Millennium 2000

With the advent of the new millennium, there were those among the ranks of onlookers who wondered if the crop circle phenomenon would desert our fields; indeed the start of the season was so slow that many more fainthearted joined their numbers. However they were proved delightfully wrong as the phenomenon set about producing one of the most exciting and varied crop circle seasons to date.

It has been a very good year, a vintage year; the events have been so varied and complex, it is hard to find any particular theme running through the amazingly diverse shapes that have lain glistening in the fields, captivating the eyes of the beholders with their beauty, and at times, quixotic humour.

As before, the Wessex triangle was the predominant nesting ground, Wiltshire proudly boasting the greatest numbers. Hampshire though lying in second place numerically, produced some of the most elaborate formations; in particular the Chilbolton 'Indian belt buckle' that lay within feet of the Government owned radio and field station. The size of the formation matched the size of their large rectangular car park.

The Observatory was unmanned at the time.

As in the previous eleven years, I continued with my investigations into the effects of geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields on living systems.

For new readers, this research is based mainly on the reports sent in by people who have visited circles or been in their vicinity either in the fields or during lectures. How can people be affected by seeing circles on a screen, you may ask? We know that certain shapes trigger off responses in the brain. It is known as SIGN STIMULUS and has a similar effect as when people hear lovely music. The resonances from the music passing through the ear into the brain kindle emotions. Shapes can also trigger off this reaction or behavioural pattern without the observer having any conscious awareness of the process.

The reports are analysed and put into categories listed below. The categories may seem arbitrary, so there are also additional sub sections to each.


ORAL (taste (metallic), tooth pain, unusual thirst)

CRANIAL (headaches)

OCULAR (vision changes, hallucination)

AUDITORY (Acoustic) hearing voices, music etc

GUT (nausea, diarrhoea, sudden hunger etc.)

SYSTEMIC (dizziness, weak knees, leg pain etc.)

MENTAL (thought processes affected, short-term memory loss, feelings of panic,

terror, evil, peace, love and light, disorientation, sense of a presence)

I have over 600 cases on my database and despite such a huge volume of information, many a sceptic has challenged these reports, saying they were the ramblings of people with overactive imaginations. Over 600 weird and rambling people, what a terrifying thought! Yet never once have I felt threatened by the mental state of any of the gallant people who year after year supply me with this vital information. I am enormously indebted to them. Archie Roy, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy at Glasgow University, writes in the preface to my book 'Crop Circles, The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times' "Are all the accounts given by Lucy Pringle in this book the result of lies, or wishful thinking, or gullibility? Those who have given such accounts comprise a wide distribution of intelligence and education. Their accounts are not sensationalised but sober yet puzzled in style. In the absence of nay evidence to the contrary, I am prepared to accept that the vast majority of these people are telling the truth as they understand it."

He is the Cat's Whiskers

Whatever the sceptics may say about their fellow men, animals cannot be accused of such faults and so their behaviour is critical to his research.

This year, one of my first visits was to the 'Bear's Paw' near Morested, Hampshire which appeared in early May in barley. A rider was trotting her grey horse along the path dividing the field in two. I managed to catch her before they disappeared out of sight and asked her if she would mind riding her horse into the formation. She was happy to do so, saying she was fascinated by the crop circles and had taken her horse in to several. She felt he was a good judge of the circle's authenticity. Her horse displayed no visible sign of agitation, moving around the formation and standing still when reined in. The rider however remarked that his breathing rate had noticeably increased. (photo1)

In early July I took a party of people from London into the bewitchingly beautiful South Field 'Cathedral' formation (photo 2). I had given them a talk in the morning and before I started was surprised to be greeted by a stranger, accompanied by a cat in a British Airways bag slung over her shoulder, asking after my cat Hero. How did she know about Hero? Of course I had mentioned him in my book and Rupert the Burmese blue, was here to experience the circles for himself.

It was one of those days when every type of weather condition was practising its skills with the greatest of enthusiasm and gusto. One moment, the sun would peek its nose through briefly only to be shouldered out by the clouds, the bringers of rain; rain of all sort and description from a drizzle to torrential downpours accompanied by thunder and lightning. It seemed that we must experience the whole bacchanalian menu of conditions. How were these townies going to survive this wanton display by the elements? They were magnificent, many of them had never been into a crop formation before, and many of them were strangers to the countryside. For them the whole scenario turns into a magical, mystical event as we stood in the formation surrounded by the ancient hills terraced by our ancestors of long ago, the nipple on the breast of Adam's Grave standing out proudly reminding us of our connection with Gaia.

What about Rupert? If an animal could talk then surely he would be the first; he was a most sagacious beast and apparently accompanies his owner nearly everywhere. He was attached to a very long leather lead giving him maximum independence. Owner Mary Spain writes " the most interesting aspect of Rupert's reactions was that he behaved exactly as he does when visiting a church- he has visited numerous country churches on our travels. He was respectful, quiet, alert and very interested. When on a country walk he is far more boisterous. Another interesting thing was that, uninvited, he went up to a stranger sitting meditiating and sat down beside her. Although he is always perfectly polite to strangers, he is not normally friendly to this extent and has never sat on anyone's lap but mine.

"It may be coincidence, but Rupert's constipation problems were sorted out after the experience!"

My hair stood on end.

An intriguing end to this story came to my notice. May Spain wrote telling me that 5 days after visiting the formation, she went to have her hair cut. "My hairdresser couldn't understand the amount of static in my hair until I explained that it had been full of energy since I visited a crop circle at the week-end. She grew very excited saying that only that morning she had seen a beautiful picture of a crop circle in the Daily Mail and had read of Rupert's experiences."

Uplifting Experiences

The final animal report came from someone who had taken her dog into a circle. The owner had "physically felt the presence of the circle and mentally I could perceive it outside my being."

"My dog got a hard on!"

Have I had similar reports? The answer is yes. On one occasion a young man, much to his amazement, had an erection in a formation. This uplifting experience lasted until the following day! So who needs Viagra? I await other reports that will obviously remain anonymous.

These two reports takes us back to the possible effects of Nitric Oxide. (1)

It would seem likely that a strong electrical force measuring hundreds of thousands of volts per metre for an nanosecond is present when a formation appears. We also know that this is likely to be a plasma, a gas containing a high density of electrons and positive ions. When in a gas they stops behaving like individuals and start behaving coherently like an integrated whole, such as a swarm of bees, a shoal of fish etc., that can move simultaneously with tremendous force and speed. When this condition occurs nitric oxide, not to be confused with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can result. It is a by-product of combustion and can be formed from air by lightening. It was this situation that encouraged Jim Lyons to suggest to ADAS that there might be residual traces of Nitrogen in the soil that could be detected and measured and indeed this was proved to be the case in several of the formations tested. What is nitric oxide and what are its effects? Nitric oxide has a bad reputation and has been given a bad press, being linked to acid rain and smog and is also thought to be carcinogenic. It gives us sore throats, sore and running noses and eyes and coughs. It can also lead to light-headedness and intoxication. It is a poison, but in small doses is a necessary one, it occurs quite naturally within our bodies, acting as a messenger and is responsible for regulating our blood pressure and plays a large part in controlling our digestive system; it is also thought to enhance our long term memory potential. In men, it plays an essential role, acting as a messenger relaying sexual excitement to the penis, dilating the blood vessels, causing an erection.

In the 1995 Avebury Trusloe Spiral in which Keith Wakelam and I when standing in the centre, both suffered instant and severe migraine headaches, in tests conducted by ADAS, the nitrogen level in the centre was found to be 90 % higher than in the rest of the formation.

A woman sent in a report after visiting the Crewkerne Wheel formation in Dorset, saying that she had developed a severe sore throat whilst in the formation that lasted for two days, but at the same time, felt as though she was bubbling like champagne!

One of the most common complaints is sore throats and one I have experienced on a number of occasions during crop circle visits. Are we wrong to place these ills on the shoulders of possible nitric oxide alone or should we be looking at the effects of some of the sprays used in farming to control pests and stimulate growth. Many of these sprays come in brand names such as insecticides Pirimicarb and Denigton S Methyl, not immediately recognised as containing Organo Phosphate chemicals that are heavily discouraged if not already banned due to the risk and danger to human life. Some particular chemicals like Organo Phosphates when married with other substances could have alarming consequences. One chemist when asked what might happen if organic phosphate substances were exposed to electromagnetic radiation such as microwaves, looked alarmed and said he would flee the kitchen!

My watch was still under guarantee

Instances of electrical and mechanical failures continue. Song writer, composer and singer Kerry Blower went into the wonderful Grid formation at East Kennet (photo 3) soon after it appeared and reported

"I thought that it was a nice day and that I could sit in the formation and just BE with nature. I walked up the tramline and entered the circle. The first thing that hit me was how immaculate the lay was and how complex the 'grid' was. I didn't feel anything and I didn't enter it with any expectations at all. I sat for a while and then I turned to look who was in the circle and I saw everything around me was in a blue haze. I had a pressure in my head and the haze lasted for approximately 5 minutes.

I took out my electronic organiser to write in it and I noticed that the text was fading in and out. I didn't think that it could be the formation at this time. So I wrote in it to replace the batteries. (which I did on the 10th July)

I then walked back to my car and noticed that the battery light was on. I then noticed that the petrol was in the red and I was concerned that I wouldn't make it to a garage. I put some petrol in and then I noticed that the petrol gauge was still in the red. I soon realised that nothing electrical was working on the car and that the battery light was still on. I drove the car like this for the next day and then I took it to our mechanic. He said that I needed to have the alternator replaced. I then drove the car for approx. 20 miles and suddenly everything came back on. The battery light went off and it hasn't come on since.

Meanwhile, I noticed that my watch face was 'blank' so I took it back to the shop as it was still under guarantee. The lady replaced the watch and I wore it for a few days when the same thing happened again. The watch was cheap & I was fed up with it by now so I just bought a more expensive watch (which is fine at the moment).

I am AMAZED at the amount of batteries that were drained since I entered that crop circle."

Several reports kindly sent by Paul Anderson CPR Canada, give more information. Kevin and Trina Bietz who found a formation on their 40-acre farm at Linesville on Monday 31 July 2000, wrote "that a fresh battery pack completely drained after being in the field and that compasses would not work properly. A night video captured spirals, ovals, and balls of red, green and white lights that were not visible when videotaping the field.

Kevin and Trina also reported that at about 3.00 a.m. on the Monday morning they heard a "humming" sound that sounded like a dog snoring but in a continuous fashion

Dr Richard Boylan informs us that when flying over a formation that had appeared on the 14 August 2000, in a field of wheat at the corner of 93 South and Church Drive, between Whitefish and Kalispell, Montana, the pilot noticed his compass sway 10 degrees.

"I had just recharged my new 8 hour camcorder battery but after taping for only 20 minutes, the battery drained."

Dennis Eklund, Saskatchewan director for CPR- Canada found some unusual deformities on plant stalks, not the usual blown nodes, when visiting the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan oat formation. Dennis reported that his mechanical camera would not work whilst he was inside the circle and when he tried placing a few test stalks of oats inside his microwave, he found similar "damage" to those found in the field

Are we alone?

I have often been sent reports telling me that they sense another person in the formation with them when in fact nobody is there. This is known as 'sense of a presence'. People also have visual experiences like " seeing a 'being' in my mind's eye'.

Sometimes the experience also involves hearing strange sounds.

One person wrote that he experienced a strange feeling of being followed. "I was with 3 friends walking down the main road at Honey Street when we realised we were being followed. The noises sounded like a high pitch whisper and the movement of wheat from the field behind the bushes.

"This was not a recognisable kind of sound - very spooky. The mood in our group (four males in our late thirties) changed from our usual confidence to an almost child like fear.

"I was forced to confront this fear, by turning towards the source of the sounds and facing whoever was behind the bushes. The noises topped ad retreated in the same direction - if it had been daytime I would have chased after them, I suddenly felt anger and wanted to catch them. I felt like a hunter after his game, rather than the game being stalked.

"I have never heard this noise before-very strange indeed, but the emotion of fear was the most strange of all - so unusual in a group of men our age."

Crop circles, "all perfect circles", appeared on the 10 August 2000, on the land owned by the Home family. The farm is in the prairie country of Orillia, Ontario.

Garnet Home found the circles and immediately went back to fetch his son to show him. As they was driving back to the circles about 9 a.m. they heard "what sounded like a loud wallop hit the truck." It sounded as though a branch had hit the side of the truck or the undercarriage; they even thought it could have been a gunshot. They were quite scared so drove home as quickly as possible. On getting home, they immediately examined the truck but could find no damage, and no sign of any impact whatsoever.

Not only do strange sounds and presences present themselves but people also experience time slips or lapses, déjà vu and jamais vu. (2). It seems that some people are able to access other dimensions more easily than others. At the time it occurs, it seems totally natural and normal maybe due to the fact that the person is in the `now` and the `now` is not unreal in any way. Just as when we are dreaming, the dream seems real at the time.

Margot Garcia kindly sent me this report. She had been one of a group of people visiting the wonderful Avebury Trusloe 'Magnetic Field'(photo 4) in Wiltshire, on the day that it appeared. "Having been in the formation for about 10 minutes, I "saw" 2 people standing on either side of me (1 man, 1 woman). I could see through them. They told me "they lived here". I also saw the outline of a 'round house'. I thought no-one lived in that part, as it is all fields and the farm was 'new'.

I have had many wonderful reports from people telling me of time lapses and time warps occurring in and around Avebury. This is a sacred area, frequented by our ancestors since the dawn of civilisation. It is an area of healing and high spirituality. The Michael and Mary energy lines run through Avebury, Windmill Hill and Silbury Hill, meeting and crossing. Avebury is female and Silbury Hill is male.

We sat in the flattened centre circle

Two people visited this same formation and sat meditating in it for some time, enjoying every moment, drinking in the `energy`. Afterwards they visited the Barge Pub and related their experience explaining how they had sat in the flattened centre for their meditation. "But there was no flattened centre!", replied the person to whom they were relating their story. The couple stuck adamantly to their version of events until they were shown a photograph of the centre! Could they have been sitting in centre of one of the two smaller circles towards the perimeter?

"Definitely not", they said. (photo 5)

I nearly fell over backwards

Joy Austin from Pembrokeshire, spent several days in Wiltshire visiting the many formations that had appeared in and around the area to the west of Marlborough, including the same 'Magnetic Field' at Avebury Trusloe when fresh. She is very sensitive and picks up `energies` and unlike the above couple did not have such a pleasant experience.

"In the 'Bar Magnet' I nearly went flying backwards, only managing to save myself by grabbing big handfuls of wheat as I did not want to ruin the pattern by falling back onto the ground. After this I slowly tottered out leaning in a friend, back in one piece when outside the circle."

It is interesting to note that once outside the `energy ` field on the formation, Joy recovered immediately. This also happens when people experience nausea (radiation sickness) inside the circles but recover instantly on removing themselves from the influence.

Joy also had a bad time in the Lockeridge 'Blades'. "The first circle I went in was the 3 bladed propeller, where the clockwise energy on the axle had a dire effect on my head - a choice of blow it clean off or blow it to bits. Couldn't think straight for discomfort, so said to pendulum 'Take me to opposite polarity and please make it quick'. Retreat to tip of propeller blade, where I was head on knees for a while. Then out to lie in shade under car like a dog. I realised I couldn't stay in for long as the dowsers were doing, so was more careful with the other circle with centres, although I was OK on anticlockwise whizzers which drained off the excess energy."

Before giving a dowsing talk at Craig-y-Nos a few years ago, Joy did an exploratory visit and driving up the Swansea Valley , ran into thick fog. She eventually found her way and came out into the bright sunlight of a beautiful summer's evening. As she was admiring the view, "to my delight, the top terrace of the limestone escarpment was graced by a platoon of Celtic warriors with their shields glinting in the sunset. I knew next day would be brilliant- it was."

Visual distortions

We know that `energy` lines are distortions in the mineral structure of the planet. Some are linear, some are sinusoidal (wavy) and others spiral. Guy Underwood (Patterns of the Past) tells us that spiral lines occur over water. The spiral `energy` is vertical, changing polarity every metre, forming a double stranded helix." Beneath the surface of the earth's crust there is almost as much activity as in the heavens. Things are constantly whirling around to a greater or lesser degree, scraping against and colliding with each other just as the tectonic plates and subduction zones grow and slide over one another, creating natural electromagnetic fields and releasing pent up gasses as they jostle, resulting periodically, in earthquakes or volcanic activity.

The enormous pressure on rock crystals produces powerful local electrical fields, which can measure several thousand volts per metre. When this action occurs `luminosities` may also result. Studies by Michael Persinger, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, lead him to believe that there is a connection between earth quakes, electromagnetic fields, unusual brain activity such as visual hallucinations and paranormal events such as U.F.O's.(3)

There is a wealth of evidence from different scientific disciplines, showing that `energy` lines affect us in many diverse and bizarre ways; distortion of vision, leading to brief blackouts are also recognised and recorded.

Notorious Traffic Accident black spots are almost invariably located on these `energy` lines. The survivors will often report that that a local, familiar, straight road suddenly had a sharp right hand bend ahead, whilst others will report seeing a non-existent tree just before the accident happened. Clearly there would appear to be some visual distortion.

There is increasing scientific evidence allowing us to make a connection between mechanical failures and seismic activity. The records of car engines stalling and electrical devices failing are so numerous, that the weight of substantiating data can no longer be ignored. Michael Persinger and others, relate these events to "a common piezo-electric seismic discharge from a fault zone."

Migraine Variant

There could also be another possible explanation for these visual distortions; Migraine Variant. This is little known condition suffered by many people who do not suffer the headaches of normal people and therefore are unaware that they are sufferers.

Much research is continuing but unfortunately many people when asked by they did not visit their doctor with these symptoms said, they felt they had not wanted to bother their doctor, or didn't want to be labelled as being 'strange`. Unfortunately as these symptoms are not readily recognisable they might be diagnosed incorrectly.

This condition is often triggered off by seeing straight lines (Avebury Trusloe 'Magnetic Field' formation displayed a series of straight lines!

Christopher Bean, who kindly sends me excellent and much valued reports each year, is a classic example of this condition, yet was unaware of the fact.

Christopher also visited the Avebury Trusloe 'Magnetic Field' and sent me this report.

His head felt like running water " the water sensation was more 'surreal' than 'sensational', in that my head felt as if it 'were' running water. It's hard to explain but I felt I was all wavy (not dizzy) and at the same time the sound was within but sounded as if coming from outside. Similar to that crazy 'space dust' sweet I used to eat as a kid, (horrid, sugary little granules that pop in your mouth), except that the noise, it wasn't crackling, it was more like running water."

Christopher also reported feeling that he 'in' a game and that his "forehead was smiling". He felt moved to meditate and "between 4.15-4.20pm, I had what fellow remote viewers and CSETI members would term 'override'; an image of a bird/Aztec/eldorado-style symbol presented itself in my mind very strongly. The images were very punchy at the time. They were two images but were combined into one"

"I am also aware that I frequently report that I feel a sort of myopia (4) in some formations (notably the West Woods palm tree of 98, the Beckhampton abstract wheel-chair and the Milk Hill Rose Window this year (2000) . The reason for this effect seems to be due to the lay of the crop being so flat and the lines (of black shadow and yellow stalks) seem to have an almost hypnotic effect."

Christopher has unwittingly described a perfect Migraine Variant.

Passion for chocolate

Christopher also mentioned that on two occasions he suffered a compulsive yen for chocolate, despite feeling slightly nauseous, once when in the Avebury Trusloe formation and other when visiting the beautiful South Field 'cathedral' formation. Many people suffer from this condition. The late Princess Diana included. We are told that whereas chocolate craving is often linked to eating disorders, there are other possible reasons. "The main active ingredient of chocolate is cocoa, a significant source of the stimulant theobromine, which is a known mood elevator." In tests it has been shown that alcohol-loving rats, given the choice will actually replace their alcohol intake in preference of chocolate. By doing this the rats increase their level dopamine, as chocolate appears to stimulate its production. "A study of rats shows that dopamine kick-starts a brain messenger chemical called DARPP-32, that in turn activates hormones that make females interested in sex, hence Valentine Day chocolates."

"Researchers at the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego have also discovered that novel constituents in cocoa powder and chocolate are chemical cousins of anandamide, which binds to the same brain receptor sites as marijuana. This means that chocolate chemicals may activate receptors for marijuana and thus mimic its psychoactive effects of heightened sensations and euphoria." (5)

I cannot hear anything.

As mentioned already, not all experiences are beneficial, some are mildly unpleasant whereas some are more severely adverse, some are even contradictory.

Experienced researcher, Shelly Keel sent me a report telling me that when visiting Grafton Down formation (photo 6), she experienced shortness of breath and also the strange metallic taste that I have written about before and which I have experienced myself on occasions.

Shelly also reported that after leaving the formation "I feel as though I am on a high. I suffer from tinitus in my right ear and have done since an experience at Operation blackbird in 1990, but since I have been in the circle today, the tinitus has got so loud, I have a job to hear noise from my right ear."

Japanese author and crop circle researcher, Maseo Maki took a group of his fellow countrymen into the Beckhampton 'Knot' (photo 7) last summer 1999. Later that evening having returned to their hotel in Marlborough, several of them suffered from severe nosebleeds. Epistaxis (nosebleed) (6) is normally due to:

a. trauma/injury

b. infection

c. allergy

d. malignant growths

e. bleeding disorders

It is my understanding that these none of these sufferers were prone to nosebleeds and indeed did not suffer any further reoccurrence of the problem during the remainder of their tour.

CCCS branch co-ordinator, Carol Pederson visited the formation located at Whiskey Hill Road, near Hubbard, Oregon with Keith Ardinger and made a close examination of the laid crop. She sent this excellent report. "When I first went in, I walked along the outer pathway and entered each circle as I came to it. Along the way, I felt dizzy several times. When we started t measure I began feeling a little sick but stuck with it. We started across one circle and reached the intersection of the north most circle with its outer pathway and I told Keith I wasn't feeling so good and he told me to sit down for a while. I kept on and then started blacking out and really feeling sick. I knew if I stayed longer I would pass out completely and Keith would be left with a body there not knowing how long I would be out. So, I told him I had to leave the circle without completing the measuring and immediately (dizzily) picked up my bag and walked along the outer path out towards the weed field
toward the van. Some of the wheat stalks in my bag fell out along the way because I was not paying attention in my need to get out quickly. I had an imperative need to get out of there. This is all very peculiar because I am very thorough and NEVER give up my work until I am done and yet this time I just felt compelled to get out and fast. When I got to the van I put my head down on the hood and rested. What an experience! I do not attribute this experience to the heat of the day, it was only 85 high that day and it was about 5.30 anyway at that time. I am used to working in the heat, Keith and I spent about 8 hours in 100 degree heat in Eltopia researching that formation and I had just come back last week from Boise, Idaho where I walked around a Basque Festival for three days in about 100 degrees heat. So I attribute this experience to residual energy of the formation and that it affected me adversely.

As for Keith, he started the day with a back problem and while in the circle he told me his back was now considerably better."

Contradictory effects.

Many people ask me why one person will experiences a beneficial reaction, yet another person in exactly the same formation and maybe even on exactly the same spot, reports adverse effects. It seems to me that as our metabolisms vary considerably so will our physiological and psychological responses differ from person to person.

Over the years I have noticed that certain formations are almost universally beneficial and a few give largely adverse effects, whereas the majority produce mixed reactions.

This is a good moment to repeat my advice to people that they should leave a formation if they do not feel well; that they should not go into a formation if

a. they are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant

b. they have a health device run on a battery such a heart pacemaker.

A good example of these varying effects came from visitors to the Pentacle at Bishops Cannings in Wiltshire(Photo 8)

In July 1997 I was one of the first people to visit this beautiful formation and suffered dire effects (7.) . Yet other people felt extremely well as did American Stace Tussel who was in England with a group brought over to visit the circles by Ron Russell. "My very favourite circle was the formation at Bishops Cannings, the gorgeous star. I was experiencing an irritable appendix or possibly ovary pains and felt lousy, and a doctor on Ron's tour even suggested that I might go to the hospital for a check up. However, we went to the Bishop's Cannings star instead. As I traipsed up the path to the circle, I felt horribly drained and flu like. But on entering the formation, I felt ecstatic and as healthy as I have ever been. I dowsed and photographed and looked at all the beautiful standing stalks and at a small corollary swirl which, upon closer inspection, was framing a small snail shell embedded in the earth directly in the swirl's centre. I felt wonderful, not a bit of pain, no discomfort, just pleasure. After about an hour everyone left for the van, since we were heading for Stonehenge - I was the last one out and found it hard to leave. Walking back to the car, I felt the energy draining. By the time I got to the van, I felt I was going to pass out. On our way to Stonehenge, I cried due to my discomfort - I felt like I had a horrible case of the flu. At Stonehenge, my symptoms slowly subsided and didn't come back after that."

Another instance where there were conflicting effects, was reported by Paul Anderson. These occurred in the Lineville formation in Canada. Kevin and Trina Beitz were in the formation for around 2 hours total.

Trina suffers from a painful condition called "fibromyalgia syndrome" (FMS), that often causes fatigue. Several days after being inside the formation she reported that she "has had much increased energy and needed very little sleep compared to the 12 hours that is common and that she has been almost pain-free and in very good spirits."

"Kevin, who has suffered for years with a very painful neck injury has noticed some relief of his pain."

Kevin's sister in law had a severe migraine when she arrived at the Beitz's house, but it disappeared after entering the formation. In addition one of Kevin and Trina's nephews who suffers from asthma, was having a mild attack at the house; it subsided after being in the formation.

However on the other hand, their niece reported feeling sick after visiting the formation.

I am going to end with a healing report sent to me by American author Barbara Lamb, who is a regular visitor to the crop circles, spending several weeks in England each year. Whilst in the elegant Uffington 'Thought Bubble' (photo 9) she 'tuned' into the 'energies' and asked how she could heal the blood clot in her leg? It was suggested that she should select her favourite spot in the formation, lie down, close her eyes and ask her guides and spirit helpers to help her. It was also suggested that she should picture herself surrounded by a warm cocoon of light, and bask in that cocoon while mentally declaring that "I truly want and am ready to receive healing NOW." She was told that "the energy of the crop circle and the help from above would give me healing."

"I did follow these suggestions, and it was a lovely experience. Approximately two weeks; later, back in California, a Doppler Ultrasound Vein Test showed that my blood clot was completely clear. I believe that the special energy of that crop circle and the higher beings helped to bring about the healing."

I am extremely grateful to everyone who has taken the trouble to complete and return questionnaires. They may seem long and difficult to complete, with questions that may not appear immediately relevant but my research is based on these reports and without your wonderful help, we would not be making such good and encouraging progress. As always your information is confidential unless you give me permission otherwise.

I am also grateful to the scientific community for their help, in particular Jim Lyons, Ann Silk, Isabel Maxwell-Cade, Peter Staples, Anne Smithells, Keith Wakelam and Roger Taylor.


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