Ready Steady…

The crop circles remain a mystery and move in mysterious and teasing ways. I have always believed that they could be finite but despite their late arrival this summer, I do not feel in my heart or mind that that time has come.

As they keep us on the edge of our seats, they remind me that we should not take people or events for granted. My belief is that they will come with a flourish like an orchestra about to strike up when the conductor takes the stand.

I wanted to let you know that bookings for the special private entry to Stonehenge and all its wonderful and magical energy will close on Friday 21st June. No bookings can be taken after that date.

Since writing and sending this post I have received photos of a crop circle!

The First Crop Circle of 2024 ~ Image © StonehengeDronescapesPhotography

Bookings for my crop circle tours are coming in fast