2018 Crop Circle Tours ~ dates

Crop Circle Tours 2018 with Lucy Pringle

The first tour, with an optional extra of the wonderful private entry evening visit to the Stonehenge when we are allowed right up to the stones, is on Tuesday 24th July.

The second tour with the special and much loved optional extra of a flight over the circles and surrounding sacred sites, is on Wednesday 1st August.

For both tours, you will experience the wonder of the circles in a happy, friendly and relaxed way.

I also take a few private tours at different dates as requested.

General letter ~ 19th July 2017

There have been two unexpected last minute cancellations for the Crop circle tour on 25 July with the optional extra of a wonderful private evening entry into Stonehenge.

In addition, I have one more special private entry Stonehenge ticket for that evening so that makes a total of 3 private entry evening tickets to Stonehenge. 

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to join me as I expect they might go quite fast.

We have had some really wonderful circles recently including the Hackpen event lying just below the Hackpen chalk White Horse.

If you look closely at the image you will see it appear in 3D!

I am flying tomorrow morning (weather permitting) over a spectacular circle at Cley Hill, near Warminster, Wiltshire, so please keep an eye on my website.

Hackpen is a special place of legend and mystery. There is a well documented report of Faery happenings. These were recorded by John Aubrey and tells of a shepherd who was taken under the hill; the hill at certain phases of the moon, being raised up on pillars. Music was heard and revelry was seen by the shepherd before he returned. It seems he was never quite the same after his visit to the fairies. There seems little doubt that crop circles are linked to hill carvings, ancient monuments, tumuli and faery places.

James Hussey has kindly opened his field for visitors and we are all happy to pay an entrance fee. The money goes towards the charity James set up in memory of his wonderful wife Gill to raise money to equip a breast screening radiotherapy unit to be built on the site at the Great Western Hospital, Swindon, as the closest unit was in Oxford and for Gill and others to have to travel many hours for a daily treatment lasting a few minutes each time over a period of six weeks was altogether too exhausting and draining.

James continued to allow people to enter his fields, charging a fee to visit the circles which went towards the target of £2.9 million having already raised £750,000. This is a really splendid charity worthy of support. The charity, Brighter Futures who are running the appeal told me that to date “we have received support from companies in Swindon such as Sainsbury’s Stratton and TE Connectivity”. Staff at other companies including Corporate Events, Arval, Jury’s Hotel, Nationwide and Santander have all supported the appeal by fundraising for us.

Many schools, nurseries and centres for learning have also adopted us as their chosen charity for the year, as have many other smaller organisations such as churches, local groups and WI’s and Rotary Groups. To find out the latest news about what we are doing with the help of local people visit our website on www.brighterfuturesgwh.nhs.uk

This is my most hectic time of the year with Crop Circle tours, the wonderful Glastonbury Symposium and my Scientific Research day plus getting up in the air to take photographs. So very many apologies and please forgive me for such a short letter. I will try and do better next time!

With my love and blessings.

General letter ~ November 2016

Despite the wonderfully clement UK weather, we now suddenly find ourselves in November and starting to think about Christmas and the all too frequent worry about what to give people as a present. My new gorgeous calendar continues to show stunning photographs from this year’s crop circles and could be just the thing you are looking for.

Since 2000 I have been producing these wonderful crop circle calendars, every page showing a main crop circle image plus a selection of side images, some of other crop circles and ground shots and others of flora, fauna and ancient archaeological sites - taking you on journeys not just in this time honoured Isle of Albion but worldwide - which has made it an unique, popular and special calendar reflecting the beautiful circles enhanced by these exclusive side images, all blending into a perfect marriage of great photography.

Bertold Zugelder graphics continue to grace every page. Also you will also find special monthly quotations, some ancient, and some modern. All will make you think and wonder!

It really is a perfect gift for loved ones, family, and friends old and new. The calendar is the only one produced to a very high standard with ring binding in order that it will remain strong and intact during the whole year. It opens up into an A3 format with date boxes large enough for you to make notes and appointments. It also shows the lunar information.

You will find copies of past calendars in the same much loved format on my web site; a few years have already sold out as they are now Collector’s Pieces.

So far my fine reputation of dispatching the calendars orders rapidly remains intact and I sell the calendars worldwide.

I have already sold half the calendars I ordered from the printers, so please put in your orders as soon as you can.

Crop Circle Tours 2017

I have had so many enquiries already regarding my ever popular crop circle tours, and the special private entry evening visit to Stonehenge, that I felt I should give you the dates herewith.

I will take the first tour on Tuesday 25th July and the second tour on Thursday 3rd August.

Both tours consist of a crop circle tour and then an exciting optional extra event in the evening.

I thought I should let you know that it may be quite a strenuous day as we do a lot of walking, but those who do not wish to be so active can come at their own pace or rest for a while. We meet at 10am at the Silbury Hill car park (Silbury lies between Marlborough and Calne on the A4). We will set off in as few cars as possible to visit the circles. We have lunch at a pub (lunch is not included in the price) and then set off again to visit one or more circles. Last year we visited a circle in the morning and two in the afternoon. If there is only one circle available to visit we will visit sacred sites such as the famous West Kennett Long Barrow. At about 4pm, I will take everyone to Avebury where you can wander around the stones and really do whatever you like or come to the wonderful Honey Street Cafe by the river and enjoy their delicious home cooked cakes and tea or soft drinks. It is a very relaxed day fitted to everybody’s needs.

For the optional extra of the special private entry visit to Stonehenge on Tuesday 25th July; those coming will meet again at 5.30pm at Silbury Hill when we will set off. This will enable us to enter into the inner sanctum of the stones and see the sun set behind the stones. It is a marvellous end to a hopefully wonderful day. There is also a really splendid museum at the Stonehenge centre which I strongly recommend and those on the tour with me can enter for free.

For people coming with me on Thursday 3rd August tour there is an optional extra of flying over the circles after the tour in the early evening and also seeing the surrounding historic countryside such as the ancient Avebury stone circle complex and famous and sacred Silbury Hill, the largest man made mound in Europe. This is an incredible way of viewing everything in all their majesty from the air.

Due to the vagaries of our weather, it is advisable to bring wet weather gear and strong walking shoes. Also please bring water as it can be thirsty work!

If you are interested, do please get in touch with me as the information will be available on my web site.

I will try and write again before Christmas.

With all my very best wishes of happiness and joy,


General Letter ~ March 2015

IMG_2145Wroughton W Woods Green St

Good News
Spring has officially arrived, the days are getting longer with lighter mornings and evenings. The coming of Spring was celebrated and observed by different cultures with different festivals all over the ancient world. How our ancient forefathers must have relished these events.

The Druids celebrated Spring on the 1st May with the Beltane ceremony, bringing many people together to acknowledge and revel in the birth of the Summer and the fertility of the land. The festival commemorates the spirit of our ancient forebears and the connection to the cycles of nature.

The Chinese with their Spring Festival that falls on the 1st day of the 1st lunar month, which is often one month later than the Gregorian calendar. It originated in the Shang Dynasty (c.1600 BC - c.1100 BC) from the people's sacrifices to gods and ancestors at the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one.

The Greeks held a festival in which they performed the tragedies of Æschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides in Athens which was known as the Great Dionysia. This festival was also connected with the spring.

In ancient Egypt they held a festival to Isis who represented rebirth having being instrumental in the resurrection of Osiris when he was murdered by Set. Using her magical skills, she restored his body to life after gathering the body parts that had been strewn about the earth by Set.

In Ireland, St Patrick's Day on the 17th March, was their special day. St Patrick being most famous for banishing all snakes from Ireland for evermore. He also brought Christianity to Ireland.

In ancient Italy the feast of Cyble was the time when they commemorated spring. The festival of Hilaria from 15th - 28th March celebrates rebirth after the legend in which her lover Attis was reborn after killing himself and it was in his blood that the first violets grew.

The Judaic festival is Passover in the Hebrew month of Nisan and celebrates the exodus of slaves from Egypt after suffering slavery for many years. This ritual is represented in a ceremonial cleaning of the house from top to bottom.

In Lanark, Scotland welcomes in the Spring season on the 1st March with Whuppity Scoorie in which children have a wonderful time running to a local church at sunrise, tossing paper balls and wearing hats. They are rewarded with money given by the local assemblymen.

Finally in Russia, close to Easter, again they celebrate rebirth in the coming of light and warmth in the celebration of Maslenitsa in which they enjoy their last meals of meat, fish and dairy prior to the Lent period. A straw likeness of the Lady of Maslenitsa is burned and to insure fertility, the ashes are spread in the fields.

More Good News

Stonehenge 20778

As usual I will be taking two crop circle tours this summer. The first is on Thursday 28th July with an optional extra of a private entry visit to Stonehenge in the evening. This will enable us to enter into the inner sanctum of the stones. It is a mystically wonderful experience to see the sun set over the stones and feel the magic of this ancient place. The tickets are like gold dust to obtain. Please book early.

The second tour is on Wednesday 3rd August and this has an optional extra of flying over the circles, which is an incredible way of seeing them in all their majesty from the air, together with the surrounding countryside that includes the famous stone complex at Avebury, and the sacred Silbury Hill, the largest man-made hill in Europe. Please get in touch for early booking.

Still more Good News

I am also reducing the price of my wonderful 2016 calendar from £12 to £10. I have a few left.


All very best wishes,


2015 Crop Circle Tours

Dear Friends,

For 2015, I have arranged two exclusive crop circle tours.

The first tour is on Thursday 30th July 2015 and includes an optional extra of a private entry evening visit to Stonehenge.

The second tour is on Tuesday 4th August 2015. This includes an optional extra of a flight over the crop circles and the surrounding sacred area at the end of the day.

Please book early to avoid disappointment. In case of cancellations I have a waiting list. If interested in booking a place, please email me at:lucy@lucypringle.co.uk

Since opening my online shop my 2015 Crop Circle calendars have sold well. There is just time for you to receive them and other products before Christmas.

I wish you all a wonderfully happy and peaceful Christmas and may the New Year 2015 bring you great joy, contentment and positive happenings.