Stream Of Consciousness ~ 2011

What were we to expect in the fields in 2011 as the potentially significant year 2012 drew near? To many the start was a damp squib with only two rather low keys events appearing in the fields. However things cheered up considerably in May when the fields were ablaze with the wonderful but pungent oil seed rape (canola). Several circles came to rest in Wiltshire, the most notable being the pattern at Hannington, Nr Cricklade that spanned almost the entire width of the field. HanningtonFew overseas visitors were around until mid June, July being the main month for the largest overseas influx with bus loads of tourists swarming into the fields and making physical research and analysis almost impossible. This is a contentious arena as many of the farmers on whose land these images appear are far from happy, their crops being their livelihood. On the other hand, the local businesses in the area from the hotels to pubs, shops, aviation and business in general gain enormously from the revenue brought in by the visitors. Is there a solution? Many farmers are attempting to solve this by putting in honesty boxes in the fields leading to the formations and cementing them to the ground so that pilferers cannot make off with them and the money inside. However what visitors should try and remember is that the fields are private property and it is important to try and contain your excitement and get the farmer’s permission before entering and then look carefully to see which tramline takes you directly into the circle so that you don’t cross over and damage the crop.

A subtle change
There seems to be a subtle change of energy in the crop circle arena that I have been detecting over the past few years; it is hard to put one’s finger on this illusive element, ebbing and flowing as it does in all directions. On a more fundamental level, I get the feeling that for many people a crop circle visit has become a `must do` item on their list of experiences. It is hard to judge how many find this a rewarding experience or are they maybe disappointed? Have they found what they were seeking or do they even know what they were searching for in the first place? How many will return or was it just a one off experience? Certainly as we enter 2012, I believe this will be a transformative year in the crop circle theatre just as life changing events are happening all over the planet. At such a time focusing on the final good that will emerge from these events is of the essence. On a microcosmic scale in the overall scheme of things, the 1987 hurricane in England cut thorough great swathes of our landscape destroying and uprooting age-old trees and historic forests. The natural despair and gloom that followed was soon transformed into startling new growth as this new order brought forth unforeseen benefits and beauty. How hard it is to see that out of disaster new hope can emerge. How can people who have lost their homes, relatives and friends in catastrophic events see the positive side? Yet it seems that the help, love and friendship of those around then exceed any normal human reaction. The golden, unflinching flame of humanity. And this is why I believe we must strive to concentrate on the positive and not the negative.

`A jet taxiing in my head`
Cow Down HillHealth reports were fewer in 2011 than in previous years but the quality of some were outstanding. The first deserving of mention appeared overnight the 17th June in Hampshire at Cow Down Hill, lying above the picturesque village of King’s Somborne. Villager Keith Hibbige, the first to enter the formation, kindly alerted me. Of primary significance was the fact that it had been raining that night yet despite the muddy field there was no trace of mud on the fallen crop as revealed by Keith’s excellent images. When walking along a muddy tramline, one inevitably collects soil on the soles on one’s shoes and this would translate into clear signs on mud on the fallen crop.

Having flown the formation, I visited it a few days later.Keith was kindly waiting for me. Before my arrival, Keith had sent me strange reports. He initially visited the formation for just 20 minutes on the morning of Saturday 18th June. Whilst inside he felt disorientated, then driving home afterwards he noticed his brain was focussing on anything circular, such as 30mph signs etc. “That afternoon head and face felt a burning sensation.” Indeed his wife remarked on the redness of his face and neck. He also reported “Also I never had any headaches but was nauseous and the tinnitus I had became so overpowering that on the Monday I felt it was a jet taxiing in my head. This went back to normal after a few days.”

The following day (Sunday) he also suffered “the most violent diarrhoea which lasted until the afternoon. The visions of circles were with me until Monday morning. Whilst inside the formation experienced loss of direction and confusion.” He went to say, “I have been in several circles before but had no after effects such as these.”
Keith was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 but is now in remission. He is on a number of medications.
It has been suggested that Keith could have been suffering from `histamine dumping`?
The most common symptoms of histermine intolerance are migraine headaches, gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhoea, flushing, hives and eczema. Histamine is a chemical present, mainly in Mast Cells, released during an allergic reaction. Two types of receptors, H1 and H2. It causes swelling and redness. The airways narrow in the lungs hence some will have breathing difficulties, also acid production in the gut resulting in diarrhoea. In addition there would be a degree of itchiness.

She could stand on one leg
Accompanied by Christina Thistlethwayte, I visited the formation on the morning of the 20th June having received the farmer’s permission. Christiana who was suffering from Polymyalgia rheumatica, a debilitating inflammatory muscular condition, had been reluctant to come as she found walking difficult and painful. I eventually persuaded her by saying it would be a lovely drive even if she never went into the circle.
Keith Hibbige was there to meet us and we all walked into the circle, Christiana going slowly using her walking stick. There were several people already in the circle and as always I fell into conversation with them whilst examining the lay of the crop. I knew it was too long after the event to make any firm physical diagnosis but I had Keith’s photographs which were proof enough for me. We must have been in the circle for some considerable time when suddenly I looked up and noticed the sky was getting dark and threatening so having spotted a nice pub in the village, we went back to the car. As Christiana was getting in she turned to me and said `I have got to tell you that all the pain has gone`. I was amazed but remembering past occasions, I mentioned that sadly it was unlikely to be permanent and if it continued for 36 hours she would be doing well. After a good lunch I dropped Christiana home and just as I was about to drive away, she suddenly stood on one leg and raised her knee to just below her chin. She then repeated it with the other leg. I couldn’t believe my eyes and on returning home, tried it out myself. I suggest you all try it too. I am fit, playing tennis and walking regularly and whereas I found it easy, I realised that certainly not everyone would, especially someone suffering from cripplingly painful polymylgia rheumatica!
The following morning, on going into my car, I found Christina’s walking stick. Knowing that she had to go to a much dreaded funeral in London that day that involved a ten minute walk from the church to the reception afterwards (Christina had told me was going to be impossible for her), I rushed round only to find to my horror that she had left already. I telephoned her that evening; she had found her walking stick on her return and when I asked her how on earth she had managed, she gaily replied `Oh, I was absolutely fine and it was more than a ten minute walk to the reception`. She was still free of all pain! This continued for 96 hours before the pain returned. This is just one of many temporary healing effects that have happened over the years.
Few are permanent, on remarkable example being Steve Meredith who I telephoned recently. His neck is remains cured Highs and Lows

Designed or intended to teach?
Crop circle effects can be felt not just by visiting a formation but also by attending talks where slides of circles are being shown or by looking at crop circle images in a book or photograph. Katherine Wyan kindly emailed me saying that “I've been meaning to contact you about an experience I had while meditating on the crop circle pictures in your book CROP CIRCLES : Art In The Landscape.
I find that gazing at pictures of crop circles brings on a very meditative state for me and I love to use your book because there isn't a lot of text to distract me.
And the photos are stunning.

I was looking at the pictures on page 37...
And I was thinking...I wonder what these really are...what are they for?
And a was in my head, but not of my own thoughts said...
"They are didactic crosses."
I was taken aback and quickly took a note book and wrote down the word didactic...because I had never heard it before and didn't know what it meant.
So off to the computer to google it.
And I got chills when I read the meaning.

Designed or intended to teach.
Intended to convey instruction and information as well as pleasure and entertainment.

Now isn't that beautiful?!
Instruction, information, teaching.
AND pleasure looking at them, entertainment going into them...studying them.
How perfect is that for a compact word to describe the circles.”

Another report told of “extreme hunger that lasted during the whole visit but ended afterward.” whilst visiting the wonderful double labyrinth formation at Windmill Hill that appeared on the 13 July 2011. This effect was that one that I have experienced personally when visiting the Windmill Hill, Clanfield, Hampshire event in 1998. Many had been the reports of excessive hunger but sometimes it is hard to understand something unless you have experienced it on a personal level. Not normally a person who is ever hungry, my experience came as a total surprise. Ann Smithell’s had agreed to conduct tests on the hormone system. I had invited the participants to lunch after the control tests and then we went into the circle. Despite having eaten well, I developed a hunger that I had never previously experienced and took me completely aback!
This could be as result of an eddy current in the brain kick starting the hypothalamus? The hypothalamus is situated in the forefront of the brain and is responsible for regulating body temperature and weight. Also blood pressure and fluid balance.

Paths of Enlightenment

Another lovely report from the Windmill Hill double labyrinth, came from someone on my one-day crop circle tour in early August. A lady, tall and of fairly substantial build, she had difficulty walking. I suggested she came along at her own speed, as there was no hurry. As soon as she joined us in the centre of the larger labyrinth, she sat on her walking stick and relaxed. “I feel completely weightless”. It seemed as though all her pains and worries had fallen away under the influence of the circle.

I had been invited to give a talk in October at the labyrinth Society in Taos, New Mexico and it seemed that there was some sort of morphic resonance going on as everywhere I went there was a labyrinth! Two appeared in the fields (the one above) and another double at Mere on the Wiltshire/Somerset borders. I visited the c.12 Boxgrove Priory in May and to my complete astonishment found a spectacular labyrinth in the church adjoining the ruins. Furthermore on a visit to Wilton House in Wiltshire, I found yet another one!

My two week visit to Taos was one of the most memorable, and the conference one of the happiest and best run I have come across.
Lying 7000 feet up under the snow capped mountain is the town of Taos, a community of intellectual literati and the only place in America to host a World Heritage North American Indian Pueblo community.

In fact I had been invited to attend two conferences dovetailing each other at the same venue. The first one and the most special was the Labyrinth Society conference. It was a conference in which everyone was kind, friendly and holders of great wisdom and knowledge of the subject. My involvement was to give a talk linking the crop circle phenomenon to labyrinths; a most pleasurable and invigorating task, as many of the physiological and psychological effects are similar as indeed are the effects experienced when visiting stone circles. All these elements have a common theme and linkage.

Words of Wisdom

There were two remarkable North American Indians, Ac Tah a Mayan descendant and Tlakaelel from the Toltec tribe. On one occasion we attended a special ceremony led by Ac Tah in which 1352 brown paper bags containing sand in which were placed little candles that then in turn made up a very specially designed labyrinth (based on the geometric principles of the pyramids). This was where the ceremony took place and around which we all walked. Extraordinary orbs appeared on all my photographs; Ac Tah believed they were the spirits of his ancestors. Labyrinths started with the legend of how Deadelus designed the first one in Crete in which to contain the monstrous Minotaur and how Theseaus helped by Ariadne managed not only to slay the beast but also find his way out to safety. Over the years as with all aspects of learning, the labyrinth has evolved and developed and is now used for many different occasions such as ritual, dance, protection etc but the most special and important aspect still remains the spiritual connection and usage. They illustrate the journey of one's life in which we are continually seeking the Holy Grail for as we enter the labyrinth we come close to the centre only to be thrown out to the edge again and again until eventually we reach our goal in the centre.

As a result of my connection with North American Indians due to the fact that both my sons are initiated Mohawks, Tlakaelel the venerable 87 year old Toltec Indian, who has travelled the world meeting such luminaries as the Dalai Lama, requested that we share a days workshop together. This was signal honour for me and I felt deeply privileged. Tlakaelel did not want a structured workshop and so from 9am-3.30 PM with a break for lunch we sat and each of us told stories. When asked about 2012 he said the shift had started in 1947, that it would reach a climax in 2012 and then gradually subside. He was adamant about this and would not be budged. He was positive about the future. Wikipedia tells us that 1947 was the year when several tall pottery jars containing leather scrolls (972 texts) were first discovered, which later become known as the Dead Sea scrolls. They were discovered in a cave in and around the Wadi Qumran, near the ruins of the ancient settlement of Khirbet Qumran, on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea.
It was also the year when the sound of speed was broken for the first time by Chuck Yeager, a USA Air Force test pilot, flying a Bell X-1.
In addition it was the year of the UFO Roswell Event.

Tlakaelel’s wisdom is unlike our western wisdom. He connects with and speaks of the animals, birds, trees, rivers, mountains and all things of the natural world. Quantum physics are no problem for they also are part of the natural world. I returned invigorated and grateful for his teaching. This is a wisdom with which I am familiar as over the years we have kept in touch with the Mohawk chief and now his son who have sent us wonderful sayings, poems and artwork of quite exceptional insight, enlightenment and artistry.

Back to the crop circles!
The annual Scientific Research day fell on Sunday 3 July. My main focus was to continue the research on Parkinson’s disease after last year’s brain activity levels showed activity in the gamma level in three participants, Jim Lyons, Bob Sephton and Christopher Weeks whilst inside the Vernham Dene formation. “Beta is the frequency range approximately 13-25hz and Gamma approximately 26-100 Hz. Because of the filtering properties of the skull and scalp, gamma rhythms can only be recorded from electrocorticography or possibly with magnetoencephalography. Gamma rhythms are thought to represent binding of different populations of neurons together into a network for the purpose of carrying out a certain cognitive or motor function.
Gamma brain waves are considered the brain’s optimal frequency of functioning. Gamma brainwaves are commonly associated with increased levels of compassion, feelings of happiness, and optimal brain functioning. Gamma brainwaves are associated with a conscious awareness of reality and increased mental abilities. Gamma brainwaves range from the frequency of 38 Hz – 70 Hz and have a tiny (virtually unnoticeable) amplitude. Gamma brainwaves can be found in virtually every part of the brain. They serve as a binding mechanism between all parts of the brain and help to improve memory and perception.
One of the most exciting aspects of this year’s results was the discovery that higher frequencies (Beta and Gamma) release more dopamine. Wikipedia tells us that Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter (messenger) in the brain.
Dopamine is classified as a catecholamine (a class of molecules that serve as neurotransmitters and hormones). It is a monoamine (a compound containing nitrogen formed from ammonia by replacement of one or more of the hydrogen atoms by hydrocarbon radicals). Dopamine is a precursor (forerunner) of adrenaline and a closely relatedmolecule, noradrenaline. Dopamine is formed by the decarboxylation (removal of a carboxyl group) from dopa.”
 See also: Worth the Effort

We met at the Avebury and District Club (The BBC had taken over the Avebury Study Centre to film Avebury Manor for the excellent television series showing the renovation of the Manor). Unfortunately microphysicist Dr Christopher Moore was unable to join us at the last moment, but Hazel Drummond, NutriVital Centre for Integrated Health conducted tests using the Asyra technique Highs and Lows. and Julia Edgerton-Warburton (qualified British Osteopathic Association) also qualified in Applied Kinesiology, attended with her cousin Diana from Australia.
In order not to influence the test results no food is consumed from breakfast time to when all tests have been conducted. Participants are encouraged to drink water to avoid dehydration, but only water.
The other participants were Jim Lyons (a professional engineer, who after a career in the aerospace industry where he was one time Chief Engineer responsible for the development of the Harrier Jump Jet, specialising in electronics, has recently retired from the academic world at York University), dowser Bob Sephton, guinea pigs, Parkinson disease sufferer David Greenwood and his wife Vilma, Christopher Weeks, Jackie Faulkner, Herma Koornwinder from Holland, Tim Walters, Geoff Ward, Peter Howard, and myself.

Out of balance.
Bob Sephton is skilled at adjusting the balance of the aura. He placed his hands either side of the person and brings his hands in until they meet `a wall`. Often the balance can be lob sided. He then adjusts it by bringing the out of alignment side in until it balances with the other side. He kindly taught me how to do this. To test this method, Peter Howard by tested by Hazel Drummond before and after. The initial test showed a normal amount of `disturbances`, however after Bob had realigned him, Hazel was amazed find that all the disturbances had disappeared.

Parkinson Sufferer David Greenwood had been accompanied by and driven from the Midlands by his wife Vilma. He had a moderately severe and constant tremor.

Julia Egerton-Warburton had brought her potable bed and tested as many people as she could before we left to visit the Barbury Castle formation that had arrived the previous day, 2nd July. It was a long walk from the parked cars along the public footpath and then into the formation. David and Vilma came at their own speed. I dowsed the spot where Hazel should conduct her tests.
David was one of the last to arrive and wanted to walk round the formation. This was the first crop circle he had visited and he had been excited at the prospect. I walked part of the way with him but then had to leave to help organise the people being tested. Visually it was a most harmonious geometric formation; a series of nested crescents nestling beneath the famous iron-age hill fort. Indeed this sensation of contentment and pleasure was felt by all.
On the way walking back to the car along the tarmaced road, someone walking fast drew up alongside me; to my astonishment it was David Greenwood. This was not the shuffling man who had started the day with me! All his tremor had disappeared and he was striding out. Double control tests were conducted in the parking area and then many of us went to the top of Barbury Castle and gazed in wonderment at the view below and all around us before returning to our respective homes.

A perilous decent.
Jackie Faulkner and I made the great mistake of taking the back road; we had no rain for several weeks and unbeknownst to us the track became narrower and narrower and more and more deeply rutted. Only room for one car at a time. There was no chance of turning back as it was impossible to turn round; we were committed. Our only hope was that I could keep either side of the ruts without falling in which would have wrecked my car, so deep were they and, that another car would not be coming the other way! A certain amount of intrepidity was required. Much encouraged by Jackie who despite her bonhomie was looking paler and paler, her hands more clenched as we inched our way along a seemingly endless track. Beautiful wild flowers on either side were no encouragement. Sadly we hadn’t looked at the mileage before we set out on this perilous adventure but it must surely have been in the order of 5-7 miles. After what seemed like a lifetime the welcome sight of the A361 appeared. Never have either of us have ever been so relieved!

What were the results going to show? Was David Greenwood’s brain activity result going to show he was in the gamma level or were they in the Alpha or Beta levels, in which case I could put my research in the bin and start all over again on another line of investigation?
Why do some people get Parkinson’s disease? The causes can be many and various; an injury, hereditary, trauma etc. Further in depth research is much needed for this life changing condition that affects so many individuals.

Hazel Drummond sensing my concern forwarded the brain activity tests within a few days and -----yes to my huge relief, David Greenwood’s results showed gamma activity whilst inside the circle.

Brain Waves 2011 - David  (Click images to see enlargements)

Pre Inside Post

My results also showed gamma activity both inside and after.

How had people felt whilst inside and/or after the crop circle visit?
Hazel Drummond leads an extremely busy life travelling all over the world giving training sessions, lecturing and treating patients. She had recently been to the Middle East and the previous day had returned from Glasgow at 1am, only to have to get up very early on the Sunday morning to conduct the tests in Wiltshire.

`I not only felt good but I felt really good`.

“I was a bit worried about how my energy levels would be for the crop circle research day this year. I had been working for months without a break and was generally feeling really tired. I had to be in Glasgow for the 3 days before and didn’t arrive home from Glasgow until 1 in the morning on the Saturday night. I was then up at 6 to get ready to meet at Avebury. I was feeling so tired on that Sunday morning that I didn’t feel like eating which I remember thinking wouldn’t help my energy levels.
As soon as we went into the circle I realised that I not only felt good but I felt really good. And as the day went on I had a general sense of well being. This stayed with me on the way home and right the way through the next day which continued to be really busy and pressured. On the Tuesday morning I felt quite tired and flat.
I felt that there was a very balancing energy field in the circle which was also felt by other members of our group and has been reflected in some of our results on the Asyra.”

Jackie Faulkner suffers from a bunion and has a certain amount of difficulty walking. After being inside the circle and on returning home she found to her amazement that the bunion had diminished in size and the skin was loose and flabby instead of tightly stretched. A bunion is painful; it is a bony deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe, known as the metatarsophalangeal joint. Sadly the reduction was only temporary, but one has to ask—how can a bony structure reduce in size even for a short period of time?
David Greenwood’s history was also worthy of note. “I was born 29th March 1940. My first head injury occured when playing rugby aged 15 when I was concussed for 4 days with memory blanks and inability to concentrate afterwards. The second blow to the left side front of the head occured age 27 when a taxi crashed into the front of my stationary car and I was catapaulted into the bulkhead and windscreen of my car. I sustained an eye laceration and suffered headaches afterwards.

“I produced 'formwork' moulds- that is the shape that will produce a finished article when it is filled with concrete plaster etc.and the formwork is subsequently removed leaving the required shape. 'Formwork' is a general term used in the construction industry -to form a shape- mainly in concrete.”

`The hairs on my neck and arms were prickly.`
His experience inside the crop circle: “As I approached the crop formation after walking down the track I had the chronic pain in my left lower leg and foot and fatigue which are the main symptoms that have manifested in me for at least 6 years now. When I entered the formation I began to walk with the flow of the laid crop and close to the wall of standing crop wondering what intelligence had given the instruction to change from broad to narrow and form the arms of a spiral shape. My awareness of self soon disappeared as I began to enjoy walking the laid path. When I spotted a small depression in the crop I followed the tramline out of the main formation towards the depression. It was at the point when I walked towards the depression that I felt something like a blast of static electricity. It affected my face when both sides of my face felt in compression. The hairs on my neck and arms were prickly. I stopped by the depression and my immediate thought was that it was a nest of some kind. With the stalks crossed in the centre I thought it might be a signature or just a sign meant to convey impudence " Work me out! Who am I?" or I stopped here and left and this is my tail end". At that point I walked back into the main formation and continued to follow the wall of the crop round until I saw the second and larger nest (Satellite). I did not enter this formation because a lady was busy dowsing in the formation. After I had walked the whole of the formation I definitely had a feeling of well being but noticed that a slight tremor had returned to my left hand. I knelt down in the vortex of the formation and asked my subconscious to tell me the truth- I revealed to me that the formation was astral and a hologram with height and depth meant to convey 'As above so below'.
As I left the formation I was quite energised and walking briskly. My attention was drawn to a building called The Science Centre and I wondered if there might be a connection with the formations. At the end of the visit I was convinced and still am that this formation had been produced by something spinning that produced the static electricity. Certainly it was not a board and string formation.”

In response to my further questions he kindly replied, "To answer your questions- The tremor stopped after I had entered the crop formation and had walked approximately 30 metres on the laid crop in the direction it had been laid. A slight tremor in my hand returned after I had finished walking the formation.
The Science Centre is quite well signposted off the Swindon Avebury Road and was also signposted near the Barbury Inn. When after the tests, we drove up the hill to look for the cafe and stopped in the car park. I climbed the viewing mound and in the panoramic landscape I noticed three very large buildings to the West. They looked very much like aircraft hangers. I asked the man standing next to me if he knew what the buildings were and he replied 'the Science Centre'. It would be useful to know exactly what the Science Centre is actually involved in.
I was a business man running my own civil engineering company concurrently with a mould making business.. We worked extensively producing museum replicas and especially for the British Museum and we produced formwork moulds for the reinforced concrete industry. I had a head injury when playing rugby, and a head injury in a car accident which I am advised contributed towards the onset of PD. However, In the development of the business's I was exposed to isocyanates and to aluminium powder and to cobalt and cyanide. Exposure to those chemicals I am told would have put me at high risk for PD.”

So what conclusions can we draw from this research? Clearly much needs to be done; more tests consistently showing the same anomalies are essential in order to build up a data base that will be taken seriously by main stream science. Someone recently said to me “ I would be impressed if you had 2000 similar results.” Indeed so would I but we have to start somewhere and with perseverance and dedication, amazing results have been achieved and eventually recognised and accepted.
I fully realise that crop circles (mainly due to adverse press and disinformation parties) are regarded as a taboo subject by mainstream science and each time I approach this subject I am looked upon as a `nutter`! However denial of the fact that there are certain man-made formations is just as damaging as this again gives an incorrect impression of the subject.
It is therefore not surprising that there are few scientists willing to get involved; it threatens not only their job prospects but also possible ridicule by their peers. Their reluctance is understandable.

So, am I giving up? No I am not, as I do believe that science appears to be on the brink of a new dawn as fresh understandings arise particularly of the workings of the natural world and how these will bring about a transformation of thinking in mainstream science.

This has been a year of progress and consolidation and my thanks go to all those who have contributed; in particular my thanks go to you; all of you have nobly filled and completed what may like tiresomely long questionnaires. Your contributions are the bed rock of my research and as such invaluable. Please don’t stop, please continue to send them in or write/email me

My thanks to all the scientists with whom I work, in particular to Jim Lyons whose energy, enthusiasm and generous sharing of his knowledge continues to be boundless.
To Hazel Drummond of NutriVital Integrated Health, who despite a heavy workload has given of herself and her expertise with huge generosity over many years and whose research results have led us to the area of research on which we are now focussing. To all the guinea pigs who have put themselves forward to be tested and especially to the many farmers who kindly open their fields to the hoards of `croppies` who don’t always understand that the fields are not open playing grounds but are the livelihood of the farmers on privately owned land. Their honesty boxes are much appreciated and I believe everyone is happy to make contributions.

Not least, my thanks to Andy Potter who despite vicissitudes, has continued to manage my web site. I remain indebted to you all.