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For 2015, I have arranged two exclusive crop circle tours.

The first tour is on Thursday 30th July 2015 and includes an optional extra of a private entry evening visit to Stonehenge.

The second tour is on Tuesday 4th August 2015. This includes an optional extra of a flight over the crop circles and the surrounding sacred area at the end of the day.

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Newsletter ~ December 2014

Dear Friends,
A couple of weeks ago I returned from Sofia, Bulgaria where I was giving a talk.
Bulgaria has an ancient, checkered and complicated history and had long been part of the Ottoman empire until the Berlin Treaty of 1878 when it became an autonomous Principality of Bulgaria. It’s capital remained the old city of Veliko including Sofia.
The powers, under the leadership and the supervision of Otto von Bismarck of Germany and Benjamin Disraeli of Britain, eventually reached a compromise and it was decided that the state should be ruled by Prince Alexander of Battenberg, a nephew of Tsar Alexander II. Macedonia was returned under the sovereignty of the Sultan.
Bulgaria eventually fell under the domination and rule of the Soviet Union and it wasn’t till 1st January 2007, 17 years after the fall of Communism that huge celebrations were held both in Bulgaria and Romania to mark their entry into the European Union.Bulgaria is a mainly an agricultural country with no industry.

If you leave the two capitals of Sofia and Bucharest, like Romania there are many rock hewn churches to be found in Bulgaria with wonderfully preserved 13th and 14th century murals.

I walked round the beautifully kept pedestrian area of Sofia, and together with other notable buildings visited the Eastern Orthodox St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a magnificent golden domed edifice that was built between 1904-1912. There was also a splendid Russian Orthodox Church but sadly it was under repair so entry was not allowed, but the golden spires and cupolas were lavishly majestic.

St. Alexander Nevsky was a Russian prince and the cathedral was built in honour of the Russian soldiers who died during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 which resulted in the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule. The interior of the cathedral is splendidly decorated with various colours of Italian marble, Brazilian onyx and alabaster and is a wondrous sight to behold.

The central dome of the cathedral has the Lord’s prayer inscribed around it in thin gold letters.The Conference was at the invitation of the Institute of Science and Astrophysics. I had not realised until I arrived that the purpose of the conference was to try and establish the existence of Intelligence in deep space and to try and get it accepted as an academic subject in this prestigious Institute. There were six speakers, Dr Roberto Pinotti from Italy; Professor Erling Strand who works at the Østfold University College, Norway; Eamonn Ansbro M.Ast, MPhil, PhD, FRAS. Director of Kingsland Observatory, Ireland; Professor Lachezar Filipov of the Bulgarian academy of Sciences, Space Research and Technology Institute and Head of Astrophysical and Space Dynamics Department; Filip Filipov also from the Institute of Science and Astrophysics, and myself.You can imagine that I found myself among a somewhat daunting gathering of mainstream scientists, so as a safeguard and not long into my talk I announced that I was NOT a scientist. However on my father’s side going back for several generations, they were all brilliant scientists and I DO work with scientists worldwide who are kind enough to take on my ‘thinking outside of the box’ ideas and translate them into mainstream science of which I have little overall understanding having come in at university level with no foundation knowledge!!

My talk consisted of facts and examples of circles that defied any human involvement, my scientific work, and in great detail the extraordinary Chilbolton and Crabwood formations.

That evening, after the talks, there was great jubilation and we all went to a wonderful restaurant as the conference was not only a success but in the follow up made good progress with the scientists from Ireland and Norway being part of the action group to set up a centre at the Institute based on the principles of contemporary science and co-creative science as a functioning unit. The exciting part of the research is that this will pioneer these protocols for the first time with any institute. A huge and memorable achievement.

It was a memorable visit for me, as I was treated with great kindness, and my crop circle subject was treated with respect.

If you haven’t got your 2015 calendar yet, there are still some left. I have received many positive comments about them and I am sure you will enjoy it during the coming year. They also make excellent Christmas gifts! I wish you all a wonderfully happy and peaceful Christmas and may the New Year 2015 bring you great joy, contentment and positive happenings.


The Unique Signature 2008

Lucy Pringle, ©2009

The Unique Signature

Starting on 18 April and ending on 28 September, this was the most extended crop circle season in the phenomenon’s history. Why was this? The reason was mainly due to the terrible weather in late summer which left the farmer’s unable to harvest many fields so devastated by the rain that they simply ploughed the crop back into the ground.

The Flower of Life formation in oil seed rape (canola) Waden Hill led the field and was beautifully placed in between the equally ancient

photo photo photo

Sites of Silbury Hill and Avebury Complex. (Click images to enlarge)

The extended Yin Yang at Avebury Avenue and the `triune` formation of 3 crescents placed around a central circle below the White Horse at Alton Barnes were also found in oil seed rape (canola) and were the next to join the forthcoming season’s huge array of wondrous works of art.
photophotoHowever glorious these formations may have been, the pick of the season was just about to appear. Covering some 12 acres and lying between Swindon and the northern edge of the Marlborough Downs, lies the ancient Iron Age hill fort of Barbury Castle. Once the battleground of the Saxons against the Britons in AD 556, it rightfully boasts fantastic views over the surrounding countryside. On the 1 June a curious signature appeared in one the fields lying to the north side. Flying over it shortly after it appeared, it seemed an unusual series of ratchets and circles within a circular frame. Posting my images on the Internet, I received an email from retired astrophysicist Mike Reed who had seen my images on Linda Moulton- Howes excellent web site  http://www.earthfiles.com/ Reed has impeccable references having worked at the University of Arizona in Tuscon on the Multi Mirror Telescope (MMT) at Mt Hopkins, a joint venture with the Harvard Smithsonian Observatory. He told me “I noticed the Barbury Castle pattern posted on the Earthfiles site yesterday. It is apparently a coded image representing the first ten digits of Pi (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter). The tenth digit has even been correctly rounded up. The little dot near the centre is the decimal point."

   "The attached diagram (Mike Reed kindly allowed me to make the diagram slightly clearer and Andreas Mueller then finished it professionally) shows the analysis that reveals the code. It is based on ten angular segments with the radial jumps being the indicator of each segment. Starting at the centre and counting the number of 1/10th segments in each section contained by the change in radius clearly shows the values of the first ten digits in the value of Pi."

“Pi = 3.141592654, to 10 places rounded up. The actual value to 12 places is 3.14159265358. You can see that the tenth digit has been rounded up from 3 to 4 since the next digit is a 5."

    “Is there any evidence that this circle is man made?  If not this is certainly an interesting development.”

    As we were taught at school, Pi or π is a mathematical constant which represents the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter in Euclidean geometry, which is the same as the ratio of a circle's area to the square of its radius.  Pi is one of the most important mathematical constants: many formulae from mathematics, science and engineering involve π

    Charles Mallett visited the formation on the morning after it had appeared and reported that there was no mud on the fallen crop. As it had rained that night, that is an interesting comment for when the soil is wet just walking down a tramline leaves us with soil building up on the soles of our shoes until it feels as though we are walking on stilts. It would have been humanly impossible to construct a formation in those conditions without leaving any trace of mud; indeed I have been into several formations over the years in which the flattened crop has been covered in mud. However others reported seeing a small amount of mud. Had others visited the formation by then?

    This formation has an affinity with the famous 1991 Barbury Castle formation that also contained ratchets. At the time classicist John Michell's interpretation was a follows:
The principle of Three in One is in itself a cosmic law. The whole structure is also a collection of numeric, musical and geometrical harmonies which founded the prevailing order in every old civilization. It demonstrates the principle of Three in One by means of a central circle which exactly contains the combined areas of the three circles around it. Moreover, the sum of all the four circular areas in the diagram is 31680 square feet... In traditional cosmology, this was taken to be the measure around the sub-lunary world, and the early Christian scholars calculated the number 3168 as emblematic of Lord Jesus Christ. The same number was previously applied to the name of a leading principle in the pagan religion."
Continuing my research into the possible changes in water, I buried bottles of 100ml Volvic water on 7th June with a fellow researcher; two control samples were buried some distance from the formation and four inside. I collected them on the 23rd June and was considerably surprised to find that both the control samples had been unearthed and left lying on the surface on the ground.  Several questions spring to mind:
a. How did anyone apart from my companion and myself know where I had buried the bottles in such a vast expanse of field?
b. Why should they have been left on the surface?
c. As it is generally widely known that this is my particular area of research, why did no one get in touch with me?
d. As many people and groups of people were visiting the formation, clearly they cannot have been exposed for very long.

       Fearing that if people were able to locate the control samples so easily, would they also have found the bottles buried inside? With dread and trepidation I entered the circle and to my great relief, finding no exposed bottles, set about locating them.  Success! They were duly packaged and send to be tested using the standard YARA water test for trace minerals.
On the whole over the years, the most consistent anomalies have been changes in Nitrogen/Nitrate levels against the levels in the control samples. Indeed the increase in the Nitrate content is a trend we would expect to find in genuine formations. We now know that some form of strong electrical force or field is present when a formation appears. We also know that this is likely to be a plasma, a gas containing a high density of electrons and positive ions. When in a gas they stop behaving like individuals and start behaving like an integrated whole, such as a swarm of bees or a shoal of fish etc that can move simultaneously with tremendous force and speed. When this condition occurs, nitric oxide, not to be confused with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can result. It is a by-product of combustion and can be formed by lightning. It was this situation that encouraged Jim Lyons to suggest to ADAS that there might be residual traces of Nitrogen in the soil that could be detected and measured.

   However considering that the nitrate level in an unopened bottle of Volvic water is 6.38 mg/l, the results were unexpected.

   Jim Lyons is a professional engineer, specialising in electronics. After a career in the aerospace industry where he was one time Chief Engineer responsible for the development of the Harrier Jump Jet, he is now in the academic world at York University. He sent me this report:


448 449 450 451 452 453 454
Sample Numbers

 “The results for water testing in this formation showed very confusing results. This year, to avoid any confusion over base line levels, a non-buried water sample was taken. The only significant results were a very high nitrate concentration for one sample – 448 at 35.5  mg/l.  This is way above the remaining samples, all at just below 2mg/l.  This is by far the highest ever record. One is tempted to say it is simply a misprint. However, the automated analysis methods together with the direct result printout technique tend to rule this out. One can speculate on very local concentrations of energy close to the sample, however, the consistency of the remainder of these results tends to rule out this possibility.  It must remain something of a mystery.

   The other effect that was noticeable was the variation in bicarbonate levels. This is not the only time this has been observed. In the 2003 Osborne St. George results, there were similar trends but at a higher level than the ~ 100 mg/l level observed  in this formation. A correlation analysis shows little connection. However, theoretically, its ion (hydrogen carbon) structurally has a carbon atom surrounded by three oxygen atoms. It has strong affinity with sodium and magnesium. The nitrate ion has a similar chemical bond structure with the carbon atom of bicarbonate replaced by a nitrogen atom. The logical assumption is to suggest that there is an interchange between these structures affecting the sodium/magnesium concentrations. A study of the results shows absolutely no change between of the magnesium ( 9mg/l) and sodium (11 mg/l) levels in all samples. Again, this is very puzzling. Also, variations in electrical conductivity which have shown variations previously, remain very consistent this to me."

    The bottle (448) showing the high nitrate level was buried in the centre of the centre circle of the ellipsis to the north. The bottle (449) showing the unusually high bicarbonate level was buried in the outer ratchet on the south side. Bottles 452, 453 & 454 were control samples, 454 being the unburied control sample.

Analysis Results (WATER)

Sample Ref








Date Received 12/08/2008 12/08/2008 12/08/2008 14/08/2008 12/08/2008 12/08/2008 12/08/2008
Sample No







Calcium (mg/l)
19 28 16.00
13.00 14.00
Magnesium (mg/l)
Manganese (mg/l)
Boron (mg/l)
Copper (mg/l)
Molybdenum (mg/l)
Iron (mg/l)
Zinc (mg/l)
Sulphur (mg/l)
Phosphorus (mg/l)
Potassium (mg/l)
Nitrate N (mg/l)
E.C. (mmhos/cm)
Ammonia N (mg/l)
Sodium (mg/l)
Chloride (mg/l)
Bicarbonate (mg/l)

    On Sunday 13 July the scientific research group assembled at the Avebury Study room. Jim Lyons, Dr Roger Taylor, Billy Gawn, Dr Konstantin Pavlidis along with guinea pigs Christopher Weeks, Anne Leonard, Jackie Faulkner, William Betts and Molly Guinness.
Jim Lyons conducted an interesting experiment measuring the Power of the Mind that he explains as follows:

    “It is now well known that the use of mental process can affect material objects. A decade or so ago, this statement would have been dismissed as nonsense. However the medical world now openly recognises that thoughts influence the body’s state of health. The placebo effect is much used by GPs to nurse ailing patients back to health."

    “However, when it comes to measuring related factors such as the Power of   Intent to change a physical state, the process is far less well accepted.
With the use of Intent in Dowsing, the outcome is pure hostility. A research programme to address this reaction is underway, primarily led by the Dowsing Research Group -DRG of the British Society of Dowsers. This objective is to develop a practical technique to measure the mental energy involved in carrying out an action of Intent or Meditation. Over the last year or so, the DRG has been closely studying this phenomenon and has established that the act of meditation together with an intent can affect the energy stored within an electrical capacitor. These apparently humble devices are circuit components found in virtually all electronic goods and electronic instruments/ They simply store electric charge. It was found that if one holds a capacitor and imagines that, mentally, one is injecting ambient energy into it, then it is possible by Dowsing the resulting stored energy to measure just how much is involved. This is currently achieved by connecting the capacitor to a variable voltage source and, for each voltage value, measure its corresponding aura radius.  Previous experimental and theoretical research has shown that this measurement is directly proportional to the energy density  stored in the capacitor. Since the energy imparted to the capacitor is related to the applied voltage and capacitor value by a well known formula, one can define a voltage/aura calibration curve. This is much like a thermometer where the rise of mercury on a scale defines the temperature being measured."

    “The Crop Circle Day in Wiltshire provided a perfect opportunity to try out the meditation experiment on a significant number of aficionados who, although knowledgeable about Subtle Energies and using the mind to control them, did not have specific awareness of the underlying rational behind the testing. It was not a formal test situation but simply an opportunity to involve motivated people to see if the effect was generally detectable among non specially trained subjects. The results were a  resounding success  with everyone being able to impart thought energy into the capacitor.  It is worth adding that Billy Gawn, being the specialist in the group, `collected` three doses of ambient energy he saw floating around and hence managed to achieve an aura around three times larger than any other punter!"

“Since then, research continues on a quantitative basis. Under control conditions at a DRG meeting, with around half a dozen meditators imparting energy for some 3 minutes, the stored energy rose by around 0.5 joules. The current work is aimed at obtaining direct measurements on an oscilloscope through dowsing. Progress is being made but there remains a long way to go.”

It is worth pointing out that Billy Gawn is a unique dowser using his eyes only as tools. He has no need of rods or pendulums. To watch him work is intriguing. He moves his head around as though `sensing` a smell and his eyes have a far distant look. He has been able to see `energies` since he can first remember. He can describe them in detail, the colour, size, height, depth, shape etc.
It was a most fascinating experiment in which Jim asked us not to use our own energies (as we would be drained) but to draw in external energies. When it came to my turn I wondered where on earth I would find any external energies and then suddenly there was a `click` in my head and to my surprise and relief I could feel a new and independent energy flowing in. I duly projected this energy out to Jim who the moment it reached him and his dowsing rods said `Whoa` and started to go backwards until the energy had reached its full extent!  One note of caution. Before you start this experiment, it is important to protect yourself so that you only draw in natural or beneficial energy/ies.

Bio-Physicist Kostantin Pavlidis conducted tests using an Electro Photonic Captor

The EPC works on the basis that a strong Voltage is used for a very short period of time to stimulate the release of photons via an electro-magnetic impulse.
The camera in the EPC then captures an analog image of the photons emitted from the finger tips and translates this into digital information or EPC Gram.
This includes complex mathematics via algorithms that calculate various parameters enabling an overall view of a person's current life state according to their energy readings.
The different programmes allow for specific parameters to be calculated so that an overall perspective of one's health condition can be evaluated.

    The EPC Diagrams represent the sum total of the calculations made from the readings of each individual finger and take the form of a Pie Chart (circular).
The blue/green zone indicates the acceptable energy level values where each line that is crossed represents the value itself.
These cross points are like dots that are connected to form the overall pattern that we see.
The ideal form is a harmonised circle around the zero line in the chart with the circle indicating perfect energetic balance. 
Any anomalies from this harmonised shape indicate an excess or hyperactive reading above the zero and a deficit or hypoactive reading below the zero.
All evaluations are relative to the overall values and positions of each reading.
 Therefore, some values may seem worse than they are compared to the ideal reading at the zero point.
    WOF means Without Filter and indicates a reading of the effect of the Psycho-emotional level or state on the physical body. This is shown as a red circle before an event and a green circle after an event.
WF means With Filter and indicates a reading of the current energetic values related to the corresponding body parts of the Physical Body. This is shown as a blue circle before an event and a brown circle after an event. 
These are normally displayed as a series of circles on a single diagram to indicate the overall final reading of the effects before and after an event on the physical and psycho-emotional bodies. In this case they refer to the readings taken before and after entering the crop circle.

    The Chakra diagram is a virtual (non-physical) reading and it indicates the overall strength and alignment of each of the chakras relative to each other and to the overall energy balance of the individual. For this reason, only the without filter readings are taken as they measure the psycho-emotional body.
The size of the Chakra indicates strength and the position indicates the alignment of each Chakra relative to normalised energetic values taken form the overall energy calculations.
    There is a chart to the right of the Chakra Diagram that indicates these normalised values as well as the Psycho-emotional relative to the Physical body disbalance.
The ideal energetic reading would show all of the Chakras of both the Physical and Psycho-emotional bodies in perfect alignment with the mark of the central axis through the image of the body.
The final page shows two sets of chakras in solid colours and shaded circles indicating the readings before and after an event respectively. In this case they refer to the readings taken before and after entering the crop circle. Relative to the explanations offered above, it would be safe to conclude the following:

    That the effects of entering into the crop circle on the subjects concerned had an increase in the Report on Readings for Participants in the  July 2008 Crop Circles Experiments
All of the following information relates to the criteria and parameters involved for readings taken by the GDV/EPC developed by Dr Konstantin Korotkov of St. Petersburg University, Russia. 
All measurements, diagnosis and reports presented by Konstantin Pavlidis BEd Sc.

    The terms WF- With Filter, WOF- Without Filter, are used throughout the report and refer to readings taken related to the physical body (WF) and the psycho-emotional body (WOF). Right and Left Side Pie Charts relate to Left and Right brain respectively. The blue/ red and green/brown circular lines in the pie chart refer to readings for before and during physical presence of the subjects in the crop circle for each subject.
The central blue/green zone at the centre of the pie chart refers to optimum energy readings while the pink and yellow zones refer to below and above average energy levels.

Anne: where the blue/green ring at 0 value represents ideal balance.
Right side showed more disparity between WF & WOF especially in the area related to jaw, teeth, throat, larynx, trachea and then liver, right kidney and duodenum.
All of the above parameters improved dramatically where the drastic peaks for
previous  readings had evened out for both WF & WOF on both right and left sides.

Billy: WF left side shows dramatic inversion peaks at the centre of the pie chart for three sections of the chart from the cerebral zone vessels to the epiphysis, the nervous system to the sacrum, the thoracic zone to the throat/larynx region. The WOF reading had less dramatic peaks where all readings for both were in the below average region.
There are similar peak inversions for the right side with the most complex intense peaks being between digestion and right kidney regions.

Hazel: All parameters were in the pink below average zone, though the peaks were far less dramatic than for other subjects for both WF/WOF and left and right sides with the lowest points being at the transverse colon, cervical zone and the immune system on the right side. There was a great improvement of all parameters for both
WF/WOF on the right and left sides after being in the crop circle.

Jackie: WF left side shows the lowest inverted peak between throat and cerebral areas and highest energy at the right part of the heart. WF right side had the lowest peak at the sacrum/thoracic area with highest at the jaw. There is a large anomaly with WOF on the right side between the jaw, teeth and throat/larynx regions.
All parameters even out far more after exposure to the crop circle.

Lucy: Most parameters are below average for both WF/WOF with the most marked peaks being WF on the left side at the respiratory system and right side of heart for both the right and left side readings; then the WOF, throat/larynx and duodenum, WF/WOF on the right side.
Parameters even out quite well in the crop circle with excess energy indicated in the cerebral vessels to hypothalamus, WF/WOF left side, and above average for the respiratory system cerebral zone for WF/WOF on the right side.

Roger: Uneven inverted peaks for WF/WOF both right and left sides the most prominent the WF right side between the sacrum, lumbar/thoracis region.
All parameters improved markedly around with above average readings for WOF in the liver, uro-genital system on both the right and left sides.

Overall energy field and augmentation of energy values from the EPC diagrams by at least 200% in comparison to the readings taken before entering the circle 30mins prior.
“All readings and calculations conducted by Konstantin Pavlidis- Biophysicist, ASC researcher 13/07/08”

These events showed an overall an unexpected and impressive improvement.

Roger Taylor’s reading


Jackie Faulkner’s readings.


    Perhaps one of the most impressive results in every case (as shown below) was the increased integral areas whilst inside the circle as compared to the control tests at the Avebury study room.


In my case Konstantin Pavlidis’s readings are uncannily accurate.

Hazel Norton reported on her findings using the Asyra technique:

The colours: As a general rule, for all the tests, the colour-coding in the tests is as follows:

Red Stressed, Acute or Inflamed
Yellow Chronic, Weakened or Depleted
Green Balanced

The Asyra machine.
In the 1950's Dr R Voll discovered that acupuncture points, traditionally used for treatment, could also be used to measure an individual's state of health. Through many thousands of screenings he found that particular points were associated with particular organ imbalances and health conditions. These principals were key in the development of the BEST Screening system, which was a highly developed version of Dr Voll's original instrument monitored the body's energetic response to various substances and tests through a process called biofeedback. We all respond to our environments in various ways. If you see, taste or hear something you really like you will think good thoughts and your body will physically respond by relaxing, producing saliva etc. If however you experience something undesirable you will respond very differently; tension, shallow breathing, thoughts of how to avoid it etc. Biofeedback is the process of monitoring how your body responds to various stimuli. With Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) systems this is done by monitoring electrical changes in acupuncture points while tests are performed.
The technology works by measuring the amount of current that passes through the cellular structure of an organ, gland or body system, which reveals the functional status of the tissue. Because the assessment is based on defined parameters of health any deviation from the standard is easily detected. This provides an accurate picture of how the body is functioning. Once the body’s problem areas have been identified,

The Asyra System is the next generation of bio-energetic health screening. New technology has eliminated the need to test at each individual acupuncture point, making screenings faster than ever and eliminating variables that may arise from the administration of the screenings.

Since the 1950’s many studies, tests and research papers have been produced, verifying the effectiveness of the process. There are many papers on the physics and bio-electrical principles behind EDS.

In a recent study, Drawing from a clinical pool of 1,800 patients, E. Alan Jeppsen, M.D., and Steven G. Osguthorpe, N.D., conducted a double-blind study of over 600 randomly assigned patients, of which 100 were used as control subjects. This study, “Effectiveness of the Asyra in Assessing Sub-Physiologic Thyroid Levels in Women 35 to 65 Years of Age,” yielded a 97 percent correlation with blood chemistry.
This paper can be read at www.asyra.com.
The Asyra system is also registered with the FDA in America

Crop Circle Day 13th July 2008
“I ran five different tests.
1. Baseline test – This test measures energy states in major organs and systems. This can give an indication of which organs are out of balance and could indicate health problems.
2. Comprehensive test – Thousands of test items in the computer’s database are tested to show whether one has been affected by viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.
3. Hormonal imbalance – 31 hormonal signatures are tested for imbalances.
4.Chakra Imbalances – The 7 chakras are tested.
5.Geopathic stress and Harmful Energies -  Here we look at Earth fields, electromagnetic stress, mineral deposits, power lines, microwave energies, radioactive exposure, ultraviolet waves and X rays."

    "The first tests were done at the Avebury study centre between 10.00am and midday. We had 11 subjects (including myself) – 6 men and 5 women. 
The same tests were then done in the crop circle between 2.00pm and 3.00pm.
I was then able to compare the results at home to see if there were any significant changes in the 2 sets of results. 
As well as comparing the 2 sets of tests I also compared the results of 11 random people.
“Most of the results showed nothing unusual. For example if looking at the hormonal profile for 11 test subjects there could be anything from 1 to 11 or 12 hormones showing as out of balance for each person and for each particular hormone you would typically see 2 or maybe 3 or 4 with the same hormone out of balance. This is true for every test so if any particular hormone, chakra, organ, virus etc showed up in 5 or more instances I would count this as a significant result."

    "So when looking at the hormonal profile of our 11 test subjects and the 11 random subjects there was nothing at all that was significant.
However in the baseline report the Pineal gland resonance showed up with energy imbalance in 6 out of the 11 subjects when in the crop circle. This is particularly exciting as the pineal gland is known to some as the site of the Third Eye and of all the organ resonances that were being tested this was the one that I felt could be significant. Another interesting factor arose when I noted which of us did NOT show up any changes in the pineal gland. They were myself, Lucy, Konstantin, Billy and Molly. Each of us were very busy when in the circle with particular jobs. We were all very busy and preoccupied with getting various tasks done so it is possible that we were not ‘open’ to experiencing the effects of the circle at that time.
To my delight there were 2 other significant results."
    "At the test centre 6 showed up as being affected by electromagnetic stress. This fits in with the tests that I do daily at the NutriVital clinic where I have more and more patients showing up with electromagnetic stress. Far more than I saw even a year ago. To my amazement in the circle this changed to none of the women being affected by it and only 4 of the men. Out of any random groups of 6 men and 5 women I would absolutely expect to see a mixture of men and women being affected by it. I’m not sure why the women should have been protected by it inside the circle but this will certainly direct some of the research for next year."
“The last significant result came from the Chakra test. At the Avebury centre the results gave quite a typical picture of between 1 and 3 chakras being out of balance for each individual and also between 1 and 3 for each chakra as a whole. So from the group of 11 there was 1 who had an imbalance in the first chakra, 3 for the 2nd, 2 for the 3rd, 1 for the 4th, 2 for the 5th, 3 for the 6th and 3 for the 7th.  This was a typical set of results when I compared them to 11 other random results."
“To my surprise the readings in the circle were as follows: - 6 for the 1st chakra, 1 for the 2nd, 1 for the 3rd, none for the 4th, none for the 5th, 2 for the 6th and 6 for the 7th. To have results of 6 for both the first and seventh charkas was very significant."
“What all of these results actually means is very difficult to determine at the moment but it shows that we are affected by the energies in a circle, even one which was 2 weeks old. Each year I believe that we can refine the tests even further and hopefully uncover even more interesting results. The Asyra is about to change again and next year we will be able to show numerically to what degree energies have altered between the tests.”

    It would appear that both the crown and base chakras were the most affected. I find this intriguing, as they would seem to be creating a balance; essential for harmony. The crown chakra is located on the crown or top of the head. It is said to be the seat of enlightenment, love and thought or our universal connection to the divine. At this time we are able share another person’s experience as though we were actually inside them. A sense of empathy or unity.
The base chakra represents the Earth. It shows stability and solidity. Whereas the Crown chakra is pulling us upwards towards the divine, the base chakra is doing the reverse, keeping us connected to our planet, the physical world and to our material existence. It is suggested that if we ignore this chakra and only seek the higher levels of consciousness, that `we would be growing without roots`. We might become unstable and unable to cope with the tests we encounter during our earthy existence.

    It is of interest that one of the weaknesses that showed up in Anne Leonard’s Asyra tests was her teeth and shortly after she underwent major dental treatment.  The Asyra technique picks up weaknesses or changes within our bodies. These can be found at such an early stage that we are often unaware that they exist. Professor William Tiller (Dept of Material Science and engineering) at Stanford University and other scientists have examined this system and considered this a valuable technique in terms of diagnostic medicine.
I was impressed that Hazel identified some problem with a tooth – and indeed I was just about to have some treatment ([it cost a horrifying, ghastly, £2,500!!!).

I am most grateful to everyone who kindly completed my questionnaires and sent to me. As always many of the results were consistent with those of previous years. photoHowever the following report sent by Alistair McHugh is unique to the best of my knowledge. “sorry if I am wasting your time but I wanted to make you aware of a strange anomaly that occurred in the circle you documented at https://cropcirclephotographs.co.uk/photos/2008/uk2008am.shtml.  I entered the circle with a camera with totally flat batteries - I had taken many pictures earlier that day and had totally run them down. On entering the circle I thought I would try and get one picture out of it, so I turned the camera on - I was surprised to find the batteries were fully charged. I took many photos in the circle and the batteries were charged for the remainder of the day, I took loads of photos. This can be substantiated by a companion who was accompanying me that day (a medical professional who was sceptical of circles until observing this incident).

“The camera was a Panasonic FZ2 (12x optical zoom Leica lens), the battery was a Panasonic 7.2v 680mAh Li-on model number CGA-S002A.The weather that day was fine and the temperature consistent. I can think of no reason why the battery would have recharged. I have researched batteries since I visited the circle and have found that lead-acid batteries (such as car batteries) can have a bounce back effect, that is to say they can recover to some extent after being drained, but lithium ion batteries no not react in this way. It is possible that I might get a couple of pictures after a battery is “flat” but I managed to take hundreds which is very unusual to say the least.”
This is an unusual report as many are the times I have had had reports of batteries and other electrical devices failing whilst inside a circle but never one of batteriesphoto recharging!  However Chartered Electrical engineer Rodney Hale suggests, “Since battery effects appear quite common, it seems to me that chemical actions must be involved. “ Researcher and photographer Nick Nicholson was not so fortunate when attempting to take pole shot pictures of the diamond/square shaped formation at All Cannings that appeared on the 30 June. “Taking pole shots proved a repetitive exercise as first the camera battery failed and then the remote release battery started to show signs of drainage and the camera shutter was operating whilst it was laid on the ground and certain shots were out of focus on an auto focus camera!! At last the pole shooting was over, a strange experience indeed.”

    Another report from the All Cannings event is as follows: “I had been having problems with very painful and swollen feet for about 10 days and had difficulty getting to the formation, even though it was a relatively short distance from my car. When I was inside the formation, I felt no pain at all and could walk without difficulty. Once I was a few yards down the tramline again the discomfort returned.”  Was it due to the uneven ground? But when she visited the East field formation on the 12 July “with some difficulty walking and with additional pain in one shoulder, once inside the formation, both feet and shoulder became pain free and discomfort then returned soon after leaving the formation. Obviously shoulder pain not related to the soft surface, so it seems that it was being in the formation that gave relief. I have visited other formations this year, but no others have affected pain levels.”
This report is similar to many others I have received over the years from people suffering from arthritis who have had total pain relief and reduction of swelling whilst inside the formation only for the pain to return (sometimes worse than before) when having left the circle. It seems that the residual `energy` within the formation has an ability to reduce inflammation on a temporary basis. Why should this be?  The implications of this are surely of great importance and this is why I am so passionate about my research. How I wish funding were available to investigate these effects and others.

photo    I took a group of people round the circles on the 22 July. I am always careful not to give an opinion before entering a formation as part of photomy research is to observe how individuals respond. Our first visit was to the West Woods `Four Elements`. I had visited it previously with Louise Olivi’s group. She had suggested we conduct a mediation so before starting I recommended that everyone should find `their` spot by either using their `gut feelings`, by dowsing or if unable to dowse by asking me to dowse for them. By the time we were ready I was amazed to see that we were seated in a perfectly spaced circle. Next we visited the Lockeridge formation and I was surprised that no one wanted to sit down all everyone seems happy to leave after a short time.  We all have a natural ability to sense ambient energies or the lack of them.
A Frenchman who came with me to the West Woods formation on a day when it rained continuously lay on the ground trying to get as close to the energy of the formation as possible and seeming quite oblivious to the conditions. After many minutes I had to urge him to leave. This Example illustrated the consistently beneficial effect of the formation. An exceptional event!
During the morning of the 22 July, I received a message that a new formation Priors later known as `The Swallows`, had appeared that morning in South Field at Alton. This was to turn out to be a formation that `grew` within 24 hours.  After a quick lunch we hastened there to find the hill teeming with people and with people from all over the world piling out of tour busses, thereby eliminating all hope of any critical physical examination. The huge number of overseas tours this season has unfortunately made this important area of research well nigh impossible.
Whilst in the formation an overseas visitor walked down the hill towards me carrying aloft a huge handful of wheat as though it were a trophy. When I remonstrated with her, she couldn’t understand why she shouldn’t do exactly as she pleased. I ended up by getting seriously annoyed by her arrogance. Whenever we go into a formation, we are on the farmer’s land and the crop in that field is part of his livelihood. We are only there through his good grace and kindness.  However overseas visitors are not the only culprits; many is the time I have seen my own countrymen walk straight across a field to reach a circle, without first working out which tramline would bring them directly into the formation.

            The formation straddled the slope of the hill. When at the top of the formation it was impossible to see the lower part and it was estimated that there was a difference of some 6 feet, thereby rendering it out of the question for anyone being able to see either the bottom or top part simultaneously if constructing it by hand. It photomeasured some 750 feet in length.
On entering the formation I found myself talking to local researcher Andy Potter who kindly sent me this report:

“On Monday 21st July 2008 I had gone to bed at around 10.30 pm. I was woken up at around 11.30 by the sound of jet fighters flying over the house. I got up at 11.45, made a cup of tea and went into the garden to see what was going on. I thought to myself that this activity was most unusual for that time of night. I watched two jet fighters fly past where I live in Hilcot in the direction of Woodborough Hill. They flew over the hill and on towards a region somewhere between Marlborough and Pewsey, at which point they seemed to loop a figure of eight and circle the entire Vale. I was also aware of the presence of a high altitude aircraft which I thought could be a reconnaissance plane. I watched this activity for about an hour. In addition to the fighters, a military helicopter came in from the south west and circled the area around Woodborough Hill. I had the impression the aircraft were looking for something."

“The activity seemed to abate for a while. I stood and gazed at Woodborough Hill, feeling quite tranquil and relaxed. I felt I could see a faint translucent, orange glow in the air over the area to the left of the hill. I’m not certain about this as I know the eyes can play tricks. What I saw next was quite extraordinary. A perfect ring of cloud formed high in the sky to the left of the hill. Concentric ripples then formed going outwards from this ring like a pond ripple effect. I watched this for about fifteen minutes until it dissipated. All the while, I had the gut feeling that something was happening over in that area. The next morning I told a friend who was staying with me about it. I told him I wouldn’t be surprised if a crop formation had occurred there."

“I spotted the Southfield formation on my way back to Hilcott from West Overton in the afternoon of 22nd July. I met you Lucy, at the entrance to the field. On entering the formation I felt a strong, warm inner glow, accompanied by high frequency sounds around my head. I felt a little weakness in my legs, which has happened before in crop circles. I felt drawn to talk to people and found the unusually high level of openness that I have often experienced with people in crop circles in the past. To me, this is a real contrast to normal everyday life wherein people don’t really communicate; they are so busy just living their roles day to day in a rather isolated existence. The crop formations seem to bring everything out of people that would not normally be discussed in every day life."

“When I said goodbye to you at the entrance to the field I returned to the formation and chatted with people for about 3 hours which felt like half an hour. Time seemed to flash by."

"For the record:

  • I do not have any longstanding health problems apart from being deaf in my right ear.
  • I do not drink alcohol or take any drugs, prescribed or otherwise.
  • I do have two gold crowns and several amalgam fillings. This is an interesting question because I have experienced toothache over the two weeks following Southfield. It wasn’t just one tooth that ached, it was my whole mouth. I just put this down to not being to see a dentist for too long!
  • In the two weeks following my visit to the formation, I seemed to be buzzing with energy and vitality. I also noticed that I was eating hardly any food, but drinking lots of water. I felt the strong impulse to give up coffee, which I have now done. This high energy is still continuing. (13thAugust08) "

    “On leaving the Southfield formation, I developed a sickly headache. Later in the afternoon I drank lots of water and decided to pack my rucksack with the intention of sleeping in the formation that night. I still had the headache at around 7.30pm and felt exhausted, so I decided to rest for an hour or so.photo The next thing I was aware of was waking up the next morning at 8.30am! When I discovered that the Southfield formation had grown I initially felt disappointed that I had fallen asleep and not made it out there. I then smiled to myself thinking it is as if I was prevented from being there. It is unheard of for me to go to sleep at that early hour; I rarely go to bed before 11pm as I work late on the computer.

This feeling of `Oneness` shows activity in the crown chakra. This can also be shown as a spike in the Brain Stem of between 18-18.5 Hz. The brain stem is located on the top of the spinal cord. It deals with important functions that keep us alive. It automatically controls our breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, and circulation.

photo    Andy was not the only person to hear aircraft activity that night. Steve Amor who lives close by reported:

I left home at 4.30am Tuesday 22nd July travelling up over Alton hill, stopping and surveying the crop fields as far as I could see, yes it was very twilighty,a clear sky the fields are turning more yellow now and will show up any flattened corn. Looking straight down to Southfield no marks were visible, and at 2pm travelling from Alton to Pewsey there were a lot of people and parked vehicles, so I knew there was something up in Southfield, on returning home at 5.15pm, I drove straight up Alton hill to see were this formation was in the field, and sure enough it could be seen, and then I knew that this circle appeared in daylight hour.  We only heard fighter jets on Monday and Tuesday night both at the same time 11pm, for 10 minutes.  And Wednesday morning coming back home at 7.40am I stopped coming down the hill, because I noticed the formation was a lot larger going into 5 or 6 tram lines, and what a spectacular design it is!”

When visiting the formation Olav Bjorshol experienced such a strong feeling of joy particularly in the centre that was comparable to his experience when swimming with dolphins.
Harriet Crosby despite only having arrived from the States a few hours previously found herself amazingly invigorated without any sense of her usual tiredness after such a long flight. During most of her time in the circle she “Experienced tingling sensations in my legs. I sat and meditated in the green centre on the apex and felt a tremendous sense of well being and an elongation of the spine. Breathing out, I descended down a pole towards the centre of the earth, inhaling as I went up the pole into an infinite universe. Because I had tight muscles in my neck from the airplane flight, I lay down and positioned my neck right over the centre apex, a fulcrum of energy, and relaxed and felt the muscle spasm melt into relaxation. It was just a wonderful experience.”

  As so often happens different people experience different effects according to their personal metabolisms. Indeed Geraldine Leale like Andy Potter felt an initial an immediate `intense energy` lasting 15 minutes. She sensed the formation was `emotionally charged` and `felt an intense sense of love-impersonal which lasted about an hour`. Her mobile telephone went dead, recovering later but only showing zeros for a while! After about 2 hours she experienced extreme fatigue, headache and `space/time disorientation.` she had no sense of speed whilst driving home. The following day `couldn’t move. Slept over 9 hours- slept during the day. Exhausted, as if run over! '

  She had previously visited the 2003 Milk Hill formationand experienced unpleasant symptoms.  "After `illness` from 2003 Milk Hilluk2003arformation, I went for an acupuncture session and was told that all my polarities had switched and my whole body system was over loaded and knocked out. Returned to normal after treatment"
Why should there be such a variation in people’s experiences? My belief is that we are all complex people with energies that increase and decrease at different times of the day. We are physical, mental, emotional, electrical beings; none of us exactly like the other, thereby experiencing responses to certain situations in our own particular and unique way. Some of us are more right brained, others more left brained; all these different elements will have a bearing on our behavioural nature and reactions.
So what is happening? We are dealing with `energies` and frequencies. Many is the time that people have been affected when I was giving a talk. Several people have had unexpected healing results whilst others find that they are unable to look at certain formations, finding them physically unpleasant.  As electrical beings we respond/react to these frequencies. An enclosed space is made sacred by the fundamental principles of number, proportion, geometry, music and ratios contained within it. Just as music is linked to number so the geometry in the crop circles generates musical frequencies that affect us in diverse ways even at a distance. I received an email from someone who has been interested in crop circles for 8 years without any previous ill effects. However, when she viewed the Waden Hill formation, the first event of 2008 on the Crop Circle Connector web site, “I looked at all the photos and studied the diagram that was presented on the site in animated form. It uk2008aaA few minutes later, I was sitting at my computer when I suddenly felt a bit dizzy. I got up from the chair and felt so woozy that I needed to lie down. My 7 year old was quite concerned. I wanted a nap, but couldn’t bear to shut out my child. Suddenly my stomach felt queasy as well. I was really frightened because I was so afraid something was seriously wrong with me, as I have never felt dizziness like that in my life, expect for on an amusement ride! After a few runs to the bathroom, it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps it was brought on by the crop circle diagram/image. It’s been 6 hours since it happened and I still feel a tad dizzy, but not too much.”
I suggested she should try and look at the images again without feeling that something would happen to her.  She replied saying I would certainly try to do what you suggest and look at the images again, but I'm actually afraid to do so! It was such an awful feeling! To be honest with you, I almost feel as though I can't bear to look at any images of crop formations without feeling extremely uneasy. It's like when you have had a nightmare and can't bear to see the images resurface in your mind. It's almost like that. Where before I could stare at the circles all day and get nothing but good feeling from them. Perhaps that particular formation that possibly brought on the ill feelings (The April 19th/ 2008, Waden Hill formation) was a negatively formed/charged one? It almost brings on a panic-y feeling when I even just go to the website with the prospect of checking it out again. I can't bear to do it! Bizarre, I tell you. If, and when I do study it again, I'll be sure to let you know what transpired, if I don't fall flat on the floor!"
uk2008ab2Later I received this encouraging email “ I have good news...I finally got the nerve to check out the pictures and diagram of the April 19th/ circle for the second time, taking your advice to do so, while thinking to myself that it won't affect me in any way. This was about 10 minutes ago, and whereas the last dizzying effects came upon almost immediately after studying the photos and diagram when I looked at it for the first time on May 4th. So far nothing feels out of the ordinary.  And this time I spent more time on the site, and really concentrated on the photos and diagram. (How strange that the second circle of the UK happened around the same time I was checking out the very first one for the very first time? In fact the second one didn't appear on the website until the next day after my episode. What if it was being formed at the exact time I was feeling woozy and checking out the Waden Hill one?!”

    How can people be affected by viewing crop circles on a screen you may ask? Often crop circles are shaped like mandalas. Mandalas are the schematic representations of the cosmos in Buddhist, American Indian and other traditions. Seen as universal symbols, they are used as a means of inducing meditative or trance like states. Just as a musical chord can activate resonances in the ear and the brain which kindle emotions so do mandalas affect people visually. It is known as a Sign Stimulus and it trigger a behavioural response without requiring knowledge or understanding on the part of the person.

    I am always pleased to receive reports from previous years. They are all part of the important data that I have collected over the past 20 years. Clearly to have remained so clear in the sender’s minds indicates a lasting impression. One of these was sent to me in relation to two formations. The first happened in the 2001 Windmill formation. "When I left the circle my eyes were extremely sensitive to light - and everything looked enhanced dimensionally. I saw large lines of energy rising from the ground, moving upward, filling the landscape, the horizon and the sky for hours.  The lines were wavy, pulsating, in constant movement. They just kept emanating from the ground.  I kept closing my eyes to try to make it stop - It was like looking at a movie - It was overwhelming - Lots of movement - When it got dark that evening, I could see as well as if it was dusk all night.  That was one of the things that compelled me to stay outside.  Like I said before, I do see energy but I have not seen anything of that magnitude again. It was like being in a vision, aware of 2 realities.  Things didn't look they had before.  I had fear around this - wondering how long this would last and not really knowing what was happening to me - I felt like I couldn't handle it -When I was able to be briefly still in what I was seeing and observe it - I had an overwhelming feeling of vastness, wonder and love - like things I had known deep within about other states of consciousness and dimensions were real.”
It has been suggested to me that these visual effects are indicative of photophobia and is a Migraine Variant symptom.  'Fear' and 'overwhelming sense of vastness, may well relate to spike of Beta waves, 18 and 18.5 Hz in the brain (discussed above).Levels of 15 - 40 Hz induces intense anxiety and panic.

    To continue: "I had a visual opening earlier that year that was similar only because of the size of the energies I saw.  The first time I saw huge segmented energies also horizontal to the earth moving, floating and rising.  I was overwhelmed by an enormous feeling of love that made me weep through the entire experience.  It also lasted hours. Every since then I am able to perceive these energies and others.  I now call them spiritual DNA.  They are much smaller now, circle me, move to my heartbeat.  They are segmented strands, strings, horizontal or vertical, constantly pulsating and moving.  They can tie together with other strands when I am with someone or think of someone - are connected many times in the enter by a glowing circle - I feel this happens as an expression of love - I can see them light up on other people -I may sound crazy - but I feel like there is a code in this - I have been looking at this everyday now for about 8 years - trying to observe changes and the strands behaviour and movement."

    The second event occurred in the 2001 August 10 the Alton Barnes formation:
"The circle I felt an energy entering was Alton Barnes on August 10th, 2001 - I was walking up the tram line with a friend -she was in front of me - and she walked right into the circle with everyone else - As I stepped into the circle an energy grabbed me and held me there - It was as if I was frozen in place - I was stunned by this - I had to push with all my strength to get through the energy -  Like pushing through a brick wall - (This sort of energy happened to me once before when I was a teenager) I felt like I was in slow motion - It was only maybe one or two steps but it took all my effort to push through it - and then it just lifted and I moved right inside - I proceeded to have an amazing experience in the circle. There was a joyous feeling all day in the circle.  There was a picture taken that day of myself and the group of women I was with.  In the photo there is an orb over my head.  I also saw balls of light travelling in and outside the circle.  That was the final day of my trip to Wiltshire."

    What energies are present in certain places that can trigger off such brain responses at particular frequencies?  Indeed science can teach us much about ourselves, our behaviour, and the natural world in which we live but there is always the element of the unknown, that special illusive quality that escapes the rational mind and takes us into unchartered realms beyond the reach of man and machines.

    An event was sent to me by Rhian Gibbons after she had visited the circle uk2008bf2behind Avebury stones at Avebury Manor. “My sense of hearing seemed more acute. I also sensed coloured orbs and a mist at certain points. Felt that I was being observed. A great sense of peace prevailed for the rest of the evening.
However she goes on to say “My hands became red and engorged and throbbed from side to side as if I became part of an energy circuit.
As more and more unexplained reports come, it seems to indicate that we are not dealing with the crop circle phenomenon alone but that these effects show direct links to the effects associated with ancient sites and energy lines that criss cross our planet and which expand and contract according to the movements of the tectonic plates of the Earth.

    As always I am enormously grateful to all who nobly take the time to fill in and complete my rather lengthy questionnaires. All the questions are important as they tell us what is happening or has happened to that person and without your help our scientific research would not progress. Our research continues apace. Much is starting to be understood about this phenomenon, much is left still to understand. Our work and aims to improve our methodology wherever possible continue.

    My profound thanks also to all the participants who gave their time and energy in order to contribute to our Scientific Research day, in particular to the Scientists who continue to play an essential part in this research. To Jim Lyons who gives of his time unstintingly throughout the year and produces excellent diagrams as do Drs  Konstantin Korotkov, Konstantin Pavlidis and many others. I am also grateful to all the farmers who kindly allow us into their fields in order to visit the circles. We must respect the fact that we are guests ontheir land.

  My thanks also go to Andy Potter, who on the tragic death of Paul Vigay has gallantly stepped into the breach and has taken on the running of my web site.

Scientific Facts not Empty Words

Reply to the Mail on Sunday ~ Scientific Facts not Empty Words
4th September 2000


In response to Peter Hillmore’s article “We are `The Aliens'” on pages 54-55 in the Mail on Sunday 3 September, I would like to give you a few facts so that the public are not misled by the contents of the article.

We are now able to distinguish between genuine and man-made crop formations. Scientific tests show:
a. significant changes in the nitrate nitrogen content in the seeds against control samples;

b. changes occur in hormone levels that would not occur in such a short time scale unless therapeutic treatment had been given

c. changes in EEG (Electro-encephalograph) and ESR (Electrical Skin Resistance) readings.

d. Also bottles of water have shown changes in resonances and bacteria levels against control samples in blind tests.

e. seeds taken from genuine formations germinate more quickly and need less water during their growing period.

None of these changes occur in man-made formations.

Hoaxers certainly make a few formations but despite many people watching and monitoring the fields all during the summer nights, the only time they have been caught at night was when making a formation for the BBC in 1998. Also on a television programme, I once challenged one of the hoaxers to replicate a complex formation that he claimed to have made; the producer asked him if he would accept my challenge. The answer was “NO”, revealing that he was unable to back up his words with action. It was a recorded programme and the producer assured me he would include this damning evidence. When the programme was shown, this piece had been edited out.

It is a pity that so much media space is given to these people who provide us with no evidence of their purported actions (except for producing diagrams that have already been put up on the internet for several weeks by skilled mathematicians, and who if they are making crop circles without the farmers permission, are committing a criminal act) when scientific evidence for genuine formations is readily available yet not taken up by the media. Is there some hidden agenda?

Hoaxers may some fool people some of the time but they cannot fool all the people all of the time.

I have dealt with the hoaxing issue comprehensively in my book `Crop Circles, the Greatest Mystery of Modern Times` and recommend that people read this in order to get a true and balanced picture of the situation.
Lucy Pringle

Crop circle conference 2014 followup

The summer is well under way and those of us who are Wimbledon tennis enthusiasts will be missing the thrill of hearing the ball whacked to and fro with such amazing skill and precision; not to mention admiring the fortitude and fitness of some of the players.

The Marlborough Conference which took place on the week-end of the Wimbledon finals was a tremendous if poignant success as after 20 years this was the final one; the final chapter in an illustrious history. Francine Blake has been at the helm of the Wiltshire CCSG group since the very early days when it was first affiliated to the CCCS (the Centre for Crop Circle Studies) before going it alone, ably helped by many stalwarts over the years and finally by Clare Oatley who skillfully masterminded this conference. It was a lovely friendly event as usual taking place in the peaceful and gracious setting of Marlborough College. It will be sorely missed leaving a huge gap in the summer crop circle conference season.

We have had some lovely new formations since I last wrote. Foremost is the Charlton circle containing a tripod of small triangles inside a broken triangle which in turn is surrounded by a broken circle. It appeared north of the ancient town of Malmesbury in North Wiltshire.

Please check out my web site for new crop circle arrivals.

My crop circle tour on the 6th August is fully booked but there are 6 places still left for the 30th July tour. After the crop circle visits there a thrilling optional extra of flying over the circles and seeing them in all their majesty from the air. An opportunity not to be missed.

I would like to take the opportunity here to thank ALL of you, who through your kind and generous donations,  have assisted me in keeping my crop circle photo library alive for all to freely enjoy. It is my greatest desire to continue this, not only for we who are present today, but also for the enjoyment of future generations.

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Many thanks.

Best wishes


Crop circle conference 2014

We have just passed the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, also midsummer’s day. For the many people who gathered at Stonehenge to celebrate this special event, they had clear skies for the first time for many years to witness the sunrise. Many people see this as being the turning point of the year and that we are now heading for dark days and long nights but to me that is all part of a natural and wonderful progression of the seasons each one bringing its own benefits and contributions. Indeed we will have long days for many more weeks and the crop circle world rejoices.

The overall weather has been kind and even though the circles have not been as abundant as some other years, I have had a few fantastic flights and I can’t tell you how much joy this gives me and I do hope you enjoy the results.

At present I am busy preparing my talk at the Marlborough WCCSG conference.

crop circle conference

Sadly it is their finale as they will be disbanding after many years of service to the crop circle community under the leadership of Francine Blake and her team of stalwarts who have contributed to the phenomenon for so long. The departure of CCSG will leave a great gap in the crop circle commonwealth. Please come to the Conference if you possibly can as it is one of the most friendly and happiest of all the summer conferences.

Andy Potter my web master is now back again and so hopefully the pictures on my web site will be going up with speed.

Dorset landscapeHere is a picture of the beautiful Dorset landscape which will give you an idea of why my heart almost bursts with excitement and exhilaration as this amazing landscape stretches out all around me enfolding me in its magic.
Please could you support my flying if you possibly can in order to keep me bringing images for the world to enjoy.

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A special crop circle story from 2013

As we draw near to the end of another year, maybe it is time to reflect on what has happened to each one of us all during the past twelve months. As individuals we will have had had our own experiences, our ups our downs, our joys and sorrows; the things that we have accomplished and the things that are still remain on our `To do` list.

I meet so many people over the year and one of my most exhilarating times is to see the joy experienced by people who have been into a circle or flown with me over the wondrous formations. For me to share in their delight is an extra happiness for me.

I am going to tell you a special story. I was burying my control sample bottles of water outside one of the Etchilhampton crop circles when someone came up to me and asked me what I was doing. We started chatting and he told me that he was a `virgin` croppie and asked me to show him what to do and how he should go about visiting a circle.  I explained various formalities that I go through before entering a formation such as how to find the aura of the event and then how I ask permission to enter just as I do before entering the aura of an ancient stone or stone circles.

He was a most willing pupil and then suddenly he said `Do you think I will find myself? `I don’t know I replied, let us see what happens. Just walk round until you find YOUR special place, then sit quietly.`

What a lovely question and it showed me how wonderfully open he was to the energies of the circle and with what respect and keen anticipation he was going to treat this adventure into the formation. Certain crop circles have a special and powerful sacred/healing element to them.

As we near Christmas and all the festivities, maybe it is also time to think about those for whom this is the very worst and loneliest time of year.  I once thought that I would go an help in a soup kitchen in London but I have to confess to my shame that this is still on my `to do` list.

My two sons, one living in Australia and the other in Thailand with his lovely Thai wife and 3 children are all coming to stay with me for Christmas. I do miss seeing my grandchildren grow up as they live so far away so for me this is a time of special joy, excitement and huge fun. We will squash in like happy sardines.

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All very best wishes and I wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas.