Riddles and Rhymes

As I sit thinking about what I am going to write and tell you about the events of 2016, having just looked at my outside thermometer registering -9 degrees, I find it hard to image that 2016 was recorded as being the hottest year on record!

I find I am still drawn to this current year 2017, which if you add all the numbers together come to One. There is no doubt whatsoever that we are living in a world of challenging and dramatic changes, the troubles in the Middle East, the excitement and task of making Brexit a success (I make no apologies for being a strong Brexit supporter. We have always been an island race with our own identity and customs going back into the far distant past. That is not to say that we haven’t welcomed peoples from other lands to our shores who have shaped the multi-cultural society that we are today, but we still remain deeply imbedded in our ancient history and our landscape of age old stone structures, barrows and sacred places), to the newly inaugurated President Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, there is no doubt that he will shake up the establishment in ways that remain to be seen.

How we deal with the Number One ourselves with its openings and tests is a question for us all on a personal level. I see it in a positive light given the guidance from higher realms and beings who have our best interests at heart if we ask for their help in achieving the very best we possibly can along our ‘ordained’ journeys.  I do believe that the vast majority of people are honest, kind and wonderful human beings, so let’s go forward with happy, joyful hearts believing in the greatest from and to us all and hoping we do not stumble too often if or when the going gets hard.

As so often has happened in recent years, the crop circle season started slowly apart from a few minor events. One of my first flights was over a seemingly rather insignificant circle opposite Silbury Hill; however in the days to come, this grew and had I not taken the initial photograph would not have recognised the later event as being the same circle as the original.

Germany however was busy with a beautiful spiral enclosed within an outer circle that appeared on the 15th May at Brandenburg, Großziethen.

Indeed in the months to come, more circles appeared in Germany at Gerlingerstraße, Berlin, Ringslebenstr, Großziethen, Nr Berlin, a floral one again at Großziethen, Brandenburg, and a glorious one, cut out almost immediately by the farmer at Mammendorf Bavaria.

Germany was the most active of all the European countries with Italy, usually so productive, producing only one circle, albeit a spectacular one that appeared at Vanzaghello, near Milan, Italy on the 8th June; a few in the Netherlands and none at all in the USA. Brazil squeaked one in at the end of the season at Prudentópolis, Paraná, on the 27th September, very close to where I had given a lecture at a conference in Curitiba in March that year.


England remained the flagship country with 46 events covering Lancashire, Surrey, Essex, Hertfordshire, Dorset, Hampshire (unusually active), Wiltshire, Sussex and Somerset.
Hampshire, where the circles were the most prolific in the 1990’s was again graced with six circles, the most beautiful being an early one in June at Tichborne. It was a most gloriously harmonious spiral. It was amongst my favourites of the whole summer. It was in barley and whereas it might look simple, its geometric harmony was a joy. I visited it after climbing over a six-barred gate. Walking down the tramlines, being caressed by the gentle stalks of barley is a joy not found in wheat which is a much tougher, sharper crop. What could be more wonderful that sitting quietly in a circle surrounded by the humming of the insects in what may seem to be a quiet countryside. But if you listen, you will hear all sorts of little noises as the hidden natural world goes about its business.

The ET Face that arrived on the 19th of July alongside the main arterial road to London, the M25, caused quite a stir. As you can see, it was found on a steep slope and photographed splendidly by Mat Stainton, one of the most expert drone flyers. It was in wheat and the crop was still young and green. Luckily no car or other vehicle accidents were reported by drivers whose attention had been had been diverted by the striking circle.


Hampshire yet again was prominent greeting the Summer solstice, Midsummer’s Day with a circle at Chilcomb Down, Near Winchester, once the capital of England and where the Kings of England were crowned. I forgot to mention that the Chilcomb Down, Winchester formation appeared on Midsummer’s Day, the night of the Strawberry Moon. Some 12,000 people thronged to Stonehenge to witness the sunrise and renew the energy of the land and its crops. They were blessed with good weather.

Solstice derives from an ancient Latin word ‘solstitium’ meaning ‘stop’ or ‘sun stands still’.  For the first time since 1967 the summer solstice  2016 coincided with a rare ‘strawberry’ moon with possibility of bringing 17 hours of sunlight.

It is an extremely rare event. The Algonquin tribes of North America believed June’s full moon signalled the beginning of the strawberry picking season. This event in the Northern Hemisphere is sometime also called the Rose Moon, the Hot Moon and the Honey Moon, whereas in the Southern Hemisphere it is known as the Long Night Moon.

Being such a sacred and ancient place, people have gathered at Stonehenge and celebrated the solstice for thousands of years. We are told that the day is considered to be sacred by many pagans around the world who celebrate the solstice among their yearly holidays and sometimes call the festival ‘Litha’, a term dating back to the Venerable Bede for the months of June and July.

As the season progressed the complexity of the circles seemed to increase, and this year was no exception. The circle on the top of Cherhill Hill being one of them. Unfortunately the farmer would not allow anyone in, but a few people did visit it and were lucky not to be caught. One told me that it was especially interesting to see how it lay on a slope and yet does not give that impression from the air.

This is more than just a beautiful design. It has 40 triangles and 36 flattened segments. The 40 triangles refer to the upcoming annular eclipse on September 1st, 40 days after the formation, connecting the start of the Gregorian Calendar with the upcoming annular eclipses.

The 40 triangles also relate to 4400 days, which correspond with exactly 149 lunar months. By the way, the Maya also mention this relationship. The 36 segments relate to 36 × 4400 days = 22 Katun (a Katun = 20 Tun = 20 × 360 days) or 3 × 33 × 40 × 40 days and 36 × 149 lunar months. These numbers (3 and 33) explain the triangular form of the segments. The reason for this reference is clear when we count back 36 × 149 lunar months (or 22 Katun) from the upcoming annular eclipse on September 1st, because this turns out to refer to another annular eclipse, namely the annular eclipse on Christmas 1582! This was the first eclipse and the first Christmas day (December 25) after the introduction of the Gregorian calendar on October 15th, 1582.

The number 3 refers to the Trinity, and means that you are receiving divine protection, help, and guidance. In most cases, if you are seeing a lot of 3's, this is an Angel Number sign that you have a close connection to Jesus, the son in the Holy Trinity. 33 means that Jesus is with you and helping you.

Number 33 is a Master Number (Master Teacher) and resonates with the energies of compassion, blessings, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery and courage. Number 33 tells us that ‘all things are possible’. 33 is also the number that symbolizes ‘guidance’.  What a circle!!!

Despite the difficult weather, I managed to fly over most of the circles; the excitement of this never wanes and the skill of the expert pilots in placing me in exactly the right position to take the hopefully ‘perfect’ picture is quite amazing and I must thank,  Shaun, Dan, Ollie and Richard from Heli Air at Thruxton for their expertise and patience. I take many people up with me who get the thrill of a lifetime; this enormously helpful to me in sharing the enormous costs.  I do believe that in bringing my images to the world to enjoy, is of great importance in bringing happiness to many. Flights are available throughout the summer.

Pythagoras taught us that music and number were related and this is the basis for the influence the circles have on us and as I have mentioned many times before, all these images give off frequencies which interact on a personal level with us. I have has so many reports sent to me from people who have watched my presentations and been affected deeply and wonderfully by certain pictures of circles that I have been showing.

I use the wonderful circle that appeared at Hackpen, Wiltshire on 13th July 2013 as a cure for my migraines. What Does the Future Hold?

The following report from Paddy Lyons will illustrate this phenomenon. This report was dictated to me by Paddy who due to her osteoarthritis finds it too painful to write.

I felt as though a miracle had happened
“I have been a keen observer and enthusiast of both standing stones, stone circles and crop circles for many years, which as many of you will know are to be found in the same area where energies are known to be greatest.
Initially my attention was brought to the subject of crop circles by the notorious Doug and Dave on a TV programme. I later found that they were just two old gentlemen having fun and trying to fool us all.

I live in London and my late mother lived in Somerset. I visited her regularly and one time in the early 90’s, I decided to cut across country to avoid the motorways (M5 and M4) and saw a signpost to Avebury. Knowing nothing of it at that time, I have since discovered the history behind Avebury including the strong earth energies in the stone circle and the surrounding area. Every time I made that journey, I spent a few days in Avebury, experiencing the magic of the area and the ley lines (energies) leading up to West Kennett Long Barrow.

I then started to stay overnight on the way back from my mother’s, often staying at the Red Lion Pub inside the Avebury stone circle. This enabled me to attend short courses and workshops such as ones on dowsing and I became more aware of the enchantment - magic of certain areas. I heard about a group of aborigines who were taken to Avebury and didn’t need dowsing rods to accurately follow the energy lines in that area. I myself on occasions could sense when I was on a ley line, but not often. The aborigines had been able to keep their special contact with our Mother Earth.

Despite guessing that Doug and the Dave crop circle designs were hoaxes, I was still curious as I felt that there was more to the subject.

One day in July 1996, before setting off from my mother’s, she showed me the local newspaper and on the front cover, there was a most beautiful crop circle, the design of which I later learnt was called the Julia Set. It was on the A303 very close to Stonehenge. I went inside the Julia Set on my way home, not expecting any reaction (I was very naive about crop circles in those days) but to my surprise I suddenly felt both spiritually uplifted and very calm and at peace. This I have experienced many times since in numerous crop circles but definitely not all and  feel that I can fairly accurately tell which are genuine and which are man made.

Unfortunately over the next 15 years, I became increasingly disabled due to osteoarthritis but was still able to visit crop circles and stone circles for a number of years in between numerous operations (joint replacements and back surgery).
Eventually I became housebound and was heartbroken not to be able to visit Wiltshire any more. However, I have a number of photographs of crop circles, most of them taken by Lucy Pringle, which I find have quite a healing effect on me; mostly spiritually and giving me a feeling of calmness and acceptance and to a certain extent loss of pain.

In October 2016, I received an invitation (as I do annually) from Lucy Pringle to attend her annual lecture in Petersfield, Hampshire on the crop circles of that season. I mentioned it to my daughter and how sad I was that I couldn’t go, to which she replied “I don’t see why you shouldn’t, I am going to take you.” (We have very little money, so my husband and daughter clubbed together in order to stay an hotel near Petersfield overnight).

My daughter drove me down to Petersfield. Unfortunately I was going through a particularly painful period and even when in my wheelchair, I was in acute pain. We arrived at the hotel and I rested for an hour before going to the lecture. The lecture was such a treat and without realising it, I was gradually going into a similar state to the one I had first felt when I went into the one in 1996 at Stonehenge, the Julia Set.  I had no recollection afterwards of what Lucy actually said.

When the lecture was over, without thinking, I got up from my wheelchair (which had been left in the passageway outside the lecture hall)  and forgetting that it wasn’t just an ordinary chair and that I needed it, walked across the lecture hall to speak to Lucy. When I reached her, I realised what had happened. I was in no pain but my muscles started to feel weak. However, I was so delighted and was able to stand and chat to Lucy for quite a few minutes (normally I can’t stand long enough to even clean my teeth).

I turned to walk back to my wheelchair as I was beginning to feel rather weak but still in no pain. I felt as though a miracle had happened. Unfortunately the beautiful experience didn’t last very long and by the middle of the night, I was in acute pain again which lasted several weeks.

Despite the physical pain, my mood continued to feel radiant and at peace with the world and more able to tolerate my disability.
Many times I went into crop circles during the 1990’s and in early 2000 I went in on crutches and came out carrying my crutches above my head.”

I have known Paddy Lyons since the 1990’s and have witnessed the progression and deterioration of her condition and her determination and courage in trying her very best to continue visiting the crop circles against all odds and in severe pain. She loved flying over the circles as well as visiting them.
The above report is testimony of her courage.  It was a humbling experience taking down her words as she dictated them in a factual, accepting and uncomplaining manner in the face of great adversity and pain.

Relating to the October 2016 Petersfield lecture event, I was astounded to find Paddy standing waiting to talk to me after my lecture, no wheelchair and standing as straight as a die. Her daughter on the other hand was darting around in a panic, thinking her mother was going collapse or fall at any moment. We talked for some time and Paddy confirmed that over 90% of the pain had gone. After a few minutes, she walked back across the large lecture hall, still straight-backed and walking like any normal person, and out of the hall. I stood quite still for some time afterwards, trying to take in what I had just witnessed.

Paddy told me that she is due to have a shoulder replacement which will make getting around on her crutches even more difficult. Also as one of her ankles is beyond having a replacement, she is going to be giving an L-shaped metal rod inserted in her foot and leg, immobilising her ankle permanently but relieving the pain. Some people might question the sense of having all these seemingly endless and ghastly operations, but if you a suffer the degree of pain that Paddy Lyons endures, to be rid of the acute pain is paramount on her agenda.

It is interesting to note that she had no recall of what I had talked about in my lecture, especially my report of how certain circles affected people to the extent that the frequencies emanating from them could be healing. One particular circle is not necessarily universally beneficial as we each respond to crop circles on a personal level. A circle that may be beneficial to one person, may not have the same effect on others.

Another interesting point is that Paddy’s symptoms seemed to worsen AFTER the apparent temporary healing. This unfortunately has been reported on several occasions, most notably Lesley Clementson, also an osteoarthritis sufferer, whose feet on one occasion were so swollen before entering the crop circle that the struggle to reach the circle was almost too much for her, only to find that after being inside the circle for some time, that her shoes fell off as she was walking back down the hill, the swelling having been reduced to such an extent.  However, her condition also worsened after this event but the sense of spiritual and emotional upliftment remained for some considerable time. To date we have no satisfactory medical explanation for these reports.  The research continues.

After the amazing Cherhill events, the season got going with circles appearing almost daily.

As usual Hackpen was graced with circles, two appearing this year on the 23rd of June and on the 16th of  July both close the famous chalk white horse.  James Hussey who lost his lovely wife Gill to cancer almost three years, set up a charity in her memory to raise money to equip a breast screening radiotherapy unit to be built on the site at the Great Western Hospital, Swindon, as the closest unit was in Oxford and for Gill and others to have to travel many hours for a daily treatment lasting a few minutes each time over a period of six weeks was altogether too exhausting and draining.

James continued to allow people to enter his fields, charging a fee to visit the circles which went towards the target of £2.9 million having already raised £750,000.  This is a really splendid and worthwhile charity worthy of support.  The charity, Brighter Futures who are running the appeal told me that to date “we have received support from companies in Swindon such as Sainsbury’s Stratton and TE Connectivity”.  Staff at other companies including Corporate Events, Arval, Jury’s Hotel, Nationwide and Santander have all supported the appeal by fundraising for us.

Many schools, nurseries and centres for learning have also adopted us as their chosen charity for the year, as have many other smaller organisations such as churches, local groups and WI’s and Rotary Groups.  To find out the latest news about what we are doing with the help of local people visit our website on www.brighterfuturesgwh.nhs.uk

We conducted our scientific research tests in the first Hackpen circle, being the only one available for entry at that time. It was a hot day and as usual we conducted our first tests at the Avebury Study Centre. The second tests (identical) were inside the circle and the third one (again identical) in the car park a long distance from the circle. Parkinson sufferer Tim Martin, Essential Tremor sufferers Tina Martin and Linda Daubney kindly served as guinea pigs together with many other volunteers. Unfortunately regular participant Gill Puttick, a Parkinson’s sufferer was not able to join us this year. Taking the actual tests does not take long, it is the comparing and interpreting of the results that is a lengthy and often complex area involving skill and knowledge.

Paul Gerry, clinical physiologist from Devon and Exeter Hospital, kindly up came from Devon and long time NutriVital Health expert Hazel Drummond were both there to conduct the scientific tests. Paul Gerry who tested for Heart Rate variation and Tremor. Reported that “I have spent time trying to find significant changes from the experiments but this time have not found anything- I invite you to see if you can.

“Firstly I tried to measure the HRV on the various people but had great problems as it worked by measuring the reflection from the blood pulsing in the hand and the sunshine made this.”
“I did manage it on one subject and will email separately the results before, inside and after the visit to the crop circle.

“Here is an explanation. As you know, the heart and lungs are in charge of delivering oxygen around the body. The lungs get replenished with oxygen and the heart is the big muscle that is responsible of delivering that oxygen to the whole body. The system that regulates how fast the heart is beating is the autonomic nervous system, which is our most ancient survival system.

“The autonomic nervous system has an accelerator, the sympathetic nervous system, and a brake, the parasympathetic nervous system. To simplify, the sympathetic system, uses a famous hormone called adrenaline (yes, like when you do bungy jumping or crazy things like that) to activate body and brain. The parasympathetic system uses a different hormone (is it less famous? Yes, maybe) called acetylcholine to help regulate sleep, digestion, healing.

“These two systems should work like in a choreographed dance, alternating their dance to keep us in a state of engagement and balance with ourselves and the fabulous world around us. And in fact, to orchestrate, or I should say, choreograph this dance, there is a splendid component: its majesty the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus is a nerve that has parasympathetic (braking) fibres innervating (supplying) many important organs, including the heart of course. The stronger (the more charismatic ;-)) the choreographer, the more it is able to slow down the heart during exhalation, and to allow the heart to speed up during inhalation.
“So, a healthy person has a strong vagal tone, aka a healthy balance between the two dancers. When we breathe in, the accelerator gets activated, so the heart rate speeds up, when we breathe out the brake kicks in, and the heart slows down.

“A good heart rate variability is a measure of this ability to be flexible. And it’s a healthy thing. I choose this because in Parkinson disease there is less variation.
“Secondly I measured the steadiness of the hand using an app which measured tremor the variations were not consistent and I can only put this down to the difference in place i.e. Walking and standing in the field compared to in the schoolroom.”
Results vary from year to year and in bright sunlight in the field, it is extremely difficult to see what is happening on the computer screen as indicated by Paul Gerry.

Hazel Drummond has been helping in our research for many valuable years and has generously given her time and energy to this research using the renowned Asyra technique, acclaimed by Professor William Tiller, Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University in the States as being one of the most reliable diagnostic systems available. The Asyra technique covers a broad spectrum of investigation and it is fascinating to look back and see how the technology and methodology has improved.

Hazel Drummond’s results revealed one extraordinary case. She conducts three separate tests, one set of tests for the Baseline Organic and Main Body System. In this test octogenarian Andrew King’s results were 100% balanced. This is so unusual that Hazel can almost count on the fingers on one hand the number of times she has seen this during her many years of research, and when she has, it has always been in very young people. She said that this was incredibly rare and unexpected.

The second set of tests consists of reviewing our Endocrine system (hormones).

In a third test in which Brain Wave and Solfreggio frequencies are reviewed, eight out of thirteen people showed an imbalance in Gaba. Denver Naturopathic Clinic tells us that “Gaba (GABA) is an amino acid which acts as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. It inhibits nerve transmission in the brain, calming nervous activity.

Neurotransmitter review
The nervous system is made up of individual nerve cells called neurons. They serve as the body's wiring. Nerve signals are transmitted through the length of a neuron as an electrical impulse. When a nerve impulse reaches the end of the neuron it can jump over to the next cell using chemical messengers called neurotransmitters.

“In the central nervous system, which consists of the brain and the spinal cord, neurotransmitters pass from neuron to neuron. In the peripheral nervous system, which is made up of the nerves that run from the central nervous system to the rest of the body, the chemical signals pass between a neuron and an adjacent muscle or gland cell.

“Glutamate and GABA are the most abundant neurotransmitters in the central nervous system, and especially in the cerebral cortex, which is where thinking occurs and sensations are interpreted.

“Tiny sacs filled with neurotransmitters are stored at the end of each neuron. When a nerve impulse reaches the cell's end it triggers these sacs to dump the neurotransmitters into the gaps that separate one nerve cell from another. These spaces are called synapses. The neurotransmitters float across the synapse. When they reach the neighbouring neuron, the neurotransmitters click into specialized receptor sites much as a key fits into a lock. When enough neurotransmitters attach to the receptors, the neuron “fires”, sending an electrical impulse down its length.

GABA'S role in the brain
“GABA is made in brain cells from glutamate, and functions as an inhibitory neurotransmitter – meaning that it blocks nerve impulses. Glutamate acts as an excitatory neurotransmitter and when bound to adjacent cells encourages them to “fire” and send a nerve impulse. GABA does the opposite and tells the adjoining cells not to “fire”, not to send an impulse.

“Without GABA, nerve cells fire too often and too easily. Anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, seizure disorders, and numerous other conditions including addiction, headaches, Parkinson's syndrome, and cognitive impairment are all related to low GABA activity. GABA hinders the transmission of nerve impulses from one neuron to another. It has a calming or quieting influence. A good example to help understand this effect is caffeine. Caffeine inhibits GABA release. The less GABA, the more nerve transmissions occur. Think what too much coffee feels like: that is the sensation of glutamate without enough GABA.

“The reason caffeine does this is that other molecules can bind to the neuron near the GABA binding site and influence GABA's effect. This is how tranquilising drugs such as Benzodiazepines and barbiturates work. They increase or imitate GABA's effect, inhibiting nerve transmission.

Research on GABA
“In the half century since GABA was identified as a neurotransmitter there has been an enormous amount of research published directed toward its role in both animals and humans. Most of this has focused on the mechanics of GABA action and the drugs and chemicals which affect its action along with GABA's role in various disease states.”

Reactions to the circle varied. After Hazel had finished conducting her test she walked round the circle and at one spot both Mona de Silva and I joined her. Hazel felt moderately uncomfortable but both Mona and I had to make a hasty retreat. I felt severely and suddenly nauseous and Mona reported that “Between centre and periphery of circle i.e. about halfway we stood at a distinct spot and there was an overwhelming oppressive energy that made me want to retch. I also felt pressure in my head as well as wanting to retch after being in the spot described and this abated once we left the circle.”

Parkinson sufferer Tim Martin reported that “I was in the centre of the circle & physically felt myself being thrown off balance - I know when my balance is affected by Parkinson’s and this felt distinctly different.”

Hazel Drummond reported “I felt quite well and happy when we entered the circle. As soon as I reached the centre it felt like a good place to be and I was looking forward to sitting there and testing everyone. It was a stunning view and quite breezy, which can be quite tiring. The energy felt strong and seemed to be affecting everyone in different ways in that some didn't like it at all and some were ok. When I went for a walk to the outer edge there was a really strong force in one particular spot. The rods turned around completely despite having been still as I walked towards the spot in the wind! I felt very uneasy and could feel uncomfortable deep inside my stomach. I was not happy at all but stayed there for a while to really feel the difference. The feeling left as soon as left that spot.

Osteopath Christopher Grey also showed me another strong energy spot where by standing in the right way the energy could be felt differently in each half of the body.

“I was tired when I left the circle and started to feel quite foggy headed. By the time I got to where I was staying I was exhausted and then got a very odd headache. Only on the left side of my head I had shooting, sort of electric pains. Completely different to any headache I have had before. The odd pains kept me up most of the night and I didn't actually feel great all week. So definitely an interesting circle.”

Just as we did last year, Essential Tremor sufferers, Tina Martin and Linda Daubney conducted writing tests before entering the circle, whilst inside the circle and afterwards.

Despite the tests not being as dramatic as last year, they certainly showed changes, in particular Tina’s results. Even though the test day was not until Sunday, Tina started recording her writing on the Thursday before. (see below).

Page 1
7th Thursday 9pm
This is my writing on a usual day.  I am relaxed, so am able to follow the lines but writing hurts me and is beginning to really hurt me now.  I am concentrating really hard but now my shake is kicking in as I can no longer stop it shaking. Continuing to write, my writing has deteriorated and become un-readable. Hand hurts tremendously.


Page 2
8th Friday 9.15am
This is my writing first thing in the morning.  This makes my hand and arm ache, and cannot carry on any more as it hurts to write and I am very shaky.
8th Friday 9.55pm
This is my writing in the evening.  After a sentence or two my hand is starting to hurt and the effort of trying to keep my hand steady is becoming more difficult.  This now really hurts and I need to stop.


Page 3
Sunday 8.35am
Writing is quite shaky this morning, nor able to continue long as this is too shaky to try to control with my arm.
Sunday 10.55(am)
This is my writing sitting in the centre prior to going to the crop circle.  My arm is aching now, and getting worse now.  Really painful, must stop now.


Page 4
Sunday 12.10 in the circle Hackpen Hill
I am now in the circle, just arrived and sitting on a chair in the centre of the circle.  This hurts a little but seem to be able to write clearer.
I have now been in the circle 10 minutes, still in a chair.  This does not hurt at the moment and I am fine writing at the moment.  Noticing an increase in size, and letters seem to be rounder.  This hurts a little to do but am able to keep going longer.  I am reasonably comfortable at present.  This hurts a little.


Page 5
On the ground 12.30
I am now sitting on the ground in the centre of the circle.  This is still a little shaky but does not hurt too much.  I am writing on my knee.  Beginning to hurt a little.
Sitting on the ground on the outer ring of the circle.  Hand is shaky but it is taking less effort to suppress(sic) it.  Writing coming more rounded here.  Beginning to hurt now.


Page 6
Sitting in inner ring section.  This feels rather shaky.
Nearer the centre, coming more rounded.  Still quite shaky.  Feel I want to make my letters bigger.
Back in centre on a chair.  Writing feels rounded, feel I want to make larger writing.  Am suppressing the shake, but this hurts a bit.


Page 7
Highest point of the circle on the outer ring.  This only hurts me a little, suppressing the shake.  Hurting now.
Outer circle furthest from the beech clumps.  Hand uncontrollable.
Outer circle lowest section
Outer section on badger sett.


Page 8
Sunday 8.25pm
This is later the same evening.  Writing still larger and rounded though hand is shaky

Monday 8am
This is the first thing Monday, still some roundness, though shaky.  Not too much pain writing and able to keep going.  Arm beginning to hurt a little now.


Page 9
Tuesday 11.55pm
Writing is a bit shaky and is hard to control.  Feels less rounded and is not flowing very well.  Beginning to hurt to write.

Monday (18th) 11.10am
A week later and writing is back to shaky and hard to maintain.


Talented osteopath Chris Grey who practices in my village, and who keeps me going as I carry out my hectic schedule, found like Tina, that the volunteer’s responses varied dependent on where they were standing in the circle. wishingwellpetersfield@gmail.com

Crop circle 2016 experimental thoughts
Introduction; using twenty years of experience in Palpation the idea was to assess people’s tissues before, during and after a crop circle visit. The findings are all subjective and offer an insight into the response of the human body to whatever forces are present in a crop circle.

We always have fun
As usual I took two crop circle tours which were fully booked. I try and limit the number to 14 people as I feel a smaller group is more personal. We stop for lunch at the Barge Inn overlooking the River Kennett and from where you can also see the Alton Barnes chalk white Horse standing proudly on the hill. We always have a very happy, relaxed day, the first day ending with an optional extra of a private entry visit to Stonehenge in the evening. This is quite magical as one can see the sun setting behind the stones (depending on the weather). The second tour has an optional extra of a flight over the circles taking in not only the ones we have visited on the ground but others as well. You will see not just the circles but the surrounding magnificent countryside, often including the famous Silbury Hill and the Avebury Stone complex. For more information please visit   https://cropcirclephotographs.co.uk/lectures-and-tours/

More and more circles arrived and July and August were particularly busy months, flying over the fields and visiting the circles on the ground.  The excellent Glastonbury Symposium, the only event to have withstood the test of time, continued to delight the audience with an interesting variety of speakers and subjects (including crop circles), took place at the end of July. I attended the first Glastonbury Conference in 1990 and it has continued without a break ever since, growing in stature and people attending. http://www.glastonburysymposium.co.uk/

However the most spectacular one was still to appear amidst confusion and controversy in the small village of Ansty, on the Wiltshire/Dorset borders. After much intensive research, I have pinned down the date of its arrival to within 24 hours.  https://cropcirclephotographs.co.uk/the-ansty-mystery-the-final-interview/

I mentioned in that article that I would investigate the symbolism. However despite much research, I have admit that my investigations have come to nothing as I have found no answer to the symbols around the perimeter. Despite having many books on symbols and ancient language lettering, all have failed to come up with anything remotely resembling the peculiar shapes, including Linear B, a syllabic script that was used for writing Mycenaean Greek, the earliest attested form of Greek. The script predates the Greek alphabet by several centuries and is one of the earliest and I seem to recall, was only decoded within the last 30 years.  I hope someone will come up with an answer to this conundrum!

However the central leaves, bearing in mind the style, production and history of the company, would seem to indicate that they are cannabis leaves with their serrated edges. Nevertheless that again is open to speculation and personal interpretation.

A line of Military badges can be clearly seen etched into the chalk hill side at Fovant, the neighbouring village to Ansty. I was sent an intriguing and wonderful experience, reported by a visiting Australian, Warwick Browne from Armidale, New South Wales.

“We had a wonderful visit to England and I personally had a very special experience which I would like to relate to at least one UK local. It seems you are it if you choose to read my story, which follows.

“Anyway, when my journey into the more mysterious aspects of existence fully began about 9 years ago I joined a meditation group. One night the fellow who ran the group showed a crop circle DVD in which you featured. I was instantly fascinated by the implications this had for how our earth and universe operates. This fellow has long since departed town and I now run the group and continue to make people aware of the crop circles (they are very low on the radar in Australia).

“Before coming to England my very gifted spiritual medium colleague’s only advice was to get to a spiritualist church while I was there. I made sure we stayed near Wiltshire for a week once in England and visited many of the ancient monuments around which the crop circles appear. At the very least, I suspected if I wasn’t lucky enough to come across a circle I should experience some interesting energies. While this did not eventuate something completely unexpected happened.

“While staying in Fontmell Magna I chose to attend the Wilton Spiritualist Church. On the half hour drive I experienced a strong energy. It was my first foray into Wiltshire I put it down to either a connection with the church service or some local energy centre related to ancient times. On the way home I had the same experience in the same location. On a subsequent trip to Salisbury several days later the same thing happened on forward and return journeys. I started to suspect this may be some past life thing so wanted to go exploring the little village of Fovant where this was occurring.

“Fortunately, on the last day before we flew out of England, I had a morning to myself and went to explore Fovant. Not knowing what I was looking for, or why, I drove without stopping to St George's Church which is hidden away on the edge of town near a dairy. Thinking I might connect with a long dead incarnation of myself or something similar I entered the church yard and, to my surprise, found a number of war graves including 44 Australian diggers from WWI.

“I hadn’t really connected directly with this war up until this day so I was surprised to find how emotional it was. I soon had no doubt that the souls of some of these young men, so hidden away, so far from home were communicating with me for some reason. Mostly in tears, I spent several hours trying to understand why I was there. Eventually I came to the conclusion that one or more of the souls there were “stuck” (afraid or reluctant to transition) and that a number of others were there BECAUSE THEY WOULD NOT LEAVE THEIR MATES BEHIND. I spent the last half hour re-visiting all the graves and making a commitment to help them move on.

I figured it was my purpose because I was Australian, male, and understand something of the soul’s journey. I didn’t realise until later that the day I first felt them calling me was the day before ANZAC Day. I now understand the importance of that area during the war and was quite taken by the Fovant Badges cut into the hillside.

“I did some research on the men buried there and one of them came from a nearby town. I realised it is entirely possible I have done work on the actual property he came from. While I was in the churchyard viewing his grave the rain belted down and the wind blew harder than any other time that day.

“The spirits of those men stayed strongly with me during the trip home and for the next week. Then, while preparing the philosophy I was to deliver in our local spiritualist church 9 days after visiting Fovant, I realised that it would be Mother’s Day on that day. I wove the story of my trip to Fovant into a request to the mothers present in church that day to send healing to the diggers that had been in the churchyard so far away for nigh on 100 years and ask that they be sent reassurance and love so that they may be helped to transition and move forward in their soul’s evolution. It was a very lovely energy and everyone there engaged with the spirit of what I was trying to do, especially the mums who I had suggested had a special part to play in the process.

“Anyway, after the service one of the more clairvoyant ladies could almost not speak due to the emotion of what she saw. She told me she saw the churchyard….a cloud came down to envelope all the graves…not just the Australian ones. She said there were tall beings that came down…. all the graves in the churchyard lifted for a second before all the souls caught there started to rise. As they rose to be met by a number of mothers and grandmothers the cloud turned golden. She said spirit wanted me to know that what I wanted to happen, happened. It was the singular most meaningful and special moment of my life.

“Since April I have been involved with a number of what I have been told is termed “releases” of souls. It is where souls are unable to progress due to fears or apprehension. Apparently I also perform this service with some of the living souls I treat in my massage room. I have found an important life purpose. Somehow they just keep finding me now.”

I had the great pleasure of taking crop circle enthusiast, Oscar winning actor Mark Rylance to visit the Ansty event. I have been in touch with Mark for some considerable time and despite his desire to visit the circles again (he has visited many over the years), his acting commitments had prevented him from going into any recently.  He brought his longtime friend and actor Martin Herdman and we met at an enchanting little heavily beamed and ancient pub, the Compass Inn, at Tisbury. It was hidden away in a tiny hamlet only approachable by the narrowest high banked lanes, clearly old drover’s tracks. It seemed as though one came upon it all of a sudden, more by luck than any skill!  It was raining hard when we arrived so we talked and talked and talked and suddenly the sun came out and off we set to the circle.

Even though it had been much visited by the time we got there, we were still able to find areas that were almost undamaged by previous people. It lay beneath a steep hill side and we had it all to ourselves and the whole atmosphere seemed perfect.

Walking round the perimeter of the circle and seeing the symbols from ground level and trying to speculate what they looked like instead of from the air was quite confusing.

I had flown over it some days before but Mark and Martin hadn’t. We eventually got to Thruxton after being held up in the evening traffic and both Mark and Martin were astounded to see the circle from that perspective. It was a perfect evening after the earlier rain with excellent visibility. We also flew past Stonehenge as close as we were allowed and also saw the ancient barrows along the A303. Finally on to Etchilhampton to see one of the new circles. All in all a wonderful day.

Martin Herdman had originally been a successful heavyweight boxer before becoming an actor. He is now predominantly a healer after a crop circle experience many years ago.

He cannot remember exactly which circle it was but he does vividly recall feeling so ill after visiting it that he sought healing help from and was cured at The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary in Shere, Surrey. He became so fascinated in their work that he took one of their healing courses himself. Crop circles can work in mysterious ways!!!

After visiting the Ansty Crop Circle, Martin and his partner Helen reported that “Helen and I went to visit two crop circles the day after you, me and Mark visited the same crop circle. The first one we all went in after our lovely lunch in the pub we liked so much, I forget the name of that one but it was the one in the farm with the very stressed out farmer's wife, trying to run the farm shop and deal with the avalanche of people asking her questions about the crop circle that had appeared outside her bedroom window. (Ansty. LP).  The other crop circle we went in was the second one that we flew over in the helicopter, but did not get to walk into. (Etchilhampton. LP)

“So in the first circle Helen and I had to tie our dogs up to a post outside the circle as no dogs were allowed inside. This we did, just before we entered the circle we asked permission to enter and this was duly granted, we both felt a very powerful energy long before we got to the circle. By the time we got into the circle I felt that the energy had diminished since you, me and Mark were there, however it was powerful outside the circle.

“Helen (who had never been in a circle until this day) can see spirits often and very clearly, and she quite clearly saw what she described as millions of eyes looking at us almost resembling the eye of some kind of insect or fly, her feeling was that the circle rather than being made by otherworldly beings, was in fact made by nature and felt its origins were from nature.  Helen also felt that the crop circle was produced by the earth responding to a planetary configuration, she also heard a high pitched noise coming from the outside ring/circumference.

“As we were feeling the energy our dogs broke loose and very cleverly found us inside the circle, once inside they went quite crazy darting around all over the place, not in a frightened way but more ecstatic and very happy to be there.

I felt this energy was a serious grounded kind of still and solid, but as I said it was less powerful since you I and Mark were in there. When we were in there I had to whisper to Mark when speaking to him as I really did feel that we were being observed.

“The second circle (Etchilhampton LP.) for me was more in keeping with the usual hunt that one has to go through to find one. Anyhow we found it and with our dogs began walking through fields to get to it. When we got to it again asked permission to enter. There were a few people in this one but only around six or so. It was raining quite hard and this circle had a completely different but much stronger feel about it. The dogs went mental yet again and Helen and I decided to not speak but just look into each other’s eyes and stay very still. As we were doing this I saw what I can only describe as a road of gold appear like magic behind Helen, this really shocked me and I said to Helen, “Wow can you see anything behind me?” Helen could not, then I looked at her from a different angle, and then another angle, every time I did this I saw the crop turn to bright Gold. It was about ten feet across and went back as far as the field did, basically back as far as I could see.

“I eventually saw a huge pair of wings behind Helen again in the gold colour. I felt the energy in this circle was God like and very pure.

“Helen saw Thirteen arches across the width of the circle and also saw them going under the circle making it three dimensional, we both felt that we were much more physic while in this circle, we also felt like we were being blessed or joined, almost like a marriage of some kind.

“Lucy I know this must sound really whacky but it’s just how it was with no exaggeration or artistic licence. It wasn’t until we started to see these images that we realised that we were completely alone, on our own as all the other people had gone, but we did not see them go, most likely to engrossed in what we were seeing and feeling.”

I remain SO grateful to everyone who sends me in a report; the database contains well over 800 reports. This is an incredible volume of research.  Please keep them coming in, no matter how insignificant or small an event they may seem to you - even the smallest detail may be important. You can send me hard copy or email me. This is invaluable work and any one contributor may be providing the very piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is needed.

Archivist Bertold Zugelder has provided me with the following  important information regarding the number and location of crop circles world wide in 2016.
Argentina 1
Australia 2
Brazil 2
England 46
Germany 5
Italy 2
Netherlands 7
Norway 1
Russia 1
Switzerland 1
Total 68

As always my most grateful thanks to all the farmers, in particular James Hussey, who kindly allow visitors on to their land. Unfortunately not everyone understands that the crops are the farmers’ livelihood and that permission should be sought and obtained before going on to their land. We urge farmers to follow James Hussey’s example and allow people into your circles, charging for entry and maybe donating part of the money to a charity. People are so happy to give to a cause. I know this is not possible for every farmer as someone is needed to patrol the entry to the field, but where it is, I think you might be surprised at the amount of money you raise.

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