Exciting Times – April 2019

After what seems like years of work, my next book The Energies of Crop Circles - The Science and Power of a Mysterious Intelligence - is coming out and I will have it in stock on the 30th May 2019. Yippee!!! It is published by Inner Traditions in the US and is well-presented and lavishly filled with colour plates. You can buy it in my shop and it will be posted as soon as it arrives.

The Energies of Crop Circles Lucy Pringle
The Energies of Crop Circles

Even though writing has always been an essential part of my being, ever since I can first remember, it essentially is a lonely yet fascinating experience requiring much exhilarating research but also strict discipline. As a result, it may seem to be a selfish occupation, and so I would like to thank my many friends and family, whom I may have neglected, for their patience and understanding. I asked James (Jim) Lyons, my long-time friend and colleague, if he would contribute his wisdom. He gladly agreed and so the fate of the book was sealed. Jim is co-author and his contribution has been invaluable.

Actor, theatre director, and playwright, Mark Rylance wrote a most flattering review which I can’t resist putting up!

“To fly with Lucy Pringle over a crop circle formation, or walk carefully among the miraculously woven wheat, is up there with standing next to Spielberg during filming; she is an expert. These formations in our fields are the most enigmatic mystery of our day, and yet millions, who have never visited one, write them off with spoon-fed explanations. I have followed the phenomenon since the late eighties, visiting well over a dozen first-hand, once as the first visitor. No one has ever convinced me they were all created by the human hand. Lucy’s exploration of the energy within the formations and its effect on our bodies is a particularly fascinating aspect of these beautiful messages in our fields. This is a book that will take you down many new and unexpected paths. A combination of compelling science and stories of extraordinary events recorded over a period of thirty years, this book lifts the crop circle phenomenon to previously unexplored levels of investigation, enhanced by Lucy’s wonderful photography. A must-read for all travellers of the known and unknown.”

So far no crop circles have arrived but it is still early days as the oil seed rape (canola) is in full bloom bringing the landscape to life with its glowing brilliant yellow. Yellow is the colour of spring and spring is here in abundance.

Magical Wood
There is a magical wood close to where I live where the birds singing all day long. The great tits, the nuthatch, the various warblers, the blackbirds, robins and many others all joining together in a full symphony of orchestral song. As we were walking down shaded paths, we were surrounded by bluebells, delicate wood anemones and a few shy violets trying to hide their faces. This is an unspoilt and treasured bit of England, hidden away except to those who know of its existence.

A pair of shoes abandoned and blending into the colour of the stone wall caught my eye!
A pair of shoes abandoned and blending into the colour of the stone wall caught my eye!

Scientific Research Volunteers
As many of you may be aware, I regularly organise an annual scientific research day. Our current focus is researching the temporary relief experienced by Parkinson’s sufferers when visiting a genuine crop circle. Working with advanced clinical Physiologist Paul Gerry from the Devon and Exeter Hospital, Hazel Drummond from Nutrihealth and other scientists, we have conducted various tests relating to this condition. Paul Gerry has been working in the NHS where, for over 45 years measuring various aspects of the nervous system from brainwaves relating to epilepsy, to eye movements, and tremor in Parkinson’s disease and similar. As well as the accepted science of the body Paul Gerry is fascinated by the claims of altered consciousness related to the alternative views in complimentary therapy - especially dowsing. Rather than debunking the claims he believes that it is important to personally see and record the possible physiological changes. He has therefore recorded many of these physiological aspects of people whilst meditating, spiritual healing and channelling. It was through this network of non-medical and non scientific friends that Paul Gerry and I met, followed by setting up experiments which are evidence-based to compare the brain and bodies reaction to being in a crop circle, focusing mainly on the symptoms and signs of Parkinson’s disease. He tries to be impartial towards the view of others as to any benefits of the “energy” of crop circles so as not to bias his findings.

Last year Paul Gerry measured eye movement (the Electro-oculogram) before, inside and then outside of a crop circle to see if the type of irregular eye movements that are characteristic of Parkinson’s diminishes when the subject is in the circle.

Paul is the only person with Neurophysiology qualifications and experience performing such research. https://cropcirclephotographs.co.uk/lucy-pringle-article-march-2019/

Each year we take in new aspects of investigation, opening up other possibilities. In recent years, we have been focusing on brain activity levels with regard to Parkinson's disease with some potentially encouraging results.

Over the years various Parkinson sufferers have volunteered to be tested with interesting results. If you are a Parkinson’s sufferer or know of someone else who might be interested in joining this research, do please get in touch. We meet at a venue (usually in Avebury, Wiltshire) to conduct the first tests; we then proceed to the selected crop circle and repeat the tests. Finally we conduct a second control test some way from the circle. All three tests are identical and can then be examined and analysed. Please visit https://cropcirclephotographs.co.uk/crop-circle-articles-by-lucy-pringle/ where you will find more information on the work we are and have been conducting.

Crop Circle Tours
Please remember to book your places on my tours as they are filling up and the thrill of being inside a crop circle is unlike any other. Also the private entry evening visit is one of the most memorable experiences possible; standing right up close to the stones and being in the field of energy taking you back to ancient days of long ago.

The Energies of Crop Circles - Lucy Pringle
The Energies of Crop Circles - Lucy Pringle