The Phoenix Effect – March 2022

Just as the phoenix rose from the ashes, so it seems as though we too are rising from a state of Covid inertia into a world of renewed activity as we shrug off the shackles of a world of half existence into 'one that once was' yet doesn’t seem quite the same. Each generation brings with it new thoughts, new ideas, new energy. Though disturbing to those who find some aspects of change difficult, a move forward into a new and more expansive way of thinking about where we are at present and how we should go about moving forward is a positive step.

Knowledge of history gives us the basic understanding of the past and helps us advance into the future of a truly global democratic world. Sometimes this happens slowly, on other occasions it may be a more rapid shift. As I write I 'feel' this need all around me. Could it be that the terrible suffering of the brave, valiant and noble people of Ukraine under Putin’s terrible, inhuman and ruthless attack be the catalyst we needed in order to wake the world from its slumber. The utter destruction of their way of life as their wonderful ancient buildings crash to the ground before them, regardless of human life.

All around they see horror upon horror; their way of life disappearing before their eyes, as they search for loved ones in the wreckage or bid farewell to those fleeing to safety in the west; or embracing their sons who they may never see again as they fight in defence of their country. The hearts of the Ukraine people beat with an inner fire as they fight against the invading Russians, many of whom are themselves driven on by lies from Putin.

When we reflect on their heroic defence of their mother country and homeland, many of us will ask the question that confronts us: how many countries would respond in such a manner? I have pondered this question and I do believe the answer probably is - very few.

The fact that there has been a steady migration westwards as people flee, trying desperately to escape the wars and turmoil in their own countries. Consequently, the west, having taken in refugees from these war torn areas, have become multinational countries. To many of these people, their hearts and loyalties are not with their newly adopted countries but still with the countries from which they fled.

This all comes at a time when many of us are recovering from the strictures of Covid. Masses of us fell into a sort of semi-toper like state and now we have to try and shake ourselves off and reconnect with the world and all its normal mundane demands. Has this state contributed to our already and increasingly impotent Western world rendering us progressively more vulnerable? Surely it is therefore no great surprise that Putin took advantage of our weakness.

Kiev history is of great interest showing us it has always been one of the most important cities and was at one time the centre of the East Slavic civilisation. It is over two centuries older than Moscow.

On a completely different subject, yet with an oblique connection, in the sense of people fleeing to so many different parts of the world and the fairly recent advanced concept of the holographic nature of our brain; an example given in the book describes how two pebbles when thrown into a pond or lake, interact with each other’s ripples spreading beyond their original entry into the water. Thus creating a Pattern of Interference as the ripples continue to intermingle outward away from their place of origin.

Much work and many experiments have described how the memory is spread around the brain in different locations. The brain with all its complexity, much of it still not yet fully understood, is of untold fascination to me, a complete novice. Once when I was in New York staying with my step sister, in the late 1970s or early 1980s, I happened to pick up a magazine in which I read an utterly fascinating article talking about the discovery of the holographic nature of our brains. I subsequently read an intriguing book by Malcom Talbot titled 'The Holographic Universe'. I have just been sent a copy of the same book and am about to re-read it.

It starts off by talking about the discovery describing the holographic nature of the brain in which it tells us that memory is no longer situated simply in one area of the brain but dispersed and scattered throughout. I am intrigued to read more. As the author Michael Talbot writes 'All you need is an open mind' as he takes us through the early work of Wilder Penfield, followed by Karl Lashley to Priam and others - each continuing and developing their work and finding new avenues of discovery and advancement. One of the most interesting and unusual aspects of the brain is the fact that it feels no pain. As a result complex operations can be conducted once the scull and scalp have been anaesthetised, even when the patient is awake.

Karl Priam started with an urge to examine to know and understand where our memories are stored in the brain and writes 'It isn’t that the world is wrong; it isn’t that there aren’t objects out there, at one level of reality. It’s that if you penetrate through and look at the universe with a holographic system, you arrive at a different view, a different reality. And that other reality can explain things that have hitherto remained inexplicable scientifically: paranormal phenomena, synchronicities, the apparently meaningful coincidence of events.'

I am not a scientist as when I went to school it was not considered necessary or appropriate to be taught science. (It was very old fashioned). However, on my father’s side there were brilliant scientists, one of whom had two articles in the 14th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica; so I feel that that my quest to know more about certain concepts and workings that seem to fall into the world of Physics, could be inherited.

In a lighter vein - now is the time when the birds are at their best, preening themselves as the take part in the ritual of attracting a female. The robin’s breast is a more brilliant red than ever as he flits around in quite a giddy fashion. The bull finches have already paired up again - they mate for life.

I have just read that research by the Norwegian naturalist, Professor Emeritus Hogstad of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology discovered after studying garden birds over a period of 24 years that he believed the reason was that it gave them an early breeding start in the year. The brightly coloured with his crimson chest, remains loyal to his rather drab female.

They are quite the messiest feeders of any bird I have photographed. They cram their beaks to overflowing, dropping bits of seeds below for the small birds and eager pigeons below. Try as I might I only managed to photograph a very few pictures when their beaks were empty!

Suzie Simpson sent me some beautiful words of wisdom

The universe is always communicating with us.

The language of the spirit is different to ours as it does not waste words that are often misconstrued, but instead, uses signs and symbols.

Even in our sleep state we receive messages via symbolic language and then it is up to us to interpret them according to our own understanding.

When a message is transmitted through form it holds the power within that form and so it becomes earthed, enabling the material world and the world of spirit to connect.

The two worlds are really one but mankind has become so used to the feeling of separation that we have descended further and further into materialism.

We have become Material Beings divorced from spiritual energy instead of Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

Those in the spirit world to whom we belong, strive to make us aware of their presence and long for us to know how much they love and care.

The everyday world alerts our attention so many times to little signs and symbols if we open our senses and our awareness.

The registration number on a car that connects to a certain person and there it is straight in front of us. A name on a building or a sign post. A song on the radio, a pattern on the ground, a scent, a colour, white feathers, a face in the clouds. All these are powerful connections.

Once we open our minds to the realisation that we are not alone and that we are only walking a parallel path for the moment, we feel the amazing connection and know that ALL IS ONE.

Suzan Simpson March 21st, 2022.