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2017 Calendar with photographs of 2016 crop circles.

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2017 Crop Circle Calendar by Lucy Pringle. This A4 calendar (it opens to A3) contains the major crop circles of 2016. The calendar is the only one produced to a very high standard with secure ring binding in order that it will remain strong and intact during the whole year. It opens up into an A3 format with date boxes large enough for you to make notes and appointments. This wonderful calendar continues to show stunning photographs from this year’s crop circles.

As we start to think about Christmas and the all too frequent worry about what to give people as a present, Lucy Pringle’s new gorgeous calendar continues to show glorious photographs from this year’s crop circles and could be just the thing you are looking for. A perfect gift for loved ones, family, friends old and new.

Since 2000 Lucy has been producing these wonderful crop circle calendars, every page showing a main crop circle image plus a selection of side images, some of other crop circles and ground shots and others of flora, forma and ancient archaeological sites taking you on journeys not just in this time honoured  Isle of Albion but world-wide  which has made it an unique, popular and special calendar reflecting the beautiful circles enhanced by these exclusive side images, all blending into a perfect marriage of great photography .

Bertold Zugelder graphics continue to grace every page also you will also find special monthly quotations, some ancient, and some modern. All will make you think and wonder.

It also shows the lunar information.

You will find copies of past calendars in the same much loved format on her web site; a few years have already sold out as they are now Collector’s Pieces.

Lucy has a fine reputation of dispatching her calendar orders rapidly and sells her calendars world-wide.

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11 Responses

  1. The present 2016 calendar is beautiful. You managed to find really beautiful crop circles. I hope your new one is just as beautiful (I take it for granted that it will be!) A.B. The Netherlands.

  2. Once more I am writing for your latest calendar. I am 93 3/4 and still in good shape. I have now quite a collection of your calendars. I retired as puzzles (crossword) editor in the Sunday Times two months before my 88th birthday and was given an MBE for sixty years service to the newspaper industry.
    If you publish any more books, let me know and I’ll buy them. B. UK

  3. Thank you very much for the brilliant 2017 Calendar which came 2 days ago. It is exquisite, with gorgeous photographs & other details. M.S UK

  4. We enjoy your calendars and your work so much. Thank you for your dedication and willingness to share your knowledge with us all. Although we’d both agree, your crop circle pics are the focus of your calendars, my family and I see the whole thing as a work of art. We love the local flora, fauna and the uplifting quotes. “for the Beauty of the Earth …”, Carry on Lucy! R.T USA.

  5. Lucy has been giving us amazing photos since early in the rather timeless aeon of the crop formations, and she’s still at it. Very dedicated, come what may (and it does). Bringing photos to the world is the main contact most people have with the formations. In fact, the first contact I had, way back when, was a postcard of hers taped on someone’s fridge. I looked at it, looked again, and my first thought was, “OMG, they’re back”. Who ‘they’ were, I’ve never fully clarified, and neither anyone else. But, on the other hand, croppies have come to know them well, as if they’re friends. By their works do we know them. And Lucy has been a significant part of that process, through her photography, her research and public presentations. This is her latest calendar, giving some classics. For these things are timeless, laid down for a few weeks and then gone, yet staying with us, leaving their trace impressions on our psyches, changing the lives of some, and rattling something of a deep, semi-conscious memory in many more. People travel the world to see these, and Lucy has played a bit part in bringing them here or taking her photos to those who can’t come. Crop circles are the biggest thing that most people never experienced, an historic phenomenon. In a future time, people will look at these and wonder why they weren’t headline news in our time – but then, we live in a strange and mad time, and many of us believe that the formations, and the energy-fields inside them that can’t quite be encapsulated in photos, point to another time. A time when we will understand them, using the archive records that people like Lucy are leaving the world. And a time when many of today’s big issues will be history. Good on her. And hey, get this calendar – it lasts more than a year. It’s well worth it. A record of close encounters with another world, a world quite strange to us yet very familiar.

    Palden Jenkins

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