The Great Turning

Life is hotting up in the barley and wheat fields so I am going to write a short letter just to keep you up to date. The barley fields were the first to grace the circles; it is a 100 day crop from the time it is sown to the time it is harvested as a general rule. Wheat overlaps the barley around the beginning of July and continues until harvest time which is dependent on the weather between now and reaping.

Since last writing I have an interesting observation from mathematician Nick Kollerstrom in relation to the beautiful circle at Potterne Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire on the 7th June 2023. It was in barley and measured 245 feet (45m) in diameter.

7th June 2023 ~ near Devizes

A 36-fold division of a perfect circle with no centre has appeared, i.e. it is divided at equal ten-degree intervals. That involves dividing a circle by nine to start with, and I doubt if any of us could manage that – even with access to the centre!

I suggest that this is what we’ve all been looking for all these years – firm, concrete proof that a formation is not man-made. In the past such arguments have depended upon a formation being huge, very complex etc., which was fair enough. However this is different. This time it’s a logical impossibility. If any croppie group had some money they could safely offer a substantial reward – to be paid to anyone who could duplicate this formation, either on a sheet of paper or in a field at night! Just make an exact circle and divide it into 36 without touching the centre – simple, isn’t it …?

We see petals around the outside, each made from two arcs, one per ten degrees, in other words there are 72 arcs forming the petals around the perimeter. Now 72 is quite a cosmic number, the number of precession: the stars move one degree every 72 years. So maybe this.`

This being once in a lifetime event, the others mathematically pale into less significance but were of interest nevertheless.

Next in line came on the 11th and 18th June were:

Top: Roundway Down, near Devizes, Wiltshire. 11th June
Bottom: Eastleigh Court, near Bishopstrow, Wiltshire. 18th June
© Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography

I would like to tell you about a new crop circle book that has taken twenty four years to complete.

The Great Turning , Crop Circles and their Message to Humanity, is the work of Michael Green 1931-2018 ( RIBA, FSA) He was an archaeologist, architectural historian, former Inspector of Ancient Monuments with English Heritage. Also oversaw the Summer Solstice events at Stonehenge. He excavated the Roman site of Godmanchester and Whitehall Palace London. He listed parts of London as well as contributing to the saving of Covent Garden.

Yet in this was his professional life, but he was psychic and a dowser, with a deep intuitive knowledge of the Ancient Timeless Wisdom.

I have known Michael since before the Centre for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS) was set up by Michael Green and Ralph Noyes in Cambridgeshire, at Easter 1990. I was honoured to be one of the Founder members. It was a time of wild speculation and bogus stories relating to the crop circles, and an academic body of various minds and specialties was needed. It was a fascinating, mixed and wonderful assembly and scientific research and investigation was started in earnest.

Over the years scientists from all over the world worked with the Society conducting interesting and exciting results.

The Great Turning is a long awaited book, illustrated throughout. It is a learned masterpiece and will go among the great if not the greatest body of work on the subject. Without a doubt it is the most superb reference book ever produced. With Green’s background he explored all the diverse connections, some obvious and some more obscure connections that link the crop circles with such subjects as theosophy, geometry, archaeology, anthropology, music and number. I am sure it will stand the test of time and people will recognise its importance to this elusive subject.

Superbly edited by Mary Coales, The Great Turning is available published by: The Squeeze Press (imprint of Wooden Books) ISBN 9781906069278 £19.95

Distributor: Central Books RM8 1RX and available on Amazon

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Sadly helicopter flights are exorbitantly expensive and in order to keep in the air and continue with my important research I ask if you could give as generously as possible. Donations can be made here  I would be so grateful for your help.

Many have suggested using drones or radio controlled aircraft to reduce the expenses and challenges of flying for crop circle photography. After thorough investigation and consultation with an expert, I discovered the following.

Suggestions included purchasing a DJI Phantom with a GoPro Hero 3 camera (£1000 - £1500) and joining an RC club for flying tuition. A basic understanding of electronics is necessary for maintenance, which involves visual inspections, part removal, fatigue checks, and safety assessments. A drone's batteries also require specialised care and maintenance.

Contrary to popular belief, flying drones is not easy, as handling difficulties and equipment failures can occur. Commercial licensing and the risk of accidents with planes also pose concerns.

A two-person team is recommended, with one acting as the pilot and the other as a spotter for safety. Additionally, access to inaccessible areas and equipment transportation would be challenging, perhaps requiring a 4x4 vehicle. Despite considering all the information and associated problems, I must accept that this method is beyond my technical expertise and logistical capabilities.