Wind of Change ~ 2003

Many people have independently remarked to me "this has been a strange year in the crop circles scene". Is this so peculiar? This has been an unsettling year globally with the continuing and worsening Middle Eastern problems, the Iraqi war or invasion with its continuing problems, which blatantly went against the wishes of the majority of people here in England and other unresolved international issues. This unrest seems to have spread right through our society leaving few if any people untouched by its icy fingers. Is it so strange then that the feeling has penetrated the crop circle scene and that opinions about this year's crop circle events have felt this disquiet? It is all part and parcel of the same dis-ease.

Rub the bottle and it will disappear However just when things at their darkest, a light often shines through and I came across a poem by Felicia Hermans which reinforces this belief.

Dawn is past, noon has gone,
The setting sun slips silently
Out of our vision
Leaving fingers of light -
a memory of what has been.
Dark night awaits with its promise of stars.
Light in the darkness -
brilliant shining light.

Indeed the light happened for me in the appearance on the 15th June, of the glorious Ogbourne St George formation that appeared 2 miles from any habitation. Its complex series of crescents spiraled outwards in increasing size from a central circle, nestling snuggly beneath the Ridgeway in Wiltshire far from the prying eyes of man. The Ridgeway, is Britain's oldest road, which during it's 85 mile (137km) journey, passes many other historic sites as it winds it way through Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire, starting at Avebury in Wiltshire and ending its peregrinations at Ivanhoe Beacon in Hertfordshire.

Long time researcher Christopher Weeks and I visited the formation on the 17 June, two days after its arrival. The farmer was loath to allow many people into the formation as he did not wish his privacy invaded nor his field damaged . I drove my car as far as I could and then the farmer kindly took us in his 4-wheel drive the rest of the way, bumping over deeply rutted terrain. For humans to carry their equipment and walk over such an inaccessibly arduous and pitted tract of land seemed unlikely.

We examined the formation in minutely close detail and at the end of an hour, could find no evidence of human involvement. The stalks were not crushed or broken, the grey bloom that gives this early crop its bluish look, was still present. There was no evidence of pole or other marks.

It was a glorious afternoon, a cuckoo was cuckooing loudly in a distant copse, the sun was shining and we felt miles from the hectic and disruptive outside world.. The scene was unbelievably peaceful; early summer at its best. Despite the circle being only 48 hours old, the young green wheat had clearly been only lightly kissed and was rising up fast.

Before entering the formation, we buried a two pairs of bottles as control samples and a series of pairs of bottles inside. Towards the end of this exercise, Christopher suddenly asked how many more bottles were to be buried, "only one more set", I replied. "Thank goodness for that, then I am getting out" said Christopher. I had not mentioned that I had also been feeling far from well for some time after entering the circle. A feeling of vague nausea, disorientation, headache and just generally Yuk. But our scientific research had to come first. As we walked back to my car we discussed our symptoms, which were then fast disappearing. We decided that the vortical energy of the circle had been increased by a possible rebound of vortical energy from the steep banks of the Ridgeway, doubling the natural effect. By the time we reached my car we were fully recovered. However within 48 hours Christopher developed severe gout. His is not the first time it has happened to him after visiting crop circles. His gout recovered, we returned a week later to collect the bottles and all went well until I was digging up the final pair of controls when I noticed something unusual. "You have buried them one on top of each other instead of side by side", "Yes", said Christopher. As I was dealing with the first bottle Christopher said he would look after the second and took my trowel. We were chatting and it was several minutes before Christopher said the other bottle was no longer there! No longer there! That was impossible, we had both seen it and indeed I had remarked on the curious way Christopher had buried the pair! Christopher was so disturbed by its disappearance that he set about digging up the area with furious determination. I feared he might excavate the entire perimeter of the field. The bottle was never found. Into what dimension had it disappeared?

Within 48 hours Christopher developed gout once more. He has not had it since and I am writing this in November. We know that gout occurs as result of uric crystals collecting round joints, causing painful inflammation. It is sometimes thought that an abundance of rich food and red wine or port can be the cause. Christopher does not drink wine and eats well but mainly organic foods.

Three other people who visited the formation all felt extremely thirsty as they left. Instead of drinking the water they had brought with them, they all craved red wine. Two of them had forgotten this effect when they revisited the formation at a later date. Unexpectedly this effect was repeated. They are naturally moderate red wine drinkers but this compulsion was something different. Could there be a chemical constituent that is common to both red wine and the cause of gout? Relating to red wine reports, it has been suggested to me that the exogenous stimulas was a `kick` to the reward centres of the brain, rather than an subconscious seeking of an ingredient. This brings us to (a) dopamine production overstimulation and (b) the orbitofrontal cortex behind the eyes (c) opiod stimulation (endorphins and encephlins) and the ventrium pallidum. The next question is the energy input? Eddy currents are now coming to the fore in physics when magnetic fields traverse the brain.

Several years ago a young man sent me a report telling me that despite feeling slightly nauseous whilst inside a formation, he had desperately craved chocolate. Many people suffer from this condition. The late Princess Diana included. We are told that whereas chocolate craving is often linked to eating disorders, there are other possible reasons. "The main active ingredient of chocolate is cocoa, a significant source of the stimulant theobromine, which is a known mood elevator." In tests it has been shown that alcohol-loving rats, given the choice will actually replace their alcohol intake in preference of chocolate. By doing this the rats increase their level dopamine, as chocolate appears to stimulate its production. "A study of rats shows that dopamine kick-starts a brain messenger chemical called DARPP-32, that in turn activates hormones that make females interested in sex, hence Valentine Day chocolates."

"Researchers at the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego have also discovered that novel constituents in cocoa powder and chocolate are chemical cousins of anandamide, which binds to the same brain receptor sites as marijuana. This means that chocolate chemicals may activate receptors for marijuana and thus mimic its psychoactive effects of heightened sensations and euphoria."

What are the reasons for these strange cravings? Is there a dopamine link between chocolate and red wine, but what about gout? When dealing with complex subtle energies, their effects on areas of the brain are still to be thoroughly understood.

We took seed samples from the centre and perimeter of this formation plus control samples from some distance outside. These were sent to Jim Lyons in York for analysis.

The results are interesting and show significant changes between the two sample types.

Steve Price of Pelican Scintific, Chester reported that "your samples proved more of a challenge this year. The grain wasn't developed at all and was really poor quality.

Jim Lyons tells me that "You will see a significant change in protein levels from the control with the perimeter results showing interesting effects. On the Spectral charts they have managed to cover a broader range of frequencies than last year and hence reveal more resonances. It is these results I am trying to put in order. One can clearly see however, the differences in magnitude of reflectivity for the differing samples. At least the perimeter results here are consistent with the protein results.

"The bottom line is there is a very significant effect (greater than last time) on the samples but with at first sight a surprise result indicating most change for the perimeter results. This does show however the dramatic difference between the control and perimeter results. Despite the difficulties of getting these results, it has been a worthwhile exercise. We clearly need many more samples to pursue this in detail."

Protein Moisture
Control 12.39% 83.64%
Centre 17.70% 81.84%
Perim 18.18% 80.62%

Protein is quoted on a dry basis using a factor of Nitrogen x 5.7

Reports of abnormal menstrual cycles continue and two women visiting the beautiful Catherine Wheel which appeared at Windmill Hill on the 22 June both suffered irregularities, one unexpectedly starting her period immediately after visiting the formation, the other finding her normally consistent menstrual cycle disrupted.

Our scientific research team of Isabel Maxwell-Cade and Peter Staples (brain activity), Sheila Partridge (standing in for Anne Smithells on measured hormone levels) Dr Roger Taylor, (advanced Kirlian programme), Jim Lyons (dowsing) gathered along side our six human guinea pigs at Beckhampton on Sunday 20 July to conduct control tests in a barn kindly lent to us by David Hues.

In order to prevent any repeat disaster of last year when Isabel and Peter got lost and never found the formation, I decided that we would all stick together and bring picnic lunches. This worked admirably and was also helped by the absence of any filming crew who no matter how hard they try always gets in the way and disrupt proceedings.

The chosen formation was the pentacle inside a circle with scimitars extending beyond the outer perimeter. I had visited this formation on two previous occasions. On the first visit I had felt quite nauseous in the centre and made a mental note of this. The second occasion was when I took a group of Americans to visit it. Before entering I had mentioned that if at any time they felt unwell, they should leave the formation immediately. I was the one who had to leave as the moment I went into the centre I was overcome with such a feeling of nausea that I had to leave instantly. Some guide!

I was reluctant to use this formation for our research but it was the most recent and I was also unaware at the time of a report later sent into me by Doreen Jenkinson who has completed the Harry Oldfield course. The Oldfield procedure is not unlike the Best technique; in one hand the patient holds an electrode attached to the machine that is set to a particular frequency or reading whilst a sound level meter (scanner) is passed over the charka points in the body. Prior to starting the test a zero reading has to be established; the normal range being between —10-0-+6. Other settings need to be correctly adjusted, such as the ECG readings, which range from A-D. A sensitive probe is pressed against the ear lobe or foreman and a reading is taken.

Doreen took two other women with her, Annabel and Sally, and even as far away as the outskirts of the field they could all feel the vibration of the formation.

On going into the formation they all had sensations described as "light-headed, dizzy and giddy" and found it was not easy to walk against the flow of the crop — "like going against the tide- a dragging feeling, almost like we were meant to follow the flow."

A woman called Annabel had more violent effects. She had an immediate headache on arrival at the outskirts of the field and felt a resistance to even entering the formation. She nevertheless plucked up courage after asking a "Silent permission" to enter the formation. Using Harry Oldfield's Electro-Crystal clinical unit machine and a sound meter, Doreen Jenkinson scanned Annabel at the edge of the field and at the centre of the formation and then Annabel wandered off on her own. She felt extreme fatigue and after ¾ hour felt she could no longer stay in the formation and wanted to leave.

She had a pain in her left temple on leaving the circle, constriction in her throat, constriction in her solar plexus and heart charka areas. She ran out of the formation as fast as she could.

She felt very disorientated and even went to try and get into the wrong car. When the keys did not fit she thought the formation had interfered with her keys (a Uri Geller effect) before she realised that she was trying to get into the wrong car. She felt completely disorientated and feared for her sanity.

Sally felt dizzy and had heart palpitations; her pulse raced but she managed to stay inside the circle for an hour.

Doreen felt light-headed - a bit spaced out and dryness in the throat area but stayed the whole hour without too many ill effects.

On reflection Doreen has decided that in future she will take control readings far away from the formation in order to obtain more accurate readings, as she believes the energies from a formation can have far reaching effects.

Doreen took readings at the exact central vortex of the circle. In both cases, Annabel and Sally showed huge congested (blocked) area of energy at the Brow and Crown Chakras caused by the chakras spinning too fast. The energy field depleted slightly and then "swelled" again towards the ground.

The subjects were then handed a bag of "grounding stones" which they held for just three to five minutes. In this incredibly short time, in both cases there were marked changes in their energy fields. From this experiment Doreen suggests that carrying specific crystals within the energy field a degree of protection could be afforded to maintain a balanced energy field, especially in formations where people are known to be experiencing bad effects. She feels it is up to the individual to try this out and find which particular crystal helps them but recommends Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz as knowledge gained in Electro-Crystal Therapy it is known that these crystals do in fact balance help to balance the upper chakras.

In order to carry out dispassionate scientific research, none of the scientists nor the four guinea pigs except Jim Lyons, had any reason to expect the formation would be anything but beneficial. I took the precaution of positioning the group in one of the scimitars away from the centre. Unlike the normal scorching days we have usually experienced whilst conducting the tests, the day was cold and windy. Thankfully no one felt ill but as Sheila Partridge (who had never been into a crop circle before) was measuring the hormone levels, she suddenly remarked that she thought all circles were supposed to be beneficial and "from these results, I am not sure we should be here at all." On analysing her results, Anne Smithells reported that " There were significant changes to the hormone reading of all subjects in the test group.

"Previous crop circle readings have shown 'stressed' adrenal readings to improve after entering the circle.

"On this occasion, out of the seven test group subjects, three improved and three worsened.

" The significant hormone to have shown constant change was TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), which showed a lower reading after entering the circle in six of the seven cases. Thyroid hormones do not normally fluctuate easily.

"Other hormones that varied before and entering the circle were Oestrogen and Glucogen (Pancreas), which increased and decreased in equal amounts. Melatonin was also affected."

When I quested Annie about these results she said that it was medically unheard of that the thyroid levels could have altered so dramatically within such a short time scale of approximately 2-3 hours.

Isobel Maxwell- Cade was the only person whose thyroid levels improved. Christopher Weeks was the most seriously affected and his and results of the other subjects are shown herewith.



Dr Roger Taylor measured the changes in area, spectral width, form and noise of the Kirlian records. Taking the measurements so far apart in time was not ideal, said Dr Taylor. The Russians, who have done most work in the field of Kirlian records, consider that changes of ten per cent would be significant.

He found that whereas there was no significant change between his control tests and tests inside the formation, most people had marginally benefited from being inside the formation, especially Sheila who despite her concerns about her subjects showed a marked improvement as shown below before and after entering.

"Most changed in a "good" or positive direction. That is increased Area, with decreased Form, Brightness (which I call "spectral width" before) and Noise. But it is interesting how this contrasts with 2001, when both readings were taken in the barn. Here all except Linda changed in the negative direction, which I put down to fatigue after a long day in the field. One might suppose that, on first going out into the open air, a positive change would be expected. The results from 2002, however, argue against this, since there was a generally negative change on first going into the field outside the circle-albeit rather smaller than 2001. There was then little further change on going into the circle- except Annie M, who had the very positive change.

"Thus the positive changes found in 2003 on going into the circle seem to be related to the circle, and not to be merely a result of going into the fresh air. So, in spite of Sheila's findings of negative changes in certain areas, such as thyroid, my results suggest that the circle had an overall beneficial effect.

"I have had a look at the sector in the thumb which is the reflex zone for thyroid. Unfortunately many of the thumb images did not come out. Of those that did, the ones for Isabel show more separate blobs when she was in the circle.

Jim Lyons' dowsing results were interesting;

Aura Radius - standard control for any object 33 inches

Seeds Control 35 inches
Perimeter 79 inches
Energy Ratio to control 139%
Centre 94 inches 185%

Isobel Maxwell-Cade's and Peter Staples report is as follows. Over the years a remarkable data base has been built up relating the changes in brain activity.

Ninth Test on the
Psycho-Physical Changes
Invoked within a Crop Circle
Report of Measurement
from Beckhampton,
Wiltshire, 20.7.2003

Peter Staples and Isabel Maxwell Cade

1. Introduction
Following our investigations on the changes in psycho-physical responses experienced by people in crop formations over the last ten summers (1993 to 2002) we joined with Lucy Pringle and fellow researchers and enthusiasts to take more measurements this summer. This time we had a therapist from the Biotech Health and Nutrition Centre and Roger Taylor who each took other measurements from the subjects.

The approach we adopted was to use portable electronic biomonitoring instruments to monitor Electrical Skin Resistance (ESR), peripheral temperature and electrical brain rhythms via Electro-encephalograph (EEG), taking sets of reference measurements within the crop formation and in the same field but away from the formation.

The conclusions of a simple experiment of this type should be viewed as "demonstrative" rather than "proof" in strict scientific terms that the crop circles can be an agent in bringing about changes in states of consciousness.

2. Measurements and what they can show
The nature of these measurements and what they can show is summarised in the article "A test on the psycho-physical changes invoked within a crop circle" in The Circular, Vol4:4, March 1994, pages 13 to 15, to which the reader is referred.

In summary, measurements of changes and responses in the body are used to appraise the corresponding changes in mental/emotional state. The basis for this correspondence is empirical - derived from many hours of monitoring people and relating their subjective accounts and the observable responses with those taken objectively from the instruments. We attempt to interpret such changes in psycho-physical terminology eg. "shift from lethargic towards relaxed-and-alert" because these are more accessible than the physical readings from the meter scales. This obviously reflects a model of the psycho-physical responses with an objective consistency, and this was an important part of the work undertaken by Max Cade in the development of biomonitoring method and is implicit in these studies.

Watching the display of the Mind Mirror EEG for even a short period shows how rapidly and frequently the spectrum of brain wave activity can - and often does - change. The account given below is therefore a brief appraisal of the overall shift (or absence of such shifts) in the patterns of the subjects listed.

Our interpretation of the EEG patterns reflects a "hierarchy" of states of consciousness ie. where each state has a greater level of awareness and responsiveness than the one below. Whilst there are appropriate situations for all these states, we are looking for an increase in the level of awareness and in the balancing of the activity of the two sides of the brain. This way of interpreting EEG patterns is described in the book "The Awakened Mind" by C. Maxwell Cade and Nona Coxhead.

One of Max's states is delta on its own, which corresponds to deep (dreamless) sleep but we also see this pattern in wakefulness when accessing preconscious impressions or searching, for example searching memory or when dowsing. When delta is present with beta, but with little of the intermediary frequencies (particularly alpha), Max termed this "alpha blocking". The beta represents the externalising eg. putting thoughts into terms for communicating to others, but without alpha, this function is blocked from the source of the its subconscious origins reflected in the delta activity. Alpha acts as a bridge for the transmission of impressions from the subconscious to the conscious functions.

"Fifth state", with balanced left/right alpha, beta and theta is often found in peak experience and in creative experience and the state provides the potential for the intuitive and empathetic attunement. When present with warm hands and a free moving hand ESR, this is a stress free state where energy flows freely and you are less likely to experience the effects of stress or feel drained.

3. Location
The location was arranged by Lucy. The controls were made in a barn at a farm at Beckhampton in Wiltshire and the formation was in the field of another farm, fairly near. The crop formation was called the Avebury Trusloe "Pentacle" and was quite large. The crop was wheat. The aerial photograph shows the shape. The control measurements were made in the morning and those in the formation in the afternoon. On this occasion there were a few other people in the field at the time.

It was a warm sunny day with some cloud. The temperature in the barn (all in shade) was 27 degrees with no breeze and in the crop formation around 25 degrees Centigrade with a cooling breeze.

Our subjects were Christopher Weeks, Linda Daubney, Jim Lyons, Joanne Summerscales, Jacky Faulkner and Lucy Pringle.

4. Findings
The ESR and temperature are summarised as follows (higher ESR means lower autonomic nervous system activity):

Subject ESR (left hand) ESR (right hand)
control in formation control in formation
Chris 250K 1.5M 250K 1M
Linda 150K 800K 110K 500K
Jim 200K 500K 120K 250K
Joanne 100K 200K 150K 150K
Jacky 500K 1.5M 800K 1M
Lucy 900K 1.5M 1M 1.5M

Subject finger temp. (left hand) finger temp. (right hand)
control in formation control in formation
Chris 34 degs 25.5 degs 34 degs 23.5 degs
Linda 32.5 degs 24.5 degs 31.5 degs 24 degs
Jim 35 degs 31 degs 34 degs 32 degs
Joanne 32 degs 29 degs 32 degs 28 degs
Jacky 25.5 degs 28 degs 26.5 degs 28 degs
Lucy 27 degs 22 degs 27 degs 22.5 degs

Chris showed brain rhythm patterns which were rather transient - changing from one pattern to another very often, but mostly fairly symmetric between left and right hemisphere. Within the crop formation, he showed more beta activity and more frequent "alpha blocking" which is a pattern where there are beta, delta and usually some theta activity but virtually no alpha activity. (Most of the brain functions do not rely on the awareness of the process by the individual which is facilitated by the alpha EEG activity. With alpha blocking, the subject often reports feeling no different when there are changes in the EEG patterns and other people may say his/her behaviour or attitude has changed).

Chris's skin resistance on both hands was much higher and the peripheral temperature much lower in the formation. This indicated a "shutting down" of the autonomic nervous system ie. a shift to increased lethargy of responses.

Linda's EEG patterns showed a lot of beta and quite a lot of theta on both left and right hemispheres. We likened this to "imaging or daydreaming with the eyes open" - for example - going into an internalised world of imagery. Within the formation, there was also a tendency for the brain activity to "closedown" (ie. less beta, alpha and theta). Linda's ESR was also much higher and her peripheral temperature lower within the formation.

Jim was mostly showing a pattern with little beta, alpha or theta both in the control and in the formation. We have monitored Jim on previous occasions and found that he often shows a pattern like this and then switches to a quite different pattern which has a lot of beta, alpha and theta in both hemispheres (we interpret this as an "internalised" state, often with a lot of delta, and a "presenters" state for expressing/communicating with others). We hardly saw the latter during these sessions. Within the formation, there was a distinct tendency for "alpha blocking". Jim's ESR was also much higher and his peripheral temperature lower in the formation.

Joanne showed quite a lot of alpha activity in the control, with fairly balanced left/right hemisphere patterns. Within the formation, she also showed frequent "alpha blocking" with more theta activity. Her peripheral temperature was lower but the ESR was fairly similar in the control and in the formation.

Jacky showed fairly balanced left/right hemisphere EEG patterns with alpha, beta and theta present. Within the formation, the pattern was more stable and showed a little more alpha activity but was otherwise similar. Jacky's left hand ESR was much higher and the right hand ESR a little higher in the formation. Her peripheral temperature was higher in the formation.

Lucy's EEG patterns were rather transient, showing typically alpha and theta, balanced left and right hemisphere. This indicates mainly externalised awareness. The patterns in the formation were not significantly different. Lucy's ESR was higher and her peripheral temperature lower in the formation.

5. Conclusions
The readings for Chris, Linda, Jim and Joanne showed a general reduction in metabolism - "switching off" in the brain and autonomic nervous system and a reduction in the capability to be self-centred and empathetic shown by less cortical EEG activity, less alpha EEG, lower peripheral temperature and less autonomic nervous system activity. This also applied to Lucy except that the EEG patterns from the cortex where not very different and the change was in the autonomic nervous system - shown by the increase in ESR and fall in peripheral temperature.

We interpret the closing down of the EEG and "alpha blocking" as losing the link between conscious awareness and signals below normal consciousness such as the sense of one's own being, information from intuitions etc. In this state, someone may be sensing what's around them but not relating to it in depth.

Jacky appeared to be uninfluenced in this way and responded with signs of increased self-awareness - shown by more stable EEG patterns and an increase in hand temperature.

Overall, the effect on the subjects was a lulling of the mind unless they asserted themselves and their self-centredness over the influence of being in the crop formation.


Control measurements in the barn with Jacky, Chris, Lucy, Peter, Joanne, Isabel, Jim (and team)


Measurements in Avebury Trusloe formation (Peter and Jacky)


Peter and Isabel measuring Chris in the formation

After completing our scientific tests at Avebury Trusloe, Jackie Faulkner and I drove to Hackpen to visit the formation that had appeared during the previous night. It lay beneath the famous Hackpen Hill where legend tells us that when the hill rises up on certain nights you will hear the music and laughter of the faery folk. But beware for if you accept their invitation to join them you may never been seen again or if by chance you appear the next morning you may not be the same person you were before you entered their realm.

The complex formation was striking and large consisted of multiple circles around a central circle; the central circle containing circles increasing in size. I buried a couple of bottles before I noticed that there was a fine tracer line running beneath the flattened crop. (This is clearly visible from the aerial photograph).

About 10 days later I took a group of people into the fields and they particularly requested a visit to the Hackpen circle. I did tell them of my suspicions but examined the lay of the crop even more carefully and by the centres of one of the smaller circles, on lifting up the crop, I found the heavy imprint of a trainer shoe. Certainly that imprint was there before the crop was flattened. On closer inspection the formation resembled the 1998 man made formation commissioned by the BBC.

However I was intrigued by an experience of one of the visitors that day on approaching the formation. Dan Voice, a landscape gardener had been suffering from a groin strain for 5-6 days prior to our expedition and was in some pain. As we were walking in the tramline towards the formation, he suddenly stopped and called out to me. He looked ecstatic and said he had never ever experienced such a feeling of happiness and peace, almost beyond words. "At the same time the soles of my feet began to warm. The discomfort in my groin disappeared. The warming of my feet became intense but not painful. Not such a nice sensation. For a while I had the nicest sensation of my life".

The next formation we visited was the new Barbury Castle "Flower". I always tell people to walk with the lay of the crop, not against it as you would be walking against the flow of the energy. In the early days, often when I felt nauseous, I found I was doing this. However on entering the formation, Dan was so excited he rushed off on his own without noticing that he was going against the flow. When he returned to us, he told me the pain in his groin had returned.

Another report of "hot feet" was sent to me by someone visiting the Barbury Castle "flower". She experienced "warmth on the bottom of my feet, heaviness laying down, increased sense of smell and general awareness". On both occasions the weather was cool and cloudy.

What possible explanation could there be? We know that subtle energies kick start the hypothalamus. Two of the effects are increased thirst and sense of smell. Also in Dan's case the nerves running down his leg were stimulated. This often occurs in people who have suffered some sort of spinal trauma, are diabetic or have arthritis.

The hypothalamus is a very important part of the fore brain which lies below the thalamus and forms the lower part of the ventricle and it's floor.

Its integrity is essential to life, for it is concerned with the 'vegetative` functions. It plays a major part in regulation the temperature of the body, the body weight and appetite, sexual behaviour and rhythms, blood pressure and fluid balance, and can even be said to be the physical basis of the emotions.

One of the most interesting formations in Hampshire was the complex elongated, snake like formation at East Tisted. It contained 5 circles decreasing in size from the centre outwards. The farmer though unhappy with the event, kindly allowed me in to conduct my research. The lay was one of the most extraordinary and perplexing I have witnessed for some time. In one instance the ends of crop lying in opposite directions joined together in a woven embrace. The whole construction was a series of contradictions. Unfortunately when I first went in, it had been present for several days, however the basic lay was still clearly apparent.

On the second occasion I took Suzanne Taylor and her film crew. It was a gloriously warm, sunny day and we conducted an interview inside the formation. At one point, Allen Bransen's sound and camera system failed completely only to work again when he moved to a different spot inside the formation.

The final formation I visited was the "Swallows", a glorious formation nestling gracefully beneath Adam's Grave. I visited it on the morning of the 14 August and was so entranced that I returned in the evening to view it in the mellow late afternoon light. As entered the formation I chatted to the farm hand who was sitting astride his tractor.

The harvester was already in the field and I stood watching as it drew closer and ever closer. To those who love the circles, they will understand that it is unbearable to witness the final destruction, so with a salutation and grateful thanks for all the pleasure and increased awareness that we are given, I left the field to return home. Like the Swallows who appear in the early summer and leave us at the end of the summer, so do the circles.

As always I am profoundly grateful not only to all the scientists who have contributed to this pioneering research but also to the many people who have recognised the importance of this research and trusting me with their experiences, have gallantly filled in the questionnaires and returned to me. On a final cautionary note, I would like to remind people that if they do not feel well when visiting a crop circle, come out immediately. If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, it is unadvisable, also due to the many electrical failures experienced inside the circles, if you have you have a health device geared by a battery such as a heart pace maker, do NOT venture in.