Crop Circles 2023 ~ July

Chillandham Lane, near Winchester, Hampshire.
A square with arcs that radiate from one corner.
Reported 4th July.
Barley. 140 feet (40.6m)
Images 2023 © Lucy Pringle

Allan King Way, near Owslebury, Hampshire.

A circular motif, containing eight quadrilaterals, which form an eight pointed star and which imply another eight pointed star within. Within this is a circle containing an eight-pointed star .
Reported 26th June 2023
125 feet in Diameter (38 m.)
Images 2023 © Lucy Pringle

Lane End Down, near Beauworth, Hampshire.

9th July 2023

A formation of nested 'necklaces'.
Wheat. c. 200 feet (61m) overall diameter.
Images 2023 © Lucy Pringle

A three bladed 'propeller' on a triangular check pattern, contained within a circle.

Wheat. c.180 feet (55m) diameter

photo with trees © Hugh Newman ~ other photographs © Lucy Pringle

Hatherden Lane, near Charlton, Hampshire.
Reported 25th July 2023.
Wheat. 190 feet (58m) diameter
Three nested sets of nine circles, with a central 'hub'.

photographs © Lucy Pringle

Kitt's Lane, near West Meon, Hampshire.

Reported 30th July.
Wheat. 130 feet (42m) diameter

A large circle containing an 'eye' motif with an infill, top and bottom, mainly of quadrilaterals.

photographs © Lucy Pringle

Combe Hill, Nr Bratton, Wiltshire.
30th July 2023
Wheat. 300 feet (91m) overall.
A central boss of concentric circles, with an array of five scimitar shapes each tipped with three quadrants of a circle.

Images © Hugh Newman Copyright 2023