Crop Circles 2021 ~ August

Roman Road, near Marten, Wiltshire. 8th August 2021
Wheat. c.110 feet (33.5m) diameter
copyright © Lucy Pringle

Two concentric narrow circles of slightly different widths.


Kitt's Lane, near West Meon, Hampshire. 8th August 2021
Barley. c.180 feet (55m)

copyright © Lucy Pringle

A circular motif with a border of tapered rectangles with alternating diagonals. The large central circle a pattern of 'over laid' triangular motifs producing a six sided 'star'.


Roundway Hill, near Devizes, Wiltshire. 15th August 2021.
Wheat. c. 160 feet (49m) diameter.

copyright © Lucy Pringle

A circular formation bounding a band of triangles that evokes a 'sun-like' motif. Central circle contains unusual patterns in flattened wheat.