Weather Permitting ~ 2006

One of the coldest springs this century gave way to a blisteringly hot and steamy July, giving us a late start to the crop circle season due to an initial delay in the growth of the crops and then a rapid ripening and early harvest. Such are the vagaries of the weather systems, be they due to global warming or general climate inconsistencies?

Did it affect the appearance of the circles. Maybe, who knows? Where were the circles? Were they already queuing up in the ether waiting for just the right moment to grace our fields? Many were the worried brows observed and desperate emails received. Appear they did and sighs of relief were heard from far and near. I had not felt any need for concern, either way would have been all right with me for maybe we should be preparing ourselves for the day when there will be no more circles. There has to be a greater force behind these glyphs which sees further than any of us into the Universal Law of the planet. An unknown mind beyond our comprehension. Maybe we need some other form of awakening? Only time will tell but to those who taken the dangerous route of giving up everything in their lives in devotion to the circles should possibly consider allowing other rich and fascinating topics to enter their lives. I have always felt that a single-minded interest is not only limiting but also dangerous.

So what happened in the fields this summer? One of the first formations to appear was at West Overton, Nr Marlborough in young winter wheat. Experienced researcher William Betts sent me this report "When I arrived at the lay-by just past the Bell Inn, the full moon, which had accompanied me for most of the journey from London had disappeared behind clouds. This left me standing, pole, steps and cameras on the edge of the North Farm field in the pitch black of the night. It must have been about 2.45am when I began my forage through the gap in the hedge and into the dark, following the directions I had been given. I turned to my left and made for the 5th tramline which took me up the gently sloping field. As I approached the copse on my left I came across a series of wide circular tractor marks which swung across the tramlines. These surely couldn't be part of the crop circle? I hesitated, moved up further then turned back. Nothing else came into view. I was lost. I returned to the bottom of the field and started up one of the other tramlines, again arriving level with the copse on my left. Still no crop circle. I never cut across standing crop and it seemed like miles walking up and down these tractor lines, the field appeared to go on forever. On my third attempt I once again got more or less level with the top of the copse and was again on the point of returning to the bottom of the field, despairingly, when something happened that stopped me dead in my tracks....a streak of light, like a honey coloured comet tail, flashed past me at eye level no more than six feet from my head. It was there for a matter of seconds only and crossed in front of me from left to right towards the open field. The time was now about 3.30am and I looked at the copse close to my left then across the vastness of the field to my right. I decided to carry on walking up the hill and came across a narrow fox run crossing the field at right angles to the tramlines. I followed it, and, narrow as it was, by putting one foot carefully in front of the other I avoided crushing the standing stems of wheat on either side. Its twisting route took me across at least three tractor lines and I finally arrived at a point where I could see the dark mass of the formation below me. I spent what was left of the night and the early dawn taking photos and looking closely at the circle. The lay had a very spontaneous and natural looking flow, and although most of the stems were lifting back up to the light I again got the feeling of crashing waves and rushing water that I have had in other impressive crop formations.

To consider whether this is man-made or 'genuine' misses the point, for me at least.
[image]The rather awkward design seen from the aerial views belies the experience on the ground. I felt it had a lot of energy. Few if any of the laid stems were crushed, crimped or broken, most were gently curved at the base and many of the nodes were bent horizontally to follow the flow of the lay. I could find no tell-tale white plank marks, although I suppose a garden roller could have been used, though the bloom on the stems was intact wherever I looked and there was no evidence of foot marks either. If it was man-made some team had gone to a lot of trouble to create it on land belonging, by all accounts, to a very unwelcoming landowner for little or no satisfaction or buzz; the formation had almost gone unnoticed...a few days more and the crop could have righted itself to render the taking of aerial photos pointless. On that point, I returned to this formation 10 days later to find little or no change in the state of the crop, it had hardly been visited and the stems were no more advanced in their phototropic efforts to reach the light than before, as if they had been 'fixed' in this position by the energy that originally created the formation. Did the energy which struck the stems at the nodes cause the bending, rather like knees bend when given a kick from behind? The problem with the study of this subject is that little room is allowed for any grey areas, the formations are either seen as 'genuine' or 'man-made'. We know little of the mind behind the genuine circles. The North Farm field creation however leaves me perplexed. The whole experience had an otherworldly feel to it."

The aerial picture revealed a strangely harmonious formation despite its design incongruities.

Two formations close to Silbury Hill followed next on the 20th and 30th of June. The angry farmer harvested them out within 48 hours of them appearing. The second of the two set the tone that was to follow for the year. It was a double three-dimensional scallop shell.

The convex central knob in the smaller circle fitted exactly into the concave point in its larger twin. What we being told? It seems to me that these are portals and we were being invited to enter other dimensions and levels in order to "take on board a consciousness which is expanding to our hearts as well as our heads - the idea of responsibility for our lives, not only on this planet, but also in the wider context of what I call greater reality."1.

Maybe it is in these altered states of consciousness that we achieve the most?

Each year it seems that there are lessons to be leant from the crop circle phenomenon

And this year was no exception. Reality; our own reality depends on how we allow ourselves to respond or react to the events that occur around us and the actions of other people. If our reactions to these happenings determine our own reality, could we say that we are in charge of not only our own realities but also our destinies? So easy to write, but so difficult to realise.

Waves and eddies flowing from this intriguing formation clearly went far beyond the confines of the crop circle world as illustrated by the above cutting showing the work of one of the 2006 Turner prize finalists Michael Titchner!

I had hoped to bury my 100ml bottles of Volvic water inside and outside this formation but the farmer and his `destroying` machine arrived before I had had a chance to ask his permission.

This year formations have spread further east to Kent and Norfolk but a trilogy of formations burst into the fields on the 8 July, two in Oxfordshire and one at Savernake Forest in Wiltshire. These were some of the most memorable of the summer.

The 3D event at Uffington, despite making the National papers, made many people felt uncomfortable. Depicted by some as skyscrapers, it brought back memories of 9/11? Indeed it disturbed not only people but also a cat. Doreen Jenkins tells me she was one of the first people to visit this event and whereas she felt very happy until the next day her cat had a totally different reaction. She had taken home some wheat from inside the formation and as soon as she got home her normally sweet docile cat started growling at her in a low tone as Doreen touched the wheat. "I normally hang the wheat up but because of my cat's reaction I left it in the lavatory. My cat sat "guarding" it for two days. After one day I went to touch the wheat and got the same reaction from her, glaring at me to say "No, don't touch". By the second day this reaction disappeared. I am wondering if cats can see the aura? She saw what it was doing to my own energy field".

I am certain that animals can see things that are beyond the sight of most humans. Over the ages there are countless stories of such events.

Interior designer Polly Blackett sent me a report after visiting this formation on the day it arrived. She was with a group from London. ` I got the usual sort of connection which I get with all formations of one sort or another. My fingers went numb and I almost lost consciousness I was so cold and only just thawed out when I borrowed someone's extra jacket and ate everybody's food and after the driver put the heating up full blast for about an hour on our way back to London. The last time I remember being so cold was about 20 years ago when I went white water rafting in Colorado and had my foot in ice all day!` Polly mentioned that she had fallen on a pavement earlier that week and had trapped a nerve but that this had healed by the time she entered the formation. None of the others in the group experienced anything unusual.

It would appear this unusual response was as a result of a surge in the eddy currents in Polly's brain (hypothalamus). I have previously had similar reports over the years of people suffering irrational physical reactions such as sudden intense hunger, thirst etc whilst inside or just after visiting a crop circle. I am not a person who has a big appetite, so I was taken aback when I developed an intense hunger after visiting a formation near Petersfield in 1998 almost immediately after finishing lunch. Freddy Silva also suffered a dreadful and enormous thirst whilst inside and after being in the Sting Ray formation in 1999(1)

Not far distance from the Uffington formation another massive glyph appeared. It lay above the ancient Uffington chalk White Horse. It was given many names, a bird, hedgehog, phoenix etc. I like the idea of the phoenix as it symbolises birth, death and resurrection. The Greeks and Egyptians believed that the phoenix was associated with the Sun god and that lived it in Arabia near a well. The legend goes that each morning the sun god would stop his chariot as the passed the well in order to listen to the beautiful song as the phoenix bathed in the well.

When the phoenix felt its death approaching (between 500-1500 years), it would build a pyre of aromatic wood and would be consumed in the flames, only to rise again.

Ellis Taylor sent me a lovely story about his visit to this formation. "On Tuesday night I dreamt I was in the crop circle and was shown a particular place in it. In the dream I picked a head of the wheat.

[image]I had to go to west Oxford to do a job on Wednesday morning. When I finished I just felt I'd like to visit the White Horse crop circle and also visit a friend (Charles) who lives near there. I hadn't seen this friend for about a year. He was struck down by a virus a few years back and has been wheelchair bound since. It occurred to me that he would probably enjoy a trip to the hills and if possible to a crop circle. Last year I took him on a jaunt around Wiltshire - crop circles, Avebury, Silbury Hill, the Barge and all that. He was fascinated by the crop circles- especially the ghosts. He is a country lad who has worked on farms for years before becoming a butler (yes, a butler). He just couldn't for the life of him work out how the ghosts could appear.

Anyway I went to his house. He was pleased to see me and told me I was lucky he was in (as he was supposed to have gone somewhere with his wife that day). He jumped at the chance of a trip. I noticed that he was not in his wheelchair. He is now able to walk about 6 or 7 yards with the aid of a stick but it is very tiring and difficult for him. Unfortunately other health issues have manifested now - diabetes being one of them. Some he hasn't even told his wife about because he doesn't want to worry her.

So, after a cuppa and a yarn we set off in my car to the White Horse Hills. We couldn't see the crop circle from anywhere so my friend said," Don't worry about me Ell. It's just lovely to get out and who wouldn't be satisfied with such a view as this to look out on?" (We had parked in the disabled car park overlooking the vale). "Just go and do what you need to do mate and come back and tell me all about it", he said. So off I went, up the hill, through the castle and to the other side. There were quite a few people in the circle (a tour I think). I cut across the Ridgeway and into the field. It is very beautiful. I all of a sudden realised that I could drive up to the formation with my friend. (We had thought cars were banned but others were there.) So I hot-footed it back to the car, detouring to say hi to the horse and the hawthorn. My friend was well chuffed. When we got to the crop circle I parked as near as possible, hoping my friend just might be able to get to the edge of the pattern as it was so close to the track. Unfortunately, although he tried it was just too much for him. He was delighted that he could see it though, from where we parked. This is the closest he has ever been to a crop circle.

I suddenly had this urge to go into the field and collect a head of wheat for my friend. "I'll be back in a minute mate", I called out and scampered into the crop circle. I felt as if I was being drawn to one particular place. When I got there I suddenly realised it was exactly the same as my dream. I bent down and took a head of wheat, and then another (not sure why). The heads were tingling, fair buzzing with energy. I returned straightaway to my friend and holding a head in each hand behind my back I asked, "Which one?" Without question my friend pointed to my left hand and I passed him the head of wheat. As he took it his mouth opened wide and he said," It's giving me an electric shock! It's hot!"

"It's a gift mate, a healing," I said. "Put it under your pillow."

"I'll put it in my top pocket," he replied.

"That's just the job mate."

Whilst there I wanted to visit the pattern near Wayland Smithy so we drove to the Smithy and parked. Again, unfortunately my friend couldn't get to see it. Anyway, off I trotted and found it. Very impressive but could feel nothing coming from it at all. I didn't like it for some reason which I can't explain. I didn't even want a sample from this one.

Now, I can't report a miraculous healing for my friend, though of course that would be wonderful; but something about that first crop pattern resonated with him. I feel certain that something special did come to him and I know it made his day."

Ellis Taylor tells me that his friend has seen a noticeable improvement over the summer months.

Another lovely story related how a group of people from Ireland had set out to visit this formation but it seemed that they must have been walking below the White Horse for no matter how hard they tried they could not find it any where. As they were walking away disconsolately, one of the group, a man, heard a glorious song and as he turned around he could see a lark rising and falling in the air singing a song that seemed to come directly from heaven. He was mesmerised by the beauty of this song and was full of wonderment that so small a bird was the producer of such a wondrous melody. "Am I mad ? I wonder if this little bird is trying to tell me something?" So he walked up the hill and exactly under where the lark was singing he found himself walking straight into the formation. Stranger still the Goddess Rhiannon is linked to the Uffington White Horse and is depicted as a bird. Had she appeared as a guide? Stories like these send shivers down my spine as surely these events must be opening us up to levels of consciousness that in this technological world of today, we sometimes fail to access or understand?

Two other people after visiting the formation found them selves so overbrimming with energy that they raced each other along the path like children. This amazing energy stayed with them for several days.

[image]The third pattern of the trilogy to appear on that memorable day was to be found in Savernake forest in between Marlborough and Hungerford. This amazingly three dimensional series once again made me consider how well or how badly I was personally dealing with outside events and issues. I took a group of people into this formation and it was unanimously considered harmonious. The farmer was most helpful, putting up signs and arrows showing us exactly how to reach the formation without extra damage to his crop. He put out an honesty box and I hope he benefited handsomely.

Another memorable formation appeared at Straight Soley on the Wiltshire Berkshire borders. With my scientific research day coming up the following Sunday, I set out in search for the farmer and eventually located the owner of the large estate. He was a charming man. He told me that he rented out several farm to tenant farmers and the crop circle was on one of these. He mentioned how angry they were with the tour companies who charge people to visit these formations, entering and trampling on his land without even having the courtesy to ask the farmer's permission. The speed with which these tour companies arrive at the circle so soon after the event, appears to be due to them clicking on to certain web sites which give out the exact location and how to get there. In addition the owner was concerned as the approach was on a very narrow lane; children were getting off the coaches and he foresaw a possible accident for which he would most likely get sued. He was not prepared to take this risk and that evening the formation was harvested out. This sort of behaviour is damaging the phenomenon for everyone, particularly the genuine and serious researchers. I fully sympathise with the farmers, their land is their livelihood.

However all was not lost as on the morning of the 23 July a formation appeared at Windmill Hill. Farmer David Hues once again generously allowed us to use one of this barns in which to conduct the control tests. It was a great pleasure to welcome Dr Konstantin Korotkov an eminent physicist from St Petersburg, and his colleague Pavlidus Konstantin. It is Konstantin's belief that there a `dynamic` difference between `special` places such as sacred and normal sites. This has taken him all over the planet with quite extraordinary results. The tests have been conducted with such scrupulous scientific methodology that the results cannot be disputed. He felt it might be interesting to conduct this research inside and outside a crop circle. Herewith his results.

5th Element Sensor
Crop Circles Measurements July 23, 2006, England

Measurements were conducted in two locations;

  • Inside the barn at the local farm starting at 12.00;
  • Inside the crop circle starting at 14.30.

The experimental data presented below are labeled as "initial" and "crop circle" and time dynamic curves are marked as red and blue lines accordingly.

GDV Camera Compact instrument produced by KTI Company, Saint-Petersburg, Russia ( and and "5th Element" s Device produced by the same Company were used for the experiments.

Measurements had two phases:

1. Measuring 5 different sensors with the 5th Element Device in the following regime: 30 experimental points for the first sensor with 3 seconds interval, then transition to the next sensor; 30 experimental points for the second sensor with 3 seconds interval, then transition to the next sensor; and so on for all 5 sensors; all in all it was three rounds. This way we had 90 experimental points for every sensor taken in three sessions with 360 seconds interval. All the process took 450 seconds x 3 rounds = 1350 seconds or approximately 25 minutes. Sensors were as follows:

Antenna sensor;

Water sensor;

Three earth sensors.

2. Measuring electrophotonic emission from the 10 fingers for 6 people before and inside the crop circle.

Experimental data have been processed in the "GDV Scientific Laboratory" program produced by KTI Company, the following parameters have been calculated for the dynamical data: Area, Intensity, Form Coefficient, Entropy; and Energy Field, Diagram and Chakras Energy distribution for human measurements.

Experimental conditions: temperature 24 0C; sunny; little cloudy, little wind; atmospheric pressure 1014 mBar. Distance between locations was about 2000 m.

Time difference between measurements was approximately 2.5 hours.

Operators: Korotkov Konstantin, Pavlidis Konstantin




Area dynamics for all the sensors demonstrated a calm character with little decrease in the first set of measurements.

Same behavior was found for Intensity parameter in initial measurements.

Form Coefficient parameter demonstrated little increase in the first set of measurements with a following calm character.

Entropy parameter was practically stable.


Both Area and Intensity demonstrated strong increase of parameters during all the measurement process.

Form Coefficient parameter demonstrated decrease during all the measurement process.

Entropy parameter was practically stable.


Statistically significant difference (p < 0.0001) was found between "initial" and "crop circle" data for Area and Intensity. Less significant difference was for the Form Coefficient, and no difference for Entropy.

Using an advanced Kirlian photography technique Konstantin Korotkov also tested several people both inside and outside the formation with the following conclusions.


Statistically significant increase (p < 0.0001) of the Energy Field Area and Diagram parameters for all people in the crop circle area was found.

Chakras changes were specific for different people (initial data are shaded at the graphs).


Both 5th Element data and human measurements demonstrated statistically significant changes in the crop circles area. 5th Element parameters demonstrated strong time dynamics in the process of measurements, typical for the areas with strong energies.

It is very unlikely to have significant changes of Human Energy parameters in 2.5 hours for all participants without strong influence.

Measurements were done in a close proximity in the same mild weather conditions.

We may conclude that the area of crop circle have had significant influence both on sensor parameters and human psycho-physiological condition in this particular experiment. "

Several of the results are shown herewith. The first diagram shows the areas of the endocrine system and parts of the body that were measured. In the second diagram the grey circles are the control measurements taken in the barn whereas the coloured circles show the measurements when inside the circle.












This year we introduced another experiment. George Petrie conducted tests measuring toxicity levels. Yet again people seemed to benefit from being in the crop circle thus confirming Korotkov's findings. An example is shown in the diagram below together with an explanatory diagram. The red triangle denoted the control test whereas the reduced green triangle marked the test conducted inside the formation.

Next summer we are going to change our procedure. We will conduct control tests in a barn and at the edge of the field before repeating the tests inside the formation. In order to insure that the tests are not affected in any way, we will not have anything to eat and only water to drink until after all the tests have been completed. In this way we hope to achieve more consistent and reliable results.

Several important formations appeared in the rapidly ripening grain in early August just before the harvesters swept across the fields obliterating the patterns for yet another year. Graceful parabolas were the last to put in an appearance, their points stretching outwards towards the setting sun of 2006.

As always I am extremely grateful to everyone who has filled in and returned one of my questionnaires. I am aware that it is an irksome business completing all the questions but I can assure that without your much valued help this important research into the effects of electromagnetic fields on living matter would not exist. My thanks to Jim Lyons for his help and advice and to Paul Vigay who manages my web site so skillfully.

1.Lucy Pringle. Dreams, Disappearances and Magic Carpets