Clocks Go Forward – March 2023

The Clocks Go Forward

At one am, on the morning of Sunday 26th March, clocks in the UK go forward to give us an extra hour of sunlight. Mentally, this is a major turning point as I feel that summer is waiting on my doorstep and about to ring the bell.

As I drive along, the hedges are full of the white blossomed blackthorn, another messenger of warmer weather and longer days.

Blackthorn hedge plants, also known by their Latin name Prunus spinosa, produce pure white flowers against dark stems in early spring, followed by attractive mid-green foliage, and finally, sloes appearing in the autumn. Often devoured by birds, these sloes can be collected and used to make Sloe Gin, or when left to adorn the branches, they provide wonderful seasonal interest. Prunus spinosa hedge plants are covered in thorns.

We are told that in English tradition, it was thought to have been the main component of Christ's crown of thorns. Blackthorn is much prized for walking sticks. Only blackthorn or oak wood may be used to make an authentic sail eille (shillelagh in English), the stick of Irish folklore. It is also said that Parliament's Usher of the Black Rod's knocking stick is made of it. It is steeped in folklore related to witches, used both in their wands used to curse pregnant women, and as fuel for their execution pyres.

A ‘Rant’

I woke up this morning and felt a bit of a ‘rant’ coming on. I am perfectly aware that I live in this world but on the other hand sometimes I simply do not feel a part of it anymore.

I wonder if I am the only person who feels like a stranger in the modern world of ‘speak’. It seems I am just a ‘person’ although I know perfectly well what and who I am. As an example, it seems that suddenly the first person singular has become the first person plural etc. I know my wonderful English mistress would be in frenzy and foaming at the mouth. Where have all the commonly listed English parts of speech gone? Wikipedia comes to the rescue and tells us there are twelve (I could only find eleven) -- noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, conjunction, interjection, numeral, article, and determiner. I wasn’t too sure what a ‘determiner’ might be and on looking it up, this is what it is. ‘In the English language, determiners are used before a noun to introduce it or to provide more information on the noun, such as how many there are. If there are any adjectives before the noun to describe it then the determiner will also come before them.’ Well, there we are. I wonder how many are in general use today?

In case you are uncertain of how you should converse with anyone, I have a very helpful link for you given out by the reputable Oxfam. Surely they must be right? But please don’t try it out as I might not understand you.

Oxfam --Inclusive Language Guide

My second rant was regarding the censorship of any language/word that might be considered offensive in any book with or without their authors’ permission - such as Roald Dahl’s wonderful children’s books. The little darlings might be scared - that reminds me of Noel Coward's song ‘What's Going to Happen to the Tots’. Salman Rushdie, who has had problems himself reacted fiercely: ‘Roald Dahl was no angel but this is absurd censorship. Puffin Books and the Dahl estate should be ashamed.’ Roll on the debate. No more controversies!

Gobekli Tepe

I am delighted that the world famous Gobekli Tepe temple still remains unscathed after the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

I have long been intrigued by this amazing temple and its craftsmanship, created by unknown people of that time who were involved in its construction, architecture and intricate stone carvings etc. Historian Tom Cox tells us:

Gobekli Tepe Temple (Xerabreshkê/Girê Navokê) “Called the Gobekli Tepe Temple, located six miles from Urfa, an ancient city in south-eastern Turkey, it had previously been surveyed by the University of Chicago in 1963, and it was not until 1994 that German Klaus Schmidt made one of the most startling archaeological discoveries of our time: Having seen the first report by the University of Chicago, he decided to do a further excavation and recognized the possibility that the rocks and slabs were prehistoric. The following year, he began excavating there in collaboration with the Şanlıurfa Museum, and soon unearthed the first of the huge T-shaped pillars.

“The massive carved stones, about 11,000 years old, were crafted and arranged by prehistoric people who had not yet developed metal tools or even pottery.”

The megaliths predate Stonehenge by some 6,000 years. It is considered to be the site of the world's oldest temple and contains the same geometry as is found in crop circles!

Rather like Avebury, many of the stones were taken away by the locals for building material. It was an agricultural area.

“For the old Kurdish shepherd, it was just another burning hot day in the rolling plains of eastern Turkey. Following his flock over the arid hillsides, he passed the single mulberry tree, which the locals regarded as 'sacred'. The bells on his sheep tinkled in the stillness. Then he spotted something. Crouching down, he brushed away the dust, and exposed a strange, large, oblong stone.

“The man looked left and right: there were similar stone rectangles, peeping from the sands. Calling his dog to heel, the shepherd resolved to inform someone of his finds when he got back to the village. Maybe the stones were important.

“They certainly were important. The solitary Kurdish man, on that summer's day in 1994, had made the greatest archaeological discovery in 50 years. Others would say he'd made the greatest archaeological discovery ever: a site that has revolutionised the way we look at human history, the origin of religion - and perhaps even the truth behind the Garden of Eden.

“The site has been described as 'extraordinary' and 'the most important' site in the world.”

“A few weeks after his discovery, news of the shepherd's find reached museum curators in the ancient city of Sanliurfa, ten miles south-west of the stones”.

“The age of the temple predates the Pyramids, Avebury, Stonehenge and other early sacred sites by many thousand years, taking us back to a time before man became settlers.
Tom Cox also suggests that “…at the date in history when the temple was constructed, that the surrounding area was a verdant place with trees, shrubs and rivers.”

Who were these immensely skilled people and when and to where did they disappear? Could there have been an earlier as yet unidentified civilisation?

Herdman Healing Sanctuary

I am going to tell you about a wonderful healing centre not far from where I live. It is run by two people who have long had a dream. For Martin and Libby Herdman (old friends of mine) who had moved out of London to the country and after settling in, started to work on their dream. Not knowing quite how it would turn out, it seemed as though their dream was developing of its own accord. Last summer Martin and his brother set about building an octagon structure to be used for healing work, but somehow the powers that be decided that their original plans should grow into a magnificent 16 sided (hexadecagon) building. Between the two of them the building gradually came into being. An electrician, to install the necessary electric power, was their only outside help.

I visited the now completed sanctuary a few weeks ago. Sadly Libby was in London. I was aware they had been working on a building, but I could not believe my eyes when I saw the amazing construction and learnt of all the hard work involved. It is on a slight upward slope and Martin took me up and opened the door. Stepping inside was like stepping into another world. A world of serenity. I was enveloped in a warm feeling of awe, well-being, peace and security, rather like entering a church. ‘It is a Temple’ I said. ‘O, we didn’t quite know what to call it’, said Martin.

They are both fully trained, and together with Shamanic Healing and Reiki, they offer yoga and healing, yoga, Meditation Sound Healing, and gong baths etc.

I can strongly recommend you visit the Herdman Healing Sanctuary. It is run by two special people.

May the dreams you hold dearest

Be those which come true

May the kindness you spread

Keep returning to you.

I send you my love and best wishes



Strange Bedfellows – February 2023

Despite cold frosty and sometimes foggy mornings, spring seems to have been knocking at the door. For the last ten days, the sun has been shining for a few hours almost every day. Snowdrops and crocuses have arrived.


Early one morning, I got up to see the most spectacular sunrise. There is an old saying “Red Sky in the morning, shepherds’ warning.” This time it was wrong, as within a few minutes it had faded, and we had a gloriously sunny, but freezingly cold, day!

Sunrise in Hampshire

The birds have also recognised the change and are singing different songs, as they dust off their vocal chords in preparation for their full orchestral chorus in the months to come.

I have two bird feeders containing sunflower hearts, and from my kitchen window I have a grandstand seat. I have my camera at the ready, but as most of them - apart from the gold finches who love to pose - dart in and out so fast, it is really difficult to capture one in focus. They all have their own personalities and it is surprising how fierce some of the robins and blue tits can be. They are the bossiest birds scaring away the finches, nuthatches and blackcaps. There is a definite pecking order between the species and indeed between the very members of each species.

I send you a selection of pictures I have taken, including an out of focus image of a bullfinch. I am determined to get a picture of one in focus eventually! I have a pair of them; the female is very dowdy in comparison to the male. Robins find it hard to purchase on the feeder, but are training themselves to cling on. I also have a pair of nuthatches and a family of eight goldfinches made up of several different generations.

I came across a fascinating story just recently about the unlikely alliance between two totally different species. The wildlife film shows the plover (cyknie bird) protecting her nest of eggs when a monitor lizard - famous for its love of eggs - appears and starts creeping towards the little bird’s nest of eggs. Raising an alarm call, the bird dances around wildly trying to divert the lizard, then suddenly the crocodile, having heard the bird’s distress calls, comes to her rescue, driving the monitor lizard away. Is there a reason for this strange friendship between two of the most unlikely creatures? It appears there is - it seems that the little plover performs an invaluable service to the crocodile by giving the crocodile a thorough tooth flossing. The crocodile opens its mouth and the plover diligently picks the bits of meat from between the crocodile's teeth and generally cleans all its teeth on a regular basis.

The bird is sometimes referred to as the ‘crocodile bird’ for its symbiotic relationship with crocodiles. According to Herodotus, the crocodiles lie on the shore with their mouths open and a bird called 'trochilus' flies into the crocodiles' mouths so as to feed on decaying meat lodged between the crocodiles' teeth.

On the other hand, even stranger and more amazing is the way the bird reciprocates, and there is a film of first one and then two birds defending a nest of crocodile eggs. This film shows a nest of crocodile eggs and a monitor lizard - one of the fiercest and ruthless of all the lizard family - coming out of the bushes and creeping stealthily towards the nest, when all of a sudden the Egyptian plover (cyknie bird) appears and darts forward with outstretched wings, to attack the monitor lizard. So fierce is her attack and so determined is it that the lizard is stopped in its tracks. However, he clearly weighs up the situation, and size of the plover, and creeps forward once again, when suddenly a backup in the form of another cyknie appears and between the two of the them - not even afraid of tweaking the monitor’s tail - they drive the fierce monitor away, thereby protecting and saving the crocodiles eggs. They are enormously courageous little birds.

The Cambridge English dictionary tells us the Symbiosis is:

  1. A relationship between two types of animal or plant in which each provides for the other.
  2. The conditions necessary for its continued existence.

A relationship between people or organizations that depend on each other. Siamese twins would be an obvious example.

On searching the Internet, I found many similar instances of symbiosis among the natural world including the plant world.

As I write to you, it is impossible to ignore the devastating news about the huge earthquake in Turkey that has already killed over 20,000 people and is growing, with many more injured - leaving children as orphans, families, missing loved ones, and many more, homeless. And at this time of year, people are digging with their bare hands in freezing weather trying to locate survivors. A gigantic and indescribable disaster of huge proportions. Lying on one of the most seismically active areas of the world - the Anatolian fault system - its vulnerability is ever present.

Major fault lines

Turkey’s two main fault zones - the East Anatolian and the North Anatolian - is one of the world’s most seismically active areas.

With these and other happenings in different parts of the world, I am reminded how incredibly fortunate we are living away from these areas; living in countries with temperate climes; including free speech and freedom of movement.

Climate change is here for good and we should pay attention and play our part in a positive, constructive manner. Sometimes we take our good fortune for granted, and we are reminded that this is something we should never do.

Please remember to check your diaries as crop circle tour bookings are already coming in. The days and evenings are getting lighter and my heart fills with joy and optimism.

As always I have great pleasure sending you Pam Gregory’s latest reading.


Happy New Year! – January 2023

I wish you a wonderfully happy, peaceful, healthy and fulfilling New Year 2023.

This past year, 2022, has really been largely dominated and overshadowed by the Russian dictator Putin’s attack on Ukraine in a 'military exercise' that was to only last a few days! Little did he expect the valiant resistance that followed his invasion. The ensuing result of this conflict has had a worldwide effect, with trade links cut, food and other shortages, and astronomical price rises. This part of the world - Central and Eastern Europe - has been in constant turmoil going back centuries. So I decided to investigate more fully to try and make sense of what has happened and found myself exploring an ever changing and troubled region of the world.

We are told that 'The history of Kyiv, also spelled Kiev, officially begins with its founding in 482, but the city may date back at least 2,000 years. Archaeology dates the site of the oldest known settlement in the area to 25,000 years BC. Kyiv was the historical capital of medieval Kievan Rus' from 879 to 1240, and is now the largest city and the capital of Ukraine.'

I also came across an excellent article in the Spectator written by Norman Davies who has helped clear up many of the questions I have been asking regarding present day Ukrainian’s determination to retain their own individuality and identity as a country, as opposed to being engulfed by their eastern neighbour Russia. In order to remain separate, the spirit and determination they have displayed, has been truly remarkable. Despite superior numbers of manpower - and watching their homes crumbling around them as they fall beneath the intense shelling of Russian missiles - their spirit remains unbroken. Classical, elegant, ancient buildings, once standing proud over city squares and elsewhere, now lie in rubble and dust. A cultured civilisation shattered on the surface but belying a steely inner fighting spirit. An enactment of the David and Goliath story.

He tells us that: “Since the outbreak of war in February 2022 there has been an overwhelming focus on the historical links between Russia and Ukraine, partly to counter Putin’s grand assertions that Kyiv belongs to Moscow. But this spotlight on Russia has meant the important history of Poland and Ukraine has been fatally overlooked.

Ukraine was part of the Polish state for longer than it was inside Russia – and this is key to understanding why Ukrainians are different from Russians. In other words, it is impossible to comprehend Ukraine’s history without examining the impact of both Poland and Russia.”

So what is the history behind all this? Far from being 'an upstart' country, Ukraine had a long and important role to play in this arena. I urge you to read the above article.

So what is my feeling about this? In a way I believe that, quite remarkably and unexpectedly, sometimes amazingly wonderful happenings or results may come out of what may seem a hopeless situation, rather like the legend of the phoenix rising from the ashes; symbolising immortality, resurrection and life after death, and in ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology it is associated with the sun god. According to the Greeks, the bird lives in Arabia, near a cool well.

Lockdown visitors

Thinking of birds, my elder son who lives in Sydney told me a lovely story this morning. Sloane has an extraordinary wonderful affinity, understanding and love of birds and one time when he was very small, he was on a river bank and on spotting a pen with her cygnets, went straight up to them, sat down beside her and one by one put her cygnets on to his lap. And there sat Sloane, the pen and her cygnets all quite happily together for some considerable time.

The story he told me this morning:

“Lockdown took us all by surprise. Our concept of freedom and space changed, and we all had to make the best of the new limitations imposed on us.

I live in Sydney very close to both the ocean and inner harbour. Coastal walks and the water itself are a significant part of my day-to-day life, so when we went into lockdown, I had to find other things to do.

I have always had a keen love of nature, and Australian animals are inherently wild, very wild, and for those that have reared a Kookaburra, Magpie (the Australian Magpie is very different from the European and American variety, and more like the crow) or Rainbow Lorikeet will know the immense joy and wonder that comes with it. They are all very playful and rather naughty!

The tables were turned and now nature was free from our interference, and we were restricted to the spaces within our own homes.

The birds in particular realised this too and came in for a closer look at the humans within!

Living on my own, I was thrilled to have any company available, and after a little Google research, established what was best to feed the birds, and like us, not everything they like is good for them!

I dug up bugs and ordered in mealworms for the Magpies and sunflower seeds and apples for the Rainbow Lorikeets.

My flat has mosquito nets on all the windows, and not all accessible, so my kitchen window seemed the best option, especially as it is often where I sit and eat, and so we could all eat together.

I soon realised that birds have no etiquette or table manners and my kitchen soon filled up with escaping Mealworms, and the fine shelled skins from the sunflower seeds, and with regularity, everything getting scattered everywhere when there was a punch up between the birds, something I later managed by creating dividers for the birds.

I decided to build a makeshift bird table for my windowsill in order to contain the food and limit how far the birds came into the kitchen, with some success.

The latter didn’t always work, and I would often find birds of all descriptions in my kitchen looking outside of the box so to speak!

There is a special feeling when a wild animal shows trust. It takes patience and time.

Since lockdown has finished, the birds still visit, and at this time of year they are well into their 2nd batch of fledglings, so the bird table is busy.

Amongst many, I currently have one family of Lorikeets who introduced me to their two youngsters, and feed from time to time at my kitchen window.

Along with the more glamorous parrots, we have two breeding pairs of pigeons, generally not the most popular of birds and I’m somewhat frowned upon for feeding them, but they hoover up all that’s left behind by the other birds so serve me well and illustrate that there is balance in nature.

I had one of my regular pigeons arrive on my windowsill the other day with both his feet tangled in the fine cotton thread. She found it hard to walk, and I could see it was very tight on several of her toes. I knew it could only get worse and possibly lose her toes.

I caught her with ease and albeit she struggled initially, after a while I think she realised what was going on and calmed down. I noticed how soft and pink her feet were, and clean too and I guess this comes from living a rural life.

After about 20 minutes with only one hand to do the snipping, cutting and untangling, it was done and I let her go, and she flew a full circle in the sky and came back through my window into my kitchen landing on my hand.

As I write this, I’m looking out of my other window where I have my office (the same side as my kitchen window) and there is a large Gum tree, and I can see the birds preening and winding down for the day.

Soon the Magpie will sing and lastly the Kookaburra will say goodnight, I have a family of nine.”

As usual, I attach Pam Gregory’s latest findings. I think you will find them encouraging.

The Carolean Era – November 2022

As I ended my last letter, the devastating news of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth had just come through. She served our country and the Commonwealth with distinction for over 70 years. It was the news many of us had been dreading - somehow, no matter what happened, we thought all would be well as long as the Queen was there.

Many of us had known no other monarch. She was the United Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. She died in Scotland, the country she loved so dearly, where she could relax and be herself away from the affairs of state. However, even there she read the contents of the Red Boxes sent to her daily by Parliament.

She was steady, resolute and reassuring in bad times, and in good times, she rejoiced with us.

The outpouring of grief was of such magnitude, not just from the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and our European neighbours, but from countries such as America, Thailand and others worldwide.

Despite their grief, the Royal machinery immediately went into action and almost seamlessly Charles, the Prince of Wales, became King Charles III. Regardless of his grief, his concern was for his people. Putting aside his own sorrow, day after day, he was seen walking up and down throngs of people who gathered outside Buckingham Palace in London, and Holyrood House in Scotland, reassuring and thanking them for their support, which in turn he was giving them. He visited the four countries of the United Kingdom, stopping to visit, mix, console and reassure throngs of grieving people. Other members of the Royal family did likewise, and Princess Anne, who also has never wandered from her royal responsibilities, was also seen, along with the new Prince and Princess of Wales - William and Catherine. Harry and Megan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were also present, having returned from their home and lives in America.

Charles’ address to the nation was just what was needed. He spoke with such sincerity and dedication, acknowledging the task ahead of him and realising that much of the work for his many cherished charities would now be in the good hands of trusted people while he devotes his time to the duties of sovereign.

As Prince of Wales he was the President of The Prince’s Charities, which is an umbrella group of 17 charities, all of which focus on one of the following four areas: the built environment, responsible business and enterprise, young people and education, and international sustainability.

The funeral arrangements were flawless, and the pomp and ceremony was spectacular. Day after day people passed the coffin of Queen Elisabeth in sorrow and respect for all she had given us of herself. Of the queues and queues of people gathered, sadly there were some who never managed to get in before the date of the actual funeral when the lying in state ended. Monarchs and Presidents from all over the world attended together with others.

Following the religious service in Westminster Abbey, the main procession of the day lasted 45 minutes and travelled through the centre of the city, with the line of those taking part stretching for over a mile and a quarter along the Mall with the gun carriage carrying the coffin to Buckingham Palace.

And so ends the Royal House of Windsor, as we continue once again with the Carolean Era.

The term Carolean is derived from the word Carolus which is the Latin for Charles.

The reign of Charles I came to an unhappy end due to his frequent quarrels with Parliament, which ultimately provoked a civil war that led to his execution on January 30th, 1649.

Triptych of Charles 1 by Sir Anthony Van Dyck

Charles II fared better. Wikipedia tells us 'Traditionally considered one of the most popular English kings, Charles is known as the Merry Monarch, a reference to the liveliness and hedonism of his court. He acknowledged at least 12 illegitimate children by various mistresses, but left no legitimate children and was succeeded by his brother, James.'

Charles III will be crowned King at Westminster Abbey on the 6th May 2023. When he becomes king at the age of 73 years 298 days, he will be the oldest monarch at the time of his coronation. Before Charles, William IV, who became king aged 64 years, 308 days, had held his record since 1830.

Supported by Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall), I feel Charles will be a good King. Queen Elizabeth II made it clear that on her death, Camilla should be known as ‘Queen Consort’. To reign with the same dedication and excellence as our beloved Queen Elizabeth II is a weighty task, so just as Prince Philip supported our Queen, so will Camilla lend vital support to King Charles.

Despite becoming King at the moment that his mother, Queen Elizabeth II died, Charles as Sovereign will have to take the Coronation Oath. The form and wording have varied over the centuries. Queen Elizabeth II undertook to rule according to law and to exercise justice with mercy - promises symbolised by four swords in coronation regalia (the Crown Jewels) - and to maintain the Church of England. It is thought possible that additional wording may include ‘all Faiths’ in some form.

Moving on to other matters, despite all that is happening around us, I still maintain my feelings of optimism. It seems that we are in a state of chaos experienced by every strata of life, from everyday personal matters right through to global affairs. However, I believe that green shoots are on the horizon, that we must take heart no matter how difficult life can be at present, hoping we have learnt our lessons through these troubled times. I feel we must try and be resolute, and look forwards not backwards. We must be kind to each other and ourselves. In contrast to these problems, there is so much kindness around us that seldom sees the light of day as the media constantly feeds us negative information. Just stop for a moment and you will be surprised what happens when you ask for help.

Last but not Least – October 2022

Ipuacu, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Anxious not to be left out, Brazil has been graced with the final circle of the year.

The report came in on the 4th October. We are told that 'it appeared overnight along the side of a steep hill, just outside of the small town of Ipuacu, where many local people could see the field from their homes. No one there heard anything or saw anybody.'

The formation contains interesting and playful geometry. In the centre of the circle, there is a triangle containing a small circle and outside the circle, there is a pentagon. The triangle has three sides and the pentagon has five - making a total of eight.

In Pythagorean numerology the number 8 represents victory, prosperity and overcoming.

Ipuacu, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Ipuacu is famous for its waterfalls and Wikipedia tells us that 'Iguazú Falls or Iguaçu Falls are waterfalls of the Iguazu River on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paraná. Together, they make up the largest waterfall system in the world. The falls divide the river into the upper and lower Iguazu.'

There is also a legend that 'that a deity planned to marry a beautiful woman named Naipí, who fled with her mortal lover Tarobá in a canoe. In a rage, the deity sliced the river, creating the waterfalls and condemning the lovers to an eternal fall. The first European to record the existence of the falls was the Spanish Conquistador Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca in 1541.'

Pam Gregory

Trying to Catch Up! – September 2022

General Letter ~ Trying to Catch Up.
My 2023 Crop Circle Calendar containing photographs of the 2022 circles is in my shop. It will be posted to you as soon as it is available in mid-October.
Dear Friends,
O dear, O dear, what has happened to the year? I do not seem to have quite caught up with it yet. So far, it seems to have been a year of chunks of time, all different, some being more demanding than others. I don’t seem to be able to quite put my finger on it exactly, but what does stand out to me is the fluctuation and change that has been going on, not just globally but in my life and the lives of others - with whom I discuss these things.Certainly, if we look all over the world we see these quite unexpected new changes. Change seems to be the dominant factor almost everywhere. I know it is hard to be optimistic, but strangely I am. I see a new world coming, taking time to readjust itself, but ultimately wholesome and beneficial. I am acutely aware of all the terrible suffering that so many people in distant lands, and here, are going through. Like times past, change has brought about new awareness and order by benefitting from experience.

I am going to move on and take you with me into the fields to see what has been happening this summer in these green and verdant pastures. Not much to be perfectly honest, but we have had some special ones.

We have had precisely fourteen formations, including one in France. Is there a reason behind this? Has the phenomenon also been affected by change?

Over the years, it has remained steadfast and resolute, and no matter how much people have scoffed, it continues to grace our fields - much to most farmers’ dismay. Sometimes I do ask myself, is this a finite or infinite phenomenon - who knows, and maybe this is one of the joys as it teases us each year, rather like the swallows - when will the circles arrive? Incidentally, I was not the only one who saw worryingly few swallows or swifts this year. One of the reasons could be the increase in kites and other birds of prey - raptors - who might have caught them on the wing before they had arrived safely.

The first circle to be welcomed joyously was at Little Down, near Hippenscombe, Wiltshire. It was reported on the 22nd of May and was in Barley, and it measured c.150 feet (46m) overall. Its sharp and concise geometry consisted of a saw-form motif containing a sun and four planet motif, all contained within an octagon.
© StonehengeDronescapesPhotography.

In between the arrival of more circles - and one in France at Saint Denis en Bugey, Ain, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France, reported on the 30th of May, I took two happy tours - the first one at the end of July. We were fortunate, as the first circle at Etchilhampton had just arrived and we were most grateful for the kind farmer’s permission to allow us to go in. Circles have appeared many times on his land and like generous farmer James Hussey, he grants people permission to enter. It was a bakingly hot day, but there was an easy entrance downhill into the circle. Just as we had been driving up to park our cars, I passed a car. Sitting inside was a man I thought I recognised. When we entered the circle, there was the same man lying meditating in one of the circles.

A little later he came through to the circle where we were, and yes, it was Brian. I had first met Brian at the Glastonbury Symposium in 2005 where he had told me a strange story. I asked him to retell the story to my group.

In 2004, on August 3rd, there had been the most intriguing circle, which we called the Mayan Calendar. It was perfect in every way, right down to the detail of the five missing days of the Haab calendar. Brian and his family are New Born Christians and had the most extraordinary story to tell. On the first night, the outline of the formation was drawn up by a young man who had called in at the Barge Pub asking if anyone would help him make a circle opposite Silbury Hill that night. He was asked if he had the farmer’s permission and on replying 'No', no one agreed to go with him. The following day there was a rudimentary design in the field.

However, on the 6th of August, Brian and his family went up the slope to sit in the circle. It was a lovely warm summer’s evening, and as they were sitting there, men came in with their gear and as Brian described 'they moved as fast as a bus'. If you look at this picture, not only does it contain quite astonishing detail, as I described above, but how could men moving 'as fast as a bus' possibly produce such extraordinary fine, precise and perfect workmanship?

Shortly after Brian had told me his story my brain started whirling. I could not doubt Brian in any way, yet how had people moving at such speed made this immaculate circle? There had to be an answer. For some time I have had a nagging thought - something I didn’t want to put into words - could there be an unknown, hidden hand guiding the hoaxers on certain occasions? On reflection, that seemed the only explanation. I have talked to many other 'old timers' and they too have come to the same opinion. A gradual realisation that there was no other explanation behind this phenomenon but - an Intelligence.

Opposite Silbury Hill, near Marlborough, Wiltshire. 3rd August 2004. The Mayan Calendar.

Brian is a spiritual man with a fine sense of humour, and he was a great addition to our group as we swapped stories and experiences. Before leaving, we joined hands in a circle and chanted. It seemed a proper thing to do, as we gave thanks to the circle and the welcome it had given us.

Alexia Willen sent me this report:

My experience in the first Crop Circle.
I felt very tired.
Wanted to sleep.
Felt a feeling of letting go.

Another report from the Mayan Calendar circle reached me that year from Jennifer Denning. I have put this at the end of my letter.

After a delicious lunch at the Honey Street café, sitting outside at a long table in the tent. We drove to Barbury Castle where the magical Pi formation had appeared in 2008.

Barbury Castle 1st June 2008 Pi chart explanation.

The circle was the same field as the Pi formation but this circle was quite different, but of equal beauty. There is a public path through that field giving easy access to the circle which lay adjacent to the path.

© Simon Young.
Barbury Castle, near Wroughton, Wiltshire.
Reported 17th July 2022. Wheat. c.120 feet (36.5m) diameter.
This one appeared over two days.

Barbury Castle, near Wroughton, Wiltshire.
Reported 17th July 2022. Wheat. c.120 feet (36.5m) diameter.

To finish the day we all went to a magical private entry evening visit to Stonehenge. As always, no matter how many times one has visited the stones, as they come into view and the closer you get to them, one has a sense of gradually increasing excitement and wonder. These majestic megaliths stand majestic and proud, reigning over the surrounding countryside. We had a most excellent guide who was just as enthusiastic as we were. She gave us fascinating and interesting facts, one after the other.

This time I had a strange experience. Having had the privilege of visiting Stonehenge many times, sometimes the hour we have inside has seemed quite long for one reason or another, for instance if it is cold etc., but this time, it seemed to fly by and I couldn’t believe when told our hour was up. Walking back with Paul Stillwell, who was one of the group, turned to me and said: ‘I can't believe how quickly the time went inside Stonehenge! It felt like 1 minute rather than 1 hour.
Happy smiles all round. What a perfect end to a happy day.

For the second tour on the 2nd of August, due to the hot weather, many circles had been harvested including the formation at Etchilhampton we had visited on the first tour. We visited the Barbury Castle circle, which thankfully was still there and, quite remarkably, undamaged.

After another delicious lunch at the Honey Street Café and visiting the excellent Crop Circle Exhibition, we went up to West Kennet Long Barrow - one of the very oldest Long Barrows in the country and full of intriguing history. This is one of my most favourite places. It is strategically situated so that at certain times of year, at either sunrise or sunset, the sun sets or rises behind sacred sites in this sacred landscape, Silbury Hill, East Kennet Long Barrow, Waden Hill and Windmill Hill.

When first built, West Kennet Long Barrow, being made of chalk, gleamed white, as did Silbury Hill, which was built later. They were places of importance and dominance in the landscape.

Two more people kindly sent me reports of their experiences this summer.

Gemma Jones sent me this lovely report after visiting the Micheldever circle.

‘Recently I was blessed to visit a crop circle ? ️

I went to work out on the road with my partner for the day and had learned about the crop circle 2 days before. We knew we would be near it so left it open that we will visit if it’s meant to be.

We were a little against the time so decided to head home but the road we needed to go on was closed, the road we had to take…..the one with the crop circle.

We also made it home in time for collecting my daughter.

The energy was so powerful and I could hear Sirius high council calling within the space and light language moving through me.

As we left the circle all of a sudden my entire body felt heavy. The only other time I’d felt this was after getting out of a swimming pool when I was pregnant ?‍♀️ ?? I felt like I’d come back into a denser space for sure.

There happened to be two other people there, one man and one woman plus my partner and I. We all sat in the centre of the circle together and tuned in to the frequency, the sound of the traffic disappeared and I felt waves of energy moving up and down through me. The 4 of us - the two masculine and two feminine felt so relevant to the pattern of the circle. Balance. Duality blending. New Earth emerging. Sirius Gateway opening.

This really was a magical experience.’

Paul Stillwell wrote telling me of his experience in the Pilgrim’s Trail circle near Winchester:

‘I went to the one near Winchester, I think it was named the 'Om' formation, as some people interpreted the laid and unlaid circles to be binary code for Om.

I knew which field it was in but that was all the info I had.
I came off the M3 at J10 and turned East onto Morestead Rd. Just after a bend in the road there was a layby with metal farm gates on either side of the road.
The crop circle was nowhere to be seen.
But, by divine intervention, there was a man in the layby with a drone camera!
He flew it up in the air and found exactly where it was and gave me instructions to find it.
I went on ahead while he was attending to his drone.

I climbed over the gate on the right hand side of the road and walked along the edge of the field until I reached an old metal water tower. From here there was a tramline leading directly into the field, this is the path I needed.

But even walking along it, the crop circle still wasn't visible until I was about 10 yards away from it.

I stopped and connected with the energies of the crop circle.
As I entered I became overwhelmed with a feeling of love and inner warmth, it almost brought a tear to my eye.
A very loving, feminine warmth.

The crop circle was beautifully crafted, pristine circles and the centre circle was laid with a basket weave.
I walked around every circle in the formation. Some of them had exciting energy, some had gentle loving energy, and some had calm, peaceful energy.

I stayed for a while, basking in the sun and the loving energies of the formation.
When I left I realised I had been there for 2 hours.
A really wonderful day. ’

Most regrettably our scientific research day did not take place due to medical reasons.

I am going to give a snapshot view of the other circles that appeared this summer.

1. Enmill Barn, near Crabwood,Winchester, Hampshire.
Reported 24th April 2022
Oil Seed Rape (Canola) 2022
© StonehengeDronescapesPhotography
2. Hackpen Hill White Horse, near Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire.
Reported 19th June 2022, Barley. c.160 feet (49m)
3. Kiteland Cottages, near Micheldever Station, Hampshire
Reported 3rd July 2022. ©Simon Young

4. Cake Wood, near Froxfield, Wiltshire. Reported 9th July 2022
Barley. © 90 feet (27.5m) ©Simon Young
5. Pilgrim's Trail, near Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 12th July 2022
Wheat. c.180 feet (55m) diameter. ©Simon Young
6. Lay Wood, near Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 14th July
14th July 2022. Wheat. c.200 feet (61m). © StonehengeDronescapesPhotography

7. Etchilhampton Hill, near Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 24th July 2022
8. Tawsmead Copse, near West Stowell, Wiltshire. Reported 28th July c. 235 feet (72m) long
9. Alton Priors, near Marlborough, Wiltshire.Alton Priors, near Marlborough, Wiltshire.
3rd August 2022. Wheat c. 200 feet (61m) diameter

10. Etchilhampton 2, near Devizes, Wiltshire. 8th August 2022
Wheat. c.180 feet (54.9m) overall diameter.

My 2023 Crop Circle Calendar containing photographs of the 2022 circles is in my shop. It will be posted to you as soon as it is available in mid-October.
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As I sign off this letter, the devastatingly sad news has just come through of the Queen's death. I want to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II who was personally loved and respected by so many people all over the world, particularly in Great Britain and the Commonwealth. She sets us an amazing example of duty and servitude. Despite her position, she was extraordinarily humble, serving the British people and Commonwealth wholeheartedly and with dedication throughout all her reign. She kept the promise she when she became Queen on the death of her father King George VI - 'I declare before you all, that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.'

With love and best wishes,

Jennifer Denning’s story

Dear Lucy, as promised, and at your request, when we met at the CSS in July I am now sending you the account of the healing I received in 2004 after visiting the Mayan formation.
Extract from my diary for 2004/2005
Second visit to crop formations.

The week before I had been given a picture taken from a newspaper of an enormous crop formation that had appeared over two nights in a field in front of Silbury Hill. We set out to find it, and after a few synchronistic happenings were directed to a large field near Silbury Hill. This was the now famous Mayan Clock formation, which could not be seen from the road, but only after you had climbed up for about a quarter of a mile, to the crest of a large field. And there it was!! What a marvellous awe-inspiring image, which for myself and my son has proved to be both a revelation and vibration raising experience – and I believe was the start of the experiences to come later.

There was a downside to our visit to this formation. We both experienced headaches on the way home, and felt extremely tired. I fell asleep easily, but was awoken at with terrible pains down the left side of my body. It felt as if my body was contorted with cramp, and the pain in my left thigh drew my leg backwards and upwards quite violently and then spread downwards to my left foot and upwards into the groin and hip area. The pain was intense and continuous, and nothing I did helped to alleviate it. I could not move from the bed, and then a rigor set in, my teeth were chattering, and I shook uncontrollably for about ten minutes. Just as my husband was about to dial 999, it stopped – as suddenly as a light switch being turned off. The next day I felt totally drained ,exhausted, and nauseous, but not bruised in any way as one usually does from cramp.

I called my son Jonathan about and he told me that he had experienced a bad night also, with lots of joint pains, but fortunately not so severe, and that both the children were fine.

A few days later I brought up the photographs taken on that day on my computer. I discovered that in two of the photos taken in the Mayan formation by my son Jon, there is a very bright light, which appeared to be moving across me, and another at the foot of the photo. They are roughly square in shape and have the appearance of a letter N on its side. It was 6.30pm in the evening and the light was behind me so they were obviously not a reflection – we were really intrigued, and I wrote to one of the crop circle organisers and asked their opinion. They did not reply, but I have since discovered that this formation has caused a lot of controversy within the crop circle community, so perhaps they did not wish to comment.

One of the most amazing things after this experience was the wonderful feeling of well being and contentment that gradually spread through my being, and the ensuing happiness, which is still with me.

The most amazing thing is that I have also experienced a spontaneous healing of the eye problem that I had been suffering from. Macular degeneration had been diagnosed after I started having vision problems in late 2003. Vision from my right eye was difficult, as I had distorted vision with all straight lines appearing wavy. This made reading difficult, and I was told on my last visit to the specialist in the autumn that it was progressive and I would probably need an operation. I was offered an operation at the Heath Hospital in Cardiff, which could take place before Christmas. After considering the verdict something made me ask if I could delay this and make another decision in January 2005 when I had my next appointment. This was agreed to reluctantly by the eye specialist, with instructions that if my sight worsened I was to come back to the hospital immediately.

However, one morning in early October I looked out the bedroom window thinking what a lovely day it was, and then suddenly realised that my eyesight was normal!!– no wavy lines! What a wonderful gift.

(February 2005: Since writing this I have seen my eye specialist at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, and he could see for himself the improvement in my vision. He said that he was surprised and that medically ‘I was a great rarity’. Proof if more were needed that something happened that day in Wiltshire).

Further Note: June 2005 Had an eye test at my usual optician’s and she told me that my reading vision has also improved.

In July 2005 I again attended the Crop Circle Symposium, which is when I spoke to you Lucy and showed you the photos of the beautiful orbs that have been appearing in my photos, and also spoke about the healing of my eye problem..
You asked me to contact you after seeing the eye specialist in September, hence this letter. I have my
appointment letter if you wish to see it.

September 2005: Have seen an eye specialist again at the RGH and once again he could not account for the improvement in my sight. The next appointment will now be in eight months time, which he said is just to monitor the situation. My sight is still fine, and everyday I am aware of the wonderful gift that I have been given.

I hope my experience will prove useful to you in your research. I do strongly believe that the energy held in these formations can be transformational.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further information. I have completed your online form also, but needed to send you a more complete account than the form asks for.

Very Best Wishes,
Jennifer Denning

Subsequently I received the promised report the optician gave Jennifer. Perfect eyesight. Whether this was a result of visiting the Mayan crop circle can never be proved. What matters is that Jennifer’s eye was completely cured and she believed it was.

Hot, Hot, Hot! – June 2022

Since I last wrote, a few crop circles have recently made an appearance.

Kiteland Cottages, near Micheldever Station,Hampshire,
3rd July Barley.
Image copyright © StonehengeDronescapesPhotography

Close to the A303, this magnificent crop circle arrived. I am delighted to be able to send you a lovely report I received:

“Recently I was blessed to visit a crop circle ? ⭕️
“ went to work out on the road with my partner for the day and had learned about the crop circle 2 days before. We knew we would be near it so left it open that we will visit if it’s meant to be.
We were a little against the time, so decided to head home but the road we needed to go on was closed, the road we had to take…..the one with the crop circle.
We also made it home in time to collect my daughter.
The energy was so powerful and I could hear Sirius high council calling within the space and light language moving through me.
As we left the circle all of a sudden my entire body felt heavy. The only other time I’d felt this was after getting out of a swimming pool when I was pregnant ?‍♀️ ?? I felt like I’d come back into a denser space for sure.
There happened to be two other people there, one man and one woman plus my partner and I. We all sat in the centre of the circle together and tuned in to the frequency, the sound of the traffic disappeared and I felt waves of energy moving up and down through me. The 4 of us – the two masculine and two feminine felt so relevant to the pattern of the circle. Balance. Duality blending. New Earth emerging. Sirius Gateway opening.
This really was a magical experience.”

Hackpen Hill White Horse, near Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire. Reported 19th June 2022
Wheat. c.100 feet (34.48m)
Image copyright © StonehengeDronescapesPhotography

Yet again the area around Hackpen was chosen. This area was an area selected by the Knights Templars as one of their strongholds.
Situated close to the famous 5000 year old Ridgeway that stretches from Avebury in Wiltshire to the Chiltons in Hertfordshire, and reaching the end of its journey at Ivinghoe Beacon, near Tring, lies the Hackpen chalk White Horse. Thought to have its origin in 1883 to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Victoria, it stands proud on the edge of the Marlborough Downs overlooking the countryside below.

Many of you will be familiar with the belief that Hackpen Hill has long been associated with the faery folk and legend has it that on certain nights of the year, the top of the hill rises up. Wonderful music is heard and those who venture in to join in the song, the wine and the dance may never be seen again, or if they do reappear it is said they are never the same again after their time with the inhabitants of the hill.

Since then we have had a circle at Cake Wood, near Froxfield, Wiltshire. Reported 9th July 2022
Image copyright © StonehengeDronescapesPhotography

Pilgrim’s Trail, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 12th July.
Image copyright © Simon Young

Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire

The Pilgrims’ Way is an ancient 141 mile route from the shrine of Swithun at Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire to Canterbury Cathedral in Kent. Canterbury Cathedral houses the shrine of St. Thomas Beckett, who was murdered by knights loyal to Henry II in 1170 after a major and very public split with the king.

The trail further follows in the footsteps of the Miquelots, pilgrims who made the long journey to worship in Normandy.
For everyone who is a Pam Gregory follower, I include two astrological interpretations regarding the present planetary positions and resulting worldwide chaos, which indeed seems to be materialising and challenging us. Whether we see this as a time of re-growth, that ultimately brings positive change – or as a negative change of order – remains to be seen.

Just as I was about to sign off, lo and behold, news came through of another circle.

Lay Wood, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 14th July
14th July 2022. Wheat. C.200 feet (61m)

Great News – May 2022

The first crop circle in barley has arrived! It was reported yesterday. Barley is quite my favourite crop. As you walk down the tramline the barley stalks softly caress your legs and if you let the crop run softly through your fingers you will never get cut as you would with the sharper stemmed crop of wheat.

Image Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography © Copyright 2022
Vernham Dene (Hippenscombe Bottom) 2010
Vernham Dene - Hippenscombe Bottom - 2010

This circle lies at the Chute Causeway, in between Vernham Dene and Collingborne Dulcis overlooking Hippenscombe Bottom on the Wiltshire/Hampshire borders.
Its sharp and concise geometry consists of a saw-form motif containing a sun and four planet motif, all contained within an octagon.

It is intriguing to note that the crop circle in which we conducted our scientific tests in 2010 lay in an area known as the Hippenscombe Bottom. Several of us reported diverse and strange effects whilst inside or approaching the circle. The new 2022 crop circle also lies in the vicinity of Hippenscombe Bottom but instead of lying in the amphitheatre below, it overlooks it.

This area is an area of great antiquity. A Roman road running from Winchester to Cirencester runs alongside part of the amphitheatre and is of interest because unlike the legendary theory that most Roman roads run straight, this one, due to the lay of the land, is curved - otherwise the track would have run straight across Hippenscombe Bottom.

We are told that “The steep gradients caused by this alignment would have denied access to heavy wagons, so the road skirted the 'hole' by using nine short straight sections to form an irregular semi-circle. In the event, Chute Causeway is almost level for its entire length.
Occasionally, even the Roman engineers went around an obstacle. Here the road - the Chute Causeway - deviated around the Hippenscombe valley, which falls 70 metres in 550 metres.”

In the middle of the ring lies a saucer barrow and there are two old ponds within the camp itself.
My eldest son is over from Sydney and I cannot tell you the joy of seeing him again after over two years of Covid restrictions. We are trying to catch up, and every day seems to go in a flash.

Regarding my tours - the cut off date for booking for the wonderful and magical private evening entry taking you right up to the stones, is 17th June.

I fear this is a very short letter as so much is happening.

My new ginger cat Henry continues to thrive and is a delight.


Last time I omitted to include Pam Gregory’s insights. Many apologies. Please find her latest below.

With my love and all very best wishes as we each tread our ordained paths.

The First Crop Circle 2022 – Hurrah! Hurrah! – April 2022

It has arrived - the first crop circle of 2022. At this time of year the circle presents itself in the startlingly vibrant yellow flowered crop, oil seed rape (canola), much used for cooking and in health products.

Enmill Barn, near Crabwood, Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 24th April 2022
Oil Seed Rape (Canola) 85 feet (25.9m) overall.

Enmill Barn, Nr Crabwood, Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 24th April 2022
Oil Seed Rape (Canola) 85 feet (25.9m) overall.
Images copyright © StonehengeDronescapesPhotography

The term "rape" derives from the Latin word for turnip, rapa or rapum, cognate with the Greek word rhapys.
Wikipedia tells us that 'Crops from the genus Brassica, including rapeseed, were among the earliest plants to be widely cultivated by mankind as early as 10,000 years ago. Rapeseed was being cultivated in India as early as 4000 B.C. and it spread to China and Japan 2000 years ago.'

'One of the most versatile of all plants, oil seed rape is also used as diesel fuel, either as biodiesel in heated fuel systems, or blended with petroleum distillates for powering motor vehicles. Biodiesel may be used in pure form in newer engines without engine damage and is frequently combined with fossil-fuels. Historically it was used in limited quantities due to high levels of erucic acid. Processing of rapeseed for oil production produces rapeseed meal as a by-product. This by-product is a high-protein animal feed - competitive with soybean. The feed is employed mostly for cattle feeding, but is also used for pigs and poultry. However, natural rapeseed oil contains 50% erucic acid and high levels of glucosinolates that significantly lowers the nutritional value of rapeseed press cakes for animal feed.'

Oil seed rape flower
The flowers have a most pungent smell and if you walk through it, you will find it is hard to get the pollen off your hair or clothes.

As regards detective work, it is the easiest crop for sussing out the Goodies or Baddies.

In 2010 a most glorious formation arrived during a week-end just below Winton windmill in Wiltshire. It contained the most complex geometry, almost exactly bearing a likeness to Russian born physicist Leonard Euler's equation said to be one of the most complex, and indeed, possibly not fully understood by Euler himself. See diagram below.

Winton Windmill ~ Wiltshire

Left: Base of undamaged stalk.
Right: Root of undamaged stalk twisted by the `force`

'Having woken at 4am one morning and unable to get back to sleep I decided to drive down to Wiltshire and see the formation for myself. It had been raining heavily overnight and despite having stopped by the time I arrived, I had forgotten how much water the yellow petals retain. The crop stood about 5 ft tall and in no time at all I was drenched from head to toe and my Wellington boots were full of water that had trickled relentlessly downwards. In addition I had forgotten to bring my aerial photograph and as the formation could not be seen from the ground - only from the air or the windmill and this had been closed the week-end the formation appeared - I simply could not find it and was getting wetter and wetter. Not surprisingly not many people were happy to answer my early morning mobile telephone calls until Julian Gibsone nobly answered his and gave me the necessary directions. The outer ring was much trampled and did not provide me with the information I needed. However, the lay of the crop was remarkable, lying in a criss-crossing herring bone manner. I made my way inwards to areas that had been untouched and found what I was looking for; an unbroken stem without any cracks above or below. In order to ascertain this properly, it is necessary to dig away the soil from some way down around the stem. Holding my camera with soil covered, wet and slippery hands, I managed to get a photograph. Now soaked to the skin, and hoping that no-one was around, I did a quick strip, discarding first my sweater, replacing it with a jacket that came down to my knees and hid the fact that I had also discarded my jeans. Luckily I did not have to stop for anything on my way home so modesty was preserved! Definitely worth the effort!'

The whole article can be found on my web site under Articles Worth The Effort (2010)

So, what will this summer bring us? This is one of the reasons that croppies start to get excited at this time of year, wondering when the first circle will arrive and what will follow and when!

Now that travellers are free to come and go as they like, we welcome our overseas visitors once again. Just one caveat, PLEASE treat the circles with respect; the fields are the livelihood of the farmers who own them.

Many of them have unfortunately had bad experiences with visitors trampling and destroying their crops and as a result have now decided to mow out any circle immediately it appears; whilst a few others are still happy for people to visit and enjoy them, whilst taking the utmost care not to damage them. Please always get in touch with the farmer on to whose land you wish to visit (one time it took me half a day to find the farmer).Walk down the tramlines (lines in the fields used by farmers for sowing, reaping etc.), taking care to walk down the correct tramline which will take you straight into the field, thus making sure you have not had to trample over any crop to reach the circle. The easiest way to discover the correct tramline is to find a vantage point from which you can see the circle and then count the number of tramlines needed to take you directly into the circle.

I am sure many of you do this already, so good on you!