The Crabwood Event ~ 2002

It all started late on Thursday evening when I received an email sent at 8pm, the 15 August, alerting me to the fact there was a formation in a field east of Winchester just off Sarum Road. The man told me had entered the formation and had judged it to be about 300 feet in length. He identified its location on an Internet street map.  The street was Sarum Road.   I read the email on Thursday at about 11 pm and I spent ages trying to identify Sarum Road east of Winchester.

After a while I realised I had another email from the same person saying it was west not east of Winchester so I had to start again - but with little success.
I emailed back and the following morning, received the OS co-ordinates in an email sent at 3 am. The formation lay between Pitt and Sparsholt.

I immediately notified researcher and geometer, Paul Vigay. who put it up on his web site.

The farm, Vale Farm, Pitt, Nr Winchester, is owned by Mike Burge, who graciously allowed entry to this formation and agreed to keep it unharvested until after the August Bank Holiday week-end. Unlike some other farmers, he has been helpful in every respect and the crop circle community owes him a debt of gratitude.

The formation was located at Crabwood, 8 ½ miles from Chilbolton where the famous Arecibo message and Face appeared beneath the radio telescope in August 2001.

Alessandra Holly, Assistant Archaeologist with the Hampshire County Council kindly supplied me with the following information. It would seem that like many places in England, the history of Crabbewood (Crabapple Wood) dates back to Roman times and before. There is evidence of surface scatter of flint, indicating activity occupation, dating back to the Lower Palaeolithic to late Iron Age period between 12000 — 550BC-100AD.

In 1894 `a denarius of Philip AD 244-9 was picked up in Crabwood` and in 1899 20 items of Roman pottery were found together with bone fragments in Crabwood. The burial was assumed to be a cremation as it was the normal burial site in the area in the early Roman period. The pottery was dated to AD 80-100.

At close by Sparsholt, a small bronze mask phygian cap together with 2 Roman coins of probably the Romano-Celtic times, were found.

Part of the Roman road, Sarum Road, running alongside the field containing the `Alien` formation, runs from Winchester to Sarum and is still observable beneath the modern road between Teg Down and Crabwood.

Sarum and Winchester were both sites of enormous ancient historic interest. Old Sarum lies high above Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire overlooking the ancient city of Salisbury. It is an huge hill fort, originally named Sorviadum (the fortress by the gentle river) by the Celts. It was later occupied by the Romans, and in Saxon times a town grew up within the prehistoric ramparts, that defended the local people against attack from the marauding Vikings. The settlement consisted of a castle, palace and cathedral all built inside the earthwork.

William the Conqueror often visited Old Sarum and part of the Domesday Book was written there. The settlement eventually grew so large the water supply became inadequate, and disputes arose between the priests and the soldiers. Thus in 1219 the bishop moved his cathedral to the new town of (New) Salisbury.

The castle at Old Sarum hill fort continued to be used until Tudor times.

Winchester some 25 miles east of Sarum nestles deep inside the Itchen Valley in Hampshire. Such is its antiquity that its earliest history is lost in legend; tradition attributes its foundations to Ludor Rose Hudibras, thus dating it to ninety nine years before the first building of Rome.

During the period when the Kings of England became the Kings of England, Winchester was the capital of all England 495-1068AD.

Its history is also inseparably linked to the celebrated King Arthur and his knights.

Under Alfred (848-899) it became a seat of learning and education and drew many distinguished people to its portals.

In Norman times, Winchester was of great commercial important, being the seat of the woollen trade, which was the chief industry of the town.

From William the Conqueror to Edward 1st 1066-1239, Winchester was the home of a large colony of Jews whose quarter until their expulsion from the city, is still marked to the present day Jewry Street.

Winchester seems to have reached its height of prosperity at the beginning of the 12th Century; its first problems not arising until the civil wars of Stephen‘s reign when the city was burned.

Present day Winchester remains a city of importance, structurally retaining much of its ancient history and is the capital city of Hampshire.

On Friday 16 August, a woman telephoned Ocean FM radio station to report a crop formation that was clearly visible from Sarum Road.  This was broadcast at 9am.  I made a close examination and spoke to the farmer, Mike Burge and we agreed that this field couldn‘t be seen from any road.  It is completely hidden and lies beneath the radio masts at Crabwood.

It has since transpired that a woman riding her horse along the top of the field below the radio masts saw the formation and it was she who telephoned the radio station. Traffic reporter Pippa Head, whilst flying over her area that consists of Portsmouth, Winchester and Southampton, was notified of this formation by a link from the radio station to her single engined Piper Warrior aircraft and was asked to investigate. She confirmed that this formation was present and sent back a report. She was the first person to see the formation from the air.

Pippa Head flies every day from Eastleigh reporting on the traffic movement, starting just before 8am and landing shortly after 9am.

Tractor driver Sid Colles, heard the radio report and realised it was referring to a field on the farm where he worked, and telephoned Mike Burge, the farmer.

Mary Hill, who lives in one of the farmhouses beyond the bottom of the field, reported that either a helicopter or generator was heard making a loud noise in/above the field between 12.30 and 1.30am on the morning of Thursday 15 August. She had gone to bed about midnight and was on the verge of going to sleep, when she heard a throbbing sound which came closer and closer and then appeared to hover, the noise continuing in-between 10-20 minutes. Mary‘s husband, Dermot, is a very heavy sleeper and heard nothing. Mary reports that helicopters do occasionally fly overhead as there is a prison close by in Romsey Road near the hospital. Mary thought that maybe a prisoner had escaped and was being tracked down by the helicopter. The following day after the formation had become known to many people and there was immense helicopter activity from aerial sightseers, an escaped convict seemed all the more likely to Mary who being unaware of the appearance of the formation, believed her worst fears were being realised and she wondered why the police had not informed her of this potentially worrying and dangerous situation!

Mary also mentioned that it was just possible that the throbbing noise could have been a generator, but had a generator been used to supply light in the field, Mike Burge tells me that the farmhouses hidden behind the trees beyond the bottom of the field, would have noticed such an occurrence.

Stephen Short from nearby Warnford, was in the field on the night of 21 August and fell into conversation with 3 young middle-aged women who were staying at the campsite the other side of the radio masts. They reported that during the night of Thursday 15 August, they had witnessed an amazing display of dancing lights over the field which kept darting about, spiralling down to the ground and then back up again; then going round in circles, then down and coming back up again before disappearing like a shooting star. Unfortunately I have been unable to track down these people as they have now left the campsite. It would be interesting to know whether they had heard any noise whilst watching the light display?

If a helicopter had hovered over the field for such a long time, what was it doing there and what was it hoping to find or record? Equally there had been a generator in the field that night, what was its purpose? Whichever one it was, it raises some serious and worrying questions.

On Sunday 25 August, I had a telephone call from Marie Wakelam whose house, Crabtree Farmhouse borders onto the Crabwood field. When she telephoned me she had just returned from visiting the formation and had fallen into conversation with a family who had shown her stalks of wheat taken from inside the formation that were slightly singed and blackened. Marie thought this was curious as at about 11-11.30 pm on the evening of Thursday 15 August she had been surprised to smell a strong smell of burning, like a bonfire coming from the field. Her bedroom backs onto the field and her bedroom window was open at the time.

I flew over the field on Friday 16 and neither the pilot nor I could work out the meaning of the formation - there appeared to be no coherent shape that we could decipher.
But having flown over the face at Chilbolton last year I said to the pilot that we would just have to do the best we could and hope that something intelligible would come out of the roll of film.
Geoff Knight of Colours Imaging in Liss kindly stayed late to rush through the development and printing of the film and this, much to my amazement, is what we saw.

[image aerial1.jpg]Mike Burge kindly opened the field to all those who wished to visit it. On Saturday 17 August I went into the formation and buried my bottles of water both inside and outside the formation, and met Sam Burge, Mike Burge's son who was keenly interested in the event.

Two friends accompanied me and as we entered the formation at the top of the head, we all felt dizzy and our heads were throbbing, going in and out. We hastily moved away from that position and the sensations diminished until by the bottom of the formation, they had disappeared completely. This could be due to the frequencies given off by the radio mast and indeed whilst filming one day with the Mexican team, the pulsing noise was so great in the headphones we had to move to the bottom of the formation away from the masts before recording became possible.

The lay in the `Alien` was one I had seen only once before, in the Chilbolton `Face` of 2001; it seemed as though the flattened, swirled crop around each standing tuft had been laid individually. A task that would surely be beyond the ability of man during the short hours of darkness at this time of year? None of the stalks were broken in either formation; they were bent at the base.

Whether the origin of the formation is of man or of a complex, discarnate energy as yet unknown to man, it is most impressive in every respect. It would appear that, if man made, a technology was used that is unknown to all but a few selected people.

In the photographs the formation appear in the positive, whereas previously, apart from the 2001 Chilboton event, the large majority of events have been in the negative (i.e. in this instance, the standing crop has determined the pattern rather than the fallen crop). It is the subtle shadowing of the standing wheat that creates the image of the face.

Also another similar aspect is that the meaning of this formation is completely unambiguous. It is the face of an extraterrestrial, no more, no less; no other possible interpretation.

One noticeable aspect of the dish was that there no evidence of a single seed head missing from any of the standing clumps of wheat inside the circular shape . In order to construct a circle, it is likely that a person would stand at a central point holding a rope and his accomplice would hold the other end of the rope whilst describing the perimeter of the circle. In ripened crop, when the seed heads are heavy and hanging down against the stem, they are very fragile and any movement of a tightened rope stretching across the standing wheat will catch against the seed heads, flicking them off as it passes. I examined the circular dish minutely and did not find a single wheat stalk with a missing head.

The lay in the circular dish was totally different to that in the face of the `Alien`, which was more traditional in construction.

Often I experience `gut` energies when entering a formation. In the `Alien` the energy, like the Chilbolton `Face` was one that was new to me and one that I did not understand. Not uncomfortable, not welcoming but `mechanical and technical and strangely sterile`.

On Tuesday 20 I returned to the field to interview Mike Burge and the tractor driver Sid Colles. Sid Colles told me that on Wednesday 14 August, at 1 pm, he had gone into top of the field where the head of the alien was and he saw the edge of the frame and a few of the grid lines going across.
He then walked down the right side as you look at the formation, until it came to an abrupt end.
Tuesday 20 August was the first time he had been back to the field since Wednesday 14.  I asked him to retrace his steps of the previous week exactly and when he entered the top of the formation, he was amazed to see a large flattened area to his right that had not been there on his first visit.  He then continued to walk down the right hand side as he done before and once again was amazed to see a complex circle where originally the line had stopped.

He assured me that he could not possibly have missed seeing the additional elements of the formation if they had been there on his first visit.
Both he and the farmer are of the opinion that this enormous and complex design measuring some 300 feet x 200 feet, could not have been made overnight but both are still sceptical as to the origins of the formation.

Mike Burge collected samples of seed heads for me from both inside and outside the formation, which will be tested for protein content using infrared spectroscopy.
The crop is a seed crop and therefore extra valuable.  Also somewhat unusually for the area, this particular field is on a clay cap with the chalk being about 2 feet below.   The ground is solid and impacted.

The Dish.
It would appear that the tufts of standing crop inside the circular element are not random.
Binary in the language used by NASA when trying to communicate with other intelligences; it is also the basic language used by computers. In order to convert binary into our alphabet, a code called the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) set was developed by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) in the 1960's.

Paul Vigay and Eltjo Haselhoff have found that the circular dish contains a code that consists of binary and by using the ASCII character set which consist of 128 characters, and by translating the binary digits and sequences into their decimal equivalent and then looking up them up in the ASCII character set in order to see which letters they correspond to, Paul and Eltjo have arrived at the following decoding:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged word). There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)".

When trying to communicate with external intelligences we have always used universal symbols such as were encoded into the Arecebo message, giving such basic information as the numbers 1-10, the atomic numbers needed for life on earth, such as Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Oxygen. The message also included our DNA structure, the population on planet Earth in 1974 and our solar system. Paul suggests that if this formation is genuine, we could be dealing with an intelligence far more advanced than previously imagined; an intelligence which is able to by pass universal symbols and interact directly, using our language. Clearly this would bring any communication to an hitherto unknown and advanced level.

In contrast to this possibly advanced level of interaction with our planet, I am disappointed in the content of the message which does not seem to me to be commensurate with such a precocious or higher intellect? Maybe there is more to be revealed? Maybe there is an additional hidden code as yet to be discovered?

The question is: is there an interactive process occurring between the circle making force and the microwave frequencies given off by the radio masts that plays a vital part in the formation of these images?

In all the photographs, the `Alien` appears to be of a sinister appearance and if man made one wonders why it was depicted in this mode? Could it be to try and scare people? I have shown my photograph to many people and have met with some quite distressed and frightened reactions. One man with a look of alarm, backed away from me as if I was holding something dangerous in my hand! Over the years the 'powers that be' have not, despite all their efforts, succeeded in their quest to destroy the appeal of this phenomenon by means of ridicule or by producing trumped up people, such as Doug and Dave. Maybe to plant fear in the minds of people could be their new line of disinformation? This seems a similar approach to the one taken by Walt Disney's new film `Signs` in which the crop circles are depicted as evil, sinister signs.

The media interest in the Crabwood formation has been intense and extraordinary. People have traveled from all ends of the earth to visit this formation. Many of us have been interviewed by TV producers from the BBC, Mexico, America and Slovenia. Jaimie Maussan from Mexico traveled 5000 miles to see the formation in person. Investigators from Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain and many other European countries were among the throngs of fascinated people crowding into this event. That this image has struck a chord with the innermost feelings of many people is clearly visible.

I got in touch with Nigel Astbury of GVA Grimley, the firm of surveyors who act for four of the mobile company operators on the site, in different capacities; managing, establishing and upgrading the various sites.

The mobile companies involved reading from north to south of the map, are T-MOBILE, ORANGE, MM02 (BT Cellnet) plus other transmission antennae, and lastly VODAPHONE.

The road running east along the masts is Clarenden Road.

Chartered Electrical Engineer Rodney Hale, tells me the microwave band covers wavelengths from 1 metre to 1mm.

He also explained dBW as follows: "The W represents one watt of radiated power. The dB is a multiplying ratio on a logarithmic sale. For instance 10dB represents a multiplying factor of about 3, 20dB a multiplying factor of 10, 26dB - 20 and 30dB - 30. This means that 24dBW is a little under 20 Watts."

I believe the frequencies emitted by the wavelengths from the radio masts could possibly resonate harmfully with cells in living systems.

A database of mobile phone base stations is available online at

Site Reference 11389
Name of Operator T-MOBILE
Height of Antenna 27 Metres
Frequency Range 1800 MHz
Transmitter Power 24 dBW
Maximum licensed power 32 dBW
Type of Transmission GSM
Site Reference 19150
Name of Operator Orange
Height of Antenna 31 Metres
Frequency Range 1800 MHz
Transmitter Power 24.2 dBW
Maximum licensed power 32 dBW
Type of Transmission GSM
2 base stations found at this map location.
Name of Operator MMO2
Height of Antenna 19 Metres
Frequency Range 900 MHz
Transmitter Power 20.92 dBW
Maximum licensed power 32 dBW
Type of Transmission GSM
Name of Operator MMO2
Height of Antenna 19 Metres
Frequency Range 1800 MHz
Transmitter Power 24 dBW
Maximum licensed power 32 dBW
Type of Transmission GSM
Site Reference 26846
Name of Operator Vodafone
Height of Antenna 15 Metres
Frequency Range 900 MHz
Transmitter Power 25.15 dBW
Maximum licensed power 32 dBW
Type of Transmission GSM

Crabwood Aerial Masts
Positioning of Crabwood Radio Masts
I hope the reader will forgive the length of the piece? There have been many loose ends to this story that have had to be pulled together, and whereas some of the events may seem unimportant, and despite no conclusion having been reached, I do believe all these strands have a part to play in trying to unravel what exactly happened during the process of the appearance of this unique formation.

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