to 4.5 metres high before being toppled over by their Neolithic builders. The research team used "non-invasive geophysical prospection and remote sensing technologies" to see the stones underground. They could peer underground using penetrating radar, electromagnetic induction, and magnetometer, electrical resistance mapping and laser readings.

The stones are thought to have been hauled into position more than 4,500 years ago to form the southern edge of a ritual arena centred on a natural depression. The stones appear to have joined up with a chalk ridge that had been cut into to accentuate the natural border. “We presume it to be a ritual arena of some sort”, said Professor Vince Gaffney from University of Bradford and one of the archaeologists of the research team.

A mile in circumference, Durrington Walls is one of the largest known henge monuments. It is surrounded by a ditch and a 40 metres wide, with a one metre tall outer bank. The henge surrounds smaller enclosures and timber circles from a later settlement. Two huge pits were discovered in a two mile-long monument called the Cursus that lies to the north of Stonehenge. The pits seem to form an astronomical arrangement so that on midsummer’s day, the eastern pit’s alignment with the rising sun and the western pit’s alignment with the setting sun intersect where Stonehenge was built 400 years later.

The rise and fall of the newly discovered monument at Durrington Walls suggests that buildings have been modified and recycled ever since the first stones were laid around 3100 BC. Everything written previously about the Stonehenge landscape and its ancient monuments will need to be rewritten, so adding a whole new chapter to the Stonehenge story.

The henge monuments probably predate Druidism by thousands of years. We don't know much about the beliefs and rituals of the original Druids who were vigorously suppressed by Rome, but what we do know indicates that their religious places were groves, wetlands and pools - not henges or stone circles. It has been suggested that the settlement might have originally had up to one thousand houses. The period of settlement was probably short, between 15 to 45 years, starting sometime between 2525 and 2470 BC. At 500 metres (1,600 feet) in diameter, the henge is the largest in Britain and recent evidence suggests that it was a complementary monument to Stonehenge.

After this exciting discovery, in May a most valuable experiment was conducted and later shown on the History Channel called ‘Circles from the Sky’. This was an historic event organised by the far-sighted American based Prometheus Studios, Inc. When the company first got in touch with me with their idea of making a crop circle I was not filled with excitement as so many programmes have been made over the years which have not served this unique subject well. However after several conversations and emails I felt reassured that they were going to be well intentioned and ethical; so felt happy to take part and be interviewed.

The aim of the programme was to interview several researchers and to obtain permission from a farmer in order for a circle to be constructed in one of these fields. Sadly my interview was never shown as we ran out to time due to being bedevilled by a small aeroplane performing acrobatics overhead.

The experiment would be done in daylight in oilseed rape (canola) and the people making the circle would be asked to copy a particular previous circle that had shown no evidence of human involvement. The circle chosen was one that had appeared on the first of May 2005 at Alton Priors. I recall visiting this, and after careful scrutiny could not find any broken crushed or bruised stems. It was perfect.

The filming was to take place over two days. The circle was made by the A team - - and the weather was good. The crop stood between 3 and 4 feet high (1 - 1.3 metre) though not as tall as it had been in 2005 when often the crop reached a height of between 6-7 feet (1.8 - 2.1 metre). Indeed I can remember once getting completely lost in one field, the crop was so high!!

It took Circlemakers three and a half hours to make the circle. You can see from the first image that they are holding a rope across one of the sections. You will notice that the bottom right hand crescent doesn’t have a ‘bite’ out of it as in the original. When the circle was completed, expert researcher Charles Mallett entered the field to examine it closely.

The farmer had forbidden anyone to go into the field, but as part of the film production programme I was allowed in. I don’t know if any of you have ever walked in a field of oilseed rape when in full flower? All I can tell you is that it is not a pleasant experience. The smell is pungent and really quite nasty, and the pollen from the flowers gets everywhere - up your nose, in your eyes, ears, hair and all over your clothes. So I take my hat off the for gallantly trying to replicate the Alton Priors circle in the most disagreeable and uncongenial of circumstances.

It is a well-known fact that due to the crop having a hollow based stem, it snaps when bent at an angle of more than 40 degrees. As a result, they were not able to make the circle without breaking, snapping and bruising the crop as the images show, but it was a task not many people would have tackled and the damage was not as extensive as I have seen in many an oilseed rape (Canola) circle.

The upshot is historic - it proves conclusively that it is NOT possible for humans to make a crop circle in oilseed rape (canola).

The crop circle season was late starting. We had two early circles, clearly man-made, which I did not put on my website as there wasn’t time to fly over them. They were lightly imprinted that the crop had risen up within a day.

However, it was still early days and looking back over the years, we see that it is quite often June before the phenomenon really starts to get going, but this year a lovely circle appeared in barley on 30th May at Fox Ground Down, near Blandford Forum. It consisted of a ring dissected into four quadrants by two lines crossing the centre so depicting a Celtic Cross. Four overlapping semicircles dissect the ring on the outside. I took a fight down to Dorset and the soft evening light was perfect. We could not fly low as it was close to a B road. Was this circle going to herald exciting events to come?

June saw the arrival of eight circles amongst which were a wonderful spiral at Sherston just inside the Wiltshire border from Dorset - an interesting yet war-like formation that was followed by a second, similar yet more complex one, of the same ilk near Stonehenge which in turn was followed by a third even more complex one at Clearbury, near Odstock in Wiltshire.

However, one of the most remarkably powerful and special of all the 2015 crop circles was to appear on Midsummer’s Day, 21st June. Many times I have written about the frequencies emitted by the circles and how they affect us on different levels of our being. Just to look at this one does something to me and my emotions that I cannot find the words to properly express. A deep unfathomable stirring of longing but for what or whom, I do not know or understand. It is deeply comforting and yet simultaneously unsettling in its ambiguity. It speaks to me in a long lost language I do not remember. I would be interested to know if it affects you in any way? Please do write and tell me.

The story behind this circle is a poignant one. In November 2014 the farmer James Hussey who owns this field and the surrounding land, lost his lovely wife Gill after a 14 year battle with breast cancer. I knew her well and she was a most lovely lady with a huge love and respect for the circles. They had always generously allowed people to visit the circles on their land. They were a most devoted couple. The field where this circle appeared was a field where she used to ride regularly and somehow it seemed fitting that this glorious crop circle depicting a rose should find its resting place just there. As we all know, the rose is a symbol of love amongst other things, so what clearer message could Gill have sent her husband James? Even if I didn’t know that the rose is a symbol of love, the strength of love emanating from the frequencies that radiate and pour out of this photograph are overwhelming.

To the ancient Egyptians the rose was sacred to Isis, and the ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with the goddess of love, Aphrodite (Greek name) and Venus (Roman name).

Islam and Sufism also considered the rose as a symbol of love with its use in geometric gardens where the rose held pride of place. Its association with the song of the nightingale considered to have been inspired by love by the beauty of the rose as portrayed in the poems of Hafez.

In Christianity, Medieval Christians identified the five petals of the rose with the five wounds of Christ, and a red rose as a symbol of love - often given to a loved one on Valentine’s Day.

We frequently see wonderful Rose windows in churches and cathedrals comprising of five or ten segments (the five petals and five sepals of a rose).

We frequently see wonderful Rose windows in churches and cathedrals comprising of five or ten segments (the five petals and five sepals of a rose). The Rose is the national flower of England, and Henry VIII took it to represent the Tudor Rose. It also represented both the noble Houses of Lancaster and York. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 15.15.29

Indeed, the Rose universally depicts Love, so what greater tribute could Gill Hussey have sent not just to James but to everyone. James set up a charity to raise money for a breast screening unit in Swindon as the closest unit was in Oxford and for Gill and others to have to travel many hours for a daily treatment lasting a few minutes each time over a period of six weeks was altogether too exhausting and draining. Everyone who visited the rose and later the ‘Thunder Bird’ crop circle gave generously to the fund, and James by organising events such as marathons was able to raise almost £10,000. This was a fitting testimony to Gill’s love of life, James and people in general.

With James’s permission, this was the circle we used for our Scientific Research day. He kindly left it unharvested so that we could conduct the tests. As usual we began the day at Avebury Study Centre which is well equipped with plenty of power outlets. Paul Gerry, clinical physiological from Devon and Exeter Hospital, kindly up came from Devon and long time NutriVital Health expert Hazel Drummond were both there to conduct the scientific tests. Gerry was using the new MM (Multi Mirror) system; a highly complex machine which in addition to testing for brain activity can record a person’s Autonomic system (this is measuring parts of our body that are not under our control - such as heartbeat, intestines, movements of the pupil of the eye, and chemistry of the blood.) In the photo the far right are traffic lights giving indication of quality of signal. Next to the left is the mind mirror shape - highest frequency at top

Top left is the raw brainwave traces. Bottom left is a frequency spectrum which gives frequency (vertical axis) time (horizontal axis) and colour is the amount - yellow is large Amount. Gerry was measuring what was happening to their brains over five minute period while resting their heads against the wall with eyes closed. Gerry tested James and Gill Puttick, Tina Martin and Mona. An example: the above pictures show the changes experienced by Mona in the circle. The orange depicts the gamma levels. The analysis of these tests is exhaustive.

Hazel Drummond has been helping in our research for many valuable years and has generously given her time and energy to this research using the renowned Asyra technique, acclaimed by Professor William Tiller, Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University in the States as being one of the most reliable diagnostic systems available. The Asyra technique covers a broad spectrum of investigation and it is fascinating to look back and see how the technology and methodology has improved. Parkinson disease sufferers Gill Puttick and Tim Challoner (accompanied by clairvoyant Mona) together with Essential Tremor sufferer Tina Martin all gallantly put themselves forward to be tested again. Gill also brought along her son James who is suffering from an as yet undiagnosed condition of Extreme Fatigue Syndrome which has steadily grown worse over the last few years. Also with us was Hazel’s husband Stephen. They had driven all the way from Manchester, setting off at the crack of sparrows that morning.

We then processed to the ‘rose’ formation at Uffcott conveniently close to Avebury. As the circle was already three weeks old, I was concerned that it would be past it best.

Despite the dire warnings of wet weather, the day turned out to be roasting hot with not a drop of rain. As we drove down the narrow road to Uffcott, I was not altogether sure in which field the crop circle lay, so as we neared the area, as far as I could remember seeing it from the air, I asked James Puttick who is over six feet tall to get out and stand on a hay bale at a gap in the hedge. This is what he wrote “As we left the centre and travelled toward the circle I was suffering the disorientation I always feel when travelling by car through country that is new to me. After 10 minutes of driving and navigating we arrived in the general area of the circle, but we did not know its actual location.” “I jumped out the car and as soon as my feet touched the ground my disorientation was instantly gone! I instantly knew my location and could feel where the circle was - it was like a low frequency buzz through the ground, I could feel it. I turned toward it and looked through a gap in the hedge, I could not see it, so I jumped on a bale and looked where I knew it was and still couldn't see it.”

“I was sort of miffed. I couldn't see it because I knew at a base level that was where it was in the field, so I looked along the hedge line from where I was and saw a person a little further along next to a vehicle, I knew we were meeting the farmer (who kindly allowed the circle to remain) at this location, so I returned to the car and we parked up. This is where my day got strange.”

We made our way into the field and on reaching the circle, we dowsed for the area of strongest ‘energy’. It became clear that in the lower part of the circle closest to the road, there were a series of strong vortices rendering several of us quite dizzy and unsteady. Both Paul and Hazel set up their instruments and the tests were repeated. We stayed in the circle for some time making further investigations. It was clear that this was a formation containing unusually high ‘energies’ and I was relieved that I had not taken our group in when it was fresher as I believe the ‘energies’ would have been too great, especially for those of us who are ‘sensitive’. We met James Hussey at the edge of the field on leaving. He was interested to hear how we had got on and what had happened.

We conducted the second control tests further down the road near the hedge. Unusually Hazel’s battery had been completely drained by the circle so she made her way to the local pub who allowed her to plug into their electrical system and finish the tests. We all met up there and it was clear to us (as we were sitting in the pub) delete that this had been no ordinary circle. I will add some of the interesting reports I was sent.

Hazel reported “Because the crop circle that we were about to visit was over 3 weeks old I had no expectations of any 'energetic' disturbances affecting me. Over the years of going with Lucy on the research days, some circles have had very strong energies which have sometimes made me feel ill for a few days after. Some have not affected me at all.” "I was about half way from the entrance to the field and the circle when it suddenly hit me. I felt a very strong weakness and trembly feeling throughout my whole body. The feeling took me by surprise and it grew stronger as we reached the inside of the circle. I felt a sort of whirling energy that was incredibly strong. I didn't particularly want to sit down in it but thought that it be good to do the testing at such a strong energetic point and will be interested to see the results on all of the test subjects. I continued with that strong trembly feeling until we left the circle and didn't feel any particular after effects except that I felt very well that week.”

"At one point during the afternoon I walked around the circle with rods and was again struck by the force of the energy and noted that there were definite points around the circle where it was even stronger and where the arms of the rods were twisting through 360 degrees and even spinning around again.” James‘s story continued: “The day started with a jump when I was woken early with yells of "We’re going earlier, get a move on!", this is not the way of a normal Sunday.” On arriving at the Avebury study centre I was a bit more awake than in the first hours of the day, I found the science used fascinating. I was aware of both Paul and Hazel's methods and I understood the principles behind them, but this was the first time that I had seen them being used in front of me. The results of my tests on Hazel's equipment were very surprising and highlighted one problem in my body that I had suspected for a while but my GP had told me to ignore.

“It was great to talk with everyone in a more relaxed setting, and to learn more about the circles and the land where they occur.

“As we left the centre and travelled toward the circle, I suffered the disorientation I always feel when travelling by car through country that is new to me, and after 10 minutes of driving and navigating we arrived in the general area of the circle, but we did not know its actual location. I also felt energised as I entered the circle, my mind cleared, my body felt light and supple, for the first time all day I felt great, none of the usual body aches and tiredness. This continued for about 30 minutes after we left the circle, but then I crashed as we were doing the last tests at the interim stop, my body felt heavy again but my mind was still clearer than at the start of the day.

“After I had sat down for a few minutes at the river my mind started to get foggy again and I noticed I was getting confused whilst talking to people. It was only then that I realised that all the time I was in the circle and the time just after leaving it, how good I felt and how clear my mind was. I cannot explain this effect.

“Thank you for a brilliant day Lucy, it was great to meet the people my Mum has been talking about and to have my eyes opened on a few things. A big thank you to Paul and Hazel for their efforts. Talking to them was an education in itself.”

It is interesting to note that many ‘sensitive’ people find that the circles increase this effect; and Mona wrote telling me the subsequent interesting series of events “I had an extreme reaction for about 5 days afterwards - my eyes were very sore and constantly watering - I was told that this was due to hay fever by the GP. It started when I was in the crop circle and I just kept wiping my eyes - did not think about it. The last time I went the crop had been harvested (2014 crop circle tests). However, I have been near hay before and not had such an extreme reaction.

“Whilst there I was aware of the energy from the mast, however, when walking to the circle and on entering the periphery there was a strong draw towards the crop circle. The energy felt different to the crop circle last year - with this one there was the moving up and down of energy almost like being on soft waves of the sea when swimming, under one's feet and yet the areas where it happened also seem to be moving in swirls.

“I know that there were tests taken before and after, one of which was the writing in the circle and I certainly could not write properly on the paper. Also the measurements taken from your colleague (Paul or Hazel?) I know that at the end test we aborted the results as the measurement was not so easy to conduct. I do think that it may also have been me - I do meditate and can go into higher frequency - my definition of going into theta as a ThetaHealer I think might be different to what is being measured.

“When we finished at the pub with final measurements and drinks etc. - I then went into the car to drive off - I think you came over to check when you found I had stopped further down the road - at a time when I was checking the satnav which did not appear to operate properly. As we were parked, the others drove off too overtaking and finally we were able to pull out and drive off too. I had to turn off some 200 yards and it was soon after that I can only describe seeing opaque/white forms, about the height of a child maybe 2 to 3 feet and it was the sound of them speaking that I remember - a language I could not make out - I was driving and had to tune out. It was like they flashed in front of me talking to each other and directing to me and flashed out again - about 3 or 4 I think.

“Now please do not think me weird or unhinged - last week I did some further work with Theta and linking to minerals, crystals and plants - it was not until I was about to fall asleep that it suddenly clicked that when I tuned in to the plant which was a growing orchid, I heard a language and realised, that it was similar to what I had heard from the opaque forms. Their heads were larger than ours and rounder and maybe a third in length to their body - two arms and two legs reminding me of the form of paper cut out figures.

“The figure I saw last year was different, the energy from the form was more authoritative or assured, heading towards me with purpose and I tuned out - I described it as having a long body and very tall and having a very large head - shaped like an old-fashioned keyhole.

“After having visited the crop circle last year, very soon after I experienced at odd times in the night flashing lights by the kitchen window and even by a very large window on the landing and Tim felt it by one of the bedrooms - the energy was quite overwhelming and actually quite scary - I really felt vulnerable. This was not passing car lights; it was higher in the sky. At about this time I came across Andaras crystals and found them to have energy that helped and what I felt was more divine and full of light - this seemed to help dissipate what I had been encountering.

“This time with this crop circle and what I experienced with the childlike forms - the energy was very different like curious playful chattering not overwhelming. What I can say is that I have noted a connection with 'crop circle' and 'plant' in the language I tuned in too. Please note I had not tried to tune in to any plant before, it was part of training I was doing with Theta only last week. “Tim has said that he could not stay in the centre, the energy was so strong it was making him feel sick. I will type anything else he may want to add tomorrow - send it very quickly to you. “I admire you for how you continue to keep up the good work! If ever you go up again in a helicopter to see a crop circle, please ask me, I would be interested - only ever had one flying lesson - would love to be able to fly a plane on my own - now would that not be fun.”

“Tim sensed there were a number of vortices around the circular walkway i.e. flattened crops. He felt relaxed in the Centre of the Circle but not on the periphery where flattened walkway was going to the outside of the Circle.”

Jennifer Percival who runs training course for the NHS wrote: “Thank you for asking me to attend this year’s research event. It was a very interesting day!

“In terms of after-effects from visiting the circle - I wanted to let you know that I became very tired and felt exhausted as the afternoon worn on. This is highly unusual for me. “I also slept for 10 hours that night which I haven't done in years, so I guess this was to do with my time in the circles energy field.”

On closer analysis, Hazel Drummond’s results revealed an interesting pattern." Seven of the nine shows a noticeably increased imbalance inside the circle as compared to first control tests at the Avebury Study Centre. This imbalance was maintained in four of the nine in the second control tests outside the circle."

In addition, five of the nine showed a change in hypothalamus levels. The hypothalamus is a very important part of the forebrain which lies below the thalamus and forms the lower part of the ventricle and its floor. Its integrity is essential to life. It plays an major part in regulation the temperature of the body, the body weight and appetite, sexual behaviour and rhythms, blood pressure and fluid balance, and it is suggested that it could even be said to be the physical basis of the emotions.

The blue lines are the first tests conducted at the Avebury Study Centre, the orange lines show repeat tests taken INSIDE the circle and the grey lines are double control repeat tests conducted OUTSIDE the circle. Taking sixty as the norm, you will see how the orange lines fluctuated. At Essential Tremor sufferer Tina Martin’s suggestion, we all wrote “The cat sat on the mat” before going into the circle, again inside the circle, and thirdly after visiting the circle. The change in Tina’s writing was quite dramatic especially as she did not have anything hard on which to press when writing inside the circle. However, as you can see, the deterioration over the following days was noticeable. Tina mentioned that she found trying to draw a spiral was one of the most difficult. Also straight lines were a problem.

On the 23 July, three Spaniards visited the formation not knowing that it had already been harvested. On reaching the edge of field they realised that they were unable to see where the circle had been. “The three stood there looking into the field for remnants of the circle when suddenly they noticed a “tornado” of spinning crop and dirt down the field about 115 (377 feet) from where there were standing.”

They could see dirt and dust debris from the field appearing more or less in the middle of the field. They described a very large, spinning tornado focused at the centre of the crop circle and then going up 60 to 70 feet. They went into the field straight to where the tornado was happening and as they approached it seemed that the tornado was coming up from the flattened ground and they then found themselves in the clearly defined flattened site where the circle had been. The flattened crop was still lying unharvested. The tornado seemed to be emanating from the exact centre of the crop circle had been. After a short time the `tornado` moved away and disappeared. That that point two of them decided to return to their car, leaving just one Spaniard inside the circle.

The remaining tourist then noticed another “tornado” forming on the ground at her feet - starting very small, then rising up in front of her until it reached a maximum height of around 11 to 12 metres. “ She looked down and a tiny spinning vortex of air and dirt and dust started coming out of the ground just in front of her by her feet about two feet away. And as she stood there, this whole thing lifted up out of the ground in front of her and rose up what she said was about 11 to 12 metres (36 - 39 feet) in height, a rapidly spinning column of air and very hot.

“She said the air started to move from her right to her left around her slightly and never actually enveloped her. This vortex-like effect of “hot” spinning air and dirt then started to move around the circle then away from it at some speed, then more or less curled off and started to drift away down the field – at which point the witness decided to follow it… and she described it accelerating, starting slowly and then moving quite rapidly and it was drifting off towards a field of maize, like sweet corn. She tried to follow it. She started to run as this thing was picking up speed, 12 metre high (39 feet) vortex of spinning air and dirt rushing off down the field. As she moved towards the effect she was stopped by an almost (but not quite) invisible “wall” of energy that stopped her in her tracks… "

As she was running towards this vortex or tornado, “she saw form immediately in front of her almost invisible, almost transparent, but not quite wall of what she described as energy, a pressure wave, almost transparent but it physically stopped her in her tracks when she was trying to follow this tornado. And that wall stayed rigidly in place for some moments and then the tornado disappeared down the field and cut into the maize field and this wall of energy - watery, glassy wall effect or - you know when you blow children’s soap bubbles, they have these little blowing things for blowing bubbles and they have this glossy, shimmering kind of coloured effect?

“She was absolutely clear that she could see and pretty much feel, in a sense, this barrier that seemed to be stopping her. And all of this emanating from pretty much the centre of a harvested crop circle. And once the tornado had disappeared, the wall disappeared.”

This report reminded me of the time that Ray Barnes who lives at Westbury, Wiltshire, (and who was one of the first people to ever witness a crop circle form) described another strange event. On the evening Thursday 26 July 1990, he was walking towards the field in which he had seen a circle appear several years before, when he noticed that “there was a heath fire somewhere towards the west and the smoke from it was blowing across the field. "The smoke was so dense that I couldn’t see the sky through it. But then something caught my attention. Half-way across the field it was as if a glass `wall` had been erected. The smoke blew and billowed against the wall, but apparently could not cross It. To the left of the barrier the air was clear, and the sky and clouds could be seen.”

What possible explanation could there be to these two similar events? I consulted polymath Jim Lyons who when I read out the description of the tornado ‘wall’ said he had never heard such a brilliant layman’s description of the following. He explained “that matter occurs in four phases – Gas, Liquid, Solid & Plasma. Of these by far the most abundant is Plasma which occupies 99.9% of the Cosmos. This form is seen most often in kitchen lighting or Neon signs. It occurs naturally in Nature being the ‘shells’ which cover ancient sites and crop circles. They appear like soap bubbles sitting on a flat surface. Their structure was discovered in 1927 by Langmuir who named these electric shells ‘Double Layers’. Plasma consists of positive and negative charge, similar to the terminals of a battery. The electric field can be extremely strong. Vortex centres in the earth which give rise to tornado-like spinning electric charges generate these hemispherical shells of such large radius (hundreds of metres) that they appear to be wall like. They can be cloudy or shimmer like soap bubbles. People sense these at Ancient Sites and elsewhere where strong vortex centres occur. They are in effect akin to the human Aura which many people can ‘see’ and/or ‘feel’.

"Such shells are often seen associated with tornadoes. If the vorticity is so great then people sense them as almost solid walls. The attached chart shows the basic form seen at a Standing Stone. The foggy column and bubble shell are clearly visible. Crop circles can generate similar forms. This is the basis of all crop circles including the ‘Rose’ Formation.”

Also worthy of mention were the ground lays of basket weave and twisted crop in several of the formations, namely one at Foxhill, Wiltshire and Etchilhampton.

As always I have received some excellent reports from people who have graciously taken the time to complete my questionnaire. “When I lay down in ‘The Thunderbird’ circle, I went into a meditative state but not falling asleep. I had a very clear and personal message about a situation in my life. I sometimes receive messages but this was very exact and beautifully expressed. I would not have expressed myself in this way!” A report from the Uffcott ‘Rose’. “First I felt so much love; it was overwhelming, right in the heart. A few tears fell down my cheek. When my eyes were closed I saw a sky-blue colour that I could look around in. It has never happened before or after, at this point. I also felt like we are all one, there is no us or them. Also I felt like something was activated in my whole being.” T.N.

More reports of tears from people visiting when visiting the ‘Rose’ and Thunderbird. “Tears from Heaven.”. I.A.

And finally another from the ‘Thunderbird’. “Lying down with eyes closed in the `Rose`, my visual field went through a number of colours-pinks, orange, green. When I opened my eyes, the sky was full of twinkling things going off. Something similar, though less of it, in the second formation (Rose). In that formation I dowsed an energy flow between a nearby radio mast and the centre of the formation.

“Stonehenge more powerful than any crop circle, despite all the damage, I dowsed an energy flow from the circle, through a large, fallen, weathered stone outside the circle towards any upright stone that I understood was the Heel Stone. Placing my hands above the fallen stone, I found it to be as powerful as any object I have sensed. On waking next morning I was fizzing all over.” B.H.

“This was my first circle. I anticipated it for 2 years. Tears came when I entered the first tramline.” “ I felt as though I was in an aura of organic love and light. From a little way in from the Horus` (Thunderbird) until I needed to adjust- took a little while.” L.N.

I am SO grateful to everyone; the database contains well over 800 reports. Please keep them coming in, no matter how insignificant or small an event they may seem to you - even the smallest detail may be important; the very piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is needed.

Somehow the rest of the year seemed almost dull compared with these excitements and discoveries. However, we must not forget the many wonderful formations that were still to appear amongst others in Dorset, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, and West Sussex and indeed world-wide. with pictures of circles from Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Bavaria, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Norway, with a special focus two spectacular ones in Italy one near Torino (Turin) in the Piedmont region and the other near Cervia, in the Ravenna region. (shown above).

Bavarian researcher Bertold Zugelder kindly provided me with the following details, worldwide. England: 37, Netherlands: 10 , Germany: 9, Italy: 7, Czechia: 4, Brazil: 4, China: 2, Argentina: 2, Poland: 2, Russia: 1, Slovakia: 1, France: 1, Spain: 1, USA: 1, Norway: 1, Mexico: 1

My crop circle year ended with a wonderful visit to Chicago to lecture at SAIC (The School of Art Institute of Chicago) one of the leading ‘Schools of Art’ in the USA. In addition I led two dowsing workshops with the ultimate aim of clearing the negative energy lines in an adjacent parking lot when the school wanted to extend its campus. Chicago is built around seven, still visible North American Indian trails and has a long and interesting history.

Those of you who are members will have received my letter discussing this. If you would like to join the membership; it is free and you will find the option on my web site.

A huge vote of thanks go to farmer James Hussey who generously opened his fields for people to visit his two wonderful formations and also to the Etchilhampton farmer who, despite the entrance to this field being blocked by careless visitors so that his tractor could not enter, still nobly allowed people in to visit the circle. These farmers are treasured people to whom we are most grateful and I do hope that in time visitors will come to understand that the fields belong to the farmers and the crops are their livelihood. We are their guests when we enter their fields, and as such we need to treat their premises with great respect and make sure we cause no damage by pulling up the stems as trophies or by walking across the crop, but to go down the exact tramline that will led us to the circle. When this happens maybe more farmers will also allow people to visit their circles. Only time will tell.

Many thanks to HeliAir and Dan who flew me so skilfully and to Steve Gavin who looks after my website with such skill and devotion.

As always my flying and research are hugely expensive and any and every bit of help would be so very welcome in order to allow me to continue with my important medical work and to be able present to the world the free viewing of all my wonderful crop circle photographs on my web site. Please help as much as you can.