Trying to Catch Up 2022

O dear, O dear, what has happened to the year? I do not seem to have quite caught up with it yet. So far, it seems to have been a year of chunks of time, all different, some being more demanding than others. I don’t seem to be able to quite put my finger on it exactly, but, what does stand out to me is the fluctuation and change that has been going on, not just globally but in my life and the lives of others with whom I discuss these things.

Certainly if we look all over the world we see these quite unexpected new changes. Change seems to be the dominant factor in almost everywhere you choose to look. I know it is hard to be optimistic, but strangely I am. I see a new world coming in, taking time to readjust itself, but ultimately wholesome and beneficial. I know, and acutely aware of all the terrible suffering that so many people in distant lands and here at home are going through but rather similar to times past, change has brought about new order and awareness of benefitting from experience.

I am going to move on and take you with me into the fields to see what has been happening in these green and verdant pastures this summer. Not much to be perfectly honest but we have had some special ones.

We have had precisely fourteen formations including one in France. Is there a reason behind this, has the phenomenon also been affected by change?

Over the years, it has remained steadfast and resolute and no matter how much people have scoffed, it continues to grace our fields (much to most farmers’ dismay). Sometimes I do ask myself, is this a finite or infinite phenomenon - who knows and maybe this is one of the joys as it teases us each year, rather like the swallows –when will the circles arrive? Incidentally, I was not the only one who saw worryingly few swallows or swifts this year. One of the reasons could be the increase in kites and other birds of prey (raptors) who might have caught them on the wing in their flight path before they had arrived safely.

The first circle to be welcomed joyously was at Little Down, near Hippenscombe, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd May and was in Barley and measured c: 150 feet (46m) overall. Its sharp and concise geometry consisted of a saw-form motif containing a sun and four planet motif, all contained within an octagon.
© StonehengeDronescapesPhotography

In between the arrival of more circles and one in France at Saint Denis en Bugey, Ain, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. France. Reported 30th May, I took two happy tours, the first one at the end of July. We were fortunate as the first circle at Etchilhampton had just arrived and we were most grateful for the kind farmer’s permission allowing us to go in. Circles have appeared many times on his land and like generous farmer James Hussey, he grants people permission to enter. It was a bakingly hot day that day but there was an easy entrance downhill and along a short way and into the circle. Just as we had been driving up to park our cars, I passed a car and sitting inside there was a man who I thought I recognised. When we entered the circle, there was this same man lying meditating in one of the circles.

A little later he came through to the circle in which we were, and yes, it was Brian. I had first met Brian at the Glastonbury Symposium in 2005 and he had told me a strange story. I asked to retell this story to my group.

In 2004 on August 3rd, there had been the most intriguing circle, which we called the Mayan Calendar. It was perfect in every way, right down to the detail of the five missing days of the Haab calendar. Brian and his family are New Born Christians and had the most extraordinary story to tell. On the first night, the outline of the formation was drawn up by a young man who had called in at the Barge Pub asking if anyone would help him make a circle opposite Silbury Hill that night. He was asked if he had the farmer’s permission and on replying `No’, no one agreed to go with him. The following day there was a rudimentary design in the field.
However, on the 6th August, Brian and his family went up the slope to sit in the circle; it was a lovely warm summer’s evening. As they were sitting there, men came in with their gear and as Brian described ‘they moved as fast as a bus’. If you look at this picture, not only does it contain quite astonishing detail as I described above, but how could men moving ‘as fast as a bus’ possibly produce such extraordinary fine, precise and perfect workmanship?

Shortly after Brian had told me his story my brain started whirling. I could not doubt Brian in any way, yet how had people moving at such speed could have made this immaculate circle. There had to be an answer. For some time I had been having a nagging thought, something I didn’t want to put into words. Could there be an unknown, hidden hand guiding the hoaxers on certain occasions?? On reflection, that seemed the only explanation. I have talked to many other `old timers` and they too have come to the same opinion. A gradual realisation that there was no other explanation. An Intelligence.

Opposite Silbury Hill, Nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. 3rd August 2004. The Mayan Calendar.

Brian is a spiritual man with a fine sense of humour and he was a great addition to our group as we swapped stories and experiences. Before leaving we joined hands in a circle and chanted. It seemed a proper thing to do as we gave thanks to the circle and the welcome it had given us.

Alexia Willen sent me this report:

My experience in the first Crop Circle.
I felt very tired.
Wanted to sleep.
Felt a feeling of letting go.

Another report from the Mayan Calendar circle reached me that year from Jennifer Denning. I will put this at the end of my letter.

After a delicious lunch at the Honey Street café, sitting outside at a long table in the tent. We drove to Barbury Castle where the magical Pi formation appeared in 2008.

Barbury Castle 1st June 2008 Pi chart explanation

The circle was in the same as the Pi formation but this circle was quite different - but of equal beauty. There is a public path through that field giving easy access to the circle which lay adjacent to the path.

© Simon Young. Barbury Castle, near Wroughton, Wiltshire.
Reported 17th July 2022. Wheat. c.120 feet (36.5m) diameter.
This one appeared over two days.

Barbury Castle, near Wroughton, Wiltshire.
Reported 17th July 2022. Wheat. c.120 feet (36.5m) diameter.
This one appeared over two days.

To finish the day we all went to a magical private entry evening visit to Stonehenge. Always, no matter how many times one has visited the stones, as they come into view and the closer you get to them until you enter, gives one a sense of gradually increasing excitement and wonder. These majestic megaliths stand majestic and proud, reigning over the surrounding countryside. We had a most excellent guide who was just as enthusiastic as we were as she gave us one fascinating and interesting fact one after the other.

This time I had a strange experience, as having had the privilege of visiting Stonehenge many times, sometimes the hour we have inside has seemed quite long for one reason or another, for instance if it is cold etc, but this time, it seems to fly by and I couldn’t believe our hour was up when told. Walking back with Paul Stillwell, one of the group, he turned to me and said: ‘I can't believe how quickly the time went inside Stonehenge! It felt like 1 minute rather than 1 hour.

Happy smiles all round. What a perfect happy way to end the day.

For the second tour on the 2nd August, due to the hot weather, many circles had been harvested including the formation at Etchilhampton we had visited on the first tour so we visited the Barbury Castle circle which thankfully was still there and quite remarkably undamaged.

After another delicious lunch at the Honey Street Café and visiting the quite excellent Crop Circle Exhibition, we went up to West Kennet Long Barrow. One of the very oldest Long Barrows in the country and full of intriguing history. This is one of my most favourite places. It is strategically situated so that at certain times of year, at either sunrise or sunset the sun sets or rises behind sacred sites in this sacred landscape. Silbury Hill, East Kennet Long Barrow, Waden Hill and Windmill Hill.

When first built, West Kennet Long Barrow, being made of chalk, it gleamed white, as did Silbury Hill, built later. They were places of importance and dominance in the landscape.

Two more people kindly sent me reports of their experiences this summer .

Gemma Jones sent me this lovely report after visiting the Micheldever circle.

“Recently I was blessed to visit a crop circle ️

I went to work out on the road with my partner for the day and had learned about the crop circle 2 days before. We knew we would be near it so left it open that we will visit if it’s meant to be.

We were a little against the time so we decided to head home but the road we needed to go on was closed, the road we had to take…..the one with the crop circle.

We also made it home in time to collect my daughter.

The energy was so powerful and I could hear Sirius high council calling within the space and light language moving through me.

As we left the circle all of a sudden my entire body felt heavy. The only other time I’d felt this was after getting out of a swimming pool when I was pregnant I felt like I’d come back into a denser space for sure.

There happened to be two other people there, one man and one woman plus my partner and I. We all sat in the centre of the circle together and tuned in to the frequency, the sound of the traffic disappeared and I felt waves of energy moving up and down through me. The four of us - the two masculine and two feminine felt so relevant to the pattern of the circle. Balance. Duality blending. New Earth emerging. Sirius Gateway opening.

This really was a magical experience.'

Paul Stillwell wrote telling me of his experience in the Pilgrim’s Trail circle near Winchester:

“I went to the one near Winchester, I think it was named the 'Om' formation, as some people interpreted the laid and unlaid circles to be binary code for Om.

I knew which field it was in but that was all the info I had.
I came off the M3 at J10 and turned East onto Morestead Rd. Just after a bend in the road there was a layby with metal farm gates on either side of the road.
The crop circle was nowhere to be seen.
But, by divine intervention, there was a man in the layby with a drone camera!
He flew it up in the air and found exactly where it was and gave me instructions to find it.
I went on ahead while he was attending to his drone.

I climbed over the gate on the right hand side of the road and walked along the edge of the field until I reached an old metal water tower. From here there was a tramline leading directly into the field, this is the path I needed.

But even walking along it, the crop circle still wasn't visible until I was about 10 yards away from it.

I stopped and connected with the energies of the crop circle.
As I entered I became overwhelmed with a feeling of love and inner warmth, it almost brought a tear to my eye.
A very loving, feminine warmth.

The crop circle was beautifully crafted, pristine circles and the centre circle was laid with a basket weave.
I walked around every circle in the formation. Some of them had exciting energy, some had gentle loving energy, and some had calm, peaceful energy.

I stayed for a while, basking in the sun and the loving energies of the formation.
When I left I realised I had been there for 2 hours.
A really wonderful day.'

Most regrettably our scientific research day did not take place due to medical reasons.

For anyone who would like to read the story of Jennifer Denning, I have listed it below.

I am going to give a snapshot view of the other circles that appeared this summer.

1.Enmill Barn, near Crabwood,Winchester, Hampshire.
Reported 24th April 2022
Oil Seed Rape (Canola) 2022
© StonehengeDronescapesPhotography

2.Hackpen Hill White Horse, Nr Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire.
Reported 19th June 2022, Barley. c.160 feet (49m)

3. Kiteland Cottages, near Micheldever Station, Hampshire
Reported 3rd July 2022. ©Simon Young

4. Cake Wood, near Froxfield, Wiltshire. Reported 9th July 2022
Barley. © 90 feet (27.5m) ©Simon Young

5. Pilgrim's Trail, near Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 12th July 2022
Wheat. c.180 feet (55m) diameter. ©Simon Young

6. Lay Wood, near Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 14th July
14th July 2022. Wheat. c.200 feet (61m). © StonehengeDronescapesPhotography

7.Etchilhampton Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 24th July 2022

8. Tawsmead Copse, Nr West Stowell, Wiltshire. Reported 28th July

9. Etchilhampton 2, near Devises, Wiltshire. 8th August 2022
Wheat. c.180 feet (54.9m) overall diameter.

Jennifer Denning’s story

Dear Lucy, as promised, and at your request, when we met at the CSS in July I am now sending you the account of the healing I received in 2004 after visiting the Mayan formation.
Extract from my diary for 2004/2005
Second visit to crop formations.

The week before I had been given a picture taken from a newspaper of an enormous crop formation that had appeared over two nights in a field in front of Silbury Hill. We set out to find it, and after a few synchronistic happenings were directed to a large field near Silbury Hill. This was the now famous Mayan Clock formation, which could not be seen from the road, but only after you had climbed up for about a quarter of a mile, to the crest of a large field. And there it was!! What a marvellous awe-inspiring image, which for myself and my son has proved to be both a revelation and vibration raising experience – and I believe was the start of the experiences to come later.

There was a downside to our visit to this formation. We both experienced headaches on the way home, and felt extremely tired. I fell asleep easily, but was awoken at with terrible pains down the left side of my body. It felt as if my body was contorted with cramp, and the pain in my left thigh drew my leg backwards and upwards quite violently and then spread downwards to my left foot and upwards into the groin and hip area. The pain was intense and continuous, and nothing I did helped to alleviate it. I could not move from the bed, and then a rigor set in, my teeth were chattering, and I shook uncontrollably for about ten minutes. Just as my husband was about to dial 999, it stopped – as suddenly as a light switch being turned off. The next day I felt totally drained, exhausted, and nauseous, but not bruised in any way as one usually does from cramp.

I called my son Jonathan about and he told me that he had experienced a bad night also, with lots of joint pains, but fortunately not so severe, and that both the children were fine.

A few days later I brought up the photographs taken on that day on my computer. I discovered that in two of the photos taken in the Mayan formation by my son Jon, there is a very bright light, which appeared to be moving across me, and another at the foot of the photo. They are roughly square in shape and have the appearance of a letter N on its side. It was 6.30pm in the evening and the light was behind me so they were obviously not a reflection – we were really intrigued, and I wrote to one of the crop circle organisers and asked their opinion. They did not reply, but I have since discovered that this formation has caused a lot of controversy within the crop circle community, so perhaps they did not wish to comment.

One of the most amazing things after this experience was the wonderful feeling of well being and contentment that gradually spread through my being, and the ensuing happiness, which is still with me.
The most amazing thing is that I have also experienced a spontaneous healing of the eye problem that I had been suffering from. Macular degeneration had been diagnosed after I started having vision problems in late 2003. Vision from my right eye was difficult, as I had distorted vision with all straight lines appearing wavy. This made reading difficult, and I was told on my last visit to the specialist in the autumn that it was progressive and I would probably need an operation. I was offered an operation at the Heath Hospital in Cardiff, which could take place before Christmas. After considering the verdict something made me ask if I could delay this and make another decision in January 2005 when I had my next appointment. This was agreed to reluctantly by the eye specialist, with instructions that if my sight worsened I was to come back to the hospital immediately.

However, one morning in early October I looked out the bedroom window thinking what a lovely day it was, and then suddenly realised that my eyesight was normal!!– no wavy lines! What a wonderful gift.

(February 2005: Since writing this I have seen my eye specialist at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, and he could see for himself the improvement in my vision. He said that he was surprised and that medically ‘I was a great rarity’. Proof if more were needed that something happened that day in Wiltshire).

Further Note: June 2005 Had an eye test at my usual optician’s and she told me that my reading vision has also improved.
In July 2005 I again attended the Crop Circle Symposium, which is when I spoke to you Lucy and showed you the photos of the beautiful orbs that have been appearing in my photos, and also spoke about the healing of my eye problem..
You asked me to contact you after seeing the eye specialist in September, hence this letter. I have my
appointment letter if you wish to see it.

September 2005: Have seen an eye specialist again at the RGH and once again he could not account for the improvement in my sight. The next appointment will now be in eight months time, which he said is just to monitor the situation. My sight is still fine, and everyday I am aware of the wonderful gift that I have been given.
I hope my experience will prove useful to you in your research, I do strongly believe that the energy held in these formations can be transformational.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further information. I have completed your online form also, but needed to send you a more complete account than the form asks for.
Very Best Wishes,
Jennifer Denning.

(Subsequently I received the promised report the optician gave Jennifer. Perfect eyesight. Whether this was a result of visiting the Mayan crop circle can never be proved. What matters is that Jennifer’s eye was completely cured and she believed it was. L.P.)

I wonder what 2023 will bring us in the fields; there is no doubt that the circles are appearing later and later, leaving us with bated breath –have they deserted us or will we be blessed once these majestic mind teasing and treasured events? Only time will tell.

As always my most grateful thanks, as always, goes to the farmers who have allowed us to enter their fields and enjoy and research the crop circles, in particular James Hussey who is outstanding in his welcome. However, I do understand the reaction of most of the farmers who harvest them on arrival as I regret to say that many people do not stop to think or understand that the fields in which these circles appear belong to the farmers and the crops are their livelihood.